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#101 Jacob Vosmaer (GitLab) - All time
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8c569f9 2018-08-07 Add omnibus setting examples for standalone gitaly server
3f0e6d9 2018-07-27 More Gitaly cleanup: fetch_ref, allow disk access blocks
4147a2d 2018-07-24 Annotate Gitlab::Git::Repository#fetch_ref
805de7f 2018-07-19 Add missing Gitaly branch_update nil checks
5c651da 2018-07-18 Remove unreachable Git code
830940f 2018-07-17 Migrate merge base, merged branches, write ref
37eca76 2018-07-16 Remove Repository#lookup and unreachable rugged code
62ffad0 2018-07-12 Remove Repository#path memoization
3082b7d 2018-07-09 Make blob and other RPC's mandatory
7e1b491 2018-07-05 Increase capybara JS request timeout
64dfe2c 2018-07-05 Revert "Merge branch 'gitaly-mandatory-20180703-jv' into...
78708b1 2018-07-04 Make more Gitaly features mandatory
15aadc6 2018-07-03 Make OperationService RPC's mandatory
1142e2c 2018-06-27 Migrate storage nesting check to Gitaly
dcdcbfa 2018-06-25 Improve shelling out in bin/changelog
e9e9da8 2018-06-20 More gitaly disk access blocks
14000a5 2018-06-18 Make Gitaly wiki RPC's mandatory
5cf5680 2018-06-14 Deny repository disk access in development and test
8749641 2018-06-12 Move Gitaly branch/tag/ref RPC's to opt-out
ea8dc10 2018-06-11 Don't use Gitlab::Utils.nlbr in Gitlab::Git
ab40c7e 2018-06-11 Move gitaly_blame, gitaly_count_commits, gitaly_commit_...
a0808df 2018-06-05 Find and mark more Git disk access locations
3a4ecfd 2018-06-05 Prevent Gitaly WriteConfig log noise
edb9db3 2018-06-01 Add "deny disk access" Gitaly feature (tripswitch)
3ea3603 2018-05-30 Use Gitaly 0.100.1 in 10-8-stable
097df36 2018-05-30 Fix gitaly-ruby bundle poisoning in CI (10-8-stable)
b529d04 2018-05-28 Use Gitaly's DeleteAllRepositories RPC during backup res...
7da1b4c 2018-04-27 Add gitlab-pages admin ping rake task
0c357db 2018-04-13 Remove bogus '|' symbol
3717dea 2018-04-10 Document process for new Git features
b942462 2018-03-30 Remove support for absolute dirs from Git::Env
e5e4cd9 2018-03-29 Gitlab-workhorse still needs RepoPath on Git HTTP
c43e18f 2018-03-28 Remove some easy cases of 'path_to_repo' use
f432fb9 2018-03-27 Make all workhorse gitaly calls opt-out
9a40b3c 2018-02-26 Clarify when disabling Gitaly makes sense
0067531 2018-02-26 Restart Unicorn and Sidekiq when GRPC throws 14:Endpoint...
ea18e1b 2018-02-22 Fix repo existence check in GitAccessWiki
5c2fe2d 2018-01-30 Decouple more of Repository from Rugged
e407c2d 2018-01-29 Don't allow Repository#log with limit zero
3f79376 2018-01-29 Set alternate object directories in run_git
9e6ce87 2018-01-25 Make Gitaly RepositoryExists opt-out
7363aa0 2018-01-25 Revert "Merge branch 'remove-rugged-walk' into 'master'"
d992716 2018-01-23 Prevent Unicorn crashing in development on macOS
583cff8 2018-01-22 Default to Gitaly for 'git push' HTTP/SSH, and make Gita...
4d87f3b 2018-01-18 Retrieve commit signatures with Gitaly
fa52038 2018-01-18 Remove Rugged::Walker from Repository#log
f4de730 2018-01-17 Remove unused methods from Gitlab::Git
c5e2c06 2018-01-05 Allow local tests to use a modified Gitaly
a14bd24 2017-11-30 Set an artificial $HOME for gitaly in test
4cfcc97 2017-11-23 Fix encoding bugs in Gitlab::Git::User
571f1dd 2017-11-22 Add FetchSourceBranch Gitaly call
00cd5d9 2017-11-21 Use Redis cache for branch existence checks
6f1e9f7 2017-11-21 Fix slow gitaly dev test bundle
de301d1 2017-11-10 Prepare Repository#fetch_source_branch for migration
57d3484 2017-10-16 Fix confusing double usage of 'metadata'
5dd26d4 2017-10-03 Hide Gollum inside Gitlab::Git::Wiki
bfd53aa 2017-10-03 Restore User.from_gitaly
2e76c60 2017-10-03 Add grpc.log for Gitaly
403712f 2017-09-29 Make Repository#has_visible_content more efficient
75509fa 2017-09-19 Prepare cherry-pick and revert for migration to Gitaly
0187018 2017-09-01 Simplify Git interactions in AfterImportService
35acc4c 2017-09-01 Make Gitaly PostUploadPack mandatory
06165fa 2017-08-03 Remove test gitaly when older than version file
489d8e1 2017-06-28 Vendor the gitlab-git-test repo
cdb1030 2017-05-31 Revert "Merge branch 'grpc-1.3.4' into 'master'"
78f0d50 2017-05-15 Add script to regenerate seed_repo.rb for Gitlab::Git tests
c8eb1cf 2017-01-04 Merge branch 'mrchrisw-repack-not-gc' into 'master'
8197817 2016-09-20 Merge branch 'gitlab-workhorse-safeties' into 'master'
b7e6da5 2016-09-09 Merge branch 'gitlab-workhorse-safeties' into 'master'
52af77d 2016-07-15 Don't ask Heather to review documentation MR's
86f83db 2016-07-15 Merge branch 'update-branch-names-in-gc' into 'master'
97999fd 2016-07-12 Merge branch 'expire-branch-cache-after-gc' into 'master'
2f459a0 2016-06-15 Merge branch '18225-avoid-full-table-users-count' into '...
afa2105 2016-06-07 Merge branch 'zj-workhorse-to-serve-diffs' into 'master'
15aea85 2016-04-28 Merge branch 'initd_gitlab_workhorse_rename' into 'master'
872e854 2016-04-28 Merge branch 'prepend-letter-v-to-workhorse-version-numb...