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#206 Jack Weeden - All time
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Hash Date Message
a4ca5cb 2013-07-30 Reenable the create project button after errors
1458dea 2013-07-29 Show autocomplete list when editing notes.
6fa0689 2013-07-01 Add editable notes feature
af81ff4 2013-07-01 Changed 'javascript:;' links to '#'
22c00e6 2013-07-01 Removed before_filter as authentication is done within u...
1216a62 2013-07-01 Authorize user on note update
20b2a0b 2013-07-01 Ability to edit comments
b62c9e5 2013-07-01 Prevent 'toplevel constant SnippetsController referenced...
6a84d92 2013-07-01 Added update and delete_attachment actions to note contr...
5ffc90d 2013-07-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
c00917e 2013-06-25 Don't show 'Filter by labels' text if there are no labels
82271e7 2013-06-24 Added tooltip to snippet public/private icons
1aeebdf 2013-06-24 Added delete button to snippet view
905eb17 2013-06-24 Merge branch 'master' of
a5d6bbe 2013-06-24 cattr_accessor removed from IssueObserver and MergeReque...