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#118 Izaak Alpert - All time
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Hash Date Message
b89d849 2013-11-13 Updated convience method to private
91c7b26 2013-11-13 Allow public repo searching
0f87ae3 2013-10-24 Allow searching by namespace name, include public projects
72bf6a4 2013-10-10 Remove file compairson
7cad12f 2013-10-10 Added more tests for archive api
a00c534 2013-10-10 Fix a bug where the tgz returned got encoded utf8
ce21d86 2013-10-10 feature API call to download repo archive
0cd2815 2013-10-10 Updated missed styles
3e71af9 2013-10-10 Fix style issues
9d5bb5a 2013-10-10 Brings this fix inline with updates to master
af1a339 2013-10-10 Create a wiki when wiki_enabled:true
04c7c26 2013-09-24 Used pagnation function from api helpers
9d06921 2013-09-23 Added missing API documentation
4cfbfbb 2013-09-23 Added search for projects by name to api
8a8123a 2013-09-23 Update for readability
75b2ff8 2013-09-23 Added ldap tests
4fcc17e 2013-09-23 Allows username only updates to ldap properties
fcba0d5 2013-09-22 Defaulted theme to MARS
51e6095 2013-09-22 Make users theme configurable
61a8610 2013-09-20 Prevent empty public projects from throwing exceptions
ca1b67c 2013-09-18 Don't show users password change page if ldap users
88d4559 2013-09-11 Removed private scope
810851f 2013-09-11 Style updates
5dae40f 2013-09-11 Update to only provide one way to get a default user
d4d4a78 2013-09-11 Update User api to respect default settings
fdc23a9 2013-09-09 Style guide fixes (spacing)
7a56075 2013-09-09 Some of the requested updates, rebase on master
e86e881 2013-09-09 API: admin users can sudo commands as other users
fadcc25 2013-09-05 Fixes for @randx
8248e1f 2013-09-04 Add group membership api
56a83cd 2013-08-27 Updated sidekiq Gemfile.lock for celluloid error
9a900db 2013-07-30 Removed some debug code
7856fba 2013-07-30 Updated format_patch to use '..' rather than '...'
d04f328 2013-07-18 Default allow username or email login to false
1a31cb2 2013-07-18 Update the proc/lamda to be consistent
089605f 2013-07-18 Allow the ldap logins with email or username
4d37300 2013-07-18 Rebase on master
0a013ad 2013-07-18 Fix an issue with edits sending user back to @source_pro...
532809a 2013-07-18 Revert note.project references back to @project
5806402 2013-07-18 Raise Error for diff_between/commit_between for non fork...
0e82c98 2013-07-18 Fix merge_requests_controller
fae3f46 2013-07-18 Refactor merge api create
539c70c 2013-07-18 Update emails to describe path using for_fork?
d995942 2013-07-18 Style changes from review with @randx
128f284 2013-07-18 Rebased on 6.0
0ef055a 2013-07-18 MR on fork: Email fixes, style fixes
09112db 2013-07-18 Rebase on master
bbef8bb 2013-07-18 MR on fork validation error
216d5e2 2013-07-18 Fix intermittently failing notification_service test
5d56da6 2013-07-18 MR on fork: Some cleanup, test updates
489fa5d 2013-07-18 MR on Fork multiple fixes
3d7194f 2013-07-18 Merge Request on forked projects
04afcbd 2013-07-04 Updated sidekiq Gemfile.lock for celluloid error
d1da45e 2013-06-26 Rebasing on master
c1b05e7 2013-06-26 Gravatar image fixes when gravatar unavailable
f210a5d 2013-04-12 Updated setup to reference the gitlab-shell var