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#195 Imre Farkas - All time
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Hash Date Message
b06eb8c 2018-08-07 CE port of "List groups with developer maintainer access...
847c698 2018-08-06 Optimize querying User#manageable_groups
c62fce9 2018-07-18 Delete UserActivities and related workers
a6fce35 2018-07-06 Update doc on new option to add README when creating a p...
9561db7 2018-07-04 Add option to add README when creating a project
825b943 2018-07-03 Add readme button to non-empty project page
ae86fd9 2018-06-30 Cancel ExclusiveLease upon completion in ProjectCacheWorker
d4d6528 2018-06-29 Expire correct method caches after HEAD changed
eb0d655 2018-06-29 Fix ambiguous due_date column for Issue scopes
6207a2d 2018-06-19 HTML escape branch name in project graphs page
6954ebb 2018-06-18 Render calendar feed inline when accessed from GitLab
1fbf6f1 2018-06-15 HTML escape the name of the user in ProjectsHelper#link_...
e6d8faf 2018-06-07 Update doc for maintaining project visibility during Git...
854c963 2018-06-06 Enforce UTF-8 encoding on user input in LogrageWithTimes...
c5e44dc 2018-06-06 Use Github repo visibility during import while respectin...
20dfe25 2018-05-31 Export assigned issues in iCalendar feed
10237d4 2018-05-22 Expose readme url in Project API