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#105 Hiroyuki Sato - All time
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Hash Date Message
4d03ffc 2018-06-25 Add Hiroyuki Sato as a Japanese proofreader
5915477 2018-06-20 The json keys of ref switcher should not be translated
a7d26f0 2018-01-12 Display related merge requests in commit detail page
16caf95 2017-11-13 Fix filter by my reaction is not working
8bafe5d 2017-09-05 Fix typo
c0303b8 2017-09-05 Update search document
785834c 2017-09-05 Fix API document
7e42711 2017-09-05 Add my_reaction_emoji param to /merge_requests API
cf9c54b 2017-09-05 Add my_reaction_emoji param to /issues API
9994f59 2017-09-03 Add `Searching for specific terms` section
3720751 2017-08-31 Add changelog entry
6edeff3 2017-08-31 Fix MySQL spec errors
c12ab72 2017-08-30 Fix broken feature specs
59e5393 2017-08-30 Fuzzy search issuable title or description
7187395 2017-08-30 Add filter by my reaction
12633b4 2017-08-29 Refactor
87b51c5 2017-08-28 Move the logic to a concern
5e0b144 2017-08-27 Add changelog entry
e19c560 2017-08-27 Add a simple spec that checks filtered search works at g...
866aab7 2017-08-26 Fix escape characters was not sanitized
9e20358 2017-08-25 Improve AutocompleteController#user.json performance
05147e2 2017-08-19 Add filtered search to group merge requests dashboard
35259a4 2017-07-27 Encapsulate the commit.sha logic
5c51db0 2017-07-27 Use simplified route
a7d49c3 2017-07-26 Remove unnecessary code
02b2cf6 2017-07-26 Update changelog appropriately
3acf790 2017-07-23 Fix error of spinach test
df65334 2017-07-23 Refactor: use keyword arguments for optional parameters
7ff9008 2017-07-23 Change double quotes to single quotes
9b25bbc 2017-07-23 Merge branch 'master' into 1827-prevent-concurrent-editi...
839018d 2017-03-09 Refactor spec
a5521ba 2017-03-08 Prevent concurrent editing wiki
7afccbd 2016-12-21 Update build step for KaTeX.
21aefb4 2016-12-21 Add KaTeX fonts to assets paths and precompile
796c4c0 2016-12-21 Replace url('...') to url(font-path('...'))
ef99ffd 2016-12-21 Rname katex.css to katex.scss
1a59766 2016-12-20 Merge two methods.
e78f104 2016-12-20 Add a blank line before first expect.
b6d4c88 2016-12-20 Clean-up spec
1651172 2016-12-20 Add changelog entry.
1da8bd8 2016-12-20 Add specs.
1f19275 2016-12-20 Rename sha to id
b1ca2c7 2016-12-20 Use Repository#cache_last_commit_sha_for_path in API
4e93cb9 2016-12-20 Cache last commit sha for path
5569573 2016-11-07 Refactor method name
95a78fb 2016-11-07 Fix bug of json request url
d8cc8d7 2016-11-06 Remove 'extended_sha1' option from ExtractsPath module
d02f7d2 2016-11-06 Update changelog
8d0e84b 2016-11-06 Fix spinach test
b5bb981 2016-11-06 Add a CHANGELOG entry
ee7374a 2016-11-06 Separete a very long line
56264f3 2016-11-06 Network page appear with an error message when entering ...
bea83d2 2016-11-04 Remove an extra leading space from diff content
12a1668 2016-11-01 Add a CHANGELOG entry
504282c 2016-11-01 Fix edit button wiki
f0b052e 2016-03-16 Fix wiki search results point to raw source
8acad49 2016-03-15 Support Wiki with UTF-8 page name
1cd2860 2015-07-27 Fix the image file that contains non-ascii character is ...
4a203aa 2015-06-27 Fix wrong order of issues when importing from github
22b7d21 2015-01-23 Remember the project default tab for 30days
66c18ea 2014-08-17 Fix not rendered the network graph edge.
a10f5fa 2014-07-18 Fix 404 error when clicking the branch link on hipchat m...
bca528a 2014-04-10 Better title format for wiki page
0ed2f8d 2014-04-09 Fix rake db:seed_fu ENV=development
a5e19c4 2013-09-24 Update check script
b099951 2013-09-22 Fix API::MergeRequest
d426195 2013-09-21 Fix API::MergeRequest
a3ef683 2013-09-17 Drop support of root namespace in model
553841e 2013-09-12 Improve timing problem in spinach test
df9cbbc 2013-09-12 Drop support of root namespace in routing
1101ceb 2013-08-21 A little improvement
5f24bdb 2013-08-21 Render not found when failing to look for a commit
fd0afcc 2013-08-20 Remove the dependancy of grit from class Network::Graph