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8efbba3 2017-11-06 Changed the order of buttons from left to right
ad3853e 2017-11-02 Modify the sentences and add Todo
35a4370 2017-10-18 Modified the font family in the images
26abacf 2017-10-17 Updated the sytle part - changed the order of header, b...
4a289e1 2017-10-17 Updated the content and added the images
aeeefe2 2017-10-16 Modified the copy
a632440 2017-10-16 Draft a guide of modals in UX guide
dc3450d 2017-09-22 Fix typo errors
8d84b7c 2017-09-22 Add the situation of illustration on mobile
05ddd46 2017-09-22 Add size part to the guideline
ff9a2a8 2017-09-22 Illustration guidelines - Fix grammar error and update i...
f09a7b0 2017-09-22 Add the images for illustration guidelines
1b6e6af 2017-03-23 Changed the red color