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#110 haseeb - All time
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9b4ab0a 2018-05-16 fixed copy to cliboard button in embedded snippets
789eb36 2018-05-15 Remove authentication for readonly endpoints in issues API
99f278f 2018-03-27 blank lines around expect removed
a0f5850 2018-03-19 removed creating project
9a30472 2018-03-19 updated integration test
520c937 2018-03-17 integration test added
d23337f 2018-03-07 fix failing spec
101c370 2018-03-07 changes based on review
c5cd311 2018-03-06 button type and i18n support
768c4c7 2018-03-06 removed unwated column from css
460d03b 2018-03-06 changes to url posiion
bf619dc 2018-03-06 remove relative path
b5987e6 2018-03-06 added missing space in docs and a changelog
f0859cc 2018-03-05 changed the way of nullifying colums
45052a7 2018-03-03 fixed failing test
a73c9a6 2018-03-03 note added
8f319bf 2018-03-03 nullify closed by on reopenning issue
097dc72 2018-03-03 use sprite for icons
3cd80c3 2018-03-03 removed unused variable
468da17 2018-03-03 added title
2ee641a 2018-03-03 one more button change
1b2d9c0 2018-03-03 anchor changed to button
9bac5c4 2018-03-03 jquery and webpack changed
bb89412 2018-03-02 expose metrics in merge request api
ae75d8d 2018-03-01 closed by added to all_models.yml
93e7c35 2018-03-01 closedby_id added to safe attributes
1dd577e 2018-02-28 added new field into safe model
a6635fb 2018-02-28 fix webpack.config.js
d4df931 2018-02-28 removed hasmany association from users
fdc4aeb 2018-02-28 schema version change
989acba 2018-02-28 documentation updated
93bf4d1 2018-02-28 schema version change
9b0e8a0 2018-02-28 added forign key and specs
f211e47 2018-02-28 closed by field added
deb8254 2018-02-28 extra whitespace in haml fixed
3bed273 2018-02-28 dropdown style fixes
174ee4e 2018-02-28 fix incomplete shadow in input field
6945945 2018-02-28 [ci skip] changelog added
4f2f71d 2018-02-28 added top-padding to snippet embed block
20cebb8 2018-02-28 snippet page modifications
6520e2c 2018-02-28 rightside border fix for dropdown
cfdbfcc 2018-02-28 fix for chrome issue
bab24c2 2018-02-28 embedded snippet title changes
4ee2f74 2018-02-28 embedd button related fixes
27e8d38 2018-02-28 embedded snippets support
e7b40c2 2017-12-14 sorting for tags api
e543071 2017-12-04 show status of issue links in wiki page
869877a 2017-11-30 fix for special charecter in file names
57d9121 2017-11-29 support ordering of project notes in notes api
d1e00b1 2017-11-27 Fix 404 on empty branch
d2d7bfa 2017-11-13 fix to allow integer label refernces
ff4e81e 2017-09-18 fix #35290 Make read-only API for public merge requests ...
cc2daa7 2017-09-15 created services for keys
f5046e5 2017-08-23 [ci skip] changelog entry added for full merge request r...
539694a 2017-08-18 [skip ci] changelog and minor style changes added
d368b2d 2017-08-17 moved merge parms to service
f2251d1 2017-08-13 fixes failing tests for full reference change
df948f8 2017-08-13 fix Merge request reference in merge commit is not global
59d7ffa 2017-08-10 tests for inheriting milestones and labels
a115267 2017-08-10 working version of create merge requests with labels
f6d75f0 2017-08-10 copy milestones from issue when using create merge reque...
892ddd3 2017-08-10 alternative route for download archive
4974f1e 2017-08-03 fix #3686 make tarball download url to end with extension
ae99f05 2017-08-03 fix #35133 strip new lines from ssh keys