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#6 Grzegorz Bizon - All time
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Hash Date Message
6cfea81 2018-03-19 Merge branch 'update-kubeclient' into 'master'
83874ed 2018-03-17 Merge branch 'master' into 'update-kubeclient'
5fb2065 2018-03-16 Merge branch '41902-add-api-option-to-overwrite-project-...
e79f372 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'update-flipper' into 'master'
ddda94c 2018-03-16 Merge branch '44235-update-knapsack-to-1.16.0' into 'mas...
3c1dd23 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'revert-feb95ce3' into 'master'
81d370d 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'adamco/gitlab-ce-move-issue-command' into ...
0c375c8 2018-03-15 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
feb95ce 2018-03-14 Merge branch 'update-httparty' into 'master'
8467a79 2018-03-14 Merge branch '44160-update-foreman-to-0.84.0' into 'master'
a830c49 2018-03-14 Fix pipeline predefined variables specs
937a99a 2018-03-14 Merge branch 'projects-graphs-rspec' into 'master'
a499367 2018-03-14 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/refactor-ci-cd-v...
3d58565 2018-03-14 Fix pipeline specs for predefined variables
33d459a 2018-03-14 DRY remaining instances of predefined variables
1d57db0 2018-03-14 Improve predefined variables collection methods
e7e0656 2018-03-14 Port deployment variables skeleton code from EE
d5789d4 2018-03-14 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/refactor-ci-cd-v...
0772988 2018-03-14 Fix variables collection item sequence specs
1e811eb 2018-03-13 Use new collections to define build predefined variables
8f73ddd 2018-03-13 Merge branch '43805-list-gitaly-calls-and-arguments-in-t...
769f87e 2018-03-13 Fix rubocop offense in auto devops predefined variables
d4319e1 2018-03-13 Add more unit tests for variables collection class
e16fba6 2018-03-13 Improve how we handle persistent runner variables
937e7f9 2018-03-13 Make predefined variables in a collection public by default
0cf0a7a 2018-03-13 DRY project-level predefined variables
a4a29e2 2018-03-12 Add TODOs to refactoried variables collections code
b94db06 2018-03-12 Use variables collection as build predefined variables
5ed8286 2018-03-12 Extract variables collection item to a separate class
9d4c927 2018-03-12 Document runner's expecations regarding variable collection
6718509 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'pages-0-7-0' into 'master'
a5605e3 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'master' into 'pages-0-7-0'
5ceb439 2018-03-07 Remove enforcing uniqueness of build variables
c9d2fd3 2018-03-07 Improve pipeline tests for variables to test ordering
640f9ee 2018-03-07 Improve tests for predefined variables for a build
8d6f74c 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'consistent-deployment_platform' into 'master'
4a341c6 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'consistent-deployment_platform' into 'master'
a194b19 2018-03-07 Make variables collection to runner mapping explicit
a2a8e36 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/refactor-ci-cd-v...
9501650 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
09f4819 2018-03-06 Merge branch 'minimal-fix-for-artifacts-service' into 'm...
29c3f5e 2018-03-06 Merge branch '43510-merge-requests-and-issues-don-t-show...
348c16e 2018-03-06 Merge branch '5029-support-cluster-metrics-ce' into 'mas...
12bc2d8 2018-03-06 Merge branch 'proper-fix-for-artifacts-service' into 'ma...
29d87db 2018-03-05 Remove unsued pipelines-related prometheus metric
a1e5828 2018-03-02 Merge branch 'jprovazn-ancestor-labels' into 'master'
ef74c5f 2018-03-02 Merge branch 'zj-version-string-grouping-ci' into 'master'
511046f 2018-03-01 Make max tokens in expressions lexer a class-level attri...
c6ea7a2 2018-03-01 Add a comment to expressions parser tree method
26167c2 2018-03-01 Improve pipeline expressions lexer
856618e 2018-02-28 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-qa-doorkeeper' into 'master'
886988c 2018-02-27 Do not use keyword args to pass expression variables
81852d1 2018-02-27 Merge branch '43510-merge-requests-and-issues-don-t-show...
3938d1c 2018-02-27 Robustify pipeline expressions nodes parser
df66e91 2018-02-27 Improve specs for pipeline expression statement
bd17ff3 2018-02-27 Improve null lexeme in pipeline expressions
85333ae 2018-02-27 Add support for single quoted string in pipeline express...
7eaafea 2018-02-25 Merge branch 'backport-qa_78' into 'master'
b9ed721 2018-02-24 Merge branch 'minimal-fix-for-artifacts-service' into 'm...
d3076ff 2018-02-23 Merge commit '981b5905a02ac89ca9f33ad7c91d8c1a576ed9af' ...
cab8cd7 2018-02-23 Merge commit '981b5905a02ac89ca9f33ad7c91d8c1a576ed9af' ...
76cf6c6 2018-02-23 Remove unused method from base expression lexeme class
84c14a4 2018-02-23 Add missing specs for pipeline expression lexemes
ba70e50 2018-02-23 Adds specs for pipeline expressions raw token
227e18e 2018-02-23 Add support for evaluating pipeline expression variables
8c7374c 2018-02-23 Add operator / value types in pipeline expressions
8517627 2018-02-23 Move pipeline expression lexemes to a separate module
5ee4309 2018-02-23 Simplify pipelines expression parser
6fe4d2c 2018-02-22 Build a recursive parser for pipeline expressions
867a4f6 2018-02-22 Extract pipeline expressions parser to a separate class
b92ce0c 2018-02-22 Rename pipeline expressions statement exception class
011ddb5 2018-02-22 Merge branch 'master' into 'backstage/gb/build-stages-ca...
eb421c8 2018-02-22 Merge branch 'fix-squash-with-renamed-files' into 'master'
15196f9 2018-02-22 Merge branch 'ce-gitaly-squash-in-progress' into 'master'
2c1a1e5 2018-02-22 Merge branch '43134-reduce-queries-pipelines-controller-...
d532a9c 2018-02-21 Add variables to pipeline expressions evaluator
0922027 2018-02-21 Merge branch 'improve-codequality-job' into 'master'
5ccd3be 2018-02-21 Merge branch 'improve-codequality-job' into 'master'
3535482 2018-02-21 Improve pipeline expressions specs and freeze constants
a75cce1 2018-02-21 Add changelog entry for pipeline stages migration
e6498ef 2018-02-21 Make pipeline variables evaluation concept explicit
2da569a 2018-02-21 Simplify evaluating pipeline expressions
890df1b 2018-02-21 Add code that evaluates pipelines expressions
2c4aa50 2018-02-21 Implement pipeline expressions parser
91a42a1 2018-02-21 Add test example for syntax error in pipeline expressions
cee3be2 2018-02-21 Add a lexeme for a string pipeline expression
9954928 2018-02-21 Implement pipeline expressions lexer
523b84d 2018-02-21 Move pipeline expressions grammar from lexer to parser
4e9f017 2018-02-21 Rename tokens to lexemes in pipeline expressions
2125d6f 2018-02-21 Add basic pipeline expressions grammar definition
49cad30 2018-02-21 Add a null token to pipelines expressions
fa2a546 2018-02-21 Rename pipeline expressions token for checking equality
e79784b 2018-02-21 Create index on id instead of stage_id in migration
7c6063d 2018-02-20 Add a base class for pipeline expressions tokens
34bebde 2018-02-20 Add base classes to evaluate variables expressions
2f3f9a6 2018-02-20 Separate adding and removing index from stages migration
2d02705 2018-02-20 Add index before going through builds in a migration
2b64c67 2018-02-16 Remove useless assignment in secret variables specs
4efcc06 2018-02-16 Add pipeline expression statement class
dfef543 2018-02-16 Use a helper to schedule pipeline stages migration
2ee20d5 2018-02-16 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/build-stages-cat...
a69b362 2018-02-16 Fix and simplify end-to-end tests for secret variables
9f91539 2018-02-15 Merge branch 'expired-ci-artifacts' into 'master'
62a6004 2018-02-15 Merge branch 'qa_issue_177' into 'master'
6d70a62 2018-02-15 Merge branch '31049-pages-domains-should-be-added-to-pub...
d9a8d9f 2018-02-15 Merge branch 'master' into 'backstage/gb/build-stages-ca...
6cb5b7c 2018-02-15 Recover from unique constraint violation in stages migra...
75245f3 2018-02-15 Merge branch 'sh-add-env-variables-for-ldap-qa' into 'ma...
378b2ba 2018-02-14 Migrate pipeline stages in batches instead of single row
215dff7 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'expired-ci-artifacts' into 'master'
1c91c4e 2018-02-14 Merge branch 'qa-clone-with-deploy-key' into 'master'
8488c98 2018-02-13 Schedule pipeline stages migration every 5 minutes
de67c59 2018-02-13 Merge branch 'qa/mk-fix-artifact-creation' into 'master'
3d40deb 2018-02-12 Merge branch '42937-search-api-fix' into 'master'
676602a 2018-02-12 Merge branch '180-qa-fix-api-spec' into 'master'
acc70f7 2018-02-12 Move pipeline stages background migration in time
14a9c95 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/build-stages-cat...
cc68b0d 2018-02-12 Merge branch 'sh-add-login-types-qa' into 'master'
a1503ca 2018-02-12 Merge branch '42937-search-api-fix' into 'master'
b8ee24e 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'sh-add-docker-build-qa' into 'master'
6c7422f 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/build-stages-cat...
0862bff 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'qa-allow-setting-sandbox-group' into 'master'
27a7001 2018-02-09 Do not attach runner to a non-exsiting network in QA
7534f7a 2018-02-09 Merge branch 'sh-ldap-set-first-password-qa' into 'master'
6f6a783 2018-02-08 Merge branch '180-qa-fix-api-spec' into 'master'
394c1c6 2018-02-07 Disable statement timeout when removing redundant stages
2cce501 2018-02-07 Merge commit '4457cf9d178dc9912fd9c16427ad81b389179d00' ...
adb6dd0 2018-02-07 Remove old index after executing a query in stages migra...
586ecbc 2018-02-07 Merge branch 'sh-add-ldap-qa' into 'master'
a08fc12 2018-02-07 Merge branch 'qa/rs-qa-from-anywhere' into 'master'
c30f442 2018-02-06 Improve exceptions messages in code creating stages
708059b 2018-02-06 Make exception in ensure stage service more descriptive
e178135 2018-02-06 Add more specs for unique stages index migration
066d4de 2018-02-06 Merge branch 'master' into fix/gb/fix-redundant-pipeline...
e011e29 2018-02-06 Fix database schema version to match latest migration
b50bfb0 2018-02-06 Fix indentation offenses in ensure stage service
538ad92 2018-02-05 Fix transactions-related race condition in stages code
b5c69ce 2018-02-05 Retry migration removing stages in case of duplicates
5f57c7a 2018-02-05 Revert create job service because of load balancing
5aea8dc 2018-02-03 Merge branch 'fix/remove-duplicated-logic-between-model-...
f016c78 2018-02-01 Merge branch 'qa-173' into 'master'
cacbbe3 2018-02-01 Merge branch 'qa-absolute-path-to-screenshots' into 'mas...
4251c65 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'qa-new-dropzone-component' into 'master'
dacd9db 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'fix/move-can-be-merged-to-lib-git' into 'm...
e6579d8 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'update-qa-docs-with-directory-req' into 'm...
a744139 2018-01-30 Merge branch '41771-reduce-cardinality-of-metrics' into ...
69a3af7 2018-01-30 Merge branch 'qa-speedup-new-subgroup-click' into 'master'
6f15678 2018-01-30 Merge branch 'qa-define-selectors' into 'master'
c7f7015 2018-01-30 Merge branch '42569-lint-changelog-yaml-script-is-run-tw...
57892e6 2018-01-29 Merge branch 'qa_78_create_merge_request' into 'master'
2cd5b61 2018-01-29 Merge branch 'qa/mk-fix-element-is-not-clickable-at-poin...
9e408ae 2018-01-29 Merge branch 'qa/mk-fix-new-project-namespace' into 'mas...
a0d57ee 2018-01-26 Merge branch '42420-follow-up-from-resolve-asset-was-not...
d77ced2 2018-01-26 Merge branch 'qa/ee-4698-backport' into 'master'
b8d044a 2018-01-26 Merge branch 'qa-secret-variables-scenario' into 'master'
9df130f 2018-01-25 Merge branch 'fix/batch-lfs-pointers-accepting-lazy-enum...
48b0bc3 2018-01-25 Fix specs for retry build after making stages unique
4e4ee36 2018-01-25 Remove unique index not added in a migration from schema
9b73f14 2018-01-25 Fix indentation in migration removing duplicated stages
50e9824 2018-01-25 Fix migration removing duplicate stages on MySQL again
7ea8ea8 2018-01-25 Merge branch 'qa-deploy-key-scenario' into 'master'
b97b4d2 2018-01-25 Add an unique index on pipeline stage name
ce71b1c 2018-01-25 Fix removing redundant pipeline stages on MySQL
e4aac7f 2018-01-24 Do not raise an error when trying to persist a job
aa29057 2018-01-24 Add a new service for creating detached CI/CD jobs
e733332 2018-01-24 Optimize SQL query that removes duplicated stages
6714fba 2018-01-24 Remove redundant pipeline stages from the database
8d338d7 2018-01-24 Merge branch 'rc/improve-setup-test-env' into 'master'
d92bd8e 2018-01-24 Merge branch 'fix/gitaly-can-be-merged-for-missing-confl...
f838518 2018-01-24 Merge branch 'qa-deploy-key-factory-product' into 'master'
90d0396 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'prevent-high-sierra-fork-crash' into 'master'
5bead3e 2018-01-23 Fix offense in runners settings QA page object class
872eec8 2018-01-23 Merge branch '42119-non-triggered' into 'master'
a4e5812 2018-01-23 Wait for runner until it registers itself in QA tests
55ba460 2018-01-23 Fix static-analysis offenses in QA support class
915b554 2018-01-23 Add specific views / selectors for QA runners page
4149886 2018-01-23 Merge branch 'master' into qa/gb/ci-cd-qa-pipelines
d327277 2018-01-23 Add views / selectors for pipeline show page object
ededa48 2018-01-23 Assert on pipeline jobs statuses in CI/CD QA tests
2fe5d93 2018-01-23 Remove blocking wait-time for runner to register in QA
294bddf 2018-01-23 Use runner tags when processing CI/CD QA pipelines
5cb9483 2018-01-23 Refactor QA instance test scenario and tags
4dc4284 2018-01-23 Merge branch '131-qa-api-driver' into 'master'
b472411 2018-01-23 Merge branch '42119-non-triggered' into 'master'
738bad8 2018-01-22 Fix CI/CD end-to-end tests by waiting for changes
5520e3e 2018-01-22 Reduce nesting and simplify CI/CD end-to-end tests
ca4db9d 2018-01-22 Wait for Runner to register in QA and DRY page objects
50a82f6 2018-01-22 Add end-to-end test for registering GitLab Runner
d0b08f1 2018-01-22 Add GitLab Runner service to GitLab QA
ba02e3a 2018-01-20 Merge branch 'qa/rs-remove-login-wait' into 'master'
7f7cb2e 2018-01-19 Merge branch 'Ben305/gitlab-ce-36669-default-mr-title-wi...
77d70b2 2018-01-17 Merge branch 'qa-add-deploy-key-view-elements' into 'mas...
ceb2a76 2018-01-17 Merge branch 'fix/gb/improve-manual-action-tooltips' int...
6cdc711 2018-01-16 Add changelog entry for manual actions tooltip fix
c0e9a46 2018-01-16 Fix running manual action tooltip
5abdcf1 2018-01-16 Merge branch 'sh-remove-shared-runners-and-more' into 'm...
0de7ae3 2018-01-16 Merge branch 'sh-optimize-ci-build-project' into 'master'
72e905d 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'Ben305/gitlab-ce-36669-default-mr-title-wi...
cc18608 2018-01-15 Merge branch '41546-count-query-for-issues-and-mrs-runs-...
923d087 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
6277ef8 2018-01-15 Merge branch 'feature/migrate-can-be-merged-to-gitaly' i...
3165623 2018-01-12 Add a note about GitLab QA page objects validator to docs
bf05a7e 2018-01-11 Add selectors coupling for QA project show page object
0619c53 2018-01-11 Fix path to QA new project page object view
760d611 2018-01-11 Copy-edit docs about GitLab QA page objects
3e6e09c 2018-01-11 Use full QA sandbox group path when creating a project
2f58507 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'fix-use-of-append-in-mr-api-spec' into 'ma...
9d766d2 2018-01-11 Define QA project pages views / selectors
c411ce7 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
e726644 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'Ben305/gitlab-ce-36669-default-mr-title-wi...
af1680a 2018-01-11 Populate QA project factory product with project name
a3ab8aa 2018-01-11 Populate QA factory product with data from a page
d32a151 2018-01-11 Make it possible to define QA factory product attributes
1011ca4 2018-01-11 Add a DSL evaluator to QA base factory class
0250099 2018-01-11 Add link to QA page objects docs from main README
c90fcf1 2018-01-11 Merge branch 'sh-fix-award-emoji-move-issues' into 'master'
29ab9e9 2018-01-10 Add docs about QA page objects and pages DSL
f4a694e 2018-01-10 Fix using wrong `Your projects` link in QA tests
a9ace7b 2018-01-10 Expect QA selectors validation at least once
e85ed5c 2018-01-10 Fix few typos in QA selectors validation code
77c4c98 2018-01-10 Require qa:selectors sanity validation to pass
b1c3887 2018-01-10 Add temporary views coupling to all QA page objects
7a94787 2018-01-10 Use `warn` instead of `$stderr.puts` in QA selectors test
9910968 2018-01-10 Fix QA selector class used to click on QA elements
fc9ecdb 2018-01-09 Add QA views / selectors coupling to group/project pages
b91b641 2018-01-09 Add QA selectors coupling with sidebar menu
ffd109a 2018-01-09 Add tests for QA test selectors sanity scenario
7725a70 2018-01-09 Reduce duplication in QA page elements-related code
6561577 2018-01-09 Allow failure of qa:selectors job for now
8c22c65 2018-01-09 Add QA page views / elements couling with the menu
dee047a 2018-01-09 Add QA login page views / selectors definition
df774fa 2018-01-09 Fux Rubocop offense by freezeing consts in QA test
fce8f52 2018-01-09 Copy edit QA selectors sanity test failure message
a171ceb 2018-01-09 Use array literal in QA page validation class
bd29d36 2018-01-09 Add CI job that validates GitLab QA selectors
e0edf6c 2018-01-09 Improve QA sanity selectors test output message
170c07e 2018-01-09 Fix QA pages validation delegation and memoization
fa07d23 2018-01-09 Add QA error when page class has no views defined
a5cfd5a 2018-01-09 Fix rubocop offense in QA page element class
d5a92c5 2018-01-09 Implement QA pages and views validator
a04ef4d 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'check-environment-regex-ce' into 'master'
4b945e2 2018-01-09 Make it possible to define a QA-specific page element
489267e 2018-01-09 Merge branch 'master' into qa/gb/validate-qa-selectors
166e9f8 2018-01-08 Merge branch '28260-fix-pages-custom-domain-url' into 'm...
93f30e2 2018-01-08 Merge branch '149-qa-honor-chrome-headless-false' into '...
f3f6069 2018-01-08 Merge branch 'check-environment-regex' into 'master'
c181683 2018-01-06 Fix rubocop offense in build stage migration classes
fefb8ef 2018-01-06 Randomize build ids in stages migration test data
2d2f9e5 2018-01-06 Do not attempt to migrate legacy pipeline stages
3c89252 2018-01-06 Reduce batch size of stages we schedule for a migration
aaa678c 2018-01-06 Update specs for delayed background migration of stages
1ab0ffe 2018-01-06 Update background stages migration timestamp
b50270a 2018-01-06 Fix Rubocop offenses in build status migrations :cop:
cd6d0db 2018-01-06 Migrate a build stage completely in a background migration
2ab69f0 2018-01-06 Schedule full build stage migration in the background
92df3a7 2018-01-06 Bump import/export version in project templates
9dafbd5 2018-01-06 Bump import/export version in test project export
6e6f231 2018-01-06 Merge branch 'master' into fix/gb/fix-import-export-rest...
7e117b4 2018-01-05 Assert on correctly restoring pipelines after an import
8bdc6c7 2018-01-05 Rephrase paragraph about e2e tests in merge requests in ...
a01994b 2018-01-05 Add changelog entry for import/export associations fix
adc9e13 2018-01-05 Fix import/export project tree saver specs
bf8c564 2018-01-05 Bump import/export version to 2.2.0
05ddb25 2018-01-05 Assign stage and pipeline to a status when importing
099a59e 2018-01-04 Check if stage_id relation has been assigned only
88cc49f 2018-01-04 Add test for restoring associations with import/export
e8acb3f 2018-01-04 Copy-edit end-to-end testing guide documentation
3b8cee9 2018-01-04 Fix cycle analytics specs
0e7e9e3 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'use-heredoc-for-keys' into 'master'
9ca898c 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'rd-api-request-to-edit-wiki-page-fails-whe...
e5a9b9a 2018-01-03 Merge branch 'fix-encoding-method-lookup' into 'master'
57906a5 2018-01-03 Merge branch 'gitaly-conflict-resolver' into 'master'
d632475 2018-01-02 Merge branch 'qa-add-deploy-key' into 'master'
124ffb2 2018-01-02 Fix link to end-to-end testing docs from test pyramid
1aa25a3 2018-01-02 Copy-edit end-to-end testing guidelines
51bb5ab 2018-01-02 Link to end to end test guideline from test pyramid
629d966 2018-01-02 Extend documentation on end-to-end integration tests
1f50eb4 2018-01-02 Add docs about end-to-end testing / GitLab QA tests
aa51106 2017-12-29 Merge branch 'sh-handle-orphaned-deploy-keys' into 'master'
7f8c8da 2017-12-29 Merge branch '20035-pause-resume-runners' into 'master'
a3f2bd8 2017-12-29 Merge branch 'gitaly-encoding-helpers' into 'master'
9580ddb 2017-12-27 Merge branch 'sh-fix-mysql-migration-10-3' into 'master'
ff3e9af 2017-12-27 Merge branch 'sh-fix-mysql-migration-10-3' into 'master'
97ff3fc 2017-12-26 Merge branch 'sh-handle-anonymous-clones-project-moved' ...
a5a0f3f 2017-12-26 Merge branch 'sh-handle-anonymous-clones-project-moved' ...
228f42b 2017-12-25 Merge branch 'sh-handle-orphaned-deploy-keys' into 'master'
d6e1669 2017-12-25 Merge branch 'sh-fix-helm-api-spec' into 'master'
d2c2f93 2017-12-22 Append page validation error if view partial is missing
d69e454 2017-12-22 Use composite pattern to return page view errors
481f461 2017-12-22 Add implementation for matching view elements in QA
b51ba96 2017-12-22 Move QA elements DSL as it belongs to different class
8569175 2017-12-22 Add domain specific language to define QA page elements
208411e 2017-12-22 Add QA classes that represent view partials and elements
32424e4 2017-12-22 Add QA sanity selectors scenario entrypoint
05292ba 2017-12-22 Merge branch 'qa-fix-escape-password-spaces' into 'master'
6df36c9 2017-12-21 Add support for defining explicit dependencies to QA fac...
cc8ff76 2017-12-20 Merge branch 'docs-qa-extend-how-to-run-specific-test' i...
6f1c38d 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'qa/rs-filter-by-name-subgroup' into 'master'
7ed3759 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'except-qa-and-docs' into 'master'
0a9597f 2017-12-18 Optimize QA pipeline and don't run irrelevant jobs
26b7b28 2017-12-18 Merge branch 'fix_build_count_in_pipeline_success_maild'...
3069674 2017-12-16 Merge branch 'qa/rs-filter-by-name-subgroup' into 'master'
62f594a 2017-12-16 Merge branch 'qa/rs-screenshot-last-run' into 'master'
858edad 2017-12-15 Fix Rubocop offense in QA project specs
c70793a 2017-12-15 Merge branch 'qa/gb/gitlab-qa-factories' into 'master'
890066e 2017-12-15 Fix remaining calls to GitLab QA factories
5c393b3 2017-12-15 Rename QA scenarios to make factory concept explicit
c96e2ed 2017-12-15 Merge branch 'trigger-user-pipeline-info' into 'master'
9465ccb 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'qa/gb/update-qa-dependencies' into 'master'
bbe902e 2017-12-14 Merge branch 'gitlab-shell-5-10-3' into 'master'
e62e0e5 2017-12-14 Use new Ruby version 2.4 in GitLab QA images
358732e 2017-12-14 Update GitLab QA dependencies
d3a882b 2017-12-13 Merge branch 'qa/gb/improve-multi-project-pipeline-omnib...
8d69185 2017-12-12 Merge branch 'qa/gb/selenium-handle-domain-sessions' int...
9ac8bb0 2017-12-12 Remove noisy notification from QA base page
d060b05 2017-12-12 Remove unused page from hashed storage QA scenario
1bd0c0d 2017-12-11 Update browser.rb
2711d04 2017-12-11 Update browser.rb
9b9c622 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'master' into qa/gb/selenium-handle-domain-...
de7901f 2017-12-11 Fix minor Rubocop offenses in QA browser runtime
95daf62 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'qa/gb/improve-multi-project-pipeline-omnib...
51d2326 2017-12-11 Merge branch 'qa_extract_push_to_scenario' into 'master'
90569a1 2017-12-11 Do not raise when downstream pipeline is created
b30e0e0 2017-12-08 Fix invalid pipeline build chain tag evaluation
12d33b8 2017-12-08 Merge branch '40754-fix-flash-usage-with-personal-access...
b80dc88 2017-12-07 Decouple subject's address from page objects in QA
9d6630a 2017-12-07 Fix QA group creation by filling required fileds
86aa7ac 2017-12-07 Fix QA group creation by filling required fileds
043810f 2017-12-07 Fix runtime QA browser and capturing screenshots
fc00d73 2017-12-07 Merge branch 'master' into qa/gb/selenium-handle-domain-...
be12f3e 2017-12-07 Update pipeline create chain Prometheus metric
5ccced6 2017-12-06 Move invalid builds counter out of the transaction
382a1ef 2017-12-06 Add invalid builds counter metric to stage seeds class
29c243b 2017-12-06 Merge branch 'list-multiple-clusters' into 'master'
003a816 2017-12-05 Merge branch 'zj-multiple-artifacts' into 'master'
c925820 2017-12-05 Merge branch '35616-move-k8-to-cluster-page' into 'master'
6139216 2017-12-05 Merge branch '40739-access-404' into 'master'
9737f58 2017-12-04 Reduce pipeline chain life span to minimize side effects
4ebc674 2017-12-01 Merge branch 'add_project_ci_config_path_leading_slash_v...
f999fa4 2017-12-01 Merge branch 'set-ee-variable-in-trigger' into 'master'
16a8372 2017-11-30 Fix pipeline config source specs and test it explicitly
9293842 2017-11-30 Do not set pipeline source after initialization
5df4ba0 2017-11-30 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/build-pipeline-i...
feece77 2017-11-30 Merge branch '38668-revert-copied-kubernetesservice-logi...
5d89067 2017-11-27 Merge branch 'fix_schedules_documentation' into 'master'
2998b88 2017-11-24 Add a feedback mechanism to `package-qa` manual action
3e86879 2017-11-22 Fix incorrect merge in GitLab QA entry page
acae8dd 2017-11-21 Merge branch 'rc/remove-useless-allow-failure' into 'mas...
65bb257 2017-11-20 Add Docker binaries to instance image of GitLab QA
ef0f542 2017-11-20 Implement a workaround for QA mattermost failures
236feb0 2017-11-20 Update pipeline status badge details docs
4c37cf6 2017-11-19 Make QA runtime browser an actable object
6e1df95 2017-11-17 Remove GitLab entry page class in QA
a618b12 2017-11-17 Use QA browser to navigate to pages and handle sessions
0430524 2017-11-17 WIP Handle domain sessions better in QA test scenario
9799d36 2017-11-17 Fix QA test subject address by configuring capybara
128cb03 2017-11-17 Merge branch 'rc/use-existing-url-helper' into 'master'
3e3c84a 2017-11-16 Add changelog for container repository path update
f4df4f9 2017-11-16 Update container repository path reference
6917985 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'rs-qa-default-timeout' into 'master'
331c807 2017-11-15 Merge branch 'rs-qa-default-timeout' into 'master'
d180aff 2017-11-11 Merge branch 'qa/gb/fix-page-refresh-address' into 'master'
461b6f3 2017-11-11 Fix QA page refresh address by using absolute URLs
de1fcbf 2017-11-11 Merge branch 'rc/gitlab-qa-89' into 'master'
8c65b76 2017-11-10 Merge branch 'rc/gitlab-qa-89' into 'master'
a396030 2017-11-10 Fix bootable scenario arguments for OptionParser
2c468df 2017-11-10 Fix Rubocop offense in QA scenario entrypoint
9a92c16 2017-11-10 Refactor QA specs runners and improve specs
3abae1a 2017-11-10 Improve QA test scenario entrypoint specs
6dc5dab 2017-11-10 Configure RSpec from within RSpec runner class
a5ab2a5 2017-11-10 Do not require to set Capybara app_host in RSpec
14238ee 2017-11-10 Fix bootable scenario arguments for OptionParser
bb4d992 2017-11-09 Merge branch 'rc-fixup-mattermost-test-runner' into 'mas...
7710364 2017-11-09 Make it possible to define global scenario attributes
6f04567 2017-11-08 Merge branch 'rc-fixup-mattermost-test-runner' into 'mas...
499f85c 2017-11-08 Add Internal QA specs to the pipeline
ce7e60f 2017-11-07 Merge branch '35616-move-gke-form-1st-iteration' into 'm...
0d8b695 2017-11-06 Fix pipeline entity test related to stages
c71cf90 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'refactor-clusters' into 'master'
4da03e9 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'pawel/metrics-to-prometheus-33643' into 'm...
c3d15fa 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'rc-qa-tags-mistake' into 'master'
dcfe76b 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'clarify-docs-about-external-artifacts-and-...
60f13ec 2017-11-06 Merge branch 'sh-fix-environment-slug-generation' into '...
772d3b1 2017-11-06 Fix cycle analytics specs
164b1df 2017-11-06 Extract ensure stage service from commit status class
e2828a6 2017-11-06 Use existing pipeline stage if stage already exists
503f213 2017-11-06 Make sure that every job has a stage assigned
1796683 2017-11-03 Merge branch 'sh-fix-environment-slug-generation' into '...
354256d 2017-11-03 Merge branch 'refactor-services-for-audit-events-ce' int...
70c808d 2017-11-02 Merge branch 'clarify-docs-about-external-artifacts-and-...
5128367 2017-11-01 Merge branch 'sh-fix-gitlab-qa-ee-license-add' into 'mas...
6306e79 2017-11-01 Merge branch 'rc-qa-mattermost-login' into 'master'
6919f63 2017-10-30 Merge branch 'zj-tag-trait-ci-build' into 'master'
3bf0686 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'sh-fix-environment-write-ref' into 'master'
3dcdd4a 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'sh-fix-environment-write-ref' into 'master'
3548dc4 2017-10-24 Merge branch '23000-pages-api' into 'master'
4aaf477 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'hide-pipeline-zero-duration' into 'master'
07b4b3a 2017-10-24 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-qa-group-page' into 'master'
8adaa54 2017-10-21 Merge branch '39189-online-view-of-html-artifacts-is-bro...
cfd97f7 2017-10-21 Merge branch '39189-online-view-of-html-artifacts-is-bro...
b3cc738 2017-10-19 Merge branch 'sh-fix-broken-docker-delete' into 'master'
83f5955 2017-10-19 Merge branch 'sh-fix-broken-docker-delete' into 'master'
5b96af9 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'kt/bug/fix-revision-and-size-for-container...
0fa2f14 2017-10-18 Merge branch 'kt/bug/fix-revision-and-size-for-container...
42a69d7 2017-10-16 Merge branch 'rc-gitlab-qa-26-add-instance-mattermost-sc...
915120a 2017-10-16 Merge branch '38236-remove-build-failed-todo-if-it-has-b...
1486950 2017-10-11 Extend pipeline build chain specs
eedf43d 2017-10-11 Set pipeline config source attribute in a build step
0190327 2017-10-11 Merge branch 'rc-change-qa-namespace' into 'master'
723a3c3 2017-10-10 Merge branch 'rs-qa-default-password' into 'master'
c47b33a 2017-10-10 Merge branch 'fix-timestampz-cop' into 'master'
54f490a 2017-10-10 Add initial specs for pipeline build chain class
20fc42e 2017-10-10 Improve post_receive spec by not stubbing private methods
8ed259b 2017-10-09 Merge branch 'rs-qa-sandbox-group' into 'master'
9ad48a7 2017-10-09 Extract class responsible for building a pipeline
0505480 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'rc/fix-flaky_example' into 'master'
6cd7ce3 2017-10-06 Merge branch 'backstage/gb/move-some-pipelines-code-from...
bddd77d 2017-10-05 Merge branch 'rs-qa-default-password' into 'master'
de01353 2017-10-05 Merge branch 'rs-qa-update-nokogiri' into 'master'
83059f1 2017-10-05 Improve pipeline optimistic locking implementation
7db9323 2017-10-05 Remove a redundant empty line in js pipelines specs
a2e6afd 2017-10-05 Fix frotnend pipeline specs for pipeline error badge
d6e0738 2017-10-05 Fix syntax error in forntend pipeline specs
08cc88f 2017-10-05 Add js test for pipelines component with error badge
663f324 2017-10-05 Make it possible to export pipeline failure reason
599fb7e 2017-10-05 Add feature specs for pipeline failure reason badge
123da5f 2017-10-05 Improve specs for pipeline failure reason presenter
ffce9fd 2017-10-05 Expose failure reason in pipeline error badge
9f639b0 2017-10-05 Set a pipeline failure reason when it has YAML errors
41d8030 2017-10-05 Pass pipeline failure reason to a transition event
90fa4e7 2017-10-05 Move part of pipeline presenter to main CE file
29f59bd 2017-10-05 Add failure reason enum to CI/CD pipeline model
8912e99 2017-10-05 Add failure_reason column to ci_pipelines
f3ec51b 2017-10-05 Add a additional scope related to alive CI/CD statuses
d3762c2 2017-10-05 Implement pipeline seeds size methods
1ca4f28 2017-10-05 Add specs for methods that count pipeline seeds size
0a567f2 2017-10-05 Merge branch 'clarify-where-artifacts-metadata-is-genera...
c958c20 2017-10-04 Merge branch '31050-registry-image-lists' into 'master'
aaa57c9 2017-10-04 Merge branch 'sh-gitlab-qa-add-byebug' into 'master'
e518b3e 2017-10-04 Merge branch 'sh-fix-gitlab-qa-ee-license-add' into 'mas...
244f631 2017-10-03 Merge branch 'rs-qa-clone-dropdown' into 'master'
87fa1b4 2017-10-02 Merge branch 'sh-fix-gitlab-qa-admin' into 'master'
450c98a 2017-10-02 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-38646' into 'master'
8b0417a 2017-10-02 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-38646' into 'master'
0781e95 2017-09-30 Merge branch 'sh-fix-gitlab-qa-admin' into 'master'
0635c72 2017-09-30 Merge branch 'sh-add-qa-docs' into 'master'
6d3bafc 2017-09-29 Merge branch 'docs-fix-auto-devops-banner-feature-flag' ...
2c2cb12 2017-09-29 Merge branch 'docs-fix-auto-devops-banner-feature-flag' ...
e0e49f2 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'docs-28814-clarify-artifacts-ref' into 'ma...
355a1d8 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'refactor-services' into 'master'
26e73c2 2017-09-27 Add some minor improvements to pipeline creation chain
ccdfd85 2017-09-27 Merge branch '38198-fetch-github-api-per-100' into 'master'
0d38968 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'rc/backport-ce-to-ee-changes' into 'master'
057a8b7 2017-09-26 Add test for head pipeline assignment when skipped
835bdcb 2017-09-26 Add specs for pipeline chain builder sequence class
f6bd832 2017-09-26 Fix some code style offenses in pipeline chain classes
53cad50 2017-09-26 Add missing tests for pipeline chain access validator
6a9cfdd 2017-09-26 Add specs for pipeline builder that validates config
39f05fd 2017-09-26 Add specs for pipeline builder repository validator
652ecff 2017-09-26 Add specs for builder chain that persist a pipeline
2432d5b 2017-09-26 Add specs for builder chain step that skipps pipelines
1a8777c 2017-09-26 Fix coding style offenses in pipeline chain classes
da15b38 2017-09-26 Add specs for pipeline builder abilities validator
fa3fb23 2017-09-26 Move pipeline builder validation chain to a module
609fa45 2017-09-26 Split pipeline chain builder validation class
3e60d62 2017-09-26 Add class that handles pipeline creation sequence
61dc0b7 2017-09-26 Extract pipeline persistence to a separate chain class
7cfaccd 2017-09-26 Fix code style offenses in pipeline create services
3420c0f 2017-09-26 Fix post receive specs regarding pipeline creation
9776dbd 2017-09-25 Use tag/branch methods to check if pipeline ref exists
8f47d48 2017-09-25 Extract pipeline chain builder classes from service
1209f4f 2017-09-25 Move related pipeline class to new pipeline module
e85e1db 2017-09-22 Fix hash syntax in variables collection class
8763769 2017-09-22 Introduce CI/CD variables collection class
b49bd4d 2017-09-20 Fix rewriting issue references with group milestones
ef9b998 2017-09-20 Merge branch 'rc/use-set-in-api-specs' into 'master'
b879181 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'zj-update-project-settings' into 'master'
c12035f 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'patch-2' into 'master'
cd61d6e 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'rc/improve-users-api-specs' into 'master'
3fdd52b 2017-09-19 Fix admin area selector in GitLab QA
1496641 2017-09-19 Fix closing braces in YAML processor specs
3528eba 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'issue_37640_9_5_stable' into '9-5-stable'
9e687e6 2017-09-19 Merge branch '36907-new-issue-from-failed-build-no-longe...
10aeb81 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'zj-update-project-settings' into 'master'
a0673b3 2017-09-19 Merge branch 'issue_37640' into 'master'
f028718 2017-09-18 Raise exception when initializing unknown policy
00e58f8 2017-09-18 Use parentheses in CI/CD kubernetes policy specs
f52c61f 2017-09-18 Do not initialize YAML processor with project full path
d79ad28 2017-09-18 Do not pass project path from YAML processor
6681ea9 2017-09-18 Simplify pipeline source policy pattern matching
a04cbd5 2017-09-18 Add specs for CI/CD job policy refs specification
97caed2 2017-09-18 Add specs for CI/CD job policy factory method
a7a7e2d 2017-09-18 Fix Rubocop offenses in YAML processor classes
10a486b 2017-09-18 Remove YAML processor refactoring stubs and fix specs
241197c 2017-09-18 Extract job refs policy specs into separate class
dd784b1 2017-09-18 Use CI/CD job policy specification in YAML processor
59f87e7 2017-09-18 Implement CI/CD kubernetes policy specification
73d3125 2017-09-18 Make sure all stages are migrated after a cleanup
9106975 2017-09-18 Steal stages statuses migration
d86bbe0 2017-09-18 Merge branch 'fix-dev-ssl' into 'master'
fc504b8 2017-09-18 Merge branch '24121_extract_yet_another_users_finder' in...
a70c76d 2017-09-16 Merge branch 'issue_37640' into 'master'
258794b 2017-09-16 Merge branch '36907-new-issue-from-failed-build-no-longe...
ad68301 2017-09-15 Merge branch '37886-typo-in-protected-runners-setting-ch...
c2caf85 2017-09-15 Merge branch 'issue_37640_9_5_stable' into '9-5-stable'
d82739f 2017-09-15 Merge branch '37886-typo-in-protected-runners-setting-ch...
d8bf069 2017-09-14 Merge branch '37845-fix-oauth-provider-forced-encoding' ...
cbf64ae 2017-09-14 Merge branch '37845-fix-oauth-provider-forced-encoding' ...
6fe19ce 2017-09-13 Fix job coverage specs
718ece6 2017-09-13 Fix build specs after using `set` instead of `let`
2f6802c 2017-09-13 Fix syntax error in LFS objects specs
4a6dee5 2017-09-13 Optimize CI/CD build retry service specs
01f37eb 2017-09-13 Optimize CI/CD build model specs
d2e0222 2017-09-13 Optimize generic specs for services
6a4dd05 2017-09-13 Optimize a few simple spec files by using `set`
937db37 2017-09-13 Optimize LFS objects specs
12accbf 2017-09-13 Merge branch '36907-new-issue-from-failed-build-no-longe...
b097d06 2017-09-13 Merge branch '5836-move-lib-ci-into-gitlab-namespace' in...
7fa14c6 2017-09-08 Fix GitLab QA for new navigation enabled by default
8ed0a05 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'wiki_api' into 'master'
ec7a12d 2017-09-06 Revert moving authorization hook in jobs API
3b9f9aa 2017-09-06 Merge commit 'd1b60cbc67dc14b21820ef3f823a8e1ea851697d' ...
deaa7f5 2017-09-06 Fix artifacts controller specs
bdbda97 2017-09-06 Enable auto-retry in GitLab CI/CD pipeline
b03d9e5 2017-09-06 Remove unneeded string interpolation from entry class
49e9e0b 2017-09-06 Add basic docs about new artifact access API endpoint
f1bb892 2017-09-06 Add changelog entry for new artifacts API endpoint
c922fb4 2017-09-06 Respond with a bad request if artifact path is invalid
80b3dcc 2017-09-06 Extract job artifacts API code to a separate file
d4154ef 2017-09-05 Do not require API authentication if artifacts are public
3b87441 2017-09-05 Do not use artifacts metadata to access single artifact
52e52f4 2017-09-05 Make it explicit that workhorse needs artifact path
c53f319 2017-09-05 Extract a class that represents artifacts file path
dfb8fcb 2017-09-05 Use API helper to send artifact file through Workhorse
1aa8b38 2017-09-05 Merge branch 'docs/gb/fix-ci-cd-types-removal-due-date' ...
aeff56c 2017-09-05 Fix CI/CD `types` config entry removal due date
83600e9 2017-09-04 Set project / pipeline before context in job API specs
f3f1ad3 2017-09-04 Add API endpoint for downloading single job artifact
e23e869 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/kubernetes-only-pi...
9e820ae 2017-09-04 Merge branch '34261-move-move-to-sidebar' into 'master'
e30adf6 2017-09-04 Merge branch 'sh-fix-js-task-list-failure' into 'master'
339a1ad 2017-09-04 Fix rubocop offense in CI/CD YAML processor specs
775cee7 2017-09-02 Make it possible to provide schema version in tests
a6ead9d 2017-09-01 Remove an empty line from YAML processor class
5585ff3 2017-09-01 Remove some empty lines from notify specs
2c5a4cf 2017-09-01 Fix only/except docs disclaimer's markdown
ab8e6c8 2017-09-01 Copy-edit kubernetes: active feature docs
f911daf 2017-09-01 Add disclaimer about alpha kubernetes: active feature
84827c1 2017-09-01 Add some basic docs about kubernetes: active feature
6f65839 2017-09-01 Add changelog entry for kubernetes: active job policy
fc4fb6e 2017-09-01 Change CI/CD kubernetes policy keyword to `active`
73d0caf 2017-09-01 Check if service active when using CI/CD kubernetes policy
9bd860b 2017-09-01 Optimize notification emails specs
dc4d938 2017-08-31 Fix only/except policy CI/CD linter
d5d2497 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'zj-disable-pages-in-subgroups' into 'master'
ef03070 2017-08-31 Change kubernetes job policy allowed values
92673c2 2017-08-31 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/kubernetes-only-pi...
5623cb9 2017-08-31 Make some methods in CI/CD YAML processor private
2339306 2017-08-31 Improve matching kubernetes job in CI/CD processor
9eabd72 2017-08-31 Remove unused method from CI/CD YAML processor
96a7e16 2017-08-31 Refactor context variables in pipeline model class
72a0400 2017-08-31 Merge branch '28202_decrease_abc_threshold_step3' into '...
f212210 2017-08-31 Optimize system note service specs
aacc611 2017-08-31 Merge branch '31358_decrease_perceived_complexity_thresh...
896e5f5 2017-08-31 Merge branch '26692-predefined-variable-gitlab-user-name...
f35d7d7 2017-08-30 Merge branch '37231-mysql2-error-unknown-column-award_em...
1bf87d2 2017-08-30 Remove unused expressions policy from ci/cd config
3474e10 2017-08-30 Simplify code for appending strategies in CI/CD config
808fb25 2017-08-30 Raise exception when simplifiable ci entry incomplete
db4bd1a 2017-08-28 Clear schema cache after running tests for migrations
d1eda39 2017-08-28 Merge branch 'backstage/gb/rename-ci-cd-processing-sidek...
7e7d252 2017-08-27 Merge branch 'sh-system-hooks-ldap-users' into 'master'
ef8eb3f 2017-08-27 Merge branch 'sh-system-hooks-ldap-users' into 'master'
326dc7d 2017-08-26 Check if kubernetes required before creating a job
ae99f74 2017-08-26 Improve kubernetes service specs readability
cdcc196 2017-08-26 Make it possible to access deployment details from pipeline
5ce9e03 2017-08-26 Use new complex only/except policy internal scheme
6a5097f 2017-08-26 Fix rubocop offense in YAML processor specs
15ace6a 2017-08-26 Merge commit '2be34630623711fc20ef8c101b5cef688f207cc1' ...
0410861 2017-08-25 Add specs for attributable aspect of ci config entry
4509594 2017-08-25 Fix Rubocop offense in CI/CD only/except policy class
7e6bc4d 2017-08-25 Improve reporting of a CI/CD entry config location
e984a8a 2017-08-25 Migrate new jobs when reverting pipeline queues migration
99dddac 2017-08-25 Simplify ci config entry validator implementation
4737fc3 2017-08-25 Decrease statuses batch size even more in a migration
946e8d3 2017-08-25 Use only/except policy that returns an array
a061a24 2017-08-25 Fix CI/CD trigger policy default value
8734607 2017-08-25 Add specs for a simplifiable CI/CD entry aspect
fcb4d1f 2017-08-25 Implement complex only/except policy CI/CD config
8c409fc 2017-08-25 Make it possible to define CI/CD config strategies
0d7d7c1 2017-08-24 Use aspect-oriented design in CI/CD config entries
5ced2d8 2017-08-24 Rename CI/CD job triggering policy class to Policy
39b5bd6 2017-08-24 Merge branch 'zj-add-pipeline-source-variable' into 'mas...
3eba43b 2017-08-23 Adjust a range and a size in stages statuses migration
3c2bcf2 2017-08-23 Fix feature specs for pages deployment
7201827 2017-08-23 Invalidate cache before cleaning db in tests after context
f906591 2017-08-23 Fix cycle analytics test data generation and specs
53353c8 2017-08-23 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/after-save-async...
45d1c9a 2017-08-23 Fix pipeline job worker specs
faf9265 2017-08-23 Fix invalid default argument in migration helpers
da4c54e 2017-08-23 Run job hooks after transation commits after create
a61f8c4 2017-08-22 Enqueue a new stage worker in CI/CD processing queue
2e91f18 2017-08-22 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/rename-ci-cd-pro...
3366e38 2017-08-22 Fix indentation in migration helpers
37881eb 2017-08-22 Set a default CI/CD status when it is not known
a7c54a4 2017-08-22 Add specs for pipeline sidekiq queues migration
8b4a335 2017-08-22 Add migration that migrates CI/CD queues
193b199 2017-08-22 Add Sidekiq migration helpers for migrating queues
7318780 2017-08-22 Revert adding shared examples for every sidekiq worker
75dca15 2017-08-22 Fix incorrect `let` in pipeline metrics worker specs
c29247a 2017-08-22 Fix inconsistent Sidekiq queues names in worker specs
beb8f46 2017-08-22 Fix typo in shared examples name in worker specs
0a2998b 2017-08-22 Add changelog for asynchronous job events fix
086f035 2017-08-22 Do not fire synrchonous hooks when creating a job
75fa692 2017-08-22 Include build queue worker in the processing group
15f486e 2017-08-21 Add sidekiq worker shared examples to workers specs
8205664 2017-08-21 Adjust sidekiq queues weights in queues config file
ad12ee2 2017-08-21 Assign some CI/CD workers to pipeline default queue
4c93668 2017-08-21 Remove sidekiq build queue and assign pipeline queue
8417507 2017-08-21 Assign all pipeline workers to specific queues
48776f2 2017-08-21 Simplify pipeline sidekiq queues naming scheme
ce274fd 2017-08-21 Make it possible to check if worker uses a known queue
0f01ce3 2017-08-21 Extend pipelines queue mixin and add a default queue
0a1a50d 2017-08-20 Fix yet another eslint offense in environments.vue
13b616e 2017-08-19 Add a changelog entry for merge request pipeline fix
a512c32 2017-08-19 Update changelog entry for environment folders fix
39d2d78 2017-08-19 Fix eslint offense in environments component
9af7814 2017-08-18 Merge branch '36630-activerecord-statementinvalid-pg-not...
8673cfe 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'tc-git-tower-pagination-links' into 'master'
11e3811 2017-08-18 Merge branch '36630-activerecord-statementinvalid-pg-not...
22f1b04 2017-08-18 Update merge request pipeline even if if has errors
accaf7e 2017-08-18 Make create pipeline service specs more readable
9ad3e28 2017-08-18 Fix Rubocop offenses in environments specs
c2ec302 2017-08-18 Implement method that returns environment's folder
ae3b06a 2017-08-18 Add missing specs for expandable environment folders
e2d6427 2017-08-18 Refactor environments spec and remove mystery guests
8fadba4 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'tc-git-tower-pagination-links' into 'master'
3a1103f 2017-08-17 Add specs for stage status background migration class
3a29646 2017-08-17 Disable migrations output in migrations helpers
d1cfa79 2017-08-17 Merge branch 'backstage/gb/migrations-tests-schema-versi...
56d24bc 2017-08-17 Migrate down before each migration unit test
1008fad 2017-08-16 Merge branch '36430-edit-milestone-link' into 'master'
8537999 2017-08-16 Merge branch '36430-edit-milestone-link' into 'master'
d90b0f8 2017-08-16 Disable db_cleaner tables caching in migrations tests
1066d8b 2017-08-16 Use usual method to retrieve CI/CD stage statuses
32d0983 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/migrate-stages-s...
e2030ca 2017-08-16 Extend migrations testing documentation
c76f8f3 2017-08-16 Make it possible to provide schema version in tests
7156497 2017-08-16 Migrate db schema for context in :migration specs
441ba5f 2017-08-16 Merge branch 'jej-fix-protected-tags-typo' into 'master'
f4ae59d 2017-08-11 Merge branch 'fix-gitlab-pages-cache-config' into 'master'
eaf5cc9 2017-08-09 Merge branch 'fix-gitlab-pages-cache-config' into 'master'
2b781c7 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'winh-scope-haml-linter' into 'master'
13a15e7 2017-07-31 Use update_column_in_batches helper in stages migration
cec2cc3 2017-07-31 Add specs for stage update worker
8f1274a 2017-07-31 Merge commit '9a3b283402b8cc1c86802c526f19a459ce09c2e3' ...
699a30f 2017-07-28 Merge branch '35695-comment-appears-in-a-wrong-place-aft...
07bcabb 2017-07-28 Improve wording related to deploy chatops command
e2f73c8 2017-07-28 Update docs regarding deploy chatops slash command
712aa2a 2017-07-28 Add changelog entry for deploy chatops command fix
29a8827 2017-07-28 Improve deploy environment chatops slash command
4c1773a 2017-07-26 Merge branch 'rs-update-large-table-list' into 'master'
79a7f7b 2017-07-26 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/migrate-stages-s...
7d6538f 2017-07-26 Rename method responsible for updating stage status
f4e01b5 2017-07-26 Move enum specific code from a concern to CI stage
cb405aa 2017-07-26 Refactor max_size method in update pages service
7151fb7 2017-07-25 Fix rubocop offense in update pages service specs
8a50e5f 2017-07-25 Add changelog for max pages artifacts size fix
77a6ec2 2017-07-25 Handle maximum pages artifacts size correctly
5fd3590 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'fix/sm/32790-pipeline_schedules-pages-thro...
ad69f36 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'short-circuit-coverage-with-empty-regex' i...
81ae123 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'fix-old-ci-api' into 'master'
e696e84 2017-07-24 Merge branch '35368-fix-gcovr-regexp-matching' into 'mas...
c14bd53 2017-07-24 Fix import/export for CI/CD stage commit statuses
3d3951a 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'upgrade-re2' into 'master'
4ad8f12 2017-07-24 Fix editing project with container images present
865de49 2017-07-24 Update related stage status when job status is changed
8657d5d 2017-07-24 Do not implement CI/CD job to stage association yet
d3814ad 2017-07-24 Adds some specs for stage optimistic locking
0aefb51 2017-07-24 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/migrate-stages-s...
b92d513 2017-07-22 Merge branch 'fix-old-ci-api' into 'master'
d60b09d 2017-07-22 Merge branch 'short-circuit-coverage-with-empty-regex' i...
d950e4d 2017-07-22 Merge branch 'zj-pipeline-badge-improvements' into 'master'
f6d2ac2 2017-07-22 Merge branch '35368-fix-gcovr-regexp-matching' into 'mas...
433b6fe 2017-07-21 Copy-edit background migrations guidelines
eaa935d 2017-07-21 Fix target project merge request link on build page
a6ac872 2017-07-21 Fix new project selectors in GitLab QA
cfba167 2017-07-21 Merge branch 'fix/sm/32790-pipeline_schedules-pages-thro...
729ac89 2017-07-20 Merge branch '20817-please-add-coordinator-url-to-admin-...
367a895 2017-07-20 Extend background migration development guidelines
5505795 2017-07-20 Add simple asynchronous stage update worker
bbdc357 2017-07-20 Implement method that updates a stage status
e389507 2017-07-20 Add optimistic locking column to ci_stages table
470661e 2017-07-20 Change a method name which enumerates CI/CD statuses
0605cdd 2017-07-20 Implement proper associations with a persisted stage
c7a7ef0 2017-07-20 Use a new stage_id reference to a persisted stage
9c10683 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/migrate-stages-s...
54efa04 2017-07-20 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/migrate-stages-s...
70489d0 2017-07-20 Fix invalid assertions in build details entity specs
2f620aa 2017-07-20 Change auto-retry count to a correct value in docs
841de97 2017-07-20 Fix background migration cleanup specs
c9749e2 2017-07-20 Improve build details serializable entity specs
d382ed5 2017-07-20 Fix CI/CD job auto-retry specs
295a39b 2017-07-19 Merge branch 'bjk/pipelines_created_total' into 'master'
98f5c00 2017-07-19 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/build-stage-id-r...
a6d1e92 2017-07-19 Isolate stage_id reference clean up migration
0275914 2017-07-19 Add changelog entry for build merge request link fix
bab44bd 2017-07-19 Fix job merge request link to a forked source project
23223ba 2017-07-19 Do not allow to auto-retry a job more than 2 times
f49a906 2017-07-19 Update changelog entry for a auto-retry of CI/CD jobs
fe359ec 2017-07-19 Add a changelog entry for docker tag routing fix
59c808a 2017-07-19 Add a test for container repository name regexp
9f36012 2017-07-19 Fix docker tag reference routing constraints
883e8f8 2017-07-18 Add basic docs for CI/CD job auto-retry feature
67157d8 2017-07-18 Add changelog entry for auto-retry of CI/CD job feature
f482645 2017-07-18 Merge branch '34927-protect-manual-actions-on-tags' into...
2deeac5 2017-07-18 Use batching to clear orphans in head_pipeline migration
a468c3a 2017-07-18 Fix database schema version number
a65f64d 2017-07-18 Fix background migrations module specs
73c7b96 2017-07-18 Remove migration dependency from stage_id migration
4aab52b 2017-07-18 Nullify orphaned head_pipeline_ids in merge_requests
5cd6f8c 2017-07-18 Add a foreign key to `merge_requests.head_pipeline_id`
2930c0e 2017-07-18 Remove obsolete argument from bg migrations code
5c3fd67 2017-07-18 Add specs for stage_id reference cleanup migration
fa3acb3 2017-07-18 Add pending set of specs for stage_id cleanup migration
bd6406c 2017-07-18 Rename stage_id reference clean up migration
f4eb2ff 2017-07-18 Implement build stage_id reference migration clean up
e41d42d 2017-07-17 Simplify background migrations stealing code
63137d4 2017-07-17 Add specs for pipeline process with auto-retries
a4d301e 2017-07-17 Add specs seeding jobs with auto-retries configured
7fde701 2017-07-17 Make it possible to auto retry a failed CI/CD job
9bb7f19 2017-07-17 Make it possible to count a number of job retries
c1918fb 2017-07-17 Add a new `retry` CI/CD configuration keyword
af41bd4 2017-07-17 Fix off-by-one error in background migration retries
7b146ab 2017-07-17 Recover from all exceptions when stealing bg migration
0749fdc 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'pass-before-script-as-is' into 'master'
d362d96 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'backport-mr-create-service-changes' into '...
60b91b4 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'fix/sm/32032-remove-the-rest-of-trigger_sc...
0342ccb 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'revert-73579e66' into 'master'
01c55ff 2017-07-14 Catch exceptions when stealing background migrations
c42e481 2017-07-14 Merge branch 'revert-73579e66' into 'master'
bfdd34c 2017-07-14 Implement memoization in project correctly this time
b4349fd 2017-07-14 Remove one assertion from projects controller specs
7b0e797 2017-07-14 Memoize result of checking container images on project
39b96f0 2017-07-14 Avoid race condition when stealing a background migration
7c0d8c8 2017-07-14 Add changelog for renaming project with images fix
418af10 2017-07-14 Adds specs for renaming a project with container images
881bc45 2017-07-14 Fix rubocop offense in projects controller specs
14fbff0 2017-07-14 Add specs for changing default branch in a project
cca3d9b 2017-07-13 Merge branch 'backport-mr-create-service-changes' into '...
613208c 2017-07-13 Recover from renaming project that has container images
beffbc8 2017-07-13 Fix mocks in background migrations specs
433b6d2 2017-07-13 Add more specs for background migrations queue processing
2a0ead2 2017-07-13 Implement draining scheduled sets of background migrations
388abbd 2017-07-11 Extract background migratons queue class method
bb67b47 2017-07-11 Update version number of stages statuses migration
c9e3c3f 2017-07-11 Merge branch '34911-balance-spinach-jobs-to-rspec' into ...
65b3c22 2017-07-11 Fix pipeline stages statuses migration specs
1d087e0 2017-07-11 Freeze mutable constants in stages migration code
6e9924a 2017-07-11 Add a new stage status column to safe attributes
7082530 2017-07-10 Schedule stages statuses bg migrations in batches
6120dc2 2017-07-10 Merge branch 'master' into backstage/gb/migrate-stages-s...
717edfa 2017-07-10 Increase GitLab QA screenshots size
1eeb708 2017-07-10 Fix QA test scenario for creating a new project
250389d 2017-07-10 Configure headless chrome screenshots correctly
420f6b5 2017-07-08 Merge branch 'fix/gb/stage-id-reference-background-migra...
e36daa0 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'master' into 'fix/gb/stage-id-reference-ba...
2719b2f 2017-07-07 Simplify stage_id migration as we now use relations
320229e 2017-07-07 Do not schedule bg migration when it is not needed
c467451 2017-07-07 Schedule stage_id bg migrations in batches of 10
b41b4d2 2017-07-07 Use new `each_batch` helper instead of custom one
b7b3aef 2017-07-07 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/active-record-each-...
af0eeef 2017-07-07 Revert recent changes in migration helpers
8426577 2017-07-07 Add some comments on new migrations helpers
fb89ba2 2017-07-07 Schedule stage_id background migration in ranges
2917f48 2017-07-07 Extract `execute_in_batches` migrations helper
e036a37 2017-07-07 Add walk_table_in_batches and refactor migration helpers
24a4199 2017-07-07 Reduce a delay between stage_id scheduled migrations
5e2baaf 2017-07-07 Improve exception description in bg migrations
3408157 2017-07-07 Do not override original AR5 batching interface
84d9789 2017-07-07 Sanitize id value passed to async background migration
4fa822a 2017-07-07 Improve code examples in background migrations docs
9394730 2017-07-07 Add description to exception in bg migrations worker
14e45c4 2017-07-07 Do not compare float with integer in migrations specs
d953f17 2017-07-07 Improve readability of build stage id migration query
01128b1 2017-07-07 Use integers to schedule delayed background migrations
989785a 2017-07-07 Test if argument passed to a migration is present
55f93db 2017-07-07 Make `inline` a default sidekiq testing processing again
8255215 2017-07-07 Improve specs for background stage_id ref migration
316d882 2017-07-07 Perform stage_id ref backgound migration in bulks
00ca748 2017-07-07 Remove unused background migrations matcher
c2efb8a 2017-07-07 Use ActiveRecord 5 batching to schedule bg migration
945cdf3 2017-07-07 Make it possible to schedule bg migrations in bulk
07693b4 2017-07-07 Add specs for delayed stage_id background migrations
1dc20f7 2017-07-07 Schedule background migration only when it is needed
9a32ca4 2017-07-07 Find builds that require a migration in batches
b7d6723 2017-07-07 Add initial build stage_id ref background migration
16ae7b7 2017-07-07 Add initial stage_id background migration files
d206bb3 2017-07-07 Merge branch 'pages-0-5-0' into 'master'
afd5c34 2017-07-06 Merge branch '34698-fix-transient-failure' into 'master'
6afe25e 2017-07-06 Merge branch '32815--Add-Custom-CI-Config-Path' into 'ma...
a990834 2017-07-06 Fix project_path helper arguments in wiki specs
320ad56 2017-07-06 Fix Rubocop offenses in gitaly client ref specs
cca9242 2017-07-05 Merge commit 'a8a4ca17e444c761ed9fc5dca4542cfec79abe55' ...
1a581a6 2017-07-05 Use a previous approach for cycle analytics dummy pipeline
6c477d5 2017-07-05 Move stages status migration to the background worker
c5ede85 2017-07-05 Merge branch 'fix/gb/stage-id-reference-background-migra...
f127183 2017-07-05 Add test example for external commit status retries
c5f1e1a 2017-07-05 Disable statement timeout in stages statuses migration
116eb1c 2017-07-04 Merge branch 'bump-prometheus-version-to-fix-text-repres...
dbc4960 2017-07-04 Merge branch '32885-unintentionally-removing-branch-when...
716baf6 2017-07-04 Merge branch 'bump-prometheus-version-to-fix-text-repres...
93d217b 2017-07-04 Migrate only old stages without status that is set
b3ee172 2017-07-04 Add a workaround for a tmp job -> stage relation
22d8460 2017-07-04 Add some validations to persisted stage model
a17c90b 2017-07-04 Use enumerated status in persisted stage class
f9228f6 2017-07-04 Add a test for stage status migration with retried jobs
d60ce6e 2017-07-04 Implement initial working stages statuses migration
f5641dc 2017-07-04 Merge branch 'master' into 'fix/gb/improve-stage-id-fore...
5af3eb5 2017-07-04 Check foreign keys in migration in separate conditional
7103c4a 2017-07-04 Extend stages statuses migration
6a61528 2017-07-04 Bump database schema version
fd72b4e 2017-07-03 Merge branch '32885-unintentionally-removing-branch-when...
3bad69c 2017-07-03 Improve stage_id in ci_builds foreign key migration
f6966d9 2017-07-03 Reduce a delay between stage_id scheduled migrations
a078767 2017-07-03 Improve exception description in bg migrations
954e743 2017-07-02 Merge branch 'change-extended-docker-configuration-synta...
9c7c95c 2017-06-30 Add initial changes for stages statuses migration
134f204 2017-06-30 Do not override original AR5 batching interface
6997dfa 2017-06-30 Sanitize id value passed to async background migration
1bb0448 2017-06-30 Improve code examples in background migrations docs
1edd063 2017-06-30 Add description to exception in bg migrations worker
9c22903 2017-06-29 Do not compare float with integer in migrations specs
6db8253 2017-06-29 Improve readability of build stage id migration query
c7f6e5e 2017-06-29 Use integers to schedule delayed background migrations
efa3511 2017-06-29 Test if argument passed to a migration is present
4687e07 2017-06-29 Make `inline` a default sidekiq testing processing again
4255641 2017-06-29 Improve specs for background stage_id ref migration
8bd9cb6 2017-06-29 Perform stage_id ref backgound migration in bulks
0c14b6f 2017-06-29 Remove unused background migrations matcher
69736f3 2017-06-29 Use ActiveRecord 5 batching to schedule bg migration
af2f2dc 2017-06-29 Make it possible to schedule bg migrations in bulk
7016bb7 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'fix-head-pipeline-for-commit-status' into ...
187dd10 2017-06-28 Add specs for delayed stage_id background migrations
4f620eb 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'rc/a-better-stub-env' into 'master'
6a71b57 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'stop-notification-recipient-service-modify...
f7a9e71 2017-06-28 Merge branch 'fix-duplicate-shared-examples' into 'master'
5292eb6 2017-06-28 Schedule background migration only when it is needed
02bb40e 2017-06-28 Find builds that require a migration in batches
6209ff6 2017-06-28 Update `db/schema.rb` with a new schema version
98992c4 2017-06-28 Add initial build stage_id ref background migration
b21ee2e 2017-06-28 Add initial stage_id background migration files
2c9f27f 2017-06-27 Merge branch 'fix-head-pipeline-for-commit-status' into ...
ef6b90a 2017-06-27 Fix changelog entry file extension
f96e0c8 2017-06-27 Merge branch '34282-fix-api-using-include_missing-false'...
c00e5bf 2017-06-27 Merge branch 'zj-review-apps-usage-data' into 'master'
b3dd9e7 2017-06-27 Use latest chrome and chrome driver in GitLab QA
efc5fbf 2017-06-27 Merge branch '34282-fix-api-using-include_missing-false'...
55f4869 2017-06-26 Merge branch 'zj-faster-charts-page' into 'master'
394ad40 2017-06-26 Merge branch 'dm-requirements-txt-tilde' into 'master'
2511c19 2017-06-23 Merge branch 'dm-requirements-txt-tilde' into 'master'
6ff571a 2017-06-23 Merge branch '33538-update-ci-dockerfile-now-that-chrome...
8fe5602 2017-06-22 Merge branch '28717-additional-metrics-review-branch' in...
019b4d3 2017-06-22 Fix Rubocop offense in migration helpers specs
5981fff 2017-06-22 Update chrome version and the binary path
5331a49 2017-06-22 Merge branch 'master' into fix/gb/improve-updating-colum...
3a3dd53 2017-06-22 Disable transaction in specs for some migrations
3447f97 2017-06-22 Fix specs for database migration helpers with transactions
ee917c0 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'disable-environment-list-polling' into 'ma...
4419289 2017-06-21 Fix migration specs that can not run within transaction
1dce083 2017-06-21 Rename stage ref migration specs to match a class name
0430b76 2017-06-21 Enable Style/DotPosition Rubocop :cop:
78ee24b 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'disable-environment-list-polling' into 'ma...
2e3c1ae 2017-06-21 Update build stage reference migration specs
3fd4a37 2017-06-21 Disable transactions in migrations that should not use it
e4d42a6 2017-06-21 Raise if updating columns in batches within a transaction
7d0d6a8 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'master' into 'fix/gb/improve-build-stage-r...
090ed08 2017-06-21 Bump build stage id reference migration identifier
885d63d 2017-06-21 Fix adding/removing foreign keys on MySQL
6b9608e 2017-06-21 Fix build stages reference migration
4e8d650 2017-06-21 Merge branch 'zj-environment-creation-regex-fix' into 'm...
c8ab22d 2017-06-21 Merge branch '32653-fix-gemfile-lock' into 'master'
caf6b99 2017-06-20 Check warnings when building compound status SQL query
51ce9a6 2017-06-20 Fix specs for a concern that implements CI/CD statuses
e538963 2017-06-20 Add test for using overridden status method with scopes
26092b5 2017-06-20 Add changelog entry for pipeline status fix
21f3e9c 2017-06-20 Move custom compound status method to commit status
64e09a1 2017-06-20 Fix pipeline status when allowed to fail jobs present
10c9601 2017-06-19 Resolve conflicts in job entity specs
188abeb 2017-06-19 Merge branch 'fix-external-ci-services' into 'master'
3ad076b 2017-06-19 Disable statement timeout in CI pipelines migration
ff97afd 2017-06-19 Merge branch '33461-display-user-id' into 'master'
459d8d6 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'sh-improve-pipelines-finder-spec' into 'ma...
e5d5b43 2017-06-15 Merge branch 'docs/add-link-to-migrations-spec-doc' into...
8b3d32d 2017-06-15 Merge branch 'fix-filename-of-artifact-uploader' into 'm...
fe71514 2017-06-15 Merge branch 'patch-8' into 'master'
a7624da 2017-06-15 Merge branch 'fix-manual-actions' into 'master'
347ec38 2017-06-15 Document a new migrations testing technique
4ac74fe 2017-06-15 Merge branch 'fix-manual-actions' into 'master'
b29bf62 2017-06-14 Merge branch 'feature/add-support-for-services-configura...
da66c90 2017-06-14 Merge branch 'fix-external-ci-services' into 'master'
1039f10 2017-06-13 Merge branch 'zj-commit-status-sortable-name' into 'master'
b3a1961 2017-06-13 Do not expose internal artifacts hash in build entity
899f1d8 2017-06-13 Fix migrations testing support RSpec hooks order
6f5a68f 2017-06-13 Merge branch 'fix-filename-of-artifact-uploader' into 'm...
c165f39 2017-06-12 Merge branch 'patch-8' into 'master'
6cbe386 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'dm-blob-file-type' into 'master'
299a3a9 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'dm-empty-blob-viewer-binary' into 'master'
1490d65 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'blob-load-all-data' into 'master'
2226b5a 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'fix-kubernetes-namespace' into 'master'
d9b4e4c 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'winh-label-textcolor-default' into 'master'
05e88a0 2017-06-08 Merge branch 'zj-prom-pipeline-count' into 'master'
c17c7c2 2017-06-07 Merge branch 'krakowski_master2' into 'master'
a5757c7 2017-06-07 Merge branch 'fix_rubocop_warning_about_has_key' into 'm...
37dd199 2017-06-07 Merge branch 'instrument-infra' into 'master'
4edde47 2017-06-07 Fix retry build service specs related to the stage
eebd18c 2017-06-07 Merge branch '2563-backport-ee1942' into 'master'
96a7236 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-stages' into f...
36ed05f 2017-06-06 Merge commit '6ac1caa01a4c059f5bcb7c9da2e83001e5469f73' ...
ebce256 2017-06-06 Add changelog for persistent stages improvement
4ef6365 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-stages' into f...
a2a105f 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'pages-v0.4.3' into 'master'
da8bd81 2017-06-06 Fix reverting builds stage ref migration on MySQL
606e9ce 2017-06-06 Merge branch '32642_last_commit_id_in_file_api' into 'ma...
9f3a120 2017-06-06 Merge branch '29271-fix-pages-numeric-domain' into 'master'
35083dc 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'fix_explanation_of_job_level_variable_over...
602724f 2017-06-06 Clone stage_id when retrying a CI/CD job
3ed6c37 2017-06-06 Merge branch 'feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-stages' into f...
b55aad4 2017-06-06 Migrate stages only with correct foreign references
559521c 2017-06-06 Create index on pipeline stages after migrating stages
8e071f2 2017-06-06 Improve indexes and refs in pipeline stages migrations
cc1e2a2 2017-06-06 Fix typo in build stages reference migration
d564606 2017-06-06 Improve order of columns in pipeline stages table
5a31bbe 2017-06-06 Make pipeline stages ref migration more readable
da0852e 2017-06-05 Improve specs for pipeline and pipeline seeds
25b26c2 2017-06-05 Fix typo in import/export safe model attributes
f216149 2017-06-05 Merge branch 'feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-stages' into f...
cafb1bf 2017-06-05 Use the latest migration version as a schema version
faeb2f3 2017-06-05 Remove stage index concurrently on migration rollback
7a2ad70 2017-06-05 Disable timeouts in foreign keys for stages migration
3326291 2017-06-05 Remove obsolete stages/build before adding foreign keys
06898af 2017-06-05 Create indexes on pipeline stages before migration
b72abd1 2017-06-05 Migrate stage_id only it job does not have it already
af72fa9 2017-06-05 Migrate pipeline stages only when not migrated already
3de144c 2017-06-05 Merge branch 'feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-stages' into f...
5b718d4 2017-06-05 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-s...
8808e7b 2017-06-05 Add assertions about new pipeline stage in specs
79380fe 2017-06-05 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/persist-pipeline-s...
3801a0d 2017-06-05 Export pipeline stages in import/export feature
028423c 2017-06-05 Calculate previous migration version in specs support
469975c 2017-06-05 Revert invalid changes in new pipeline service specs
bd76cdc 2017-06-05 Remove legacy method from pipeline class
e78c6a3 2017-06-04 Merge branch '30337-incorrect-example-for-variables' int...
2662fd7 2017-06-02 Merge branch '33139-lint-our-factories' into 'master'
aea03d7 2017-06-02 Merge branch 'port-refactor-wiki-page-services' into 'ma...
626cb8e 2017-06-02 Fix invalid conditional in pipeline create service
6811243 2017-06-02 Merge branch '33207-show-delete-option-in-admin-users-pa...
fe0b2f8 2017-06-02 Refine implementation of pipeline stage seeds
42c13b2 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'dm-comment-on-mr-commit-discussion' into '...
aff097e 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'migrate-old-artifacts' into 'master'
0218a0b 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'dm-update-discussion-diff-position' into '...
aa0d6b0 2017-06-01 Merge branch 'feature/gb/migrate-pipeline-stages' into f...
0532883 2017-06-01 Fix exposing legacy stages in pipeline entity
1a438e9 2017-06-01 Use stage_id column in code that needs to know about it
8e4ba54 2017-06-01 Merge branch '33142-pipeline-schedule-documentation-fix'...
78b2f65 2017-06-01 Rename `Ci::Stage` class to `Ci::LegacyStage`
c00d72b 2017-06-01 Rename pipeline methods related to legacy stages
b527f79 2017-06-01 Merge remote-tracking branch 'gitlab-ce/master'
dddb172 2017-05-31 Merge branch 'trigger-source' into 'master'
eb728d3 2017-05-31 Merge branch 'master' into 'trigger-source'
322c9be 2017-05-31 Merge branch 'dm-gitmodules-parsing' into 'master'
5c2ce44 2017-05-31 Expose pipeline stage seeds from pipeline instance
c72e21f 2017-05-31 Return stage seeds object from YAML processor
c881425 2017-05-31 Refine pipeline stages seeds class
6914aea 2017-05-31 Update docs related to protected actions
c791245 2017-05-31 Add changelog for protected branches abilities fix
3769485 2017-05-31 Fix chat commands specs related to protected actions
9a6b4c8 2017-05-31 Fix builds controller specs related to protected actions
c9b653b 2017-05-31 Fix pipeline retry specs related to protected actions
fb1b7b0 2017-05-31 Fix environment model specs related to protected actions
e3cb714 2017-05-31 Fix build factory specs related to protected actions
c970702 2017-05-31 Fix job play service specs related to protected actions
13f10a9 2017-05-31 Fix play status specs related to protected actions
1984359 2017-05-31 Fix deploy chat command specs for protected actions
20047e7 2017-05-31 Fix environment specs related to protected actions
f8eb8fe 2017-05-31 Fix pipeline processing specs related to protected actions
0f52544 2017-05-31 Fix build entity specs related to protected actions
16368e6 2017-05-31 Check only a merge ability for protected actions
805715c 2017-05-30 Add stage seed class that represents attributes
a8901ce 2017-05-30 Merge branch '33032-invalid-you-directly-addressed-yours...
1d5e5f7 2017-05-30 Merge branch '32653-fix-gemfile-lock' into 'master'
325b2d9 2017-05-30 Remove legacy method from create build service
6113ff9 2017-05-30 Expose stage model attributes from pipeline object
96cd422 2017-05-30 Rename pipeline service that creates stages and jobs
1f1f570 2017-05-30 Implement CI/CD config attributes for persisted stages
9a9ffa9 2017-05-29 Make `ActiveRecord::Migrator` idempotent again in test env
41a2b9d 2017-05-29 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-33011' into 'master'
2a11303 2017-05-29 Improve pipelines API specs related to special parameters
ff61e2b 2017-05-26 Reorder pipeline stages-related migrations
23c9349 2017-05-26 Create foreign keys for pipeline stages in migration
33a0fd9 2017-05-26 Migrate build stage reference in a separate migration
b8c3964 2017-05-26 Add stage_id column to ci_builds in a separate migration
56681cf 2017-05-26 Use a separate migration to create pipeline stages index
f46d3d6 2017-05-26 Merge branch 'dm-dependency-value-regex' into 'master'
5aea2e6 2017-05-26 Merge branch '31459-fix-transient-error-caused-by-small-...
2eb3a40 2017-05-26 Merge branch '31448-jira-urls' into 'master'
918abab 2017-05-26 Add pipeline stages post deployment migration
0f9fbae 2017-05-26 Add migrations helpers to simplify writing migration specs
f7aba15 2017-05-26 Make migration specs by using migrator in around hook
acc22a8 2017-05-25 Simplify migrations for specific database schema
3ba9702 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'winh-label-textcolor-default' into 'master'
d983514 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'dm-more-dependency-linkers' into 'master'
6a88f18 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'fix-kubernetes-namespace' into 'master'
6d8963e 2017-05-25 Add PoC of ActiveRecord migration testing
6ece979 2017-05-25 Merge branch 'correct-compare_spec-transient' into 'master'
2c33ee9 2017-05-25 Dockerize headless chrome browser for GitLab QA
6984c2e 2017-05-25 Use headless chrome instead of webkit via QtWebkit
af50d33 2017-05-24 Merge branch 'dm-outdated-system-note' into 'master'
d715774 2017-05-23 Merge branch 'zj-ps-update-gitlab-yml' into 'master'
f71a9de 2017-05-19 Exclude manual actions from cancelable jobs scope
e665588 2017-05-09 Remove CI/CD models directory from `eager_load_paths`
a676db7 2017-05-09 Robustify environment policy specs to pass on EE
694f31d 2017-05-08 Fix skipped manual actions issue in pipeline processing
fc121cc 2017-05-05 Do not reprocess actions when user retries pipeline
e5f24c5 2017-05-05 Add specs for extended status for manual actions
55cec21 2017-05-05 Refine inheritance model of extended CI/CD statuses
2cc8f43 2017-05-05 Introduce generic manual action extended status class
5321985 2017-05-05 Check ability to update build on the API resource
3264e09 2017-05-05 Require build to be present in the controller
61dd92a 2017-05-05 Authorize build update on per object basis
e944fd7 2017-05-05 Merge commit '3a2b60f7a' from 'master'
9363675 2017-05-05 Use update build policy instead of new play policy
b6facd8 2017-05-05 Merge commit '3a2b60f7' from 'master'
4f3dc19 2017-05-05 Add specs for new pipeline action for JSON format
c68bf43 2017-05-05 Use wrap_parameters in pipelines controller
b896035 2017-05-05 Respond with no content for pipeline JSON actions
4d08ea6 2017-05-04 Document serializers
83154f2 2017-05-03 Improve environment policy class
88ace4a 2017-05-03 Rephrase documentation for protected actions feature
7230794 2017-05-03 Improve code style related to protected actions
738bf2c 2017-05-03 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/manual-actions-pro...
3aa92cb 2017-05-02 Add changelog entry for external env URL btn fix
48bb892 2017-05-02 Hide environment external URL button if not defined
eb45582 2017-05-02 Fix builds controller spec related to protected actions
4ddce55 2017-05-02 Fix environment policy class name in specs
d276ea9 2017-05-02 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/manual-actions-pro...
c9def85 2017-05-02 Add Changelog entry for protected manual actions
f5441c9 2017-05-02 Document protected manual actions feature
02fc184 2017-05-02 Improve specs for jobs API regarding manual actions
e5df86f 2017-05-01 Fix Rubocop offense in environments policy class
4f2cc59 2017-05-01 Extend action tooltop to show info about abilities
6baaa8a 2017-05-01 Add new ability check for stopping environment
52bfc0e 2017-04-22 Fix typo in CI/CD build partial view
8c8f6db 2017-04-22 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/manual-actions-pro...
ee40ec7 2017-04-21 Add changelog entry for latest commit status fix
2a80ba2 2017-04-21 Add specs for new ci status helper method
3e96b6f 2017-04-21 Deprecate legacy CI/CD status helpers
ec58604 2017-04-21 Fix lastest commit status text on main project page
103684b 2017-04-21 Add changelog entry for blocked pipeline duration fix
c3a6218 2017-04-21 Improve helpers in pipeline model specs
3fdba5c 2017-04-21 Fix missing pipeline duration for blocked pipelines
5c92c4d 2017-04-19 Improve container registry repository path specs
c0ff8b6 2017-04-18 Fix container registry navigation menu highlights
f6a11d0 2017-04-18 Fix duplicated container repository names
a8231ea 2017-04-13 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/manual-actions-pro...
57f8f2d 2017-04-13 Fix detailed build status specs for manual actions
b5b6c7b 2017-04-13 Sanitize container repository path in model class
259108a 2017-04-13 Fix registry for projects with uppercases in path
37ab389 2017-04-13 Revert "Fix registry for projects with uppercases in path"
2272694 2017-04-13 Fix registry for projects with uppercases in path
0b75541 2017-04-12 Fix manual action entity specs
2aa211f 2017-04-12 Use build policy to determine if user can play build
55aa727 2017-04-12 Extract build play specs and extend test examples
7fc6b5b 2017-04-12 Do not inherit build policy in pipeline policy
6c6bc40 2017-04-12 Move code for playing an action to separate service
b09465f 2017-04-12 Implement new rule for manual actions in policies
c7003cb 2017-04-12 Fix outdated 'Admin area' link label in GitLab QA
bb294b9 2017-04-10 Add container registry repositories view specs
7ec3c2d 2017-04-10 Add method that returns location of registry image
046f408 2017-04-10 Improve test examples for container repository class
5fbeb73 2017-04-10 Add method that returns a registry repository location
5991dfd 2017-04-07 Fix new group button label in GitLab QA specs
9362f59 2017-04-06 Merge commit '46e4ed6bd0c8c256bce6d35b4bb992d77fd09971' ...
163e9f9 2017-04-06 Fix indexes in container repositories table
7bcca22 2017-04-06 Check branch permission in manual action entity
3e55e07 2017-04-06 Check if user can trigger manual action in the UI
d96e907 2017-04-06 Fix specs for build status factory and manual status
6c0fc62 2017-04-06 Take branch access into account when stopping environment
e533d43 2017-04-06 Fix specs related to new manual actions permissions
f647ad8 2017-04-06 Fix chatops specs with incorrectly defined project
5b6202c 2017-04-06 Do not show play action if user not allowed to run it
3dbef51 2017-04-06 Expose manual action abilities from a build entity
5525db8 2017-04-06 Check branch access when user triggers manual action
ee592f0 2017-04-06 Improve specs related to CI/CD job environment
6d7a524 2017-04-06 Merge branch 'master' into feature/multi-level-container...
714c408 2017-04-06 Add minor improvements to container registry code
82dea6c 2017-04-05 Fix Rubocop offenses related to registry routes
1e54181 2017-04-05 Improve migration for container repositories table
6b565f5 2017-04-05 Improve docs for multi-level container registry images
000af87 2017-04-05 Remove redundant code from container registry classes
c753975 2017-04-05 Add some minor improvements into registry partials
b611da7 2017-04-05 Fix status when removing legacy tags from registry
b31c533 2017-04-05 Revert unneeded change in project destroy service
ed0547b 2017-04-05 Require container registry entities in controllers
ee6f500 2017-04-05 Improve container repository tags controller route
22d68f2 2017-04-04 Fix HAML lint offense in repository image partial
2f939b4 2017-04-04 Fix container registry specs after changing texts
ec28f0b 2017-04-04 Add changelog entry for multi-level image repositories
44321b1 2017-04-04 Merge branch 'master' into feature/multi-level-container...
b03f169 2017-04-04 Extend registry docs regarding multi-level repositories
33329d4 2017-04-04 Fix project specs related to container registry
666ba38 2017-04-04 Simplify registry-related code in project model
f60820e 2017-04-04 Fix wording in registry tags controller notifications
cb2ce84 2017-04-04 Remove legacy registry tags when deleting a project
1c91d52 2017-04-04 Remove unneeded char in registry repository path
97c6cf5 2017-04-04 Swap method names in containe registry path class
7cf91f7 2017-04-04 Improve wording in partials related to the registry
59b5843 2017-04-04 Improve wording in registry notifications in the UI
008441c 2017-04-04 Improve container registry repository view partials
7e46d0a 2017-04-04 Fix container registry controller specs
4fab9f2 2017-04-03 Fix documentation related to container registry
1d6ddb0 2017-04-03 Fix namespace specs related to container registry
d2a9c5d 2017-04-03 Remove unecessary changes from project transfer service
325908a 2017-04-03 Remove changes unnecessary changes from namespace model
e9d5e95 2017-04-03 Revert changes in services related to moving projects
a9b221d 2017-04-03 Refine method for checking project registry tags
fc5eb31 2017-04-03 Fix Rubocop offenses in code related to the registry
baa00d5 2017-04-03 Refactor container registry repository tag stubs
0af4cbc 2017-04-03 Simplify container repository build method specs
fd30b3d 2017-04-03 Ensure root container repository when visiting registry
6fefa79 2017-04-03 Validate uniqueness of container repository name
e10dae3 2017-04-03 Improve code in container repository path class
1a47986 2017-04-03 Check registry repository name against regexp
01280a5 2017-04-03 Add missing test example for container repository tags
10b0fb1 2017-04-03 Remove redundant stubs from container image tag specs
662d2e6 2017-04-03 Refactor feature specs for container registry
fc550b3 2017-04-03 Merge branch 'master' into feature/multi-level-container...
fee49c9 2017-04-02 Merge branch 'fix-nplus-query-pipelines' into 'master'
068f4b4 2017-04-02 Add changelog entry for deprecating legacy pipelines
ca12079 2017-04-02 Remove code deprecated in pipeline process service
9fc17f6 2017-04-02 Merge branch 'sh-fix-capybara-features' into 'master'
83d1fe9 2017-03-31 Add serveral minor improvements to container registry
00319e5 2017-03-31 Move code related to registry to multiple controllers
f32d269 2017-03-31 Remove unused method from container registry client
4195677 2017-03-31 Reorganize container repository controllers and views
4726ff9 2017-03-31 Add test example for invalid registry access request
60cdd2b 2017-03-31 Add specs for container repository factory method
a7466af 2017-03-31 Improve code related to removing container image tags
600bbe1 2017-03-31 Fix rubocop offense in registry path specs
cf04206 2017-03-30 Do not allow registry requests for invalid repositories
fffc8a5 2017-03-30 Show full container repository path in the UI
7d3d1ec 2017-03-30 Create container repository on successful push auth
236c9c1 2017-03-30 Simplify how we create container registry resources
003a51d 2017-03-30 Check container repository exists for a given path
031122e 2017-03-30 Add container repository create service with specs
4407d3c 2017-03-29 Add comment to container registry auth service
313e35e 2017-03-29 Remove container images destroy service class
3bfc05b 2017-03-29 Use container repository path inside auth service
06bae00 2017-03-29 Make container repository path code more readable
5a7f8cb 2017-03-29 Add readability improvements to registry auth specs
a222486 2017-03-29 Rename method for checking tags in container repository
95faf5f 2017-03-29 Use new registry path class to match repository project
8584798 2017-03-29 Fix rubocop offense in container registry path class
bdc1e1b 2017-03-28 Implement method matching container repository names
b15d904 2017-03-28 Implement container repository path class
f09e3fe 2017-03-27 Add a few pending specs for container repository
1a4c60e 2017-03-27 Merge branch 'master' into feature/multi-level-container...
8021261 2017-03-27 Add controller specs for environment folder action
39f834b 2017-03-27 Add routing specs for environment folders
237517c 2017-03-27 Add changelog entry for environment folder route fix
2a0f83f 2017-03-27 Fix environment folder route when special chars present
414de2c 2017-03-27 Add Changelog entry for pipeline retry fix
8c59489 2017-03-27 Do not retry jobs multiple times when retrying a pipeline
7ada193 2017-03-24 Fix specs for container repository destroy service
dce706b 2017-03-24 Do not require a manifest for container repository
d6f37a3 2017-03-24 Fix feature specs related to container registry
16e645c 2017-03-24 Remove container_registry method from project class
4fdcaca 2017-03-24 Fix container registry blob specs
7db1f22 2017-03-24 Fix specs for services related to container registry
af42dd2 2017-03-24 Fix specs for container repository tags
8f6608a 2017-03-24 Merge branch 'frontend-coverage-badge' into 'master'
dcd2eeb 2017-03-23 Rename container image to repository in specs
3e01fed 2017-03-23 Fix Rubocop offenses in container repository code
249084b 2017-03-23 Fix some specs using the old ContainerImage const
f451173 2017-03-23 Fix specs for container repository model class
ea16ea5 2017-03-23 Identify container repository by a single name
01d159b 2017-03-23 Rename container image model to container repository
bd8c8df 2017-03-23 Fix database schema
4005eb6 2017-03-23 Fix communication between GitLab and Container Registry
896b13b 2017-03-22 Refactor splitting container image full path
95e2c01 2017-03-22 Clean code related to accessing registry from project
29c3426 2017-03-22 Move container images migration to the present time
68a2fa5 2017-03-22 Remove out-of-scope changes for multi-level images
c5912ec 2017-03-21 Merge branch 'master' into feature/multi-level-container...
53d332d 2017-03-21 Add configured container registry key to .gitignore
0b5e139 2017-03-20 Extend compound status for manual actions specs
f441b95 2017-03-20 Fix pipeline status for transition between stages
cc88759 2017-03-17 Do not use Ruby Timeout module in GitLab QA
3619ce0 2017-03-16 Resolve GitLab QA cold boot problems on entry page
c204245 2017-03-16 Speed up GitLab QA docker image builds
0e9a5e7 2017-03-16 Fix statements timeout in manual actions migration
6bffc17 2017-03-14 Add changelog entry for project status caching fix
0240caa 2017-03-13 Merge branch 'feature/gb/gitlab-qa-integration-tests' in...
0731365 2017-03-13 Add GitLab QA CE strategy and simplify inflector
3f949a7 2017-03-13 Improve fragment caching rules at projects dashboard
cbba918 2017-03-13 Fix user menu selector in GitLab QA test suite
0778cad 2017-03-13 Do not use GITLAB_RELEASE env to define QA strategy
175a3df 2017-03-09 Fix GitLab QA release inflector strategy
8a418f3 2017-03-09 Remove unused tags in GitLab QA feature specs
6373ef0 2017-03-09 Remove EE classes from GitLab QA merged into CE
92c3a99 2017-03-09 Fix using release inflector to define autoloads
5becdf0 2017-03-09 Implement GitLab QA release inflection strategy
2ae578c 2017-03-09 Add env var that describes QA release to Dockerfile
37d68f2 2017-03-09 Extend for GitLab QA in `qa/` directory
161d0aa 2017-03-09 Fix Rubocop offense and remove QA Rubocop from deps
adbbcc1 2017-03-09 Remove blank line from GitLab QA Dockerfile
e63f3e8 2017-03-09 Extend README for GitLab QA files in `qa/`
50cd399 2017-03-09 Remove legacy scripts for building docker images
7d20e47 2017-03-09 Add GitLab QA integrations tests to GitLab CE / EE
5ca2005 2017-03-08 Fix Rubocop offense in CI/CD stage code
82327ea 2017-03-08 Add specs for an extended blocked pipeline status
c83be39 2017-03-08 Adjust specs for core pipeline detailed statuses
4c2a6f0 2017-03-08 Add changelog for passed with warnings status fix
14ad75a 2017-03-08 Fix `passed with warnings` stage status on MySQL
7319460 2017-03-08 Verbosify blocked pipeline status description
6bd85c1 2017-03-07 Add Changelog entry for CI/CD types deprecation
ccfd04f 2017-03-07 Deprecate usage of `types` CI/CD configuration entry
64ae468 2017-03-07 Add feature specs for new MR widget blocked state
152c2b5 2017-03-07 Add new merge request widget state for blocked pipeline
3b35d1f 2017-03-06 Migrate legacy actions in post deployment migration
5967c17 2017-03-06 Introduced the deploy keys presenter
07539ab 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'master' into pipeline-blocking-actions
b7d7440 2017-03-06 Fix Rubocop offenses in commit status/build specs
c4d5b23 2017-03-06 Ignore optional actions when calculating warnings
a004a97 2017-03-06 Highligh info about optional action status in docs
bb2460c 2017-03-06 Improve specs for detailed statuses with manual actions
cb4c9a0 2017-03-06 Extend specs for code we use to calculate statuses
80c463d 2017-03-06 Extend pipeline retry specs with blocking actions
b782358 2017-03-06 Add some basic docs about blocking manual actions
26e1ec0 2017-03-06 Add Changelog entry for blocking manual actions
21d5398 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'delete-pages' into 'master'
df48c27 2017-03-06 Add specs for presence of build commands
3afd7fb 2017-03-06 Add specs for new pipeline and build action events
a263e37 2017-03-06 Improve specs for calculating pipeline result status
305064a 2017-03-06 Fix invalid description in commit status specs
8ac0f2d 2017-03-06 Remove unused method that describes blocking job
66dd209 2017-03-06 Ignore job by default if it is a manual action
3788f5f 2017-03-06 Add migration for manual actions with skipped status
e455492 2017-03-06 Extend specs for pipelines with manual blocking actions
57253f0 2017-03-06 Fix specs for detailed statuses for manual actions
17faa8a 2017-03-06 Fix specs for environments with manual actions
9b27f49 2017-03-06 Adjust pipeline retry specs to use manual statuses
d87132b 2017-03-06 Always actionize build when it is a manual action
53fcede 2017-03-06 Fix Rubocop offenses in pipeline processing specs
ac5bd3b 2017-03-06 Reinstitute a core `manual` status for manual actions
dd24091 2017-03-06 Add support for blocking actions to CI/CD pipeline
d1b5947 2017-03-06 Make pipeline processing specs more consistent
364fc01 2017-03-06 Fix Rubocop offense in CI/CD build state machine
0683f8d 2017-03-06 Fix pipeline retry specs for optional blocking actions
14351f9 2017-03-06 Introduce core status for blocked manual actions
b8dc2ab 2017-03-06 Fix specs for pipeline processing with manual actions
50c393e 2017-03-06 Remove duplication in process pipeline service specs
79ea01b 2017-03-06 Refactor code related to pipeline blocking actions
8f227f2 2017-03-06 Improve docs and specs related to pages artifacts
098a876 2017-03-06 Add MR fo changelog about removing pages artifacts
6cc02e0 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'cache-gems-for-ee' into 'master'
f0ba1ea 2017-03-02 Fix Rubocop offense in build retry service
c3d24d0 2017-03-02 Move unused consts from retry build service to specs
aa83c6e 2017-03-02 Add Changelog for deprecated build badge removal
e19687b 2017-03-01 Fix Rubocop offenses in commit status API specs
3896735 2017-03-01 Remove legacy build status svg for deprecated service
3f2bb8d 2017-03-01 Remove specs for legacy build image service
6fdbc22 2017-03-01 Remove deprecated legacy CI project status badge
8d23b96 2017-03-01 Simplify view specs for commit status badge partial
79a3742 2017-03-01 Improve readability in CI/CD status badge view tests
86052e6 2017-03-01 Add view specs for ci/cd detailed status badge
2bc938e 2017-03-01 Add Changelog entry for commit status update fix
74906f3 2017-03-01 Fix updaing commit status with optional attributes
ccff65b 2017-03-01 Remove unused method from CI/CD build class
6f84345 2017-03-01 Improve build retry service tests for cloning data
dd9d8ce 2017-03-01 Fix runner tags assignment when retrying a job
f0f7af5 2017-02-28 Reinstate new merge request pipelines hash in API
8b855ea 2017-02-27 Merge branch 'add-quotes-to-coverage-pattern' into 'mast...
c6ac739 2017-02-24 Merge branch 'patch-15' into 'master'
ca378aa 2017-02-23 Fix Rubocop offense in OptimisticLocking module
02699f2 2017-02-23 Add basic specs for optimistic locking mixin
ed98680 2017-02-23 Process skipped jobs in the pipeline when retrying it
1965482 2017-02-22 Reprocess jobs in stages once when retrying pipeline
d16eed3 2017-02-22 Fix reprocessing skipped jobs when retrying pipeline
b9cc02a 2017-02-17 Remove support for locking in pipeline retry service
5f271a9 2017-02-17 Merge branch 'master' into fix/gb/pipeline-retry-builds-...
953e590 2017-02-16 Make build clone/retry implementation more robust
7d0bd32 2017-02-15 Remove legacy GitlabCi module from initializers
658c5f3 2017-02-15 Add test for cloning attributes when retrying a build
7e8a3f7 2017-02-15 When retrying a build copy a coverage regex setting
3ba6518 2017-02-15 Prefer using `project.add_developer` in specs
9c37a26 2017-02-15 Close all pipeline todos at once when retrying it
25b3b2e 2017-02-15 Make it possible to resolve all todos for pipeline
fc13312 2017-02-14 Add Changelog entry for CI/CD pipeline retry fix
6c7f7f6 2017-02-14 Add specs for after_stage scope, update specs file
cff9504 2017-02-14 Extend specs for build and pipeline retry services
0e21f54 2017-02-14 Add Changelog entry for pipeline buttons fix
7460159 2017-02-14 Reuse pipeline methods to preserve Law of Demeter
82e6efb 2017-02-14 Avoid race condition in build retry service
108d376 2017-02-14 Simplify implementation of build retry service
d4522de 2017-02-14 Revert adding new methods in CI/CD stage class
056f1b7 2017-02-14 Simplify implementation of pipeline retry service
94495f9 2017-02-14 Use new pipeline retry service with optimistic locking
346a7c6 2017-02-14 Add after_stage scope to commit status class
3063ab4 2017-02-14 Reuse `Gitlab::Allowable` mixin in base service
c0db440 2017-02-14 Preserve base service abstraction for retry services
21401a3 2017-02-13 Fix Rubocop offense in pipeline retry service
c65e960 2017-02-13 Implement new pipeline retry service
19ef408 2017-02-13 Add a separate CI/CD pipeline retry service class
1be454e 2017-02-13 Fix envs and deploys specs related to build retry
b35e624 2017-02-13 Fix pipeline processing specs after adding ability checks
6f9b458 2017-02-13 Fix pipeline specs after adding retry ability check
c5e7880 2017-02-13 Fix CI build specs after adding retry ability check
db09d10 2017-02-13 Add specs for build retry service
9202b1f 2017-02-13 Extract CI/CD build retry code to separate service
4e3fc21 2017-02-13 Extend specs for canceling a running pipeline
ffcf3c6 2017-02-13 Skip job only when canceling the pipeline it belongs to
008f22c 2017-02-13 Fix pipeline specs related to canceling builds
a70a83c 2017-02-13 Skip buils that were canceled but not started yet
ffc041a 2017-02-13 Add Changelog entry for notifications buttons fix
d1d5e23 2017-02-13 Improve home panel partial code and view specs
1f94b95 2017-02-13 Show notifications settings when repository is disabled
d0d94e4 2017-02-10 Fix pagination headers in grouped environments API
19bac88 2017-02-09 Add route for environment folder and expose an API
2aeb45b 2017-02-09 Add support for environment scopes in controller
efa0502 2017-02-09 Enable grouping and pagination in environmnets API
3ea1f91 2017-02-07 Fix merge request controller specs for new action
5d25871 2017-02-07 Add Changelog entry for new merge request pipelines fix
1c73b76 2017-02-07 Add feature spec for a new merge request with pipeline
25c1f05 2017-02-07 Fix rendering pipelines for a new merge request
9c916bf 2017-02-07 Pass proper endpoint path to MR pipelines partial
e217bb2 2017-02-07 Make headers asserts explicit in pagination specs
8753635 2017-02-07 Use `#present?` instead of `defined?` in serializers
e4cb073 2017-02-07 Simplify implementation of environments serializer
a7420b7 2017-02-06 Add specs for standalone pagination for serializers
81eb5c7 2017-02-06 Move serializers pagination class to separate module
10c1a4d 2017-02-06 Rename `Gitlab::Serialize` module to reuse it later
50aec8d 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' into feature/gb/paginated-environm...
a5cf7c2 2017-02-06 Improve docs on CI/CD code coverage regexp setting
c07b1d3 2017-02-06 Improve Changelog entry for CI config compatibility fix
8417f33 2017-02-06 Refine docs on code coverage regexp on job level
5fe9ec2 2017-02-06 Add Changelog entry for CI config compatibility fix
19593b0 2017-02-06 Update docs on setting up a CI/CD coverage regexp
7c271fb 2017-02-06 Fix Rubocop offense in legacy CI/CD config specs
4d11903 2017-02-05 Merge branch 'slash-commands-typo' into 'master'
149f67c 2017-02-04 Remove coverage entry from global CI/CD options
16a7289 2017-02-03 Extend environments folders and pagination API specs
a5e5e4a 2017-02-03 Fix typo in pipeline serializer specs
2150d98 2017-02-03 Add specs for environments serializer pagination
888fba1 2017-02-03 Order environments twice in environments serializer
562b501 2017-02-03 Add basic specs for new merge requests pipelines API
921141a 2017-02-03 Serialize pipelines in the new merge request action
45966b0 2017-02-03 Fix syntax error in the new merge request view
030adf1 2017-02-02 Encapsulate reused pagination component in a class
ac06070 2017-02-02 Use serializer to group environments into folders
12d4427 2017-02-01 Fix Rubocop offenses
8e8ec9d 2017-01-30 Use ApiHelpers in merge request specs for API routes
ac5b3ce 2017-01-27 Add controller tests for commit pipelines endpoint
30c73d2 2017-01-27 Add controller test for merge requests pipelines API
6b3f52b 2017-01-27 Fix cycle analytics code after improving serializers
3cb37c0 2017-01-27 Expose serialized pipelines API for merge requests
1ad6b36 2017-01-27 Expose serialized pipelines for commit pipelines
42e3f0f 2017-01-27 Return serializable hash from a represented serializer
67b407b 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'fix-ci-requests-concurrency' into 'master'
db8c1d3 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'backport-ee-changes-for-build-minutes' int...
637894d 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'fix-ci-requests-concurrency' into 'master'
6cfe60d 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'backport-ee-changes-for-build-minutes' int...
a89aab9 2017-01-24 Merge branch 'zj-mattermost-api-update' into 'master'
632c293 2017-01-23 Revert "Merge branch 'revert-9cac0317' into 'master' "
d32953d 2017-01-23 Add Changelog entry for build policy improvements
5e3f8db 2017-01-23 Fix build access policies when pipelines are public
d78d2ba 2017-01-22 Merge branch 'fix_auto_merging' into 'master'
c209348 2017-01-22 Merge branch 'revert-9cac0317' into 'master'
baeaa97 2017-01-21 Revert "Merge branch 'dont-persist-application-settings-...
f6f52b4 2017-01-21 Merge branch 'fix_auto_merging' into 'master'
d50b64d 2017-01-21 Add Changelog for MWPS immediate merge bug
afd6bcb 2017-01-21 Extend feature tests for merge when pipeline succeeds
62cb179 2017-01-21 Load ci_bundle javascripts in MWBS partial
a5ab418 2017-01-20 Add missing specs for update build queue service
ecb9f97 2017-01-20 Improve readability of runner tick queue method
5f84368 2017-01-20 Revert removing builds tab on '8-16-stable'
36afc97 2017-01-20 Add Changelog entry for pipeline ref path error fix
1f31419 2017-01-20 Do not generate pipeline ref path if ref not present
8621786 2017-01-19 Fix warnings argument memoization in CI/CD stage
dc646ec 2017-01-19 Merge branch 'rubocop-todo' into 'master'
9ce8aa3 2017-01-18 Respond with validation errors in commit status API
53f4f84 2017-01-18 Add URL validations for generic commit statuses
73fcfb2 2017-01-18 Add a default status const to common status concern
3bc0525 2017-01-18 Extract compound statuses method in status factory
e66b041 2017-01-18 Improve readability of specs for pipeline stages
cff9c16 2017-01-18 Pass memoizable warnings attribute to stage object
2e088c0 2017-01-17 Add Changelog entry for external status link fix
ea988d9 2017-01-17 Merge branch 'rubocop-todo' into 'master'
32ab86d 2017-01-17 Add specs for a new external build detailed status
b222f6d 2017-01-17 Fix EmptyLines Rubocop offense in pipeline specs
9f1beed 2017-01-17 Link external commit status badge to a target URL
8faf0c7 2017-01-17 Add detailed statuses for external commit statuses
2d6d52c 2017-01-17 Improve pipeline specs by removing instance variables
4657c28 2017-01-16 Merge branch 'master' into fix/keep-artifacts-button-vis...
d69ec12 2017-01-13 Fix Rubocop offense in build specs
c47e1f9 2017-01-13 Add Changelog for commit links fix on pipelines page
9084438 2017-01-13 Remove empty build spec file from invalid location
0433790 2017-01-13 Merge build specs into file that has valid location
1f546e4 2017-01-13 Update commit entity to point to valid commit page
ee18d89 2017-01-12 Extend pipeline detailed status factory specs
528c068 2017-01-12 Fix a Rubocop offense in detailed status factory
227cbdd 2017-01-12 Use detailed status for failed but allowed builds
6053049 2017-01-12 Add new CI/CD status failed with warnings icon group
48c19e7 2017-01-12 Expose methods that match statuses in status factories
1d01ffb 2017-01-12 Make it possible to combine extended CI/CD statuses
9f12791 2017-01-11 Add extended status for build failed but allowed to
e5d53df 2017-01-11 Add changelog for warning icon for stage in graph
fd115bc 2017-01-11 Add specs for two new methods defined in stage class
8dbd1e7 2017-01-11 Add concrete success warning status to stage factory
8b30dd9 2017-01-11 Extract abstract success with warnings CI/CD status
8a75f68 2017-01-11 Fix Rubocop YAML config files to avoid CE->EE issues
292ae12 2017-01-10 Update Gemfile.lock to reflect Rubocop gem version
cff4234 2017-01-10 Fix Rubocop offenses in LDAP related code and spec
5456859 2017-01-09 Add method that checks for expiring build artifacts
4a7e142 2017-01-09 Add changelog for artifacts button visibility fix
fa8052a 2017-01-09 Do not show artifacts keep button if not allowed
fc026c8 2017-01-05 Remove invalid pipeline status icon name
5bc97cd 2017-01-05 Fix pipeline stage graph test example false positive
253781d 2017-01-05 Fix pipelines feature specs after invalid merge
e4da8b1 2017-01-05 Include pipeline-related resources if using relation
0d15c8b 2017-01-05 Combine some tests in pipelines specs to speed it up
b5dfd03 2017-01-05 Include resources to speed up pipelines serializer
cf039f5 2017-01-04 Fix Rubocop offense in pipelines feature spec file
07fc7be 2017-01-04 Revert adding an invalid CI/CD status CSS class
63ec4d4 2017-01-04 Show yaml error badge in pipelines page if present
1994c03 2017-01-04 Add test example for pipeline with yaml errors
37a6189 2017-01-04 Remove unused mixins from pipelines feature specs
e83ae21 2017-01-04 Extract anonymous user context in pipelines specs
6a7a31b 2017-01-04 Improve code in pipelines feature specs file
f4315b7 2016-12-28 Add specs for pipeline serializer with pagination
47689c1 2016-12-28 Add changelog for typo fix in merge request widget
cf74f0a 2016-12-28 Fix grammar error in text about mentioned issues
bdcdf45 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'fix-latest-pipeine-ordering' into 'master'
589fd93 2016-12-27 Fix Rubocop offenses in serializer entities
8e603b6 2016-12-27 Add missing specs for new methods in pipeline class
1b14182 2016-12-27 Expose stage dropdown path and title in stage entity
f9331db 2016-12-27 Add tests for pagination module extracted from API
1e38f8a 2016-12-24 Merge branch 'revert-5c0f2541' into 'master'
52a259d 2016-12-24 Revert "Merge branch 'fix-latest-pipeine-ordering' into ...
8dd85ca 2016-12-23 Merge branch 'fix-latest-pipeine-ordering' into 'master'
5c0f254 2016-12-23 Merge branch 'fix-latest-pipeine-ordering' into 'master'
3f90957 2016-12-22 Add Changelog entry for pipeline stage dropdown fix
daff644 2016-12-22 Do not show retried builds in pipeline stage dropdown
1da2674 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'fix/ci-readme-typo' into 'master'
2bb4918 2016-12-21 Add missing specs for CI pipeline stage entity
0d3d202 2016-12-21 Merge branch '19703-direct-link-pipelines' into 'master'
e072a27 2016-12-21 Add missing specs for request aware entity module
b9ed15e 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'fix/import-export-build-token' into 'master'
468b47d 2016-12-21 Remove redundant pagination helpers after a bad merge
63bb849 2016-12-21 Add controller specs for pipeline index API endpoint
02c7dcf 2016-12-21 Rename some pipeline and build related entities
d549a96 2016-12-21 Add missing specs for new pipeline related entities
748ed92 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'fix-forbidden-for-build-api-for-deleted-pr...
682051b 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'fix-yaml-variables' into 'master'
c8b1606 2016-12-21 Add specs for pipeline entity and improve factory
3e09215 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'zj-kamil-slack-slash-commands' into 'master'
9f47d31 2016-12-21 Fix parentheses in pipelines.scss after a merge
3deaf13 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
92a91a8 2016-12-20 Merge branch '19703-direct-link-pipelines' into 'master'
2b486c2 2016-12-20 Fix stage and pipeline specs and rubocop offenses
431b9d1 2016-12-20 Merge branch 'fix_team_member_expiration_date_spec' into...
ec4b1bc 2016-12-20 Add isolated view spec for pipeline stage partial
9c6480d 2016-12-20 Move test for HTML stage endpoint to controller specs
ca7e746 2016-12-20 Merge branch 'fix_team_member_expiration_date_spec' into...
5227841 2016-12-20 Merge branch 'zj-kamil-slack-slash-commands' into 'master'
c1dbae9 2016-12-20 Merge branch 'fix-forbidden-for-build-api-for-deleted-pr...
5048baa 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'fix-yaml-variables' into 'master'
ffcd20c 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'fix/import-export-build-token' into 'master'
a50cd9e 2016-12-19 Merge branch 'fix/ci-readme-typo' into 'master'
27fd326 2016-12-17 Add `ci-manual` status CSS with darkest gray color
dc68a91 2016-12-17 Fix CI/CD statuses actions' CSS on pipeline graphs
e47989a 2016-12-17 Merge branch 'zj-mattermost-session' into 'master'
1476bb2 2016-12-16 Improve how we calculate detailed status group name
b18897a 2016-12-16 Update status group name for success with warnings
1b313e8 2016-12-16 Make CI/CD detailed status group concept explicit
3487551 2016-12-16 Merge branch '22604-manual-actions' into 'master'
f3c2855 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'show-commit-status-from-latest-pipeline' i...
b33fd0a 2016-12-15 Fix detailed status for pipeline stage entity
ccea472 2016-12-15 Fix pipeline detailed status serializer and entities
c7db5b3 2016-12-15 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
70c0a76 2016-12-15 Fix rubocop offenses in code related to pipelines
e998d6f 2016-12-14 Simplify graph status badge partial and require locals
7217a19 2016-12-14 Merge branch 'master' into 22604-manual-actions
6757aaa 2016-12-14 Improve build status specs contexts descriptions
ac115a9 2016-12-14 Add some missing tests for detailed status methods
c6d7785 2016-12-14 Merge branch '25136-last-deployment-link' into 'master'
309580b 2016-12-14 Remove trailing blank line from Allowable module
f62e608 2016-12-13 Update manual build icon SVG
84290a4 2016-12-13 Make it possible to mix `Gitlab::Routing` in
0097060 2016-12-13 Extract abilities checking module from ability model
24dd70d 2016-12-13 Extend tests for pipeline detailed status helpers
8f743ed 2016-12-13 Add tests for common build detailed status helpers
7f0ecf3 2016-12-13 Add missing tests for build `cancelable?` method
d7a7743 2016-12-13 Add tests for detailed build statuses factory
f4513d5 2016-12-13 Make it possible to retry build that was canceled
a9ec4ec 2016-12-13 Make build retryable only if complete and executed
5f590a7 2016-12-13 Improve readability in methods for detailed status
a91a95b 2016-12-13 Add tests for build cancelable/retryable statuses
65c3bfe 2016-12-13 Extend specs for build play/stop detailed statuses
48d4360 2016-12-13 Refine build stop/play extended status specs
2011f8f 2016-12-13 Use manual build icon in play/stop build statuses
7d36c88 2016-12-12 Fix detailed status specs for pipeline stage model
be13fc6 2016-12-12 Fix detailed status badge for generic commit status
48ea142 2016-12-12 Fix pipeline specs for detailed statuses
ab37be2 2016-12-12 Add specs for build stop extended detailed status
f91e826 2016-12-12 Add tests for build play extended detailed status
ffafd09 2016-12-12 Fix build stop extended status CSS class
d608201 2016-12-12 Fix path to build status details in common helpers
dc67554 2016-12-12 Improve detailed status badge partial
f0cd73b 2016-12-12 Fix some detailed statuses specs related to abilities
23feb6a 2016-12-12 Fix tests related to detailed statuses and permissions
5059d0b 2016-12-12 Incorporate permission checks into new CI statuses
e0ce97f 2016-12-12 Refactor ci status factories to DRY code a little
67e46e6 2016-12-09 Integrate new stages into ci pipeline serializer
0f40ae5 2016-12-09 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
78757a0 2016-12-09 Merge branch 'master' into 22604-manual-actions
c1db5b9 2016-12-08 Fix some detailed statuses specs related to abilities
7d88399 2016-12-08 Fix tests related to detailed statuses and permissions
9c0a8cb 2016-12-08 Incorporate permission checks into new CI statuses
3acf432 2016-12-08 Refactor ci status factories to DRY code a little
fc57b31 2016-12-08 Merge branch 'build-statuses' into 22604-manual-actions
e4efb13 2016-12-07 Add status entity prototype and expose in pipeline
ad19de1 2016-12-07 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
f55fcef 2016-12-07 Add prototype of pipelines serializer with pagination
7870614 2016-12-07 Extract API pagination code to a separete module
a62e521 2016-12-06 Fix exception related to pipeline stages in view
7b99b18 2016-12-06 Add text example for pipeline status without action
157f4fe 2016-12-06 Use detailed status as CSS class in pipelines list
67cd3b3 2016-12-06 Use status text when redering pipelines list
e94f378 2016-12-06 Improve support for icons in new detailed statuses
79e132f 2016-12-06 Add status label information to pipeline header
bdc13c3 2016-12-06 Untangle status label and text in ci status helper
c8b2aa8 2016-12-06 Simplify ci status helper with detailed status
40a1180 2016-12-06 Remove unsued variable from merge request widget
b1d6dd4 2016-12-06 Restore legacy statuses support in ci status helpers
ed4ec0d 2016-12-05 Add support for detailed status to status helpers
5e3cfe2 2016-12-05 Expose pipeline detailed status using status factory
b2ab11a 2016-12-05 Extend tests for pipeline status factory
d28f5e7 2016-12-05 Implement pipeline status factory with extended status
b86d8af 2016-12-05 Fold core/extended status modules to reduce nesting
d55ff24 2016-12-02 Implement extended pipeline - status with warnings
c7c2494 2016-12-02 Add implementation of common pipeline extended status
0c7168b 2016-12-02 Add information about badge test to core statuses
119757a 2016-12-02 Add scaffold for remaining statuses-related classes
943b3d0 2016-12-02 Implement the rest of core CI statuses with specs
d4ed5b2 2016-12-02 Add abstract base class for core CI status
5df3e8b 2016-12-02 Add initial implmentation for core success status
be79709 2016-12-02 Add scaffold for each class of core CI status
ebef1a8 2016-12-02 Remove change to MWBS in code review guideline
2791226 2016-12-01 Remove support from incremental pipeline updates
57b1976 2016-12-01 Merge branch 'master' into auto-pipelines-vue
85c4aa4 2016-12-01 Copy-edit text about right balance in code reviews
4681ab1 2016-11-30 Fix Rubocop offense in merge request specs
00ca7ad 2016-11-30 Merge branch 'master' into fix/rename-mwbs-to-merge-when...
5b05260 2016-11-30 Extend code review docs with chapter about the right bal...
04229ec 2016-11-29 Merge branch 'feature/expose-timestimes-in-build-entity'...
651eccd 2016-11-29 Expose timestamp in build entity used by serializer
a49e994 2016-11-29 Rename `MergeRequest#pipeline` to `head_pipeline`
3761a0c 2016-11-27 Extend pipelines factory with transient config attribute
86e7f22 2016-11-25 Improve readability in pipeline test objects factory
d766ab9 2016-11-25 Remove pipeline factory that is not used in tests
e1285c1 2016-11-25 Restore method that ensures builds being created
b8e10e3 2016-11-25 Fix tests for allowing merged if pipeline succeeded
895d97a 2016-11-25 Merge branch 'master' into fix/rename-mwbs-to-merge-when...
94100d4 2016-11-25 Add Changelog entry for pipeline creation improvements
5131f8d 2016-11-25 Remove remaining calls to CI yaml in pipeline specs
c1cc252 2016-11-25 Move helpers to the end of process pipeline specs
fda6199 2016-11-25 Update pipeline processing specs for creating builds
785d5c8 2016-11-24 Create pipeline along with builds in the transation
71ad3d2 2016-11-23 Clear test build storage directory before each example
01f588e 2016-11-23 Remove entire test files directory for test builds
d917ac0 2016-11-23 Clear Carrierwave upload after each test example
78529bb 2016-11-23 Clean build storage after each RSpec test example
de24902 2016-11-22 Improve name of build log state data attribute
0914efb 2016-11-22 Add Changelog entry for build trace exceptions fix
6a18a78 2016-11-22 Include build trace status in data attribute always
07ce4c2 2016-11-22 Improve reproducibility of build trace test example
89e367f 2016-11-22 Add missing feature tests for loading build trace
e249a35 2016-11-22 Add missing specs for loading build HTML trace
1e19737 2016-11-22 Refactor feature tests for project builds page
50e1bed 2016-11-22 Add Changelog entry for CI linter validation fix
c048d5d 2016-11-22 Fix entry lookup in CI config inheritance rules
4c34b4e 2016-11-22 Extend specs for global ci configuration entry
d840c46 2016-11-21 Add documentation about todos and failed builds
0cb37c5 2016-11-21 Add Changelog entry for failed builds todos fix
f0d5ef9 2016-11-21 Do not create TODO when build is allowed to fail
0a5a65d 2016-11-21 Add Changelog entry for Merge When Pipeline Succeeds
c6a4f9f 2016-11-21 Update some docs to reflect MWPS name change
d07ef08 2016-11-21 Rename MWPS in user interface and feature tests
bd3ae19 2016-11-21 Rename MWPS in system notes and related tests
01f2388 2016-11-21 Rename MWBS service to Merge When Pipeline Succeeds
7023e76 2016-11-18 Add Changelog entry for job script requirement fix
bf25b5f 2016-11-18 Remove CI config helper with same name as an entry
6572430 2016-11-18 Make CI job script a required configuration entry
67c833e 2016-11-17 Fix Rubocop offense for lines in environment specs
d9f9be3 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'master' into 22539-display-folders
8a7860f 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'master' into 22539-display-folders
9b0e7b9 2016-11-17 Fix test case for environments related to deployments
54ee0df 2016-11-17 Do not use absolute URLS in entities use relative
73a5f33 2016-11-17 Unfold dropdown in tests for environments index
5362106 2016-11-16 Fix environments specs for deployment with SHA
7bab279 2016-11-16 Fix view that embeds abilities for the environments
4388d90 2016-11-16 Add controller specs for environments index action
bd01a5a 2016-11-16 Add EnvironmentSerializer to EnvironmentsController
5d5b80a 2016-11-16 Remove unnecessary check from environments service
3cf516c 2016-11-16 Add comment related to workaround used in specs
1708d3a 2016-11-16 Add Changelog entry for auto-close environments
72f5387 2016-11-16 Remove redundant call to after branch delete service
d9d69d7 2016-11-16 Add specs for environments recently updated on branch
e49229a 2016-11-16 Refactor methods for environments in project model
c95b88e 2016-11-16 Improve readability in project model for environments
c7350f0 2016-11-15 Select recently updated environments for auto-close
54c2e23 2016-11-15 Add test example for after branch delete service
94a9eff 2016-11-15 Test call to after branch delete hooks in service
e552e1f 2016-11-15 Extend tests for delete branch service
2a53d6c 2016-11-15 Add minimial test coverage for delete branch service
a88b2d3 2016-11-15 Add feature tests for environments auto-close
ceb0698 2016-11-14 Make it possible to fabricate environment on branch
990765e 2016-11-14 Improve name of service that stops CI environments
d945300 2016-11-14 Check permissions before stopping CI environments
b3f3879 2016-11-14 Fix indentation in CI variables entry class
a761d29 2016-11-14 Change name of method for setting CI config entries
c701468 2016-11-14 Improve naming convention in ci configuration module
0541bff 2016-11-12 Expose commit author's gravatar if not gitlab user
6186ac2 2016-11-12 Expose created_at and updated_at in pipeline entity
ec0daed 2016-11-11 Add service that runs after branch removed hooks
be3d74e 2016-11-11 Do not call environments service in repository model
5067d03 2016-11-10 Make updated_at optional in pipelines serializer
6b52adc 2016-11-10 Refine incremental pipeline serializer
b0c6037 2016-11-10 Refine incremental pipeline serializer
6cbd3ca 2016-11-09 Remove redundant rescue from repository keep_around
fbc1364 2016-11-09 Remove redundant space from repository model code
d7ba85c 2016-11-09 Refine specs for build show page with environments
4a7fcc2 2016-11-09 Stop environments for branch after branch removal
5328e3b 2016-11-09 Make commit an optional arg for environments search
45bd539 2016-11-09 Extend tests for service that stops environment
ae8a461 2016-11-09 Fix environment feature specs after changes in factory
f7ef7be 2016-11-09 Add environment factory review app trait
04a8372 2016-11-08 Add environment teardown service
4fca60b 2016-11-07 Add Changelog entry for new pipeline fix
d76416f 2016-11-07 Evade some exceptions when using invalid references
c8e8a1b 2016-11-07 Improve code readability in pipelines controller
b0a4635 2016-11-04 Simplify implementation of entity serializers
e49fb26 2016-11-04 Add tests for deployment and environment entitites
3968b07 2016-11-04 Add tests for serialization entities, add user entity
c315332 2016-11-04 Refine build entity tests a little
a2c1178 2016-11-04 Expose commit author if author exists
f203ca5 2016-11-03 Fix specs related to deployments and environments
3c3e61a 2016-11-03 Exclude project information from environment entity
a68e7e6 2016-11-03 Add basic tests for build entity used by serialzier
6c94ade 2016-11-03 Remove project entity that was part of the PoC
c3dae79 2016-11-03 Extend tests for environments serializer
7dd6485 2016-11-03 Add manual actions for deployment serialization
52d333b 2016-11-03 Remove duplication from build serializer entity
573921c 2016-11-03 Implement entities needed for environments folders
f1e9c97 2016-11-02 Use entity request object in environment entity
acfe394 2016-11-02 Add PoC for resource serializers
fdd52a6 2016-10-27 Improve documentation for test coverage report badge
a84c971 2016-10-25 Improve redis config tasks for migration paths job
7c0ccba 2016-10-25 Fix Rubocop offenses in issue move specs
9a14b0b 2016-10-19 Fix name of feature that restricts builds traces
72d84e4 2016-10-18 Improve code that creates a list of commits for MR
ab8ef17 2016-10-18 Extend merge request tests for all commits method
d5b1d0e 2016-10-18 Use temporary compare commits when MR not persisted
f7da506 2016-10-18 Extract pipeline vars in merge requests controller
db0e700 2016-10-18 Use all pipelines variable when creating merge request
27c762b 2016-10-18 Remove obsolete variable assigned to MR widget view
e01e2ad 2016-10-18 Add Changelog entry for pipeline settings button fix
b8a49e5 2016-10-18 Move specs for project pipeline settings page
4622f7e 2016-10-18 Reload pipeline settings when saving new settings
b63b13f 2016-10-18 Fix Changelog entry for fix to CI artifacts erase
81f6e6e 2016-10-17 Add Changelog entry to fix for removing artifacts
22ef066 2016-10-17 Avoid race condition when expiring artifacts
5904793 2016-10-14 Add build finished worker that creates a workflow
b8003aa 2016-10-14 Calculate build coverage asynchronously
3726dc4 2016-10-14 Check if project exists before creating deployment
4e93425 2016-10-13 Fix typo in build success worker for deployment
5fd635d 2016-10-13 Update code coverage for CI build asynchronously
8efa041 2016-10-13 Do not process build success if project was removed
03a8ed9 2016-10-13 Use trasaction to process build deployment
204fdcb 2016-10-13 Add build success worker that runs asynchronously
fafc5a1 2016-10-13 Perform CI build hooks asynchronously using worker
cfd0d66 2016-10-13 Reassign secret token when regenerating one
2f2ad9e 2016-10-12 Merge branch 'master' into feature/improve-mrwbs-and-tod...
2461e10 2016-10-12 Execute pipeline hooks asynchronously
2e3bc85 2016-10-12 Do not return from proc-closure in pipeline transition
9eedd6f 2016-10-12 Improve desc for pipeline integration spec in MWBS
df404f5 2016-10-12 Schedule async pipeline success worker after commit
419518d 2016-10-12 Merge branch 'master' into feature/improve-mrwbs-and-tod...
7336e73 2016-10-10 Add link to test coverage report to README
904de2d 2016-10-08 Check for transition loopback in commit status
3fb4d86 2016-10-08 Add temporary fix for race condition in MWBS
74fd5ca 2016-10-08 Improve transitions and run hooks after transaction
04afdb6 2016-10-08 Improve spec for merge when build succeeds feature
f5631ff 2016-10-07 Fix ci pipeline processing with async jobs
6f7afaa 2016-10-07 Add Changelog entry for MWBS trigger improvements
bc57fc7 2016-10-07 Update documentation according to changes in MWBS
e351ed2 2016-10-07 Add test that checks actual merge for MWBS feature
2f66969 2016-10-07 Improve merge when builds succeeds specs readability
a98e408 2016-10-07 Process MWBS in successful pipeline asynchronously
a43baa0 2016-10-06 Rename pipeline workers to match current convention
cd58410 2016-10-06 Remove support for branch-less builds in MWBS
9824a69 2016-10-06 Fix tests and code for MWBS event move to pipeline
2172440 2016-10-06 Move MWBS trigger from build to pipeline event
7f270d0 2016-10-04 Do not return false in commit status transition
4e4640b 2016-10-04 Add specs for new async ci pipeline workers
5ce5abd 2016-10-04 Fix hipchat service specs after changes in pipeline
f57cfdb 2016-10-04 Update order of build transition callbacks
ebeee31 2016-10-04 Fix pipeline fixtures and calls to removed method
7d4767f 2016-10-04 Extract updating pipeline status to async worker
5786387 2016-10-04 Use internal commit status API to check if finished
6877445 2016-10-04 Fix async pipeline and remove unrelated changes
aa1ab8a 2016-10-03 Add some tests for updating ci runner information
9a8e486 2016-10-03 Extract method that checks if ci runner needs update
528b988 2016-09-26 Escape HTML nodes in builds commands in ci linter
cee6681 2016-09-23 Remove use of `USE_DB` environment variable in code
c2083b7 2016-09-23 Limit test environment size to one project in CI
52e897d 2016-09-22 Update `CurrentSettings` class that uses ENV
6877111 2016-09-22 Improve CI job that tests database seeds
e7d2472 2016-09-22 Try cloning repositories before seeding database
9aa0127 2016-09-22 Add artifacts with development log when seed fails
8b8e262 2016-09-22 Fix pipeline fixtures for development environment
d104a3e 2016-09-22 Add development environment database setup CI test
31e8721 2016-09-19 Fix scope of the CI config key nodes in jobs entry
99f1385 2016-09-19 Restore validation of CI job environment name
2ad7753 2016-09-19 Fix CI job environment configuration attributes
3fbfc30 2016-09-19 Fix CI job environment configuration entry class
ba5bd3d 2016-09-19 Add new CI configuration entry for the environment
2436631 2016-09-03 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-add-logica...
b3cd41b 2016-09-03 Use double instead of spy in job config node specs
1255205 2016-08-29 Add method that returns commands for ci job entry
bd80750 2016-08-29 Do not override job nodes in legacy ci config code
62f704c 2016-08-29 Make it possible to inherit global ci config nodes
f4f191c 2016-08-29 Add Changelog entry for hidden keys fix in CI config
700ffcf 2016-08-29 Add angle brackets around due date in slash cmds docs
e8b66d4 2016-08-29 Fix due date example in slash commands documentation
173e0a7 2016-08-29 Update documentation about hidden keys in CI YAML
2991f93 2016-08-29 Rename CI config hidden job entry to hidden entry
b125006 2016-08-29 Do not enforce using a hash with hidden ci key
30f58cf 2016-08-25 Add [] method for accessing ci entry dependencies
4f837f6 2016-08-25 Remove temporary stub method from ci config nodes
eaf211c 2016-08-25 Expose compose method in the ci config entry nodes
700078e 2016-08-25 Rename unspecified and undefined CI config nodes
6c704fd 2016-08-25 Inject dependencies into each CI config entry node
bac55c3 2016-08-22 Bump SimpleCov merge timeout to 365 days
06ac1c2 2016-08-20 Add tests coverage report badge to README
a395b76 2016-08-19 Fix rubocop offense in pipeline model
c15dc45 2016-08-19 Move and improvement comment in pipeline fixtures
d147ebf 2016-08-19 Fix test for processing pipeline after retrying build
b18afa8 2016-08-19 Add test that shows problem with pipeline processing
7450fe7 2016-08-18 Change name of the class that with pipeline seeds
c3ce005 2016-08-18 Rename file that holds pipeline fixtures in dev env
b16f531 2016-08-18 Reduce the number of build fixtures created in dev
34960c2 2016-08-18 Reorder failed stages and improve build statuses
dda6023 2016-08-18 Fix build artifacts in fixtures in development env
312c1dc 2016-08-18 Fix build logs in development environment fixtures
d3af645 2016-08-18 Refactor pipeline fixtures for dev env a little
8527f3f 2016-08-18 Update coverage report badge feature tests
804474d 2016-08-18 Add Changelog entry for coverage badge improvements
cfbdf74 2016-08-18 Update documentation for test coverage report badge
42496ec 2016-08-18 Render coverage badge for latest successful pipeline
9618abc 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'fix/build-seeds-in-development-environment...
1b0aa72 2016-08-15 Fix pipeline and build seeds in development environment
48c4c8f 2016-08-15 Add Changelog entry for test coverage report badge
a0ed41a 2016-08-15 Add documentation for test coverage report badge
dfd9138 2016-08-15 Add feature specs for test coverage badge
b13e1d7 2016-08-15 Add small corrections to test coverage report badge
0c81279 2016-08-15 Render collection of badges instead of using iterator
eec0f5d 2016-08-15 Extract pipeline badges to the separate view partial
b646ade 2016-08-15 Expose coverage report badge in pipeline settings
b6ca47f 2016-08-15 Add method for coverage badge in badges controller
3e481f1 2016-08-15 Add metadata and template methods for coverage badge
dbb9d6a 2016-08-15 Extract base abstract template for badges
796efcc 2016-08-15 Add template class for coverage report badge
cc24416 2016-08-15 Extract the abstract base class of badge metadata
7b840c8 2016-08-15 Add coverage report badge metadata class
cdb0caa 2016-08-15 Extract common badge metadata test examples
f0ff1bf 2016-08-15 Implement the main class of test coverage badge
f3de46e 2016-08-15 Refactor badge template and metadata classes
9f0b46c 2016-08-15 Move badges to separate modules and add base class
6f0b580 2016-08-15 Add empty test coverage badge class and specs
3756bbe 2016-08-10 Add missing space to generic badge template
57df84d 2016-08-09 Extend build badge specs to cover multiple pipelines
57451f5 2016-08-09 Memoize CI config node validator to prevent leaks
d98566d 2016-08-09 Merge branch 'master' into feature/svg-badge-template
74d12b6 2016-08-08 Remove legacy Ci::StaticModel we do not use anymore
89f2be7 2016-08-08 Improve indentation in svg badge template
bc17996 2016-08-08 Improve builds badge specs, remove legacy methods
8ae2220 2016-08-08 Merge branch 'master' into feature/svg-badge-template
1b5e230 2016-08-08 Use new badge template to render build status badge
65871df 2016-08-05 Remove empty context from CI config processor specs
c7b31e4 2016-08-03 Enable some Rubocop cops related to new lines
a42cce1 2016-07-29 Improve code, remove unused validator, improve names
503c44e 2016-07-28 Add badge template class to use with SVG ERB template
0c4fa86 2016-07-28 Calculate build status only in build badge class
9ae1ecf 2016-07-28 Extract build status badge metadata to separate class
42c035e 2016-07-28 Add badge template to generic badge view template
33e1428 2016-07-28 Add generic SVG badge template
f00dc0f 2016-07-27 Depened on exact version of SimpleCov when patched
c675bda 2016-07-27 Merge branch 'rs-elixir-ci-typo' into 'master'
89f46d3 2016-07-22 Deploy test coverage report on master pipeline only
ccbd77b 2016-07-22 Improve CI configuration file for pages stage
69dad96 2016-07-22 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-move-job-e...
f0f7725 2016-07-21 Deploy ruby test coverage report to gitlab pages
133df7e 2016-07-21 Revert eager loading in test env that breakes teaspoon
7a0f4d3 2016-07-21 Introduce SimpleCovEnv singleton helper and use it
8e5e668 2016-07-21 Patch SimpleCov to reuse code for coverage merger
be3ad00 2016-07-21 Improve simplecov config to avoid missing files
47db7fd 2016-07-21 Load app in test env eagerly to improve test coverage
07be594 2016-07-20 Enable Style/MultilineTernaryOperator rubocop cop
dff1097 2016-07-20 Move job dependencies entry to the new CI config
f83bccf 2016-07-20 Add minor readability, style improvements in CI config
795c9f2 2016-07-20 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-move-job-e...
d6f6697 2016-07-19 Enable Rubocop cops for invalid access modifiers
b6d3ead 2016-07-19 Fix method visiblity in emoji filter class
3d2b6a3 2016-07-19 Fix methods visibility in markdown filter class
4d9b34b 2016-07-19 Fix method visibility in gitlab metrics class
f281041 2016-07-19 Make banzai module that handles markdown singleton
20a5033 2016-07-19 Fix method visibility in inline diff class
e15b63b 2016-07-19 Fix methods visibility in gitlab database module
239d8ab 2016-07-19 Refactor gitlab themes module to make it singleton
e9c09c9 2016-07-19 Refactor system notes service to make it singleton
1cf164f 2016-07-19 Fix private method visibility in container registry
c0ebfea 2016-07-19 Fix some useless access modifiers in the code
bb8bf64 2016-07-19 Move job environment validation to new CI config
943ae74 2016-07-18 Move tags and allow_failure CI entries to new config
6d46673 2016-07-18 Validate allowed keys only in new CI config
7cef4f1 2016-07-18 Improve valid keys validation for CI config nodes
24b686e 2016-07-18 Move job artifacts configuration new CI config code
47fa9f3 2016-07-18 Move job variables config entry to new CI config
1bf9e34 2016-07-18 Move except and only job nodes to new CI config
27e88ef 2016-07-18 Move job image and services nodes to new CI config
bbda058 2016-07-18 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-move-job-e...
17084d4 2016-07-15 Simplify abstract class for CI config entry nodes
4bb60b0 2016-07-15 Simplify CI config and remove logical validation
41bcbdd 2016-07-15 Add metadata to new CI config and expose job name
615c973 2016-07-14 Remove job cache configfrom legacy yaml processor
5923741 2016-07-14 Remove references to global entry in new CI config
3e16b01 2016-07-14 Revert logical validation in CI job stage entry
f7c80e9 2016-07-14 Revert references to global node in CI job entry
56ae9f6 2016-07-14 Improve CI job entry validations in new config
036e297 2016-07-13 Expose CI job commands and use in legacy processor
6920390 2016-07-13 Add before script and commands to CI job entry
097550f 2016-07-13 Fabricate CI entry with value, set attributes later
de4c9a2 2016-07-13 Improve CI stage configuration entry validations
b228787 2016-07-12 Do not raise when getting value of invalid CI node
61f7bed 2016-07-12 Fix using `try` on delegators in CI config entries
06641a3 2016-07-12 Simplify undefined node definition in CI config
d41d330 2016-07-12 Add CI config node that is unspecified null entry
8c9c3ed 2016-07-12 Prevalidate CI entries recursively on processed
8058706 2016-07-10 Require parent when using node factory in CI config
8f7c98e 2016-07-10 Rename CI config job script entry node to commands
6aefb9e 2016-07-10 Remove CI job script validation from legacy config
500b61e 2016-07-10 Move after script CI job confg to new processor
489e9be 2016-07-10 Add CI job script node in new config processor
3c5b1da 2016-07-10 Add before_script node to CI job entry config
2480701 2016-07-09 Extend CI job entries fabrication and validation
a80a01e 2016-07-09 Add comment for deprecated CI config `types` entry
e9b4206 2016-07-09 Remove CI job stage code from legacy config processor
9edced4 2016-07-09 Use node factory to assemble global CI config entry
ccbdb40 2016-07-09 Integrate CI job stage entry into CI configuration
1b624ba 2016-07-08 Improve name of CI entry validation context hook
d9142f2 2016-07-08 Add CI config known stage validation for job stage
1ac62de 2016-07-08 Extract CI entry node validator and improve naming
159aed1 2016-07-08 Extract global CI config entry configuration setup
8baee98 2016-07-08 Extract internal attributes validator for CI entry
4c388fb 2016-07-08 Remove legacy conditional from irker service code
c6f9a1c 2016-07-08 Enable Style/IdenticalConditionalBranches Rubocop cop
3da57c8 2016-07-07 Require reference to CI config for some entries
f067202 2016-07-07 Improve creating CI config entries for jobs config
a7ac2f7 2016-07-07 Simplify CI config entry node factory, use attribs
9410aec 2016-07-07 Add scaffold of CI config for the job stage entry
ecdcf04 2016-07-07 Add undefined CI node strategies to handle defaults
de8b93b 2016-07-07 Improve validation of CI config entry if composite
fea7762 2016-07-07 Delegate methods to default CI entry if undefined
b0ae0d7 2016-07-07 Use only node factory to create CI config entries
6f02da2 2016-07-06 Simplify legacy CI config processor a little
4491bf2 2016-07-06 Move CI job config validations to new classes
580c4e1 2016-07-06 Move decision about relevant jobs to new CI config
b1b0c18 2016-07-06 Add hidden job in new CI config that is irrelevant
dbab56a 2016-07-05 Create composite job entries in new CI config
6ae8073 2016-07-05 Add ability to define nodes in new CI config entry
e00ae9a 2016-07-05 Add new CI config entry for single job in pipeline
5b7f211 2016-07-05 Add new CI config entry that holds jobs definition
9686a4f 2016-07-05 Remove code creating job hash from legacy CI config
cf53d79 2016-07-05 Extract jobs config to separate key in config hash
bfad4c6 2016-07-04 Add minor improvements in readability in CI config
eb151e7 2016-07-04 Extract CI configuration entry node factory method
9e21109 2016-07-01 Enable Style/EmptyLines cop, remove redundant ones
efd70c1 2016-06-30 Enable Style/UnneededCapitalW Rubocop cop
b4f03e8 2016-06-30 Improve description of CI types node and in specs
8223e28 2016-06-30 Move Changelog entry for build retry fix to 8.9.4
d75787b 2016-06-30 Add Changelog entry for build sidebar retry link fix
f9c5f18 2016-06-30 Improve method that tells if build is retryable
94cec50 2016-06-30 Do not show build retry link when build is active
28bafd5 2016-06-29 Enable Style/SpaceAfterComma Rubocop cop
9798ac7 2016-06-29 Enable Style/SpaceAfterColon Rubocop cops
7ef11ce 2016-06-29 Explicitly define entry node class in new CI config
c8c930f 2016-06-29 Add CI config entry validator for allowed keys
b85d496 2016-06-29 Return compound value if CI config node is composite
7759242 2016-06-29 Move global CI cache configuration to new CI classes
f442181 2016-06-29 Add global cache config entry to new CI config
9231278 2016-06-29 Add CI config entry location info to error message
7c511c2 2016-06-29 Make it possible to set parent in CI config node
7dc4523 2016-06-28 Add Changelog entry for group visibility fix in settings
9ecd5d0 2016-06-28 Fix group visibility UI consistency in settings
2b8f04a 2016-06-28 Remove redundant check in commit builds API endpoint
2846f95 2016-06-28 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-move-globa...
087f080 2016-06-28 Add documentation for commit builds API improvements
ed6c87a 2016-06-28 Add Changelog entry for commit builds API fix
b9b95a9 2016-06-28 Improve commit builds API endpoint RESTful behavior
8e66618 2016-06-28 Find all builds for commit if multiple pipelines
c019585 2016-06-27 Validate interface only with CI node validator
56e88b8 2016-06-27 Add new ci config entry that handles cache config
ce4478e 2016-06-24 Add ci config entry that represents array of paths
e017e1b 2016-06-24 Add ci config class that represents a boolean value
04ece66 2016-06-24 Add ci config class that represents a key value
823970b 2016-06-24 Fix ci config cache validation in legacy processor
1f320ed 2016-06-23 Minor refactorings in new CI configuration classes
29b96d9 2016-06-23 Move CI stages configuration to new CI config
2240807 2016-06-23 Assume that unspecified CI config is undefined
bc2348f 2016-06-22 Return default config value when entry is undefined
05ce8a1 2016-06-22 Handle CI environment variables in a new CI config
04ecfca 2016-06-22 Rename CI config null node entry to undefined node
9298478 2016-06-21 Rename commit_data in Pipeline to commit
d9a64e9 2016-06-21 Add Changelog entry for builds API commit data fix
dd08202 2016-06-21 Fix builds API response not including commit data
97ec24f 2016-06-21 Return CI entry config as value by default
d399128 2016-06-21 Handle after script CI config in new classes
fc00c54 2016-06-21 Handle CI services config in new CI config classes
cd6a2af 2016-06-21 Move CI image configuration entry to new CI config
8b550db 2016-06-21 Add image configuration entry to new ci config
c91298d 2016-06-21 Use generic type validator in new ci configuration
9510d31 2016-06-20 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-add-entry-...
44b00a1 2016-06-17 Extract CI entry config hash validation to validator
6511b97 2016-06-17 Add Changelog entry for CI job variables config fix
eaa91cb 2016-06-17 Fix error when CI job variables not specified
2a87a55 2016-06-17 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-add-entry-...
d9ca840 2016-06-17 Add first custom validator for new ci config
a9bd16b 2016-06-17 Rename legacy validation helpers for new ci config
002e6ed 2016-06-17 Improve CI config entries validations prototype
95520df 2016-06-16 Add prototype of CI config node validator
d8670e1 2016-06-15 Merge branch 'master' into fix/status-of-pipeline-withou...
2d495fc 2016-06-15 Remove reduntant method for building pipeline builds
76aea97 2016-06-15 Add class that encapsulates error in new Ci config
0daa6b4 2016-06-15 Add docs for assigning labels/milestone when moving issue
6911207 2016-06-15 Add Changelog entry for pipeline status fix
6ff1463 2016-06-15 Improve creating builds by combining two loops
a76cbe5 2016-06-15 Add note for short circuit eval when building builds
bf990fc 2016-06-15 Return false in create_builds if not builds created
cf292a3 2016-06-14 Improve code clarity in pipeline create service
e45fd5a 2016-06-14 Remove ci commit specs that remain after bad merge
ab9a864 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'master' into fix/status-of-pipeline-withou...
30e946c 2016-06-14 Validate ci config entry value before processing nodes
59eeec3 2016-06-14 Make method that composes ci config entry private
ebe1443 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-add-global...
11c0d02 2016-06-13 Simplify ci config node factory
7c8f3b0 2016-06-13 Duplicate CI config node factory on class level
16927e3 2016-06-10 Enable Style/MultilineBlockChain rubocop style cop
cc373a3 2016-06-10 Add factory for fabricating new ci config nodes
5abfc7f 2016-06-10 Define ci entry accessor instead of method_missing
12080ba 2016-06-10 Simplify new ci config entry class interface
828a15b 2016-06-10 Rename method used to allow node in Ci config
51046dd 2016-06-10 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-add-global...
d7e1251 2016-06-09 Rename method that returns allowed nodes in Ci config
99ee39b 2016-06-09 Add comments to new CI config classes and modules
20ccd44 2016-06-09 Do not require Ci config node to have a hash value
6a319fd 2016-06-09 Make it possible configure Ci entry description
d9d5042 2016-06-09 Extract method that composes new Ci config entry
33cd090 2016-06-09 Move new Ci config configurable DSL to concern
8607601 2016-06-09 Add config field to runner to lock it on project
48a59c1 2016-06-08 Rename BeforeScript to Script in new Ci config
5065612 2016-06-08 Add minor improvements in new Ci config design
87fe50f 2016-06-08 Delegate Ci config entry value to single method
cba266a 2016-06-08 Remove old before_script from legacy Ci config
2b48da2 2016-06-08 Merge branch 'master' into refactor/ci-config-add-global...
70bda3e 2016-06-07 Implement script in Ci config and use in legacy one
c2d6d61 2016-06-07 Add DSL for adding nodes in Ci config interface
df25c19 2016-06-07 Use Ci config validation helpers only where needed
5ef104d 2016-06-07 Improve Ci config loader by changing method signature
6bd67f5 2016-06-07 Do not process new Ci config entry when invalid
e8f995e 2016-06-07 Pass root Ci config entry to each subsequent entry
69a3755 2016-06-07 Add Ci config entry that implements Null Object
b95c60a 2016-06-07 Do not process Ci config node when node is a leaf
fa097c6 2016-06-07 Remove duplicated exception in Ci config
940763e 2016-06-06 Use CI config errors from new processor in legacy one
a3c0745 2016-06-06 Collect errors from all nodes in new CI config
6dbd1c8 2016-06-06 Validate new before script CI configuration entry
251dd57 2016-06-06 Extract CI config validation helpers to mixin
8048dcc 2016-06-06 Implement CI configuration nodes tree processing
7f2f683 2016-06-06 Rename ci config module that holds nodes to Node
6609589 2016-06-06 Add ci config global and before_script entries
fc809d6 2016-06-06 Merge branch 'fix/rubocop-offense-in-specs' into 'master'
2303043 2016-06-06 Rename class that loads CI configuration to Loader
b75945e 2016-06-06 Fix rubocop offense in awardable specs
1faed03 2016-06-04 Disable Rails/UniqBeforePluck rubocop cop
d2b708a 2016-06-03 Extract CI config YAML parser to a separate class
d501850 2016-06-03 Add gitlab ci configuration class that holds hash
d8c4556 2016-06-03 Refactor code reponsible for creating builds
a21d084 2016-06-03 Fix specs for pipeline create for merge requests
07af37a 2016-06-03 Do not create pipeline objects when no builds
53fe06e 2016-06-03 Update ci commit pipeline specs according to changes
0d19abf 2016-06-03 Add minor improvements in create builds service
1bcb61d 2016-06-03 Add specs covering case when there are no builds
af2f56f 2016-06-03 Refactor ci commit pipeline to prevent implicit saves
080997d 2016-06-03 Enable Lint/AmbiguousOperator rubocop cop
e052daa 2016-06-03 Enable Style/EmptyLinesAroundAccessModifier rubocop cop
a63ea48 2016-06-03 Extend specs for builds badge
1abb0ed 2016-06-02 Move feature specs for shortcuts to valid directory
888e6fa 2016-06-01 Add Changelog entry for links fix on pipeline page
d133175 2016-06-01 User internal pipeline to access project in views
02cddae 2016-06-01 Add feature specs for pipeline in MR from fork
24c0f0d 2016-06-01 Add feature test for accessing MR created from fork
0319d5b 2016-06-01 Enable Style/For rubocop cop
face87b 2016-06-01 Enable Style/Semicolon rubocop style cop
2f1a229 2016-05-31 Remove redundant factory namespace in build specs
c370dce 2016-05-30 Enable Style/RedundantParentheses rubocop cop
fdcb7e3 2016-05-30 Enable Style/SpaceBeforeComma rubocop cop
2bb0eec 2016-05-30 Enable Style/SpaceAfterMethodName rubocop cop
53bf080 2016-05-30 Enable Style/SpaceBeforeComment rubocop cop
0c6f044 2016-05-30 Enable Performance/TimesMap Rubocop cop
a55e8f1 2016-05-30 Enable Style/NegatedIf Rubocop cop
86cf9dd 2016-05-30 Enable Lint/LiteralInCondition rubocop cop
7ee9b8e 2016-05-30 Enable Style/MultilineIfThen rubocop cop
9d5f80e 2016-05-30 Enable Style/MethodDefParentheses rubocop cop
0ea017d 2016-05-30 Enable Style/WhileUntilDo rubocop style cop
f0375f8 2016-05-30 Enable Style/IndentAssignment Rubocop style cop
1707e89 2016-05-30 Enable Style/EndOfLine Rubocop style cop
2162094 2016-05-30 Enable Lint/BlockAlignment Rubocop cop
1286b9c 2016-05-29 Move Changelog entry for note validation to 8.9
dbba600 2016-05-29 Improve note factory
cc2efcf 2016-05-29 Improve notes factory
77648aa 2016-05-29 Add Changelog entry for note validation improvements
fc57d36 2016-05-29 Minor changes in note validation specs
99ef3a8 2016-05-29 Validate presence of noteable_type in note model
e558edd 2016-05-29 Update specs to carry out changes in note factory
21d0cdd 2016-05-29 Do not override foreign attributes in note factory
0e613db 2016-05-29 Add more validation tests for note model
57b551a 2016-05-29 Remove redundant `with_options` from note validators
bf0b51d 2016-05-29 Update note factory to include noteable association
87c44b0 2016-05-29 Improve note validation for project mismatch
c31a296 2016-05-29 Make note invalid if noteable project is different
f739a4e 2016-05-29 Remove reduntant note validation from create service
1bcb1ef 2016-05-29 Update specs for creating new note without access
2c7439d 2016-05-25 Enable multiple compatible Rubocop cops
da5943f 2016-05-23 Enabled multiple Rubocop cops that can be enabled
17eaecd 2016-05-23 Enable Style/InfiniteLoop Rubocop cop
a006ff7 2016-05-23 Serialize application setting as Array by default
11fa89d 2016-05-22 Move Changelog for pipeline fix to valid version
edfb20f 2016-05-22 Move registry fix Changelog entry to valid version
891888a 2016-05-22 Add Changelog entry for MySQL compatibility fix
7f9092d 2016-05-22 Extend comment for migrations helper MySQL fix
2df8b48 2016-05-22 Add MySQL compatibility fix in migration helpers
9e92b0e 2016-05-22 Add specs for migration helpers and boolean values
13bf612 2016-05-22 Test migration helpers using a migration class
52c8b9d 2016-05-19 Use migration helper to prevent downtime migration
4cc77c3 2016-05-19 Minor runner-related code refactorings
c3c503d 2016-05-19 Rename method that validates runner tag constrains
52ba3a2 2016-05-19 Display validation errors when admin edits a runner
bf9cc35 2016-05-19 Add minor corrections related to config of runner
0fd100d 2016-05-19 Improve setting default runner attrs when using API
f6dd8a5 2016-05-19 Move runner validator to separate private method
8ab4a67 2016-05-19 Use form errors helper in CI runner edit form
3b0eecc 2016-05-19 Add not null constraint to run untagged runner option
b8cf2a3 2016-05-19 Set run untagged option when registering a runner
9ba7237 2016-05-19 Refactor CI API specs for creating runner
b253aa3 2016-05-19 Add docs for a new configuration setting for runner
da8b72d 2016-05-19 Extend runner options that are configurable via API
7b607cf 2016-05-19 Add Changelog entry for new runner configuration
8001eed 2016-05-19 Add method that check if build has tags
8252333 2016-05-19 Extend CI runners specs
9fd6f1b 2016-05-19 Improve displaying validation messages for runner
2ee24bd 2016-05-19 Update specs to be valid only for tagged runner
dd8e9e2 2016-05-19 Add custom validator to runner model
9129c37 2016-05-19 Add CI API tests for runner config and untagged jobs
83df638 2016-05-19 Disallow runner to pick untagged build if configured
2aa5707 2016-05-19 Extend runner config options for untagged jobs
a8a205c 2016-05-19 Add form for runner config to run untagged jobs
d003293 2016-05-19 Add runner db field for ability to run untagged jobs
a2934f4 2016-05-11 Use % notation for arrays in runner model constants
7d6d342 2016-05-10 Share form editable attributes mf runner via model
732e98e 2016-05-10 Reuse runners edit form in admin and project area
535be93 2016-05-10 Do not process upload links if no project context
c97a81d 2016-05-10 Add Changelog entry for upload link in snippet fix
4c506c4 2016-05-10 Fix using link to uploads in global snippets
bbc94e1 2016-05-10 Use abbrevation in runners table in admin area
607996c 2016-05-09 Remove broken inline runner description edit form
e65b78c 2016-05-06 Merge branch 'remove-unexpected-filtering' into 'master'
c957771 2016-04-30 Handle issue move access instead of raising error
0ea9e47 2016-04-29 Remove deprecated CI badge helper
40a2573 2016-04-28 Reorder asserts is ci commits specs for consistency
83883f4 2016-04-28 Add Changelog entry for build status canceled fix
60492ca 2016-04-28 Add tests exercising builds scheduler after cancel
7518330 2016-04-28 Refactor ci commit specs by adding context blocks
bdb86ea 2016-04-27 Render canceled status if any of the jobs canceled
f349d93 2016-04-26 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'master'
16180ac 2016-04-26 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'master'
3e84dc5 2016-04-26 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'master'
8dc8201 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'master'
09e5616 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'mast...
b822f65 2016-04-25 Add Changelog entry for commit builds page fix
ef032bb 2016-04-25 Fix error on commit builds page when no builds yet
b711fc0 2016-04-22 Move cherry-pick feature specs to proper directory
fbb819a 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'mast...
988dad4 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'fix/private-labels-permissions' into 'mast...
55df95c 2016-04-22 Add Changelog entry for private labels security fix
01ab6d7 2016-04-22 Use association search in issuable create service
006d8b2 2016-04-22 Add affinity checks in issue create service
8df63d1 2016-04-22 Update specs to accomodate issuable assign changes
4adfd50 2016-04-22 Verify label affiliation before assigning to issue
ad016cb 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'fix/cross-project-labels-project-reference...
677718f 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'fix/cross-project-labels-project-reference...
35d8bc4 2016-04-21 Refactor banzai code that finds cross-project labels
dcc45ed 2016-04-21 Add Changelog entry for cross-project label fix
f7348cd 2016-04-21 Fix cross-project label ref with invalid project
fd13cd1 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'docs/notice-about-gitlab-runner' into 'mas...
58ebcc9 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'master' of
b9e13c2 2016-04-19 Add Changelog entry for group link permissions fix
66b6d82 2016-04-19 Use guard clause to check ability to share project
d177abb 2016-04-19 Refactor method that shares project with a group
f2e3868 2016-04-19 Check permissions when sharing project with group
06952aa 2016-04-18 Merge branch 'feature/ci-job-env-variables' into 'master'
1339fda 2016-04-18 Minor refactorings in CI config
2972a99 2016-04-18 Add minor fixes in docs for job-specific variables
2b1c08b 2016-04-18 Validate job-level variables in YAML config file
a295729 2016-04-18 Update documentation on job level build variables
a264973 2016-04-18 Improve grammar in CI documentation for build vars
5d89bdb 2016-04-18 Add documentation for job-level build variables
cf3e3ef 2016-04-18 Minor refactoring in code related to job variables
a6260b1 2016-04-18 Remove code that removes duplicate CI variables
9a74b92 2016-04-18 Add Changelog entry for job-level variables
bdb06fa 2016-04-18 Improve build specs for job environment variables
1f32486 2016-04-18 Make CI config return empty array if no job variables
3dec6e2 2016-04-18 Rename method that returns global envs in CI conf
b7946b5 2016-04-18 Read job variables directly from gitlab CI config
b578fbf 2016-04-18 Make it possible to override build variables
a1363d3 2016-04-18 Add `variables` keyword to job in CI config YAML
0e8aaad 2016-04-11 Decrease threshold for ABC Size metric in Rubocop
5f4cd12 2016-04-08 Make sessions controller specs more explicit
9933b52 2016-04-08 Fix 2FA authentication spoofing vulnerability
ea83df0 2016-04-08 Add specs for sessions controller including 2FA
b30ebda 2016-04-07 Merge branch 'master' of
33a8dfd 2016-04-07 Make sessions controller specs more explicit
00da609 2016-04-07 Fix 2FA authentication spoofing vulnerability
d0bce14 2016-04-06 Fix Changelog entries after rebase
7689e87 2016-04-06 Use default branch when displaying list of badges
68ac8d3 2016-04-06 Add Changelog entry for project badges in settings
5f32b82 2016-04-06 Change name of badge variable in badges controller
15ea971 2016-04-06 Remove obsolete badge code from project view
7640b05 2016-04-06 Add feature specs for list of badges page
a3a93ba 2016-04-06 Expose project badges in project settings menu
97a2de9 2016-04-06 Make it possible to switch ref in badges view
a2bbd25 2016-04-06 Add project header title in project badges view
dffdb0d 2016-04-06 Use highlight helper to render badges code syntax
58d63a6 2016-04-06 Improve view with list of badges
b7fa7c4 2016-04-06 Extend build status badge, add html/markdown methods
88fc7cc 2016-04-06 Add project badges view prototype
ea69037 2016-04-06 Improve routes for project badges
301f407 2016-04-06 Add specs for sessions controller including 2FA
bb9c194 2016-04-05 Respond 404 when unauthorized user imports members
c52b5c9 2016-04-05 Do not leak project exists when importing members
b248ee9 2016-04-05 Check permissions when importing project members
3cf5123 2016-04-04 Add notice about GitLab Runner to requirements docs
cf21fd7 2016-03-31 Fix rubocop offenses in upload rewriter specs
c3ba649 2016-03-31 Add Changelog entry for uploads fix when moving issue
ed6f524 2016-03-31 Merge branch 'master' into fix/issue-move-rewrite-uploads
5ac61d7 2016-03-31 Improve specs for issue move service
57ea33b 2016-03-31 Extend specs for GFM uploads rewriter
6f0cba1 2016-03-30 Ensure uploads dir exists when running backup specs
6e747d7 2016-03-30 Move CarrierWave test env config to separate file
b9f5719 2016-03-30 Remove reduntant `move_to_store` override
99ee822 2016-03-30 Add method that returns markdown in file uploader
e64b1e5 2016-03-30 Check if GFM rewriters need rewrite internally
d08de5e 2016-03-30 Add support for not Active Record based factories
f2674c7 2016-03-30 Refactor uploads rewriter used when moving issue
0b8cefd 2016-03-30 Get FileUploader into test harness using factory
701976e 2016-03-30 Add uploads rewriter and use it when moving issue
cff3497 2016-03-30 Add markdown pattern for uploads to file uploader
7b11da6 2016-03-29 Isolate CarrierWave uploads in test enviroment
d6097ca 2016-03-29 Extend specs for build badge
4cd1b9f 2016-03-29 Refactor builds badge, encapsulate inside a class
b7685b5 2016-03-29 Redirect to root path when visiting `/ci`
6f894be 2016-03-25 Add definition of before action that has been moved
85b9d76 2016-03-23 Add Changelog entry for preserving timestamps when movin...
bab50e0 2016-03-23 Preserve time notes has been updated at when moving issue
915bfed 2016-03-23 Do not allow to move issue if it has not been persisted
db8f70d 2016-03-21 Do not rewrite reference if already a cross reference
9196326 2016-03-20 Change icon and cursor for issue move field tooltip
d6474f2 2016-03-20 Preserve created at time of notes when moving issue
797af06 2016-03-20 Merge branch 'master' into feature/issue-move
6eb3105 2016-03-20 Find referable for each ref found in references rewriter
323d328 2016-03-20 Rename reference unfolder to rewriter, minor refactorings
802b28e 2016-03-20 Add tooltip info about issue move filed purpose
f0211a4 2016-03-20 Do not pass params that are not used in issue move service
a2f25ed 2016-03-19 Add Changelog entry for issue move feature
18f25bc 2016-03-19 Update reference unfolder according to recent ability ch...
0115ad6 2016-03-19 Merge branch 'master' into feature/issue-move
9b13ce0 2016-03-19 Improvements in issue move feaure (refactoring)
fcf1068 2016-03-17 Do not use javascript in specs for issue move
019fed0 2016-03-17 Reuse `no_cache_headers` method in badges controller
b9036ba 2016-03-17 Prevent issue move if issue has been already moved
dda7f96 2016-03-17 Add field that references issue this issue has been move...
5e405bf 2016-03-17 Update methods that use issue close service
f108ced 2016-03-17 Add description of technical debt label in docs
e3d32ff 2016-03-17 Add feature specs for issue move
5e3c947 2016-03-17 Add minor improvements in code related to issue move
1dd279d 2016-03-17 Use helper to create list of projects issue can be moved to
4145589 2016-03-17 Revert changes in js used to create project select
15d32b6 2016-03-17 Add new notifications for issue move action
a23f0e8 2016-03-17 Reuse existing issue services when moving issue
93812f2 2016-03-17 Add initial notifications and hooks for issue move
58df72f 2016-03-17 Make it possible to exclude project in projects select
bcd5806 2016-03-17 Add access-level filter support for projects select
a91101b 2016-03-17 Make it possible to move issue if user is a reporter
310b417 2016-03-17 Preserve original author when moving issue
4354bfa 2016-03-17 Add implementation of reference unfolder using banzai
fd8394f 2016-03-17 Move reference unfolder for GFM to separate class
cd0f194 2016-03-17 Do not unfold non-referables when moving an issue
9124ebc 2016-03-17 Use internal reference extractor in banzai unfold pipeline
3c493c2 2016-03-17 Add reference unfold pipeline used when moving issue
efd8251 2016-03-17 Minor refactoring of issue move service and specs
c2d4060 2016-03-17 Rewrite references in notes when moving issue
8d3f072 2016-03-17 Take care about data being rewritten when moving issue
fbb5a8b 2016-03-17 Use a new issue create service when moving an issue
57eb395 2016-03-17 Do not pass unsanitized params to issue move service
4cbe87d 2016-03-17 Rewrite references in issue description when moving it
5ed8a1e 2016-03-17 Silently close old issue when it has been moved
8a02449 2016-03-17 Do not show issue move form unless user can move
8d1b7f9 2016-03-17 Add issue move ability and use it in move service
14c983f 2016-03-17 Add implementation that rewrites issue notes when moving
c8e7d1e 2016-03-17 Add issue move implementation to controller
11f817b 2016-03-17 Add ability to choose id attribute in project select helper
5dea8fb 2016-03-17 Add mock-up for interface being used to move issue
9882802 2016-03-17 Improve system notes that are added when issue is moved
69b89d4 2016-03-17 Add new system note used when issue has been moved
b53d9f8 2016-03-17 Add scaffold of service that moves issue to another project
b3f533c 2016-03-05 Escape project's name in cross project label
0196c94 2016-03-04 Add Changelog entry for badges cache fix
bf921d0 2016-03-04 Invalidate cache for builds badge
fa639df 2016-03-03 Remove redundant code in cross project labels implementa...
34769ef 2016-03-03 Change content of cross project label
d49c8e8 2016-03-03 Mention cross-project labels in markdown documentation
53c351a 2016-03-03 Add Changelog entry for cross-project label references
62dcdef 2016-03-03 Improve cross project label look and feel
7183a7d 2016-03-03 Add additional text prefix in cross project labels
a472c1b 2016-03-03 Add support for cross project references for labels
dbc7bf7 2016-03-03 Fix bug with return value in abstract reference filter
acd877c 2016-03-03 Add cross project references support for label model
65ba4da 2016-03-03 Add support for keyword arguments in label reference method
8b02d96 2016-03-01 Do not require authentication for CI status badge
6be22db 2016-03-01 Fix specs for deprecated CI build status badge
45f318b 2016-03-01 Add Changelog entry for CI badge fix
814d853 2016-03-01 Fix deprecated CI build status badge permissions
278f442 2016-03-01 Improve commit status API specs
85a461e 2016-03-01 Check if commit exists first in commit status API
74b9632 2016-03-01 Update format of documentation for CI API
8c66d73 2016-02-29 Add Changelog entry for commit status API changes
433b458 2016-02-29 Improve commit status API specs (refactoring)
dcc67ac 2016-02-29 Return empty array when commit has no statuses in API
ec7c6a0 2016-02-29 Remove deprecated CI API docs for commits and projects
5b3b4ff 2016-02-29 Update CI API documentation for runners
cf73dc3 2016-02-29 Add CI API prefix to documentation
616281f 2016-02-29 Update CI API docs for builds endpoint for runners
d24d806 2016-02-29 Deprecated GitLab CI API clean up - README
c8b4c87 2016-02-20 Extend specs for summary build status
62067b7 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'ci/remove-builds' into 'master'
96158aa 2016-02-19 Merge branch 'ci/remove-builds' into 'master'
73c9d80 2016-02-19 Record user that erased a build through API
fb62196 2016-02-19 Remove doubled entry from Changelog introduced by merge
36971a5 2016-02-19 Fix feature tests for erasing build
7d5a182 2016-02-19 Use POST method instead of DELETE when erasing a build
08b8f48 2016-02-19 Improve build view for erased build details
86a49df 2016-02-19 Move build erasable implementation from concern to model
287cc83 2016-02-19 Fix build api specs after rebase
c4f6a93 2016-02-19 Fix Changelog entry for builds erasable after a rebase
cf38608 2016-02-19 Use button groups in build summary for consistency
73fadde 2016-02-19 Change build erase path to make it consistent with API
293999c 2016-02-19 Fix name of build erasable, remove superfluous method fr...
ec5c3c0 2016-02-19 Add API documentation for build erase endpoint
b14c9fc 2016-02-19 Fix date in alert saying that build has been erased
13f9252 2016-02-19 Move build eraseable API to proper API context
a2eac46 2016-02-19 Add Changelog entry for build eraseable
df31363 2016-02-19 Do not allow to modify build if it has been erased
21152d7 2016-02-19 Use DELETE verb for erasing a build content
6ca99bd 2016-02-19 And CI API endpoint where user can erase a build
c850cee 2016-02-19 Create method that checks if build has been erased
433de7b 2016-02-19 Remove boolean erase column from ci build and foreign key
ede451c 2016-02-19 Show information indicating that build has been erased
2c7f36f 2016-02-19 Update relevant build fields when build is erased
bae3701 2016-02-19 Add build eraseable columns to ci builds table
bd7c52c 2016-02-19 Add feature specs for build erase button
f3e92fb 2016-02-19 Make CI build eraseable only if build is completed
c8102d9 2016-02-19 Add build eraseable feature implementation
89b1812 2016-02-19 Use build artifacts trait in build specs
5e1edd3 2016-02-19 Add artifacts trait to build factory in specs
f6a91cc 2016-02-19 Move eraseable implementation to build concern
9972abc 2016-02-19 Add methods to build eraseable component
c1affed 2016-02-19 Add build remove button to build summary view
31e0dee 2016-02-18 Add documentation about build emails service
bee26f9 2016-02-18 Add specs covering bug in build allowed to fail case
52d5eef 2016-02-18 Add Changelog entry for builds scheduler fix
8114786 2016-02-18 Fix builds scheduler when first build is allowed to fail
0ae7c95 2016-02-18 Add specs for build status helper class
364072b 2016-02-18 Return a builds array in builds create service
c0033e9 2016-02-12 Move profile notifications specs to separate file
055ec4d 2016-02-12 Move build emails specs to separate file
349adab 2016-02-12 Add Changelog entry for links fixes in build emails
c9f202b 2016-02-12 Fix broken link in CI build notification emails
9e61904 2016-02-11 Parse XML instead of HTML in tests for a SVG build badge
debaa81 2016-02-11 Move build badge specs to badges directory
28b1196 2016-02-11 Move builds badge implementation to new badges controller
ee1bee5 2016-02-11 Add Changelog entry for changes in builds badge
d51e8e1 2016-02-11 Inherit build badge access permissions from project
7e1453f 2016-02-11 Fix rubocop offence in routes for build badge
418e761 2016-02-11 Add short builds badge documentation
29f2600 2016-02-11 Improve build badge tests, add another test case
cf0eab5 2016-02-11 Add feature tests for builds status badge
eb7721e 2016-02-11 Add second build for each commit in build seeds
479d412 2016-02-11 Respond to proper format for build badge request
52352dc 2016-02-11 Move badge implementation to builds controller
442a49d 2016-02-11 Skip authentication when requesting commit status badge
28c4c94 2016-02-11 Improve CI status badge implementation
14f928b 2016-02-11 Add CI status badge implementation to commit controller
01a406f 2016-02-11 Render 404 if there is no project for old CI status badge
a2f6136 2016-02-11 Add deprecation warning for old CI status badge action
dd3b9fe 2016-02-09 Add Changelog entry for new maximum attachment size vali...
1cbc75b 2016-02-09 Validate maximum attachment size in application settings
bf6d694 2016-02-04 Extract shared context level up in build specs
53c917a 2016-02-04 Remove unmaintainable db schema comment from build factory
020623f 2016-02-04 Improve CI API specs related to operations on build
33af147 2016-01-26 Add Changelog entry for missing artifacts in browser fix
224c319 2016-01-26 Bump Workhorse version to 0.6.2
9661765 2016-01-26 Update commit status factory to reflect recent changes
88d59d0 2016-01-26 Add Changelog entry for undefined method fix in commit b...
5583b95 2016-01-26 Add specs for build created using generic commit status
8d39786 2016-01-26 Use generic method to checks if artifacts are available
b75f6c6 2016-01-22 Add tests for clicking a row in build artifacts browser
1206631 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'fix/artifacts-download-progress-bar' into ...
3478030 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'fix/artifacts-download-progress-bar' into ...
66b0927 2016-01-21 Move build artifacts javascripts into separate file
e5232cc 2016-01-21 Do not use progress bar when downloading build artifacts
36aa3e6 2016-01-20 Add basic documentation for build artifacts
6d09338 2016-01-20 Remove `Compressed to` column from build artifacts browser
6d0bf9d 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'fix/artifacts-double-propagation' into 'ma...
425f8d6 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'fix/artifacts-double-propagation' into 'ma...
19608d3 2016-01-19 Fix double request issue in artifacts browser
7ccccfc 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'ux/improve-artifacts-browser' into 'master'
1d5f96c 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'ux/improve-artifacts-browser' into 'master'
121866a 2016-01-18 Add Changelog entry for improvements in builds artifacts...
c7fe3c8 2016-01-18 Update build artifacts metadata fixture to 0.0.2
13f0ea1 2016-01-18 Improve ux in builds artifacts browser
6fe3380 2016-01-18 Remove dropdown containing CI Lint button on builds page
7506afe 2016-01-17 Update build artifacts feature tests
968998a 2016-01-17 Add Changelog entry for exposing CI Lint tool on builds ...
d9629a0 2016-01-17 Add specs for CI Lint button exposed on a builds page
59ffe97 2016-01-17 Reuse existing CSS classes when exposing CI Lint tool
adcab29 2016-01-17 Expose link to CI Lint Tool on builds page
1558d8a 2016-01-15 Add Changelog entry for new permissions for build artifacts
6a504c8 2016-01-15 Add feature tests for permissions for build artifacts re...
6b2f38f 2016-01-15 Fix nonexistent method in artifacts controller
b7bb56c 2016-01-15 Expand builds namespace for feature tests in spinach
f03da18 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'ci/view-build-artifacts' into 'master'
be764a3 2016-01-14 Minor improvements in build arfifacts browser
76e578f 2016-01-14 Add Changelog entry for build artifacts browser
0d6e7b9 2016-01-14 Use Hash to store paths and entries metadata in artifact...
ad2b035 2016-01-14 Improve readability of artifacts `Metadata` related code
6b0a43a 2016-01-14 Improve readability of artifacts browser `Entry` related...
154b8ce 2016-01-14 Refactor build artifacts upload API endpoint
3f0c18f 2016-01-14 Simplify encoding related implementation in artifacts me...
a9783c4 2016-01-14 Make encoding of paths returned by metadata consistent (...
0b94602 2016-01-14 Update build artifacts API
6d7a770 2016-01-14 Add specs for endpoint meant to be accelerated by workhorse
e8995f9 2016-01-14 Modify artifacts upload API endpoint, add artifacts meta...
cf00a80 2016-01-14 Fix specs for artifacts metadata after changing fixture ...
cde455c 2016-01-14 Add encoding feature tests for builds artifacts browser
487b0a0 2016-01-14 Improvements, readability for artifacts browser
2be7635 2016-01-14 Support only valid UTF-8 paths in build artifacts browser
ffee05c 2016-01-14 Improve invalid build artifacts metadata path matcher
f80d7a8 2016-01-14 Update build model specs
94cf759 2016-01-14 Attach download action to artifacts file in ZIP archive
e9c2628 2016-01-14 Check if file exists in metadata in download action
09a4a5a 2016-01-14 Render only valid paths in artifacts metadata
61fb47a 2016-01-14 Simplify implementation of build artifacts browser (refa...
387b278 2016-01-14 Change format of artifacts metadata from text to binary ...
09c82c6 2016-01-14 Add spinach feature specs for build artifacts browser
cfffc9e 2016-01-14 Update build specs for artifacts browser support
e5d2a81 2016-01-14 Add basic spinach tests for project builds
1b1793c 2016-01-14 Show file size in artifacts browser using metadata
cd3b8bb 2016-01-14 Add method that checks if path exists in `StringPath`
a5e1905 2016-01-14 Render 404 when artifacts path is invalid
f948c00 2016-01-14 Do not depend on universe when checking parent in `Strin...
a7f99b6 2016-01-14 Extract artifacts metadata implementation to separate class
df41148 2016-01-14 Improve path sanitization in `StringPath`
a319146 2016-01-14 Add path sanitization to `StringPath`
3de8a46 2016-01-14 Parse artifacts metadata stored in JSON format
447f560 2016-01-14 Use metadata stored in artifacats metadata file
e3ef0ac 2016-01-14 Update artifacts metadata fixture
ad5302b 2016-01-14 Seed db on development with artifacts metadata fixture
662f4b9 2016-01-14 Add artifacts metadata uploader filed
c177784 2016-01-14 Use short method call in StringPath instead block
c33b105 2016-01-14 Make some conditions in `Ci::Build` more readable
ece114e 2016-01-14 Update artifacts download specs
5ff7ec4 2016-01-14 Add method that checks if artifacts browser is supported
8eeed76 2016-01-14 Update specs for CI Build, add `artifacts?` method
9e0e934 2016-01-14 Rename method that returns url to CI build artifacts dow...
612ab58 2016-01-14 Mix `url_helpers` into `Ci::Build`
d8cc9e4 2016-01-14 Add button to CI build artifacts browser into build summary
87df1df 2016-01-14 Seed db with CI build artifacts using a zip archive
ebd69c5 2016-01-14 Remove artifacts metadata column from database
304c39b 2016-01-14 Fix rubocop offenses in `StringPath` specs
1cc26e0 2016-01-14 Improve performance of `StringPath`
bd4899b 2016-01-14 Disable `:format` in artifacts browser path
b19e958 2016-01-14 Add support for parent directories in `StringPath`
aae674c 2016-01-14 Improve CI build artifacts browser view
5a1faf6 2016-01-14 Add artifacts browser
37b2c5d 2016-01-14 Add support for root path for `StringPath`
d382335 2016-01-14 Add implementation of remaining methods in `StringPath`
c184eeb 2016-01-14 Improve `StringPath` specs (DRY)
518b206 2016-01-14 Add `parent` iteration implementation to `StringPath`
80a7157 2016-01-14 Use `Gitlab::StringPath` in CI build artifacts controller
73d2c7a 2016-01-14 Add new methods to StringPath
f5d5308 2016-01-14 Add implementation of StringPath class
f091272 2016-01-14 Move artifacts controller level up
a96d45c 2016-01-14 Add view action to artifacts controller
79fe18d 2016-01-14 Move build artifacts implementation to separate controller
a385d39 2016-01-14 Improve CI builds seeder
7027bf4 2016-01-14 Add database seed for build artifacts
2c6b111 2016-01-14 Add CI build artifacts tarball as a spec fixture
a1cfd27 2016-01-14 Add `artifacts_metadata` field to `Ci::Build`
5f67bf7 2016-01-14 Improve CI builds fixtures
ff2d1dd 2016-01-14 Add initial fixtures for CI builds
d032c5b 2016-01-14 Add artifacts metadata field to `ci_builds`
0e344aa 2016-01-13 Add Changelog entry for build traces data integrity fix
cdd3a80 2016-01-11 Allow subsequent validations in CI Linter
db2d067 2016-01-05 Fix project destroy callback
e15ed58 2015-12-30 Merge branch 'fix/missing-ci-build-traces' into 'master'
333d3d9 2015-12-30 Merge branch 'fix/missing-ci-build-traces' into 'master'
5046964 2015-12-29 Add hotfix that allows to access build artifacts created...
4259220 2015-12-28 Hotfix for builds trace data integrity
5a67032 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'fix/ci-runners-token-persistence' into 'ma...
e1e39b6 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'fix/ci-runners-token-persistence' into 'ma...
3e69504 2015-12-23 Use method that creates runners registration token
e68ae9c 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'fix/ci-lint' into 'master'
37731ba 2015-12-23 Add method that persist ensured token in `TokenAuthentic...
76f7e80 2015-12-23 Fix method that ensures authentication token
d74b254 2015-12-22 Make CI Lint form synchronous
2ed7b96 2015-12-22 Rename CI lint specs file
aff7139 2015-12-22 Improve CI Lint specs (refactoring)
27859f7 2015-12-18 Merge branch 'ci-commit-status-skipped' into 'master'
a54bd0f 2015-12-18 Merge branch 'fix/mr-reopen-button-title' into 'master'
50798a9 2015-12-18 Fix merge-request-reopen button title
4493d3f 2015-12-15 Merge branch 'tests/note-polling' into 'master'
8fe821c 2015-12-15 Trigger notes refresh in specs instead of waiting for ajax
6fb120d 2015-12-15 Assign notes object to a variable
3e789ea 2015-12-15 Add minor fixes in note polling specs
9470d05 2015-12-15 Add spinach test for note polling
7c14541 2015-12-15 Add feature specs for note polling
4526515 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'ux/suppress-ci-yml-warning' into 'master'
0a81a68 2015-12-14 Update CHANGELOG
3fb89a3 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'ci/persist-registration-token' into 'master'
9d2b832 2015-12-14 Update commits spinach tests related to displaying build...
6586856 2015-12-14 Use a new admin runners path when reseting runners token
76a17d4 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'master' into ci/persist-registration-token
2ec93ab 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'master' into ci/persist-registration-token
32d83ee 2015-12-14 Merge branch 'master' into ux/suppress-ci-yml-warning
b8f67c5 2015-12-14 Do not display ci build status if builds enabled but no ...
2dafec9 2015-12-14 Add matcher class to ci status link
65fe4bb 2015-12-14 Improve gitlab ci commits specs (refactoring)
00155b6 2015-12-14 Suppress warning about missing `.gitlab-ci.yml` if build...
bc1cfd3 2015-12-11 Stub also `ensure_*` method in CI runners API specs
eaecd39 2015-12-11 Merge branch 'fix/award-emoji-alert-width' into 'master'
6b0c0d5 2015-12-11 Ensure that runners registration token is present
917effb 2015-12-11 Make sure that token `ensure_*` method always returns a ...
cbeb06e 2015-12-11 Mix url helpers in into `RepositoryPush`
ef37041 2015-12-11 Update changelog
d1211e0 2015-12-11 Fix award-emojis alert flash message
28ad40d 2015-12-11 Add specs for feature that regenerates runners token
2da3cf3 2015-12-11 Add CI runners registration token reset button
e2e43a1 2015-12-11 Use new runners registration token to register CI runners
219afba 2015-12-11 Display runners registration token in CI runners config
5a7b94f 2015-12-11 Ensure that app settings contains runners registration t...
30e29bb 2015-12-11 Add specs for `TokenAuthenticatable` concern
d90d3db 2015-12-11 Use `save!` when generating new token in `TokenAuthentic...
9948e5b 2015-12-11 Refactor `TokenAuthenticatable` to improve reusability
4a32b07 2015-12-11 Add `runners_registration_token` to ApplicationSettings
6ffe8a0 2015-12-08 Bump cyclomatic and perceived complexity threshold by one
652de0b 2015-12-08 Refactor CI YAML processor's validators
66f658a 2015-12-08 Check if commits are available in `RepositoryPush`
5910359 2015-12-08 Duplicate options in `RepositoryPush`
7e9109c 2015-12-08 Move `common_mentionable_setup` to shared context in specs
75c6b29 2015-12-08 Add `RepositoryPush` specs
360a96a 2015-12-08 Fix specs by adding forgotten instance variable
d835fbc 2015-12-08 Fix url helpers in RepositoryPush
9f2752e 2015-12-08 Remove obsolete variables in `repository_push_email`
4beba74 2015-12-08 Improve Messagee::RepositoryPush
e2f937c 2015-12-08 Refactor RepositoryPush, move to Message namespace
45f7f01 2015-12-08 Make `can_send_from_user_email?` public in Notify
8c6db54 2015-12-08 Extract repository_push_email to separate class
79fb993 2015-12-08 Enable rubocop metrics
23975e0 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'fix/award-emoji-conflict-in-notes' into 'm...
359d946 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'fix/award-emoji-conflict-in-notes' into 'm...
893d08c 2015-12-07 Simplify `contains_emoji_only?` method in `Note`
bfe91b6 2015-12-05 Remove space before exclamation mark in award alert
176d6e2 2015-12-05 Refactor note awards to reuse `emoji_pattern` and improv...
83d8185 2015-12-03 Make method `supports_award?` public in `Note`
7af67f6 2015-12-03 Combine new javascript Flash methods into one
f08f921 2015-12-03 Support emoji awards also in merge requests
2b57755 2015-12-03 Add feature test for emoji-only diff notes
554f468 2015-12-03 Pin flash message to top if award note is invalid
70a076c 2015-12-03 Add new features to javascript flash message
6fc1b94 2015-12-03 Show flash message instead of alert when note is invalid
4676ba1 2015-12-03 Add test for award-emoji being added as regular comment
a527f5c 2015-12-03 Notify user when award-emoji comment is invalid
bfce5d7 2015-12-03 Render json message with errors if note didn't pass vali...
c92b6e6 2015-12-03 Scroll to awards after adding emoji-award comment
ba08811 2015-12-03 Move note emoji-award implementation to note model (feat...
22d87b7 2015-12-03 Support award-emoji notes only when it a comment for an ...
9cf67f7 2015-12-03 Add validator for award-emoji note
b8f5e74 2015-10-12 Show notifications button even if user is not member of ...