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16dcf35 2015-07-28 Fix style points
6912f21 2015-07-28 Send GL_ID to gitlab-git-http-server as JSON
ae9e5ee 2015-07-28 Handle missing @user during Git HTTP requests
47e0614 2015-01-20 Disable turbolink on links pointing out to ci services
824821b 2014-07-17 Fixing an issue where pages with multiple dropzones can ...
fdcc5dd 2014-06-03 Ensure sidekiq is displayed by setting X-Frame-Options.
f758438 2014-06-03 Revert "Set x-frame-option to sameorigin to allow the Si...
754b083 2014-06-03 Set x-frame-option to sameorigin to allow the Sidekiq if...
631eb04 2014-05-29 No need to copy the unicorn file if you use the cookbook.
556ddbc 2014-04-18 Add schema number change.
7ee0a94 2014-04-16 Don't update the changelog since the feature landed in 6.8.
cf43bf3 2014-04-16 Add db index for active user display.
61ef72e 2014-04-15 Fixes to group route tests, thanks DZ
b011486 2014-04-15 Add monthly active users to the admin dashboard.
bb7df76 2014-04-13 Add short path route for groups.
4b9c28b 2014-02-11 remove unwanted spaces, reduce diff, clean before merge
1739b7f 2014-02-11 Merge branch 'retrieve_ssh_keys_by_ssh' of
46ad09b 2014-02-11 code refactor as per standards
b1492a2 2014-02-06 sync with upstream for ease to merge
319f355 2014-02-06 merge with upstream master
1c9a41e 2014-02-06 adding tests for the ssh keys feature
533ef87 2013-08-17 Make flash messages fixed and sticked to bottom
015d8da 2013-07-02 Updating documentation to reflect #3836 (resolving #4443)
f7ca6c5 2013-03-21 Version up to 5.0.0
232d61d 2013-01-17 Refactor project creation. Added logout link to profile ...
9115a4f 2013-01-17 Remove satellites when moving namespace