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#78 George Tsiolis - All time
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Hash Date Message
3b2e58c 2018-10-10 Update copy to clipboard button data for application secret
bd33f18 2018-10-09 Update wiki empty state
eeb0baf 2018-10-08 Remove duplicate button from the markdown header toolbar
e9f7908 2018-10-06 Add button to insert table in markdown editor
ef6f2b2 2018-10-05 Update operations metrics empty state
0f87a6a 2018-10-03 Update `git lfs fetch` command [ci skip]
8c1568d 2018-10-03 Add copy to clipboard button for application id and secret
d8b885d 2018-10-02 Align collapsed sidebar avatar container
574bafb 2018-10-01 Add link component to download viewer component
a9f1ef2 2018-10-01 Add link component to user avatar link component
2ca4cb7 2018-10-01 Add missing changelog type [ci skip]
b0c197c 2018-09-28 Update environment item empty state
0bca649 2018-09-27 Improve empty project placeholder for non-members and me...
7f395e8 2018-09-27 Rename block scope local variable in table pagination spec
973d20b 2018-09-26 Add right margin to board-card-number
f611493 2018-09-25 Fix committer typo
aa5d83d 2018-09-21 Rename squash before merge vue component
124cece 2018-09-07 Include private contributions in user contribution graph
4ad47e4 2018-09-05 Limit navbar search for current project or group for sma...
e40d626 2018-08-09 Add default avatar to group
a26e19c 2018-07-24 Replace snake case in mixins and merge_conflicts variables
96a47d4 2018-07-24 Replace snake case in SCSS variables
cff585d 2018-07-24 Wrap job name on pipeline job sidebar
ac3f923 2018-07-24 Update improve issue boards links to docs [ci skip]
e4e824c 2018-07-24 Replace author_link snake case in stylesheets, specs, an...
f1c7ab5 2018-07-24 Replace author_link snake case in specs
08892f9 2018-07-24 Replace author_link snake case in vue components
e57ceb5 2018-07-24 Replace author_link snake case in stylesheets
0a7ad00 2018-07-18 Remove background color from card-body style
f9126a5 2018-07-17 Update specific runners help URL
209a7c8 2018-07-17 Add merge request header branch actions left margin
4201d42 2018-07-17 Merge cherry-pick modal specs
29cf2e0 2018-07-17 Add spec for closing cherry-pick modal on escape keypress
f0f6504 2018-07-17 Add spec for closing revert modal on escape keypress
734a9d8 2018-07-17 Close revert and cherry-pick modal on escape keypress
69f9c91 2018-07-11 Add tests for non-comma-separated issue numbers in singl...
3d1a231 2018-07-11 Update issue closing pattern
6af7397 2018-07-05 Close revoke deploy token modal on escape keypress
5870d5e 2018-06-29 Update create issue test to check for input placeholders
0dae2d7 2018-06-29 Add title placeholder for new issues
907d050 2018-06-27 Fix paragraph line height for emoji
a34c642 2018-06-27 Update integrations external link icons
211b26a 2018-06-27 Update environments nav controls icons
b4267aa 2018-06-27 Update external link icon in merge request widget
34f6afe 2018-06-26 Revert merge request widget button max height
4a4226c 2018-06-26 Update external link icon in header user dropdown
77723e2 2018-06-21 Move boards modal EmptyState vue component
57a4013 2018-06-21 Fix boards issue highlight
cfac1ba 2018-06-21 Revert merge request discussion buttons padding
0f5d9d2 2018-06-21 Update pipeline icon in web ide sidebar
0cde6bb 2018-06-19 Highlight cluster settings message
a096e95 2018-06-15 Add container width for project empty placeholder
eb10bca 2018-06-15 Remove small container width
d5e9107 2018-06-11 Update MrWidgetAuthorTime and MRWidgetMerged spec
927d245 2018-06-11 Rename MrWidgetAuthorTime vue component
878f870 2018-06-11 Use Tooltip component in MrWidgetAuthorTime vue component
93c7976 2018-06-07 Restore navigation theme order
385c077 2018-05-22 Rename merge request widget author component
e286942 2018-05-08 Move SquashBeforeMerge vue component
f6f6044 2018-05-07 Change label link vertical alignment property
337ceb1 2018-05-04 Move import project pane to a separate partial
b570bd4 2018-05-04 Inform the user when there are no project import options...
77a925f 2018-05-04 Reorder discussion timestamp information for issues
feb25e5 2018-05-03 Add padding to profile description
467623a 2018-05-03 Move TimeTrackingSpentOnlyPane vue component
c63f510 2018-05-03 Update environment item action buttons icons
751302a 2018-05-02 Move SidebarTimeTracking vue component
24e290e 2018-05-01 Move TimeTrackingNoTrackingPane vue component
6f1dd78 2018-05-01 Break issue title for board card title and issuable head...
c866b5e 2018-05-01 Move note actions to the right
d014775 2018-05-01 Move discussion actions to the right for small viewports
4c5829d 2018-04-30 Revert discussion counter height
a1b80dc 2018-04-30 Improve quick actions summary preview
e4bda89 2018-04-30 Change font for tables inside diff discussions
a00d154 2018-04-30 Update timeline icon for description edit
dbb2f4e 2018-04-30 Increase new issue metadata form margin
8d29dd9 2018-04-27 Add loading icon padding for pipeline environments
5e76829 2018-04-25 Show group id in group settings
7be3fca 2018-04-23 Align project avatar on small viewports
952f18e 2018-04-18 Restore size and position for fork icon
5a34d3b 2018-04-17 Fix size and position for fork icon
16e584c 2018-04-17 Move PipelineFailed vue component
f3f81c3 2018-04-16 Move WorkInProgress vue component
ffdb47a 2018-04-16 Restore label underline color
93c55f5 2018-04-11 Move TimeTrackingHelpState vue component
3f204b5 2018-04-11 Move TimeTrackingEstimateOnlyPane vue component
7009ec6 2018-04-07 Move BoardBlankState vue component
5cb0a2e 2018-03-30 Move ReadyToMerge vue component
bb85377 2018-03-29 Use translated string for breadcrumb title
cc00f46 2018-03-27 Add i18n and update specs for UnresolvedDiscussions vue ...
39e92fd 2018-03-27 Add i18n and update specs for ShaMismatch vue component
3375baf 2018-03-27 Update translated strings
9339b5f 2018-03-26 Update no repository placeholder
d72527c 2018-03-22 Update dashboard milestones breadcrumb link
5823a19 2018-03-22 Move TimeTrackingComparisonPane vue component
c9bad63 2018-03-21 Fix CI Jobs retry link
78de525 2018-03-21 Move TimeTrackingCollapsedState vue component
85ce8c7 2018-03-20 Update spec import path for vue mount component helper
07e7b15 2018-03-19 Move ShaMismatch vue component
b3152bf 2018-03-09 Move AssigneeTitle vue component
910f513 2018-03-08 Move MemoryGraph and MemoryUsage vue components
e842b79 2018-03-08 Move UnresolvedDiscussions vue component
02c7f82 2018-03-08 Move NothingToMerge vue component
7ea10d4 2018-03-07 Move SidebarAssignees vue component
c1e259e 2018-02-28 Add Assignees vue component missing data container
514f22c 2018-02-27 Move Assignees vue component
7fc090b 2018-02-22 Move RecentSearchesDropdownContent vue component
6220c59 2018-02-15 Apply new default and inline label design
4512ed8 2018-02-14 Fix new project path input overlapping
b5db956 2018-02-14 Add description, visibility to CreateFromTemplateService...
84e7654 2018-02-14 Remove Gitlab::ImportExport::ProjectCreator class
ca5b4e3 2018-02-12 Update projects import service
525d583 2018-02-12 Move IssuableTimeTracker vue component
89c652b 2018-02-08 Move BoardNewIssue vue component
469148b 2018-02-08 Update vue component naming guidelines
87ee18c 2018-02-06 Move BoardList vue component to vue file
8114a2a 2018-02-06 Override group sidebar links
fa7cc50 2018-02-03 Include branch in mobile view for pipelines
d87b037 2018-02-02 Improve top area navigation
ec91899 2018-01-29 Improve issue mr and branch dropdown button
a8ebe36 2018-01-25 Improve empty project overview
c306c6d 2018-01-23 Adjust last push notification width
0b60e13 2018-01-19 Add section headers to plus button dropdown
0307668 2018-01-19 Add horizontal scroll to wiki tables
38d46d7 2018-01-16 Add pipeline header padding
e433785 2018-01-15 Change user settings column width
008d571 2018-01-15 Fix top-area inconsistent capitalization
aebfc23 2018-01-09 Restore sidebar collapse button padding
e712d1d 2018-01-04 Remove unnecessary dashboard scroll
4963f39 2018-01-03 Fix dashboard projects nav links height
540a2b6 2018-01-03 Move 2FA disable button
96bddb0 2018-01-02 Remove unnecessary sidebar element realignment
05b97af 2017-12-28 Keep typographic hierarchy in User Settings
7a571f4 2017-12-27 Fix activity inline event line height on mobile
d0156ec 2017-12-27 Adjust content width for User Settings, GPG Keys
d4e2805 2017-12-21 Last push event widget width for fixed layout