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#117 George Andrinopoulos - All time
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Hash Date Message
7c74a02 2017-03-27 Implement new service for creating user
2f9d50b 2017-03-24 Resolve "Gitlab administrator cannot create projects in ...
e118d48 2017-03-24 Add dropdown sort to project milestones
de518e1 2017-03-20 Allow dot in branch name in trigger/builds endpoint in API
ec660a6 2017-03-13 Resolve transient failure in spec/models/user_spec.rb
dd30946 2017-03-09 Order milestone issues by position ascending in api
71eeb86 2017-03-09 Fix wrong message on starred projects filtering
e2a63cb 2017-03-08 Refactor dropdown_milestone_spec.rb
c46f933 2017-03-08 Fix pagination headers for repository commits api endpoint
15a4cac 2017-03-07 Refactor dropdown_assignee_spec
905a299 2017-03-06 Fix json response in branches controller
9cc7d93 2017-03-02 Hide issue info when project issues are disabled
54c1dc6 2017-02-28 Remove on_commit trait from todos factory
df97e21 2017-02-23 Rebase to master for avoiding failing tests
85c87be 2017-02-21 Add spec for todo with target_type Commit
9007a29 2017-02-17 Fix todos API endpoint application error
d796e4f 2017-02-02 Update api docs and minor changes
19dda16 2017-02-02 Force new password after password reset via API