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#219 Fu Xu - All time
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b992828 2016-11-12 fix error links in help page
bb94408 2016-10-03 resolve duplicated changelog entry
1fde680 2016-10-03 credit myself :smile:
867b9b4 2016-10-03 change determine conditions
76463c2 2016-10-03 override subject method in devise mailer
064eb2c 2016-10-03 follow the styleguide: Don't use parentheses around a li...
64a60bc 2016-10-03 wrap subject with method subject
048f124 2016-10-03 move spec back into shared example `an email sent from G...
2a438f4 2016-10-03 stub config settings in spec
89dc70d 2016-10-03 remove empty line at block body end
612a5d5 2016-10-03 remove extra entry
785094e 2016-10-03 create new test in `spec/mailers/notify_spec.rb`
f3f7f3f 2016-10-03 move changelog to 8.13
74c8e09 2016-10-03 add configurable email subject suffix