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#143 Francisco Lopez - All time
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Hash Date Message
264171f 2017-12-04 Fixed bug
7f2b6b1 2017-12-04 Moving query to base count service
979056e 2017-12-01 Not forcing to redefine preload_relation
c5a89b3 2017-12-01 Using map to retrieve the element ids because of some is...
3dc331c 2017-12-01 Fixed test
3527d1f 2017-12-01 Undoing the change to ForkNetworkMember
fe95de8 2017-12-01 Fixed BasicProjectDetail parent
c0c0926 2017-12-01 Removed binding.pry
c7e7f44 2017-12-01 Removing blank line
fa6b0a3 2017-12-01 Changes after rebase
966f83f 2017-12-01 Undoing debugging change
194f7bc 2017-12-01 Comments from code review applied. Also switched forked_...
58c5b46 2017-12-01 Refactored /projects and /user/:user_id/projects endpoints
c85f9c5 2017-12-01 Code review comments applied
7c7877b 2017-12-01 Small renaming
a2babf3 2017-12-01 More preloading improvement and added batch count services
4188c10 2017-11-17 Renaming AuthenticationException to AuthenticationError
7f03179 2017-11-17 Changes after rebase
b810f47 2017-11-17 Removing Offender
1436598 2017-11-17 Moved Exceptions to Gitlab::Auth
aa84ef1 2017-11-17 Moving exceptions to UserAuthFinders
98f7982 2017-11-17 Leaving atom? query to fix tests
29521a3 2017-11-17 Change the rss url guard clause
f189657 2017-11-17 Added some more comments
2d5397d 2017-11-17 Removed method handle_return_value
130a993 2017-11-17 Added UserAuthFinders spec
8e57cc7 2017-11-17 Added RequestAuthenticator spec
21153a4 2017-11-17 Homogenising the type of the request handled by UserAuth...
aecc3eb 2017-11-17 Applied some code review comments
374179a 2017-11-17 Removing private token
41ebd06 2017-11-17 Some fixes after rebase
470b5dc 2017-11-17 Updated refactor and pushing to see if test fails
c491b95 2017-11-17 Pushing to see how this tests behaves
d948e67 2017-11-17 First refactor
294f40e 2017-10-25 Added ssh fingerprint, gitlab ci and pages information i...