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#96 Francisco Javier López - All time
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c40400c 2018-10-01 [master] Stored XSS in Gitlab Merge Request from importe...
f67211f 2018-09-07 Replace whitespaces in wiki page attachments file names
f9475e2 2018-09-04 Uploads to wiki stored inside the wiki git repository
0df18ca 2018-09-03 Added atom feed for tags
edb5759 2018-08-30 Fixed project logo when it is LFS tracked
cdc2bc4 2018-08-28 [master] Missing CSRF in System Hooks resend action
539d274 2018-08-24 [master] Missing CSRF in System Hooks resend action
60943a6 2018-07-31 Changed doc
ade320d 2018-07-31 Fix bug with Wiki pages encoding
ac4605e 2018-07-30 Fixed extension
a75d140 2018-07-30 Fixed typo
aea22c3 2018-07-30 Changed docs
9a81550 2018-07-30 Create GPG commit signature in bulk
5eda327 2018-07-30 Updated doc
26d142e 2018-07-25 Code review comments applied
2408519 2018-07-23 Changing the hook test action to use POST
507510b 2018-07-23 Code review comment applied
c52ab91 2018-07-23 Fix gitlab import project load
38eab74 2018-07-20 EE Port
6354d55 2018-07-20 Fixing bug with wiki ref in ProjectSearchResults
837c3b3 2018-07-06 Fix User role displayed on projects dashboard
a7a1531 2018-07-05 Web Terminal Ci Build
0270933 2018-06-29 Enabling Doorkeeper reuse_access_token option
7a0bb21 2018-06-29 Fix OAuth application authorization screen to appear wit...
bc2cf82 2018-06-15 Update gitlab-gollum-lib to and sanitize to 4.6.5
92d5f65 2018-06-13 Use Gitaly 0.105.1
df45623 2018-06-13 Restoring user v3 endpoint
ab93f7c 2018-06-12 Bumping gitlab-gollum-lib and gitlab-gollum-rugged_adapter
1418afc 2018-06-11 Avoid checking the user format in every url validation
ea2bd9c 2018-06-07 Add git filter flag only if it is supported
86d3901 2018-06-06 Moving rev-list lfs options to Lfschanges
e8f49b4 2018-06-06 Support LFS objects when creating a project by import
7350eb1 2018-06-04 Add ability to search wiki titles
840f80d 2018-06-01 Add validation to webhook and service URLs to ensure the...
21e7895 2018-05-31 Removed API endpoint and specs
4d3f7ae 2018-05-30 Removed API endpoint and specs
0af4c56 2018-05-22 Fix `expose_url` helper does not include custom base url...
14032b8 2018-05-17 Fixed badge api endpoint route when relative_url is set
761d890 2018-05-14 Blacklisting attributes in the project import process
6d3121b 2018-04-24 Improve documentation of SSRF protection
c921e68 2018-04-23 Moved committer and spec. Added some extra code to run h...
92deabb 2018-04-19 Respect visibility options and description when importin...
409ba61 2018-04-19 Upgrading gitlab-gollum-lib and rouge
e8a27a6 2018-04-18 Fix Custom hooks are not triggered by UI wiki edit
ef48664 2018-04-13 Replacing gollum libs for custom gitlab ones
31dd86b 2018-04-08 Projects and groups badges settings UI
f20912d 2018-04-06 Extend API for importing a project export with overwrite...
ae84eae 2018-04-04 Add better LDAP connection handling
7143bb8 2018-04-02 Added rescue to show a custom error when testing project...
22b05a1 2018-03-30 Extend API for exporting a project with direct upload URL
4d0ec5b 2018-03-21 Fixing request options to allow_local_requests with DELE...
7509589 2018-03-21 Adapting mattermost to the new way of calling HTTP
8fe880d 2018-03-05 Projects and groups badges API
9e85234 2018-03-01 Removing the two factor check when the user sets a new p...
5ddd576 2018-02-15 Remove internal api calls from the rack::attack throttling
a7ac458 2018-02-15 Fixed bug with the user synced attributes when the user ...
26af0e2 2018-02-15 Fixed user synced attributes metadata after removing cur...
d40912b 2018-02-07 Removing gitaly flags
f6ab32e 2018-02-07 Update GITALY_SERVER_VERSION
cd46140 2018-02-05 Added ldap config setting to lower case usernames
27c08a1 2018-02-05 Allow moving wiki pages from the UI
6d743ee 2018-01-22 Update
7c9b982 2018-01-17 [10.1] Fix bug in security release with deploy keys migr...
0869d94 2018-01-17 [10.3] Fix bug in security release with deploy keys migr...
3b87c00 2018-01-17 [10.2] Fix bug in security release with deploy keys migr...
fcaf89a 2018-01-17 Applied fix
4f6e037 2018-01-15 Fixing request json mime type
138e8ad 2018-01-09 Fixing bug related to wiki last version
f6c1d38 2018-01-09 Add option to disable commit stats to commit API
2665aea 2018-01-02 Fix user membership destroy relation
5d6fea1 2017-12-22 Reverted fix
3b5eab3 2017-12-21 Reverting
8c6b5ba 2017-12-21 LDAP extern_uids are not normalized when updated via API
1f80479 2017-12-14 Solved copy/paste error!
9119c36 2017-12-14 Resolving conflict
ebfe269 2017-12-14 Resolving conflict
a673d25 2017-12-14 Resolving conflict
c9871e8 2017-12-07 The API isn't using the appropriate services for managin...
7c2b729 2017-12-04 Added default order to UserFinder
c7cf68b 2017-11-17 Changing OAuth lookup to be case insensitive
ff26ea8 2017-11-17 Resolve "Performance issues when loading large number of...
bf0331d 2017-11-06 Resolve "DashboardController#activity.json is slow due t...
af1fb49 2017-11-01 Refactor/group links controller
0cf7afa 2017-10-30 Changed project select to use it independently and not o...