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#256 Francesco Coda Zabetta - All time
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8966c6e 2016-11-15 add tests
a58e2f4 2016-11-15 use Enumerable#find insted of select + first
8fc771a 2016-11-14 fix changelog typos
c57c833 2016-11-14 fix style
d5981dd 2016-11-14 fix style
471ef6c 2016-11-14 fix indentation
81c03db 2016-11-14 add changelog entry
84ac742 2016-11-14 fix labels API adding missing parameter (current_user)
6d56bd8 2015-07-08 use teaspoon instead of jasmine for testing javascript
84b40a3 2014-12-24 check browser version, blacklisting outdated IE (version...