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#256 Filip Krakowski - All time
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Hash Date Message
1736a2d 2017-06-07 Fix change in behavior
7d16f69 2017-06-07 Fix typo in test
cd0c472 2017-06-07 Fix static-analysis offenses (again)
449bc26 2017-06-07 Change changelog entry
7457d07 2017-06-07 Check if source is nil
1dd054e 2017-06-07 Fix static-analysis offenses
ecb54cd 2017-06-07 Add all sources as special keywords for only and except
8db63b2 2017-06-07 Use pipeline.source to determine what triggered a pipeline
fe9b78d 2017-06-07 Add changelog
6c8e72b 2017-06-07 Add 'schedules' keyword to 'only' and 'except'