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#43 Felipe Artur - All time
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0ae48e0 2018-10-04 Move issue related_branches to service
1fcc7f9 2018-09-22 Render 412 for invalid UTF-8 parameters
9184753 2018-09-10 Log project services errors when executing async
9710cda 2018-09-06 Move project services log to a separate file
409322e 2018-09-06 Disable statement timeout in RenameLoginRootNamespaces m...
732d8a8 2018-09-04 Merge branch 'dz-group-labels-search' into 'master'
5bc54ca 2018-08-31 Use a serializer to render diff lines
2125d64 2018-08-21 Add JIRA service specs to commit object
abb50ff 2018-08-06 Allow to delete group milestones
fdb5f28 2018-08-06 Retrieve merge request closing issues from database cache
32b8829 2018-08-03 Allow multiple JIRA transition ids
5815c5b 2018-07-30 [Backport] View summed weights of issues in board column
0cf8235 2018-07-27 Merge branch '11-1-3-stable-fixes-mr-refactor-regression...
13ea4b3 2018-07-26 Merge remote-tracking branch 'dev/master'
5f8c593 2018-07-25 Fix spec/controllers/users/terms_controller_spec.rb spec
c97d822 2018-07-18 Merge branch '11-1-stable-prepare-rc13' into 11-1-stable
9bdc9b1 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'jivl-dev-master-into-com-master' into 'mas...
ef12973 2018-07-12 Allow to toggle notifications for issues due soon
c0280ac 2018-07-09 Merge branch 'sh-shorten-filenames-changelog' into 'master'
1fb0fc3 2018-07-09 Replace 48976-rails5-invalid-single-table-inheritance-ty...
590ffa9 2018-07-04 Merge branch 'issue_48474' of
6d41df5 2018-07-04 Render LegacyDiffNote when diff_file blob is nil
416cdf6 2018-06-28 Remove space between curly brace
d66bbf8 2018-06-27 Fix discussion entity for legacy diff notes
625957c 2018-06-25 BatchOpenIssuesCount only updates public issues count
4ab1011 2018-06-21 Fix refresh cache for open issues count service
3e66795 2018-06-21 Changes tab VUE refactoring
afe5d7d 2018-06-07 Apply notification settings level of groups to all chil...
8ed12ef 2018-05-31 Add merge requests list endpoint for groups
aee2b23 2018-05-24 Fix sidebar issue count
9706768 2018-05-22 CE backport - Allow viewing only one board when multiple...
a9d0dee 2018-05-07 Enable prometheus metrics by default
2b5ac11 2018-04-23 Fix users not seeing labels from private groups when bei...
3854d28 2018-04-19 Fix issues without links when added from boards new issu...
b9dfd07 2018-04-05 Include subgroup issues when searching for group issues ...
696daa7 2018-04-05 Fix rubocop
0a111c9 2018-04-05 Fix rubocop
b9c0cf1 2018-04-05 Improve specs and docs
7c6f4ad 2018-04-05 Fix more specs
62574be 2018-04-05 Fix specs
22423d2 2018-04-05 Show issues of subgroups in group-level issue board
ad7148d 2018-04-04 Allow assigning and filtering issuables by ancestor grou...
7481fc5 2018-04-03 Fix 404 in group boards when moving issue between lists
2ee1970 2018-03-19 Improve JIRA event descriptions
09de6da 2018-03-15 Add labeled issues seed
e77c4e9 2018-03-06 Merge branch 'master' into 'issue_38337'
1e137c2 2018-03-06 Fix a typo, a conflict and improve documentation
36a0f6a 2018-03-05 Use host URL to build JIRA remote link icon
9946d08 2018-03-05 Address review comments
dd071c4 2018-03-03 Bring one group board to CE
ace3bf9 2018-02-23 Fix specs
9870c05 2018-02-22 Small review changes
73e5039 2018-02-19 test merge request rebase
104d5af 2018-02-14 Wait for create merge request button to appear
3a1e06d 2018-01-26 Create merge request spec
a956fac 2018-01-18 Remove unnecessary query from labels filter
ca4a59e 2018-01-15 Fix error on changes tab when merge request cannot be cr...
ff8971a 2018-01-05 Remove labeled issues seed
06d4f07 2018-01-05 Improve filtering issues by label performance
55980c7 2018-01-05 Remove EE only sections from docs
5e148d4 2018-01-04 EE-BACKPORT group boards
504f77b 2017-12-13 Prevent worker that updates merge requests head pipeline...
e415855 2017-12-07 Check if user is in project page before performing a push
77c9632 2017-12-07 Turn push file into a scenario
770ed0f 2017-12-05 [CE-Backport] Fix board filter when milestone is predefined
b328cff 2017-12-05 Fix update head pipeline worker
bac143e 2017-12-05 use actual head pipeline on merge request presenter
5cf3ff2 2017-12-05 Use actual head pipeline on merge request serializer
f586dc0 2017-12-05 Check if head_pipeline is correct before merging
8f78ba5 2017-12-05 Improve MergeRequest#head_pipeline
200e14e 2017-11-28 Fix merge_requests/base_service.rb conflict
5c2c471 2017-11-23 Fix WIP system note not being created
3f6e45e 2017-11-21 Fix promoting milestone updating all issuables without m...
c887c03 2017-11-14 Update VERSION to 10.1.4
aad635a 2017-11-14 Update for 10.1.4
fdd3cb9 2017-11-14 Update for 10.1.4
27c9e83 2017-11-14 Merge branch 'master' of
818ca08 2017-11-14 Merge branch dev/master into master
4502790 2017-11-14 Merge branch '10-1-stable-patch-4' into '10-1-stable'
aefefbf 2017-11-13 Prevents position update for image diff notes
5dd2862 2017-11-13 Fix image diff notes email
e6142bc 2017-11-10 Update VERSION to 10.1.3
a978e9b 2017-11-10 Update for 10.1.3
0baa867 2017-11-10 Update for 10.1.3
2838ae2 2017-11-10 Merge branch '10-1-stable-patch-2' into '10-1-stable'
bddbb90 2017-11-10 Prevent fast forward merge when rebase is required
3ae5f79 2017-11-03 Render 404 when polling commit notes without having perm...
2f8577d 2017-10-31 Allow promoting project milestones to group milestones
b54203f 2017-10-07 Commenting on image diffs
5bfb635 2017-09-18 Allow DEVELOPER role to admin milestones
25c959f 2017-09-15 Merge branch 'master' into 'issue_37640'
b20595b 2017-09-15 Add data migration
0b022b5 2017-09-14 Fix migrations
7733e8c 2017-09-14 Add migration to fix corrupted projects
05cb181 2017-09-12 Fix project feature being deleted when updating project ...
056c42c 2017-09-12 Fix project feature being deleted when updating project ...
a1a839c 2017-09-06 Fix failing spec
f9fbae2 2017-09-06 Finish backports and fix specs
7474060 2017-09-04 Fix route conflict
f5bb178 2017-09-04 Fix specs BACKPORT
3e4013f 2017-08-31 Remove closing external issues by reference error
aa997e4 2017-08-31 Small fixes
02fed9a 2017-08-31 Backport specs
8077b72 2017-08-31 Continue BE backport
f2a43ff 2017-08-28 Group boards CE backport
998833d 2017-08-18 Remove ignore columns
9103587 2017-08-17 Fix project import to group when there are project miles...
b7e9862 2017-08-15 Fix API responses when dealing with txt files
c5c9dce 2017-07-21 Add group milestones API endpoint
3715c1c 2017-07-18 Fix external issue trackers redirect
0f7cb96 2017-07-10 Fix milestones destroy service
b7860b3 2017-07-07 fix milestones finder failing spec
b24ef9c 2017-07-07 Make wrong migrations idempotent
4e07305 2017-07-07 fix migrations in the future
b5f596c 2017-07-07 Native group milestones
c472017 2017-06-16 Fix API bug accepting wrong merge requests parameters
c5dd3df 2017-06-16 Remove unnecessary spec file
0520ee4 2017-06-16 Improve method names and add more specs
85cdde8 2017-06-16 Migration - Remove position field from issues and merge ...
2e3f0b0 2017-06-16 Remove old specs and add new ones
673bc07 2017-06-16 Order merge requests by priority
86fc145 2017-06-16 Order issues by priority
ff7fe2d 2017-06-16 Remove Drag and drop and sorting from milestone view
c698f10 2017-06-07 Avoid repeated queries for pipeline builds on merge requ...
fe790c7 2017-05-29 Set head pipeline when creating merge requests
0054963 2017-05-25 Remove unecessary commit pattern check
5b9e801 2017-05-23 Sanity check pipeline sha before saving merge request he...
e44016b 2017-05-22 Prevent commits from upstream repositories to be re-proc...
921c2be 2017-05-22 Add transient head_pipeline_of to pipeline factories
8d808ab 2017-05-17 Remove 'no changes' entries from changelog
729c75f 2017-05-13 Update for 9.1.4
b4d5594 2017-05-13 Update for 9.1.4
e02b03c 2017-05-13 Update for 9.1.4
aa3974b 2017-05-13 Update for 9.1.4
db0d59a 2017-05-12 Update for 9.1.4
cec971b 2017-05-12 Update for 9.1.4
fed799a 2017-05-12 Update VERSION to 9.1.4
6b1912b 2017-05-12 Update for 9.1.4
a8e50fc 2017-05-12 Update for 9.1.4
e5b4dd3 2017-05-12 Remove unexistent packages from dispatcher.js
ff16ff5 2017-05-10 Merge branch '9-1-stable-cherry-pick-fallback-localstora...
2ccee71 2017-05-08 Small code improvements and add migration spec
d9bebd8 2017-05-08 Fix specs 2
1bf2dac 2017-05-08 Populate merge requests head_pipeline_id
24824cb 2017-05-08 Fix Specs
85f0b3a 2017-05-08 Add merge requests association to pipeline
4ae411f 2017-05-08 Preloads head pipeline for each merge request
e6b872e 2017-05-04 Escape single quotes from gl dropdown
6b8d61d 2017-05-04 Fix specs
4784d78 2017-04-22 Update VERSION to 9.2.0-pre
c3f0f14 2017-04-22 Update VERSION to 9.1.0
857e969 2017-04-22 Update for 9.1.0
b0f1953 2017-04-22 Update for 9.1.0
6a12a04 2017-04-22 Revert "Merge branch '30637-replace-delete-buttons-get-f...
490bb98 2017-04-21 Update VERSION to 9.1.0-rc6
71d76c6 2017-04-21 Merge branch 'remove-burndown-chart-reference-from-docs'...
e6cc74e 2017-04-11 Fix failure: spec/controllers/projects/builds_controller...
45f1178 2017-04-11 Fix pipeline related failing specs
60c121e 2017-04-07 Backport permissions and multi-line array to CE
251255e 2017-04-04 Do not set closed_at to nil when issue is reopened
94c19fb 2017-03-17 Add closed_at field to issues
a61bb7c 2017-03-08 Remove unecessary endpoint from repository, add compatib...
9053d78 2017-03-08 Update API endpoints for raw files
8f9b3b6 2017-03-07 Fix rubocop failure
63b2b82 2017-03-06 Merge branch 'docs/pages-backport' into '8-17-stable'
976957c 2017-03-06 Rename DestroyService to DeleteService on BlobsControlle...
fb27456 2017-03-06 Revert "Merge branch 'dm-fix-api-create-file-on-empty-re...
1782ec0 2017-03-06 Revert "Merge branch '28010-mr-merge-button-default-to-d...
2968e87 2017-03-02 Revert "Disallow system notes for closed issuables"
0d000d3 2017-02-24 Fix issuable stale object error handler for js when upda...
12ac140 2017-02-22 Update VERSION to 8.18.0-pre
77254ab 2017-02-22 Update VERSION to 8.17.0
80033d8 2017-02-22 Update for 8.17.0
15fb847 2017-02-22 Update for 8.17.0
3140903 2017-02-21 Create compare object with default branch when target br...
cd52a3c 2017-02-21 Update VERSION to 8.17.0-rc4
46152c2 2017-02-20 Revert "Merge branch 'sh-namespace-cleanup-deleted-proje...
51f82b3 2017-02-20 Revert "Merge branch 'fix-rubocop-master' into 'master'"
a7b32de 2017-02-17 Revert "Merge branch 'docs/pages-admin' into 'master' "
4e84ec8 2017-02-16 Fix 'reset-email' link spec
de12a69 2017-02-14 Disable invalid service templates
8f75508 2017-02-14 Fix timezone on issue boards due date
d1ecbd6 2017-02-10 Fix admin_labels_spec.rb transient failure
0b14b65 2017-02-09 Gather issuable metadata to avoid n+ queries on index view
7f973cc 2017-02-08 Remove JIRA closed status icon
0771774 2017-02-06 Disallow system notes for closed issuables
b423778 2017-01-26 Remove unused js response from refs controller
ca0cf5a 2017-01-12 Show 'too many changes' message for merge request
781cca8 2016-12-29 Fix redirect after update file when user has forked project
f9963fe 2016-12-29 Parse JIRA issue references even if Issue Tracker is dis...
5646568 2016-12-28 Revert MattermostNotificationService and SlackNotificati...
1b082a4 2016-12-27 Check if user can read issue before being assigned
6dc3efd 2016-12-22 Do not override incoming webhook channel for mattermost ...
77deeb1 2016-12-20 Fix issuable assignee update bug when previous assignee ...
8275efa 2016-12-20 Fix member with expiration date feature spec
a5ccade 2016-12-15 Change SlackService to SlackNotificationsService
141faaa 2016-12-15 Mattermost Notifications Service
ac00009 2016-12-12 Allow to delete tag release note
4a0ca85 2016-12-08 Allow branch names with dots on API endpoint
c1a71d9 2016-12-08 Update JIRA troubleshoot documentation
d85d953 2016-11-22 Add remove links to JIRA documentation
9c74013 2016-11-21 Allow JIRA references for project snippets
d399e1a 2016-11-18 Allow enabling and disabling commit and MR events for JIRA
85dd05b 2016-11-18 Add JIRA remotelinks and prevent duplicated closing mess...
d1f0b2f 2016-11-10 Fix project Visibility level selector not using default ...
8c2143a 2016-11-04 Allow to test JIRA service when project does not have re...
f4e31b8 2016-11-01 Fix project features default values
cabc2a7 2016-10-31 Fix builds tab visibility
3d7a287 2016-10-26 Upgrade jira-ruby gem version
c2d6822 2016-10-26 Finish updates to use JIRA gem
17ae807 2016-10-20 Create project feature when project is created
ed9838c 2016-10-19 Create project feature when project is created
8e4301d 2016-10-19 Prevent wrong markdown on issue ids when project has Jir...
da07c2e 2016-10-17 Add visibility level to project repository
45bfadb 2016-10-03 Fix bug when trying to cache closed issues from external...
93d849b 2016-09-28 Expose project share expiration_date field on API
98559ad 2016-09-20 Test if issue authors can access private projects
e0067d1 2016-09-19 Allow to set request_access_enabled for groups and proje...
eed7960 2016-09-15 Fix issuable templates dropdown for forked projects
dfa286c 2016-09-06 Fix project settings field
892dea6 2016-09-01 Project tools visibility level
37bf35f 2016-08-19 Todos sorting dropdown
2872672 2016-08-16 Load issues and merge requests templates from repository
9845079 2016-08-01 Fix search results for notes without commits
323d796 2016-07-20 Refactor service settings view
4d69cb9 2016-07-20 Allow to disable user request access to groups/projects
ede048b 2016-07-19 Add project service documentation and update integration...
8bd520d 2016-07-19 Allow slack service to send messages on different channels
2e9d535 2016-07-15 Allow build email service to be tested
d297131 2016-06-29 Merge branch 'master' into issue_3359_3
36d4812 2016-06-29 merge master into issue_3359_3
bade71b 2016-06-24 Add specs and improve coffescript sortable binding function
c391a72 2016-06-24 Fix issue being ordered twice and callback when moving b...
2674b54 2016-06-22 merge master into issue_3359_3
8447c6b 2016-06-22 Insert notification settings dropdown into groups
92e1835 2016-06-22 Insert notification settings dropdown into groups
8a2a01e 2016-06-20 Add notification_settings:events to schema
4b204f0 2016-06-17 Small frontend code fixes and restore 8a2d88f commit
e5aa902 2016-06-17 Merge master into issue_12758
ab236c7 2016-06-17 Allow users to set custom notifications in projects they...
33c61bd 2016-06-17 Re-use notifications dropdown/modal for user profile
f82ab42 2016-06-17 Re-use notifications dropdown on user profile
89a2c87 2016-06-15 Implement custom notification level options
5c45d59 2016-06-14 Update migration to match current schema version
bef15a0 2016-06-14 Refactor custom notifications controller code and add specs
220708f 2016-06-13 Remove schema from branch history
0cf0352 2016-06-13 Add notification settings documentation and update scree...
dc2ca59 2016-06-13 Expose notification setting events in API
e60999e 2016-06-13 Improve notification settings event keys and add some specs
2979d3c 2016-06-13 Implement custom notification level options
39ead20 2016-06-10 Remove notification level fild from users, improve migra...
8f6d43e 2016-06-10 Remove notification level from user model
9264203 2016-06-06 change add_concurrent_index function arguments
8450fe3 2016-06-03 Add index to notification settings
56f3b24 2016-05-31 Add leading comment space cop
30e61ed 2016-05-31 Fix error 500 when sorting issues by milestone due date ...
5273335 2016-05-25 Fix forks creation when visibility level is restricted
dac9b42 2016-05-24 Fix outer join when filtering milestones
45e516b 2016-05-24 Fix bug when ordering by milestone due date and filterin...
3b2223f 2016-05-24 improve ordering sql for milestones
673196e 2016-05-24 Fix ordering for Mysql
996240a 2016-05-24 Fix issues/MRs filter when ordering by milestone due date
f04c5b2 2016-05-20 current_user.confirmed_at.present? => current_user.confi...
260a915 2016-05-20 Fix group visibility level migration in case all visibil...
6fb9bf8 2016-05-19 Use the right default notification settings for non members
fc9844e 2016-05-18 Update documentation
c2c7014 2016-05-18 Improve documentation and add changelog
07ff874 2016-05-18 Let users set notification levels in projects which they...
5bf49bb 2016-05-18 Move note helper method to notes entity file
ecce94d 2016-05-16 fix default send confirmation value
c9be74e 2016-05-16 Fix single note api request
7bb84e6 2016-05-16 Change landing page when skipping confirmation email and...
0baadd6 2016-05-16 Fix changelog file
c5526a2 2016-05-16 Change skip_user_confirmation_email to send_user_confirm...
71ca2de 2016-05-16 Toggle email signup confirmation in admin settings
93ca5c9 2016-05-10 Fix notes API calls symbol convertions
e56e3cd 2016-05-09 Fix api leaking notes when user is not authorized to rea...
32811d9 2016-05-09 Make model sanitization methods one liners
d028863 2016-05-05 Sanitize milestones and label titles
9581aba 2016-04-20 Add changelog entry and fix convention in a spec
eb99e5f 2016-04-20 Remove unused authorization from controller
97b5e49 2016-04-19 Fix javascript errors with invalid json because of commas
f26a6da 2016-04-19 Render relative timestamps for all commits in projects c...
0b91ff2 2016-04-18 Projects members tab should follow visibility levels
62f6601 2016-04-18 Show project members only for members
2366768 2016-04-18 Add changelog entry
820c08c 2016-04-18 Fix documentation and improve permissions code
7d54e72 2016-04-18 Insert instructions in admin page and permissions document
09c8cf9 2016-04-18 Remove group members check
ce96d48 2016-04-18 Insert users check into api
07b38c3 2016-04-18 Code fixes
147879a 2016-04-18 Fix specs
e8a77c0 2016-04-18 Fix code
668d6ff 2016-04-18 Add specs and fix code
5751956 2016-04-18 Move verification to abilities
b05f0a4 2016-04-18 Restrict user profiles based on restricted visibility le...
a8ea2c1 2016-04-14 Change transfer service to use existing methods
6b3a538 2016-04-13 Add changelog entry
11f46b4 2016-04-13 Setup visibility level for project when transfering for ...
a64f1c7 2016-04-12 Add changelog entry, improve specs and model code
476cf23 2016-04-11 Allow to close invalid merge request
f47e511 2016-04-08 Implement review suggestions
8828e45 2016-04-08 Improve code
cc52d47 2016-04-08 Improve code
a33095d 2016-04-08 Fix problem when creating milestones in groups without p...
8d5ad4e 2016-04-07 improve specs code syntax
0bef4b9 2016-04-07 Implement review suggestions
9e6c613 2016-04-06 Fix milestone removal problem when editing issues
32c7e42 2016-04-05 Improve code
5d42803 2016-04-05 Improve code
1ba9a91 2016-04-05 Fix problem when creating milestones in groups without p...
8d54464 2016-03-21 Add specs and add visibility level to admin groups
8b830b8 2016-03-19 Fix specs
0a7f716 2016-03-17 Code fixes
a18ac62 2016-03-17 Block internal groups/projects visibility to external users
44c1274 2016-03-16 Merge 4009-external-users into issue_12658
ec20fdf 2016-03-16 Code improvements and add Create group service
de251bc 2016-03-10 Fix conflicts
96fc1d9 2016-03-10 Add security specs
c3e7028 2016-03-10 Prevent projects to have higher visibility than groups
bd59e59 2016-03-10 Add visibility level icon and a couple of specs
5551ccd 2016-03-10 Code improvements
f2a9ee2 2016-03-10 Add permission level to groups