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7299429 2018-10-01 Update link to documentation testing
1f37e7f 2018-08-07 Update
ec12690 2018-06-27 Fix formatting
4d2cbf7 2018-06-27 Fix broken links
4c77257 2018-06-20 Copyedits
a0e5c29 2018-06-18 Simplified the process
b272518 2018-06-18 Copyedit
8f335b2 2018-06-18 Add how to manage a regression
395b47a 2018-06-15 Fix indentation for 'Current status' section
95dde46 2018-06-07 Resolve "Update docs to reflect the new place of the Kub...
54cdb44 2018-06-05 Add Configuration team to the list
7f1b715 2018-05-28 Resolve "Rename "secret variables" to "variables""
143a98a 2018-05-17 Update
91bb11a 2018-05-11 Vendor Auto DevOps template
c0c2196 2018-05-08 Vendor Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci.yml
1d74a0e 2018-05-04 Resolve "Reconcile project templates with Auto DevOps"
483fe24 2018-03-30 Add better explanation for CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE
51b037e 2018-03-27 Add anchor
d6d202d 2018-03-05 Update
83bef16 2018-03-05 Update
0dcac69 2018-02-07 Add how to get the external ip of a cluster
914415c 2018-02-06 Resolve "Add a link to documentation on how to get exter...
ce9572b 2018-01-29 Add changelog
9eed610 2018-01-25 Resolve "Link to Clusters in Auto DevOps instead of Kube...
e4a4739 2018-01-24 Update Auto-DevOps.gitlab-ci.yml
cd96738 2018-01-19 Change order of jobs in Auto DevOps doc
b80cec4 2018-01-12 Rename ~Prometheus to ~Monitoring
cf84298 2018-01-11 Update links for GCP instructions
f3281f1 2018-01-10 Remove Beta notice for Clusters
8540377 2017-12-22 Clarify Auto DevOps pipelines
1bc5c1a 2017-12-15 Add note about automatic pipelines when enabling Auto De...
bbad7b8 2017-11-23 Merge branch 'winh-autodevops-codeclimate-10-2' into '10...
a330d1b 2017-11-07 Resolve "Fix GKE wording"
7eb821a 2017-11-03 Add application setting to Auto DevOps docs
6e6e0c0 2017-09-29 Fix Auto DevOps banner feature flag
8091cfc 2017-09-27 Add how to use reserved words in gitlab-ci.yml
507d9e8 2017-09-19 Update _show.html.haml
428d5e0 2017-09-19 Add new file
86dd4bb 2017-09-14 Fix typo
48dbeaa 2017-09-07 Add Security on protected branches
1f01815 2017-09-06 Update 'Visibility of pipelines'
1282366 2017-09-05 Add 'Assigning a Runner to another project'
ee62e97 2017-08-30 Update latest artifacts doc
bb1a72c 2017-08-29 Update doc for dind using overlay2
a919188 2017-08-24 Update
b0d7918 2017-08-23 Update
216dac6 2017-08-20 Update Create Project Getting Started
06785f9 2017-08-15 Update publication date
9e71d42 2017-08-03 Update
c90f300 2017-08-03 Update
f38e0d5 2017-08-03 Update
4a9dd1d 2017-08-03 Update
1379f0e 2017-08-03 Update
ed54453 2017-08-03 Update
135e37d 2017-08-03 Update
829a73a 2017-07-25 Update password options
41b9a08 2017-07-21 Add Conclusion
ecd377c 2017-07-03 Update
1697e2c 2017-06-29 Update
5474b4e 2017-06-29 Update
fab6711 2017-06-28 Update
10c2ae8 2017-06-28 Update
43f48bc 2017-06-28 Update
2da50a7 2017-06-28 Update
0abb83c 2017-06-26 Update
a320af5 2017-06-06 Update
0f76c9e 2017-06-06 Add new file
197f00c 2017-06-06 Add new directory
a5c5e49 2017-05-26 Replace "build" with "job"
63af990 2017-05-18 Update edit.html.haml