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#52 Eric Eastwood - All time
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Hash Date Message
4337797 2017-10-19 Check for element before evaluate_script
bc3195d 2017-10-17 Add lazy option to UserAvatarImage
03cd536 2017-10-11 Cleanup data-page attribute after each Karma test
7b0ca61 2017-10-05 Clarify where the artifacts metadata .gz is generated
6a5b2fe 2017-10-05 Allow merge when no pipeline success
8640b29 2017-10-04 Add extra assertions about how the link will open
ff4b8cd 2017-10-04 Dry up external_link? usage
decf044 2017-10-04 Merge branch 'master' into 34102-online-view-of-artifact...
b94a26a 2017-10-04 Use explicit boolean true attribute for show-disabled-bu...
b88f706 2017-10-04 Re-arrange <script> tags before <template> tags in .vue ...
64a60e0 2017-10-03 Fix bottom spacing for dropdowns that open upwards
50063d8 2017-10-03 Add JSON as external pages artifact
4df8e43 2017-10-03 Add translation method to external artifact tooltip
f79f8a8 2017-10-03 Revert back to original size now that we no longer chang...
1bc5d24 2017-10-03 Restore lost artifacts browser image
5696e71 2017-10-03 Fix up artifacts zip size after adding index.html
bca86c8 2017-10-03 Add test for external HTML artifact
b4d9500 2017-10-03 Use CSS to space external link icon from text
8cf22ba 2017-10-02 Add docs for online view of HTML artifacts
95c44a8 2017-10-02 Add changelog for online view of HTML artifacts
3265ccf 2017-09-29 Add external link FE for online artifacts
439e3f0 2017-09-29 Port semi-linear merge strategy to CE (mostly FE)
3468ca8 2017-09-28 Merge branch 'master' into ff_port_from_ee
c8596aa 2017-09-28 Add period to multi-sentence rebase locally message
6f9a6d3 2017-09-26 Merge branch 'master' into ff_port_from_ee
59d6313 2017-09-26 Add test to check for project settings merge strategies
a48c07d 2017-09-26 Use js- classes instead of Vue refs in tests for some perf
f2c23ab 2017-09-20 Use new shared Vue mountComponent method
172bae0 2017-09-20 Fix ff_merge_requests.feature spinach tests
761b2e9 2017-09-20 Port fast-foward spinach specs from EE
1849336 2017-09-20 Port fast-forward widget_spec test from EE
fab5567 2017-09-20 Update fast-forward doc links to point at own docs
fb59f55 2017-09-20 Fix MR docs link to fast-forward section
8e7b881 2017-09-20 Update fast-forward mr widget docs and add images
f7f9847 2017-09-20 Port fast-forward MR widget states from EE
ccdf687 2017-09-20 Port fast-forward merge request setting from EE
5ecfd3c 2017-09-18 Fix MR widget with external CI services/integrations
42d2dfa 2017-09-13 Fix MR ready to merge buttons/controls at mobile breakpoint
066ce89 2017-09-13 Update line-resolve-all checkmark to be green when all d...
2144612 2017-09-06 Remove focus styles from dropdown empty link
90c6013 2017-09-04 Move "Move to different project" to sidebar
7d52f29 2017-08-31 Fix new nav wrapping caret and increasing height
56925ed 2017-08-31 Fix merge button dropdown caret horizontal alignment
934d096 2017-08-29 Remove commented out code
a0814a8 2017-08-29 Better align fallback image emojis
e85362d 2017-08-25 Update and fix resolvable note icons for easier recognition
49df411 2017-08-16 Repo editor with flex layout
5bf22c8 2017-08-14 Add shared getFileExtension helper method
fd8388d 2017-08-14 Remove unused repo store keys
51c8f9e 2017-08-14 Add comment about why we need to stop parsing JSON
a2cb73b 2017-08-14 Use single js- wrapper class to show/hide
d15b5c7 2017-08-14 Scroll total scroll width instead of fixed value
bff7c00 2017-08-14 Switch single fa icon generation to inline
1e593a4 2017-08-14 Remove duplicate setting of variable
cdd28b3 2017-08-14 Reset monacoLoading on failure
6bf4a06 2017-08-14 Remove overflow tabs logic (no longer used)
15f3741 2017-08-14 Remove loading state from repo_tab
a081a60 2017-08-14 Make close/changed icon more accessible
ecb7c53 2017-08-14 Use promise syntax with Helper.getContent
f1e1113 2017-08-14 Split out linkClicked and add tests
06c3309 2017-08-14 Use v-else instead of duplicating logic
d59aed9 2017-08-10 Move syntax highlighting into a method
a80583a 2017-07-18 Update avatar border to be opaque for better stacking
07c7edd 2017-07-06 Update variable rows to be full width with extra button
951dd04 2017-07-05 Add translation string generated .pot
46076f1 2017-07-05 Update scheduled variable translation strings
6128f28 2017-07-05 Use each loop because index is no longer used
2dba0cf 2017-07-05 Add docs for scheduled pipeline variables
cd2d435 2017-07-05 Schedule pipelines with variables
8bc8e01 2017-07-05 Remove unncessary if-statement, thanks @zj
888ce89 2017-07-05 Add docs for scheduled pipeline variables
5576214 2017-07-05 Schedule pipelines with variables
291309f 2017-06-28 Fix scroll flicker
236b921 2017-06-27 Backport inline loading_icon updates from EE
6cb575d 2017-06-23 Add support for multiple tooltips in the same Vue component
9295021 2017-06-21 Add feature spec for dashboard state filter tabs
c0baa43 2017-06-21 Backport filtered search lazy token consistent state fix
5145e39 2017-06-21 Fix linking to line number on parallel diff creating emp...
f7ad9e5 2017-06-20 Fix MR "Changes" diff note up arrow to edit last note
59069c4 2017-06-19 Resolve "slash command" vs "quick action" conflicts
19e12aa 2017-06-19 Fix note highlight being added to new notes
a7750f1 2017-06-19 Enable autocomplete on project snippets
84e23ae 2017-06-19 Fix issue description syntax highlighting and math rende...
e51078e 2017-06-19 Disable autocomplete on snippets comments
3da6d76 2017-06-19 Re-enable autocomplete for milestones, tags, releases, a...
0a46361 2017-06-16 Backport panels styles from EE
ea09029 2017-06-15 Rename "Slash commands" to "Quick actions"
e373ed5 2017-06-14 Fix file diff title and renames alignment in discussions
4182e3f 2017-06-14 Fix autocomplete not working on note edit form
dded02d 2017-06-14 Fix milestone page assignees when dropped in ongoing list
82181f6 2017-06-14 Fix note highlight being lost after real time update
c2045b5 2017-06-13 Backport empty panel heading from EE related issues
d9f6cf9 2017-06-13 Backport issue count badge style refactor for re-use
fd65eeb 2017-06-13 Fix fenced code block misalignment in events/activity
0ef4d3c 2017-06-12 Fix up merge_reqest_tabs import/require conflicts
0ab87bf 2017-06-10 Remove dead singular assignee code in boards
0f3542c 2017-06-08 Fix conflicts in notes.scss
a78456d 2017-06-07 Fix tooltip on pipelines page not updating
efbcaa5 2017-06-06 Fix description flash with newline differences (HTML ent...
c88d9cf 2017-06-02 Fix NPE with horse racing emoji check
0087f93 2017-06-01 Update session cookie key name to be unique to instance ...
d7d01bf 2017-06-01 Maintain notes avatar at smaller breakpoint
ea504a7 2017-05-26 Apply responsive note styles to parallel diffs
20bd76d 2017-05-26 Fix up some notes tech debt
733eec8 2017-05-26 Backport canEdit changes for conditional remove button
07a3a69 2017-05-26 Fix error thrown with missing note fragment in DOM
068e5e2 2017-05-25 Fix note header author and time ago wrapping in parallel...
a7319eb 2017-05-23 Fix sidebar coming up short on mobile
2ae33f8 2017-05-23 Fix group/project name ellipsis button doing nothing
5563bf9 2017-05-22 Fix jQuery data attribute caching issue casuing expandin...
682cfbb 2017-05-19 Fix system note comparison and standardize note setup
f21a315 2017-05-18 Fix missing .original-note-content and trailing new line...
027ad13 2017-05-18 Fix linking to unresolved/expanded diff note
b8b6de4 2017-05-16 Make `gfm_auto_complete` into a module and fix up tech debt
cae2274 2017-05-15 Scope recent searches to project
16da7f2 2017-05-12 Fix linking to resolved note in diff
087ea00 2017-05-11 Fix new branch dropdown position and size
08edfb6 2017-05-11 Fix flickering of system notes
cf34b07 2017-05-03 Add real-time note edits :chipmunk:
e6829ae 2017-05-03 Add enableMap to gl.GfmAutoComplete for partial re-use
3584e74 2017-05-01 Fix MR target branch selector dropdown placement cut-off
c6b5ec0 2017-04-25 Update MR diff blob_fork_suggestion after jQuery update
a27b59f 2017-04-24 Fix diffs with edit-forking needs
5f7b4cb 2017-04-22 Use jQuery niceness on blob_fork_suggestion
36387ce 2017-04-20 Add Fork/Cancel confirmation to "Replace"/"Delete" buttons
0cb6370 2017-04-13 Fix note header timeago and action overlap
0370c7c 2017-04-13 Clear emoji search in awards menu after picking emoji
9855954 2017-04-13 Fix award button smiley jumping out of place
92bc8a9 2017-04-12 Update phrasing via @jschatz1 comments
4dda6fc 2017-04-12 Add docs for recent searches/search history
ae5c16f 2017-04-12 Fix recent searches icon alignment in Safari
b4f0ecd 2017-04-10 Fix edit button on blame page without repo perms
4bf6ffa 2017-04-07 Remove `undefined` class from `.emoji-menu-list`
b42dc1a 2017-04-06 Linking to edit file directly
b7ce488 2017-04-06 Recent search history for issues
93b08c8 2017-04-04 Reset container width when switching to pipelines MR tab
3380ee7 2017-04-03 Fix container issue when switching parallel "Changes" MR...
5107f6b 2017-03-29 Fix linking to new issue with selected template
cf3c439 2017-03-28 Fix link togglers jumping to top
880b53e 2017-03-28 Reset container width when switching to pipelines MR tab
550adac 2017-03-28 Fix custom protected branch pattern jumping scroll posit...
f7d69a7 2017-03-25 Fix up emoji tests that should have failed :/
5e24ac8 2017-03-24 Remove spreadString in favor of polyfilled Array.from
578b901 2017-03-23 Remove forced scroll into view when switching to "Change...
d4c8e84 2017-03-21 Fix "N changed files" link toggler jumping to top
03ebbcc 2017-03-17 Restore sub-nav for empty project
790d9d4 2017-03-17 Fix Unicode 1.1 emojis
a8a52a5 2017-03-16 Protect against unknown emojis in frequently used list
4d40e9c 2017-03-16 Fix link togglers jumping to top
2c230c8 2017-03-16 Restore unicode-file-name images for legacy img emojis
4a0de9b 2017-03-16 Update award emoji button native emoji alignment
f97c1d1 2017-03-14 Fix link togglers jumping to top
3e29936 2017-03-14 Fix first line markdown helper for user profile activity...
e10810d 2017-03-13 Fix missing blob line permalink updater on blob:show
c024248 2017-03-13 Update permalink/blame buttons with line number fragment...
3f5919e 2017-03-09 Add frequently used emojis back to awards menu
ee99301 2017-03-08 Update emojis to use harmony modules (import/export)
3403bdc 2017-03-08 Fix reference to node_modules in built package
5ea6f4b 2017-03-06 Merge branch '26371-native-emojis-v3-code' into '26371-n...
ca132c7 2017-03-06 Update changelog
96cbad2 2017-03-06 Fix up @DouweM review
f602efe 2017-03-06 Fix wrong image src with cached gl-emoji and relative root
2d64925 2017-03-06 Fix up potential for build finish event to fire for wron...
c4801e2 2017-03-06 Fix up off index when reading canvas and something failed
02ce313 2017-03-06 Fix up emoji not being next to autocomplete label
e8b3ac4 2017-03-06 Fix emoji cut-off line-height
a8140d5 2017-03-06 Fix up `watch` alias lookup in Firefox
e6fc020 2017-03-06 Use native unicode emojis
f911b94 2017-03-06 Add emoji images (generated from `rake gemojione:sprite`)
605fff9 2017-03-02 Default to subtle MR mege button until CI status is avai...
1c85d86 2017-02-25 Add MockCiService integration
ae69e87 2017-02-16 Restore pagination to admin abuse reports
21dd33b 2017-02-16 Pick up option from gdk to disable webpack dev server li...
179ae4a 2017-02-15 Seed abuse reports
a855d42 2017-02-15 Fix stray pipelines API request when showing MR
947dcfb 2017-02-14 Use es6-promise package to avoid webpack warnings
f2aa9b4 2017-02-13 Fix current build arrow
be88e94 2017-02-10 Show Pipeline(not Job) in MR desktop notification
584b86d 2017-02-06 Add keyboard shortcut to move to file permalink
34a1e3d 2017-01-27 Fix permalink discussion note being collapsed
6fbf24a 2017-01-26 Fix /explore sorting (trending)
8f4b7e2 2017-01-25 Fix mini-pipeline stage tooltip text wrapping
cfe8350 2017-01-23 Fix autocomplete initial undefined state
c566acb 2017-01-23 Improve button accessibility on pipelines page
1b63b3f 2017-01-21 Fix DropLab in IE11 v1
c0a9ece 2017-01-21 Fix DropLab in IE11 v1
eed6bfe 2017-01-20 Remove rogue scrollbars for some issue comments
f0ed80a 2017-01-16 Fix dropdown filter input value after blur
6c11906 2017-01-16 Fix group/project filters on search page