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#174 Elan Ruusamäe - All time
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Hash Date Message
c2307c3 2018-09-04 doc/ the file is job.log
cd1e6dd 2018-08-17 doc: ci/yaml expire_in: the value is in seconds
e5b5d27 2017-12-27 use html tags so code fence example would work
e0bb698 2017-11-19 fix only-and-except anchor link
261ab85 2017-09-03 fix one more label not expanded issue
53c871d 2017-09-03 fix CD label (it's CI/CD now)
fe1f694 2017-06-12 doc: add example of scheduler when
54abddf 2017-04-27 fix $CI_JOB_ID variable
661e25b 2017-04-18 doc: fix gitaly url typo
194c889 2017-03-28 Update rugged to
d497727 2017-01-27 add information that docker registry storage needs to be...
df3a8d0 2017-01-10 fix changelog entry for !8425
bc380e4 2016-12-06 Update for global custom hooks and chain...
b9176af 2016-11-06 update existing test
3170468 2016-11-04 post_receive: accept any user email from last commit
afc465d 2016-11-01 Update gitlab.yml.example
e8e0461 2016-11-01 remove extra spaces from app/workers/post_receive.rb
ef063e0 2016-09-28 Bump ruby prof to 0.16
ab43e9c 2016-09-13 update gitlab shell secret file also when it is empty
4088401 2016-08-26 doc: fix (batches) being treated as link reference rathe...
faf81b6 2016-08-19 drop execute bit
4e90f10 2016-04-03 use plain shell
4ed40db 2016-03-01 update slack instructions