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4127b35 2018-10-13 Merge branch 'fix-dupilicate-key-license-management' int...
5c4da71 2018-10-08 Merge branch 'clean-up-todos-finder' into 'master'
75b2c9b 2018-10-06 Fix invalid parent path on group settings page
98649be 2018-10-05 Merge branch '52143-use-tiller-directly' into 'master'
7876a73 2018-10-04 Merge branch 'dz-labels-subscribe-filter' into 'master'
2090f2d 2018-10-04 Merge branch 'clone-nurtch-demo-repo' into 'master'
9d476b1 2018-10-04 Refactor labels_filter_path and labels nav
600a10b 2018-10-04 Add subscribe filter to labels page
9117e14 2018-10-03 Merge branch '48004-db-initialize-migrate' into 'master'
49e0837 2018-10-02 Merge branch '51942-auto-devops-local-tiller' into 'master'
f13636b 2018-10-01 Merge branch 'dz-fix-mysql-schema' into 'master'
6c5015e 2018-10-01 Merge branch '48399-skip-auto-devops-jobs-based-on-licen...
ab6b448 2018-09-28 Merge branch 'dz-migration-index-helper' into 'master'
f7e28d2 2018-09-27 Merge branch 'dz-expose-cluster-id-to-jupyter' into 'mas...
5944e07 2018-09-26 Fix undefined format_options method in SchemaDumper for ...
ead82fc 2018-09-21 Rename some css classes that are shared between issues a...
9176ea9 2018-09-21 Move group labels AR code into finder
abab0cd 2018-09-21 Merge branch '47398-user-is-unable-revoke-a-authorized-a...
0c81254 2018-09-21 Add message about disabled oauth feature in user profile
9ab3e60 2018-09-21 Add mysql_compatible_index_length to migration helpers
a293640 2018-09-21 Merge branch 'fix-chat-notification-service-for-ee' into...
d304af4 2018-09-21 Fix spec message in spec/controllers/oauth/applications_...
00057a7 2018-09-20 Merge branch '44998-split-admin-settings-into-multiple-s...
98a319a 2018-09-20 Always allow user to revoke an authorized application
7f8a520 2018-09-19 Unite green buttons under one css class
02129c2 2018-09-18 Add GitLab cluster id to jupyter config
4d02953 2018-09-14 Merge branch 'revert-f87809f7' into 'master'
4c9e53a 2018-09-13 Revert "Merge branch 'dz-add-project-id-to-jupyter' into...
ee57509 2018-09-13 Add project to jupyter cluster app factory spec
f87809f 2018-09-12 Merge branch 'dz-add-project-id-to-jupyter' into 'master'
b21625a 2018-09-11 Merge branch '50835-add-filtering-sorting-for-labels-on-...
8d19f4b 2018-09-10 Add sort dropdown to project labels page and group label...
534f815 2018-09-07 Use optionally_search for group labels index page
eca3015 2018-09-07 Fix group labels page timeout if many projects and labels
464b0de 2018-09-05 Merge branch 'filter-web-hooks-by-branch' into 'master'
0ce39d4 2018-09-05 Remove unnecessary logic from group labels page
d73541d 2018-09-04 Merge branch 'application-settings-cleanup' into 'master'
7add26e 2018-09-04 Merge branch '50879-unused-css-container-fluid' into 'ma...
329f7cb 2018-09-03 Add changelog for group labels feature
400cc09 2018-09-03 Add search to group labels page [ci skip]
f7f1c39 2018-09-03 Merge branch '50853-vendor-auto-devops-gitlab-ci-yml-to-...
a765934 2018-08-24 Refactor project_permissions_panel_data so it can be ext...
b4f7fa0 2018-08-23 Merge branch 'remove-scss-variables-5' into 'master'
fb70407 2018-08-22 Update gitlab-svgs to 1.2.8
aa15c9f 2018-08-22 Add cluster project id to jupyter config
4dd883e 2018-08-21 Add changelog for 2fa sorting in admin area
3091a76 2018-08-21 Fix SQL error when sorting 2FA-enabled users by name in ...
b289075 2018-08-20 Merge branch 'define-abstraction-levels' into 'master'
f2ac086 2018-08-09 Merge branch 'edstub207-#47282-phase2' into 'master'
4aabda6 2018-08-07 Merge branch '48098-mutual-auth-cluster-applications' in...
367e752 2018-08-02 Merge branch 'leipert-get-rid-of-unneeded-commit' into '...
14e8856 2018-08-02 Refactor pipline info box view
9ade8e8 2018-08-02 Merge branch '48834-chart-versions-for-applications-inst...
3cc420b 2018-08-02 Merge branch '49830-use-helm-272' into 'master'
e53e4d4 2018-08-01 Merge branch 'floating-avarage-commit-numbers' into 'mas...
9b433c3 2018-08-01 Merge branch 'dz-labels-search' into 'master'
ac05ebc 2018-07-31 Add frozen_string_literal to search_labels_spec.rb accor...
e0a3701 2018-07-31 Update locale with labels search page strings
d860cf0 2018-07-31 Show different not fount message for project labels search
5137df5 2018-07-31 Make few minor styling changes to project labels page
f128cdb 2018-07-31 Add more specs to labels search feature
300f6ab 2018-07-31 Add more UI logic to label search functionality
c0bf361 2018-07-31 Move search param check into own method in app/finders/l...
8e8cb5b 2018-07-31 Re-generate locale after text modification
4b1b6ac 2018-07-31 Add no labels found block for project labels page
26b2790 2018-07-31 Improve labels search UI on project labels page
bdb1f79 2018-07-31 Add locale entry for filtering by label sentence
4996876 2018-07-31 Add specs for label search backend code
cb32851 2018-07-31 Add changelog for label search feature
85a8c7e 2018-07-31 Add feature specs for project labels search
692d479 2018-07-31 Add search form to project labels page
f42fe0b 2018-07-31 Add ability to filter labels by title or description
c90d763 2018-07-30 Merge branch '48098-mutual-auth-cluster-applications' in...
edf1c1f 2018-07-24 Make ObjectStoreSettings use more explicit and add specs
a3f1592 2018-07-23 Create class responsible for default object store settings
9b01b29 2018-07-20 Merge branch 'jupyter-image' into 'master'
a2376b1 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-49133-10-7' into 'security-10-7'
224b718 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-49133-10-8-stable-port' into ...
36924fe 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-49133-11-0-stable' into 'secu...
7df7b3b 2018-07-17 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-49133-11-1-stable' into 'secu...
426a2d3 2018-07-16 Fix invalid link to
74af876 2018-07-16 Add small improvement to Manifest import feature docs
de72151 2018-07-11 Merge branch '42751-rename-master-to-maintainer-2' into ...
751e178 2018-07-11 Fix CI/CD import
418e40b 2018-07-11 Add newly translated strings to locale/gitlab.pot
543f82a 2018-07-11 Add mysql and postgres spec for manifest import button
ac07634 2018-07-11 Fix a link to subgroup doc from manifest doc
6743147 2018-07-11 Improve manifest feature after backend review
e02efff 2018-07-11 Improve manifest feature frontend after review
97751ca 2018-07-11 Rename button at manifest import form
ca3d185 2018-07-11 Make the manifest import feature spec a postgres only
a4b6707 2018-07-11 Refactor manifest import code
85b0240 2018-07-11 Add feature specs for manifest import
4cee5d2 2018-07-11 Move manifest import to separate page and add feature specs
0f9dacf 2018-07-11 Fix icon for manifest import and mention manifest featur...
b42b379 2018-07-11 Add documentation for manifest import feature
98d29f6 2018-07-11 Add ability to disable manifest import
68f8ae2 2018-07-11 Improve manifest import logic
237a359 2018-07-11 More reliable manifest parser and group-only selector
1885a30 2018-07-11 Fix tests in import_sources_spec.rb
c1af6e4 2018-07-11 Add changelog for manifest import feature
88e6403 2018-07-11 Add manifest import feature
9e85e37 2018-07-06 Remove badges from in favor of GitLab badges f...
ff34ba0 2018-07-03 Merge branch 'dz-dry-nested-group-fixtures' into 'master'
f86d31c 2018-07-02 DRY group creation code in nested groups fixtures
7b1eb2a 2018-06-16 Merge branch 'update-nav-theme-previews' into 'master'
9607ccb 2018-06-15 Merge branch '47851-bump-cache-for-old-master-permission...
9bdd685 2018-06-14 Merge branch '47851-bump-cache-for-old-master-permission...
8070632 2018-06-12 Use instead of
a904314 2018-06-08 Use instead of for jupyter domain suggestion
1b1d51b 2018-06-07 Make request argument required for Applications::CreateS...
66c02b3 2018-06-07 Merge branch 'dz-fix-cluster-oauth' into 'master'
dbbcffa 2018-06-07 Pass request to oauth creation during cluster app install
d68ded2 2018-06-01 Merge branch '46487-add-support-for-jupyter-in-gitlab-vi...
69e9e95 2018-05-31 Fix schema.rb
d52494e 2018-05-31 Fix column order for jupyter table in schema.rb
ee5179c 2018-05-31 Add jupyterhub to cluster doc
0b2ca23 2018-05-31 Improve jupyter app db migrations
22866a2 2018-05-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 46487-...
112bd85 2018-05-30 Add changelog for jupyter cluster app feature
ef5282e 2018-05-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 46487-...
6f52061 2018-05-30 Fix exception in clusters/applications_controller.rb
db9f765 2018-05-30 Rename clusters_applications_jupyters to uncountable
c075a04 2018-05-30 Refactor cluster app creation code in controller
698cd39 2018-05-30 Revert changes to db/schema
7ae4581 2018-05-30 Refactor syntax for spec/models/clusters/applications/ju...
4f68a45 2018-05-30 Remove version lock on awesome_print dependency
e869387 2018-05-30 Merge branch '46844-update-awesome_print-to-1-8-0' into ...
a4c8afd 2018-05-29 Merge branch '46759-ensure-operations-menu-only-visible-...
277ba7f 2018-05-28 Use full path to group settings partials
ecbf5de 2018-05-28 Simplify titles for group settings sections
6d357cc 2018-05-28 Use render_if_exists for group settings page to keep sam...
fcdf393 2018-05-28 Fix tests after group settings page redesign
ba6384e 2018-05-28 Redesign group settings page into expandable sections
b5b72ed 2018-05-25 Add some tests for jupyter app AR model
2ca00a3 2018-05-25 Don't allow jupyter install unless ingress external ip i...
b3cf153 2018-05-25 Add oauth reference to jupyter cluster app
4220e91 2018-05-25 Add support for Jupyter in GitLab via Kubernetes
8a1ac8f 2018-05-25 Add Applications::Jupyter class sceleton
cf99668 2018-05-24 Refactor code around scheduling cluster installations
fba580e 2018-05-22 Update no-ee-check with rubocop recommendation.
470f553 2018-05-21 Add check for top-level ee directory in CE repo
d47d02a 2018-05-18 Move group lists css from framework/lists.scss to pages/...
88fa0ec 2018-05-17 Fix group lists visual
207a38d 2018-05-16 Remove unnecessary section-100 css class from applicatio...
4c4110e 2018-05-15 Remote table-section from div holding cluster error mess...
3016cf2 2018-05-10 Merge branch 'jej/fix-accidental-ee-directory' into 'mas...
61e9a3d 2018-05-10 Add 2FA filter to group members page
15fcd96 2018-04-24 Squash migrations prior to 2014-03-14
04716cb 2018-04-23 Add changelog for 2fa filter in users api
c87c55b 2018-04-23 Add 2FA filter to users API for admins only
aed60da 2018-04-17 Merge branch '10-7-stable-prepare-rc6-fix-conflict-18366...
b1d3090 2018-04-17 Fix conflict in app/controllers/admin/application_settin...
d103a56 2018-04-16 Merge branch 'dz-update-permissions' into 'master'
b6c6adf 2018-04-13 Update invalid test application_settings_controller_spec.rb
6106cad 2018-04-13 Don't reset application settings oauth providers by mistake
bcf7a7e 2018-04-13 Don't reset application settings import sources
1309a2c 2018-04-12 Update with guidance for developing new f...
9d220da 2018-04-10 Merge branch '42770_setup_security_products' into 'master'
cf9a8cd 2018-04-06 Merge branch 'dz-add-plugins-note' into 'master'
bf54baa 2018-04-06 Add note about contributing back to GitLab to
cd8c913 2018-04-04 Remove unused form for admin application settings
442528e 2018-04-04 Move the rest of application settings to expandable blocks
242345a 2018-04-04 Move network related app settings to expandable blocks
618959e 2018-04-03 Remove unnecessary section looking in admin settings qa
0f538c1 2018-04-03 Explicitly use page context for qa/factory/settings/hash...
611dea8 2018-04-02 Add button type to settings toggle
896ae6f 2018-04-02 Move repository, storage, abuse settings and logging set...
e0a73d7 2018-03-29 Move background jobs, spam and performance bar app setti...
528758f 2018-03-27 Fix admin settings spec
42040e6 2018-03-27 Move ci/cd, influx and prometheus app settings to expand...
7cc870f 2018-03-26 Put forms from expandable sections into fieldset to ensu...
aa19ca4 2018-03-26 Remove gray background from app setting expandable sections
6f9ea7c 2018-03-26 Improve application settings page according to feedback
e4587cf 2018-03-26 Move UI of several application settings to expandable block
0b849e8 2018-03-16 Merge branch 'jej/commit-api-tracks-lfs' into 'master'
1326758 2018-03-16 Merge branch '43522-technical-debt-service-disabled_titl...
bf5a277 2018-03-13 Merge branch '44096-update-zaproxy-image-in-auto-devops-...
3d64cb6 2018-03-12 Merge branch '44096-update-zaproxy-image-in-auto-devops-...
92e1198 2018-03-09 Merge branch 'blackst0ne-add-rails5-method' into 'master'
aeab4e6 2018-03-07 Use Project#full_name instead of name_with_namespace
001a28d 2018-03-07 Merge branch 'dz-plugins-project-integrations' into 'mas...
30b76e4 2018-03-06 Add feature test for plugins on system hooks page
674f873 2018-03-06 Remove plugins from project integrations page
9fb733c 2018-03-05 Revert few more broken specs related to *_with_namespace...
f53cf3c 2018-03-05 Revert js changes to name_with_namespace
a87bd1d 2018-03-05 Update workers spec to use full_path instead of path_wit...
8fe9995 2018-03-05 Replace deprecated name_with_namespace with full_name in...
1b54a8c 2018-03-05 Replace deprecated name_with_namespace with full_name in...
86df5c6 2018-03-05 Replace deprecated path_with_namespace with full_path
9d250a8 2018-03-05 Remove boolean icons from plugins page
f51e218 2018-03-05 Render plugins list on system hooks page
9c50f96 2018-03-05 Show plugins list on project integrations page
6f152fd 2018-03-01 Update specs to respect Project#namespace_id not null co...
f9e0c90 2018-03-01 Add changelog for namespace_id not null migration
1f11fde 2018-03-01 Update schema with latest migration
ba2f8a6 2018-03-01 Make project#namespace_id not null
a96ba41 2018-02-28 Remove trailing line from plugin logger
886d442 2018-02-28 Improve plugins documentation and remove unnecessary rak...
2577ff7 2018-02-28 Refactor plugins feature and make some doc improvements
4eed9a1 2018-02-27 Fix few typos in plugins doc
f0a6439 2018-02-27 Refactor plugin execution method
2150b2c 2018-02-27 [ci skip] Add example of rake plugins:validate output to...
8c9e4d3 2018-02-27 Add documentation for plugins feature
b3c0253 2018-02-27 Merge branch '41851-enable-eslint-codeclimate' into 'mas...
865c9ab 2018-02-27 Add plugin feature to changelog [ci skip]
ac8a0fa 2018-02-27 Few code improvements for spec/lib/gitlab/plugin_spec.rb
79d9112 2018-02-26 Add plugin queue to all_queues.yml
98831a4 2018-02-26 Exclude plugins dir from rubocop and codeclimate config
7424e0e 2018-02-26 Add specs for Gitlab::Plugin [ci skip]
3073f1a 2018-02-26 Handle excpetion in PluginWorker
4b99823 2018-02-26 Add plugin queue to sidekiq config [ci skip]
3337130 2018-02-26 Use Gitlab::Popen instead of spawn [ci skip]
84097de 2018-02-26 Add /plugins to gitignore
ba95015 2018-02-26 Reorganize plugins dir structure
645dceb 2018-02-26 Run plugins as separate process and pass data via STDIN
eff5746 2018-02-26 Redesign plugins system
5bb435d 2018-02-26 Remove plugin initializer and add plugins:validate rake ...
b985fe9 2018-02-26 Add generator for plugins
9be0c27 2018-02-26 Add external plugins support to extend system hooks
1ffa07e 2018-02-26 Ignore content in plugins dir
e6af203 2018-02-26 Add plugins dir
61939ba 2018-02-21 Merge branch 'ad-inline-doc-to-codequality-job' into 'ma...
eb27350 2018-02-19 Merge branch 'update-vendored-auto-devops-template-for-l...
5935cb0 2018-02-16 Merge branch 'update-vendored-auto-devops-template-for-l...
28ef8cc 2018-02-06 Add sorting options for /users API (admin only)
a74c73d 2018-02-02 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
39b765b 2018-02-01 Change SAST confidence level in .gitlab-ci.yml
bebb9c0 2018-01-31 Merge branch 'rc/remove-brakeman-from-codequality' into ...
cb8ab6b 2018-01-10 Explicitly enable webmock in spinach env
3c7fbb8 2018-01-09 Use 0.69 version of codeclimate image for CI code quali...
0788b37 2018-01-05 Merge branch 'api-domains-expose-project_id' into 'master'
c85c0cc 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'mdelaossa/gitlab-ce-31995-project-limit-de...
58a705a 2018-01-04 Merge branch 'ce-gitaly-remote-mirror-prep' into 'master'
5e6dd15 2017-12-25 Merge branch 'patch-28' into 'master'
87bae6d 2017-12-25 Merge branch 'gitaly-remotes' into 'master'
ef82cbe 2017-12-23 Remove security checks from static analysis and add sast...
8c0e571 2017-12-22 Explictly require Gitlab::Utils in ProjectFeaturesCompat...
f77b8bc 2017-12-19 Merge branch 'docs/sast' into 'master'
0b19319 2017-12-15 Merge branch 'docs/sast' into 'master'
8b436fb 2017-12-15 Merge branch 'backport-ee-3706' into 'master'
c70ffe1 2017-11-21 Remove unnecessary css for .documentation-index
c1b2017 2017-11-20 Add wiki css to help page
c7f0d2b 2017-10-30 Revert "Merge branch '2518-saved-configuration-for-issue...
400557f 2017-10-12 Merge branch 'gitaly-fetch-remote' into 'master'
f1b8d79 2017-10-02 Merge branch 'fix/gpg/case-insensitive' into 'master'
9cd0d68 2017-09-19 Add rake task to check db schema is valid
d931cac 2017-09-07 Update schema.rb from db:migrate and fix invalid index c...
8a2aab4 2017-09-06 Merge branch 'tc-test-admin-log-links' into 'master'
6f96cca 2017-09-01 Merge branch 'gitaly-shell-redis' into 'master'
2007cca 2017-08-14 Merge branch 'fix/thread-safe-gpgme-tmp-directory' into ...
725b383 2017-08-14 Merge branch 'fix/thread-safe-gpgme-tmp-directory' into ...
ec2d6b4 2017-08-09 Explain why we use select all for project_url_constraine...
1439115 2017-08-08 Merge branch 'gitaly-find-commit' into 'master'
6e87034 2017-08-02 Merge branch '35815-webhook-log-encoding-error' into 'ma...
ac0cbe6 2017-07-27 Merge branch 'feature/gpg-signed-commits' into 'master'
c68f833 2017-07-25 Merge branch 'bvl-fix-api-in-path-regex' into 'master'
a53cc48 2017-07-25 Merge branch 'bvl-free-unused-names' into 'master'
3a0b9e0 2017-07-24 Adjust tests to work with latest shoulda gem
ff3d3cc 2017-07-24 Fix today day highlight in calendar
cc577b8 2017-07-24 Update tests for new version of shoulda-matchers
eafb03c 2017-07-24 Remove unnecessary from controller specs
8f0eef8 2017-07-24 Update shoulda-matchers gem to 3.1.2
921e5ab 2017-07-21 Capitalize Sidekiq word in dev doc
5d90de1 2017-07-21 Update with removing or renaming ...
6b8ad68 2017-07-20 Update grape gem
571297e 2017-06-30 Remove unnecessary pull command from codeclimate job
2d33952 2017-06-30 Merge branch '34502-gitlab-git-hook-should-set-the-gl_re...
c051d47 2017-06-29 Fix codeclimate job in .gitlab-ci.yml
0664715 2017-06-29 Cleanup codeclimate.json file generated by CI
816038c 2017-06-27 Improve sed regex for codeclimate ci job
8312b9a 2017-06-27 Update .gitlab-ci.yml
913f583 2017-06-27 Remove unused data from code climate artifact
0aa5f08 2017-06-26 Move another group member spec from spinach
6904381 2017-06-26 Fix leave_group_spec.rb
a67ff8e 2017-06-26 Move "remove group member" spec from spinach to rspec
c56f787 2017-06-26 Rename group member specs for consistent naming
195cf2a 2017-06-26 Fix wrong scenario title to owner_manages_access_request...
f2174f2 2017-06-26 Merge group request access specs under one file
5300a89 2017-06-26 Remove group members spinach tests that we already cover...
9f87b34 2017-06-26 Combine group leave feature specs in one file
134ba0b 2017-06-22 Merge branch 'dm-tree-json' of
f516b8d 2017-06-22 Expose last_commit information for tree and blob when se...
397a0a1 2017-06-22 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dm-tre...
b541adc 2017-06-16 Merge branch 'fix-group-url' into 'master'
4b962ef 2017-06-15 Add extra data for RenderBlob json
f994e49 2017-06-14 Merge branch 'dz-add-codeclimate-job' into 'master'
9ab675c 2017-06-14 Exclude more path from codeclimate job
a8892be 2017-06-14 Improve codeclimate.yml to avoid timeouts
1f941ee 2017-06-14 Add codeclimate job to .gitlab-ci.yml
423ed22 2017-06-14 Add yarn cache to code climate ignore list
8ce11fc 2017-06-08 Merge branch '12614-fix-long-message' into 'master'
657bc80 2017-06-06 Add json support to group members leave action in contro...
30f4f6b 2017-06-05 Fix link to ee code quality doc
9c2ca7a 2017-06-05 Add changelog for submodule subgroup fix
2eec0b7 2017-06-05 Fix submodule link to then project under subgroup
144f0e0 2017-06-05 Backport CI codeclimate example doc change from EE
ea531e1 2017-06-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 25426-...
3fc4b2c 2017-05-31 Merge branch 'feature-flags-flipper' into 'master'
b8aed23 2017-05-29 Add codeclimate.yml
1ed7b76 2017-05-25 Merge branch '17848-web-hook-logging' into 'master'
a4407e7 2017-05-22 Merge branch 'dz-rename-pipelines-settings-tab' into 'ma...
dda6695 2017-05-19 Merge branch 'dm-fix-readme-project-view' into 'master'
e74f3b0 2017-05-18 Add Code Climate CLI example to CI documentation
c75f1d3 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'dm-tree-last-commit' into 'master'
afef4a6 2017-05-17 Add spec for last commit info when browsing repository f...
fb67ea4 2017-05-17 Merge branch 'dm-consistent-commit-widget' into 'master'
787b314 2017-05-15 Ruby files that are not meant to be executable should be...
bbd1be0 2017-05-12 Change project list cache key to use route.cache_key ins...
1028e05 2017-05-12 Add parent full path to project list cache key
9189cff 2017-05-11 Rename CI/CD Pipelines references to just Pipelines in docs
5352307 2017-05-11 Rename CI/CD Pipelines to Pipelines in the project settings
09c2aab 2017-05-10 Merge branch '20517-delete-projects-issuescontroller-red...
11ff9fc 2017-05-08 Merge branch '28359-skip-process-commit-worker-unless-is...
d9d59cd 2017-05-06 Allow users autocomplete by author_id only for authentic...
5bce197 2017-05-04 Serialize groups as json for Dashboard::GroupsController
aaf37ea 2017-05-02 Merge branch '19364-webhook-edit' into 'master'
c277b2c 2017-04-28 Add tests for Oauth::AuthorizationsController
b8dc4c7 2017-04-28 Collect all users by single query when using Member#add_...
22ed9c0 2017-04-27 Make api/v3/deployments_spec to actually tests v3
1c408df 2017-04-27 Increase code coverage for admin/cohorts page
c7df977 2017-04-26 Merge branch 'backport-md-cache-fix' into 'master'
46973f3 2017-04-25 Bump gitlab-shell version to 5.0.3
1f3b410 2017-04-24 Fix outdated specs that were not executed due to wrong f...
bc695e2 2017-04-24 Fix incorrect spec filenames which were ingored by CI
1005389 2017-04-22 Merge branch 'submodules-no-dotgit' into 'master'
c6960de 2017-04-21 Refactor add_users method for project and group
bae1644 2017-04-20 Refactor Admin::GroupsController#members_update method a...
5f08760 2017-04-17 Move some project/group members spinach tests to rspec
395fca1 2017-04-17 Refactor members controller destroy action
7de7592 2017-04-17 Refactor controller code that creates project/group members
27f519a 2017-04-17 Removes `Repository#version` method and tests
0424f3f 2017-04-11 Update changelog with MR id
525ea06 2017-04-11 Move permission to create subgroup into GroupPolicy
e585b77 2017-04-10 Change project view default for existing users and anony...
d88a238 2017-04-07 Merge branch 'dz-hide-zero-counter' into 'master'
6ed59e1 2017-04-07 Hide header counters for issue/mr/todos if zero
f51adf8 2017-04-05 Add more tests for subgroups feature
0617876 2017-04-05 Fix subgroup repository disappearance if group was moved
e894284 2017-03-21 Hide ancestor groups in the share group dropdown list
ca0d843 2017-03-20 Improve rename projects migration
cd4db7b 2017-03-13 Reserve few project and nested group paths
fdb1a15 2017-03-10 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-members' into 'master'
ca66799 2017-03-09 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-members' into 'master'
5b52adc 2017-03-09 Fix group members method for project import/export
26f28f9 2017-03-09 Show members of parent groups on project members page
72e940d 2017-03-09 Merge branch 'change-activity-view-wording' into 'master'
e16e1d5 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-restrictions' into 'master'
24f1ee5 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'fix-project-last-commit-padding' into 'mas...
81aec00 2017-03-07 Merge branch 'remove-readme-option' into 'master'
e6cc7a0 2017-03-07 Restrict nested group names to prevent ambiguous routes
2d006b4 2017-03-04 Merge branch 'dashboard-filter-search-keep-params' into ...
c13c1e1 2017-03-04 Improve explore projects spinach test
8a910ba 2017-03-04 Improve projects/groups list js code
d673366 2017-03-04 Merge branch 'dz-change-project-view' into 'master'
5bb6a85 2017-03-03 Refactor projects filtering by name
b3971d0 2017-03-03 Change default project view for user from readme to file...
44bba43 2017-03-02 Merge branch '26348-cleanup-navigation-order' into 'mast...
d95ac1b 2017-03-02 Merge branch 'dm-group-reference-full-name' into 'master'
bb062eb 2017-03-02 Merge branch 'dz-dashboard-groups-search' into 'master'
f440bfd 2017-03-02 Improve groups list specs
b7c30ca 2017-03-01 Add filter and sorting to dashboard groups page
e7fb394 2017-03-01 Merge branch '28837-remove-help-duplicate' into 'master'
261f5a6 2017-02-28 Merge branch '26348-group-members-rearrange' into 'master'
f7b0805 2017-02-28 Merge branch '27934-left-align-logo' into 'master'
54f6357 2017-02-28 Merge branch 'dm-dont-share-projects-with-group-ancestor...
8a52257 2017-02-28 Merge branch '27354-navigation-new-button' into 'master'
4830a8b 2017-02-28 Merge branch 'dm-nested-group-shared-projects' into 'mas...
49ebd81 2017-02-28 Merge branch 'dz-rubocop-skip-builds' into 'master'
eae1f38 2017-02-28 Ignore builds dir when run rubocop check
74faf4c 2017-02-27 Add development fixtures for nested groups
1229ce0 2017-02-27 Merge branch 'sh-async-delete-children' into 'master'
334591d 2017-02-27 Include nested group into destroy_service_spec
35b31ba 2017-02-15 Merge branch 'create-new-project-ui-fix' into 'master'
6038355 2017-02-15 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-improvements-3' into 'mas...
dcdab2a 2017-02-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into dz-nes...
efc82eb 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'master' into 'dz-nested-groups-improvement...
6676b4f 2017-02-14 Use Namespace#full_path instead of Namespace#path
c485394 2017-02-14 Expose Namespace#full_path in namespaces API
c867fba 2017-02-14 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-gfm-alt' into 'master'
2c55fd0 2017-02-13 Add GFM support to nested groups
6588f8e 2017-02-10 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-members-page' into 'master'
5f85487 2017-02-10 Show parent group members for nested group
de65731 2017-02-10 Merge branch 'dz-patch-1' into 'master'
fe04d92 2017-02-09 Update
059d1ae 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'dz-create-nested-groups-via-ui' into 'mast...
3d20670 2017-02-09 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-api' into 'master'
a6a3df6 2017-02-08 Merge branch 'dz-fix-route-rename-descendants' into 'mas...
4d40c3c 2017-02-08 Fix route rename descendants if is blank
8820f3c 2017-02-08 Merge branch 'dz-refactor-full-path' into 'master'
2989192 2017-02-08 Store group and project full name and full path in route...
df97481 2017-02-08 Add nested groups to the API
f642a46 2017-02-08 Limit level of nesting for groups
f39dbf3 2017-02-07 Allow creating nested group via UI
7dc8b6b 2017-02-03 Merge branch 'fwn-to-find-by-full-path' into 'master'
d6450bb 2017-01-30 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-improvements-2' into 'mas...
ba2d7ed 2017-01-30 Improve search within group logic
fae9814 2017-01-30 Add changelog item about new attributes in group api
bbd8d0d 2017-01-30 Update group api doc with full_name and full_path attrib...
b4bf3cd 2017-01-30 Add tests for nested groups in search service and search...
d6febca 2017-01-30 Include nested groups items into search results
15ad1d8 2017-01-30 Use full group name/path in UI dropdowns
4480bef 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'dz-fix-group-canonical-route' into 'master'
8a9597f 2017-01-25 Merge branch 'dz-nested-groups-access-improvements' into...
52c5f9c 2017-01-25 Add User#nested_groups and User#nested_projects methods
0d9e80c 2017-01-24 Fix 500 error for Group#web_url method if nested group
9a985f6 2017-01-19 Merge branch '23563-document-presenters' into 'master'
51c4b20 2017-01-13 Refactor Namespace code related to nested groups
3551a62 2017-01-06 Whitelist next project names: assets, profile, public
4b19c1a 2017-01-05 Merge branch 'dz-rename-reserved-project-names' into 'ma...
23fc1f6 2016-12-29 Merge branch 'dz-nested-group-misc' into 'master'
283e868 2016-12-29 Refactor nested group related code
f1a1058 2016-12-29 Merge branch 'dz-fix-milestones-spec' into 'master'
f7d6fbf 2016-12-29 Wait for ajax request to complete when testing milestont...
c595b41 2016-12-29 Merge branch 'dz-nested-group-access' into 'master'
9f39953 2016-12-28 Improve Group#users_with_parents method
7f1d954 2016-12-28 Fix 500 error when visit group from admin area if group ...
ff6f74b 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'dz-rename-reserved-project-names' into 'ma...
6024697 2016-12-27 Merge branch 'master' into 'dz-rename-reserved-project-n...
dbfac0d 2016-12-26 Rename users with namespace ending with .git
10de4e3 2016-12-26 Show nested groups tab on group page
9410f21 2016-12-26 Add nested groups support to the Groups::CreateService
7b4b3d5 2016-12-26 Include group parents into read access for project and g...
d72b404 2016-12-24 Rename projects with reserved path names
8d516e6 2016-12-22 Merge branch 'dz-whitelist-more-project-names-2' into 'm...
6d9c1d3 2016-12-22 Merge branch 'dz-whitelist-more-project-names-2' into 'm...
1c2d901 2016-12-21 Whitelist next project names: notes, services
e1bf40e 2016-12-21 Whitelist next project names: help, ci, admin, search
21153f3 2016-12-21 Rename groups with .git in the end of the path
8b92e9c 2016-12-21 Allow projects with dashboard as path
95e0fac 2016-12-19 Fix Route#rename_children behavior
b6a1c0b 2016-12-15 Add missing group policy spec
82f9957 2016-12-15 Refactor Namespace#parents method
abad9a9 2016-12-14 Merge branch 'dz-remove-namespaces-path-uniq' into 'mast...
4bdfb03 2016-12-14 Merge branch 'master' into 'dz-remove-namespaces-path-uniq'
f8a17a3 2016-12-13 Add tests for Namespace#full_name method
78115dc 2016-12-13 Use full_name for Group in UI
d806230 2016-12-13 Add parents method to Namespace
921673b 2016-12-13 Merge branch 'dz-create-routes-lower-index' into 'master'
5c06875 2016-12-13 Use full group name for admin group index and show pages
8128ce3 2016-12-13 Show full path for nested groups at dashboard groups list
6328f26 2016-12-13 Show full path in header UI for nested groups/projects
ec25abe 2016-12-13 Add AddLowerPathIndexToRoutes to setup_postgresql.rake
211f019 2016-12-12 Add index to routes table on lower path for postgresql
161d7c0 2016-12-12 Modify namespace name and path validation
3e0b8e0 2016-12-11 Rename Routable.where_paths_in to Routable.where_full_pa...
d7010fd 2016-12-11 Create nested group factory
b552a4e 2016-12-11 Validate presence of route by Routable concern
d8b7df3 2016-12-11 Add support for nested groups to admin routing
83232be 2016-12-08 Add nested groups support on data level
7e42c22 2016-12-06 Fix 404 error when visit group label edit page
5fedc46 2016-12-05 Merge branch 'refactor-create-service-spec' into 'master'
6683fdc 2016-11-23 Add nested groups support to the routing
5949f39 2016-11-21 Fix 500 error when group name ends with git
beb638c 2016-11-21 Fix 404 on some group pages when name contains dot
b494097 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'remove-empty-fixture-file' into 'master'
0aca947 2016-11-17 Merge branch 'patch-9' into 'master'
e38acad 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'move-snippet-discover-spinach-test-to-rspe...
bf06a07 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'setter-for-key' into 'master'
6bf8739 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'move-snippet-search-spinach-test-to-rspec'...
05be65f 2016-11-16 Merge branch 'rs-disable-changelog-merge' into 'master'
c334188 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'dz-refactor-contraints' into 'master'
5395f92 2016-11-08 Fix routing spec for group controller
35142a0 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'dz-refactor-project-routes' into 'master'
0e1444f 2016-11-08 Merge branch 'dz-refactor-group-routes' into 'master'
08d21fe 2016-11-08 Add small improvements to constrainers and specs
34962c7 2016-11-08 Update non-exist group spinach test to match routing
7061131 2016-11-07 Refactor namespace regex
4199012 2016-11-07 Refactor project routing
8357ae9 2016-11-07 Fix 404 when visit /projects page
591e183 2016-11-07 Add tests for project#index routing
314ef63 2016-11-07 Fix project index
4ca3db3 2016-11-07 Refactor group routing
82e551b 2016-11-07 Refactor routing constraints
6cd508d 2016-10-31 Merge branch 'dz-bump-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
0c2cd34 2016-10-31 Bump gitlab-shell version to 4.0.0
b7d3fc1 2016-10-28 Merge branch 'dz-internal-api-fullpath' into 'master'
440604a 2016-10-28 Refactor storage path extraction from full repo path
084dde9 2016-10-27 Merge branch 'dz-revert-revert' into 'master'
3095ac0 2016-10-27 Make internal api work with full repo path instead of name
3be445c 2016-10-27 Revert "Revert "Change "Group#web_url" to return "/group...
1f84dba 2016-10-24 Merge branch 'yesbabyyes/gitlab-ce-22967-adding-zero-use...
ccd81a8 2016-10-24 Add changelog item for groups 404 on relative url
672704f 2016-10-24 Add relative url support to routing contrainers
7ded7c1 2016-10-24 Update project member controller to match recent master ...
f5659ac 2016-10-24 Add parentheses around return redirect_to method
80ea344 2016-10-24 Trigger change even in select2 test helper to produce pr...
bedbb7b 2016-10-24 Refactor js that disable form submit if no members selected
3608f92 2016-10-24 Improve create project member test at project_members_co...
52707ac 2016-10-24 Move changelog item to 8.14
1eba14a 2016-10-24 Refactor create member tests from group_members_controll...
c822788 2016-10-24 Refactor groups/projects members controller
9dbd5b3 2016-10-24 Revert "Change "Group#web_url" to return "/groups/twitte...
33ee90b 2016-10-20 Merge branch 'dz-spinach-wait-ajax' into 'master'
9180bdd 2016-10-20 Merge branch 'remove-unused-code-project-members-control...
44f718c 2016-10-19 Merge branch 'dz-start-8-14' into 'master'
2fabd1a 2016-10-19 Change the order of tested methods in project_members_co...
ce78bdf 2016-10-19 Its time for 8.14 in master
357c794 2016-10-19 Refactor project_members_controller_spec
fa07577 2016-10-19 Refactor group_members_controller_spec
7bc5598 2016-10-18 Merge branch 'dz-spinach-wait-ajax' into 'master'
82033e2 2016-10-18 Wait for ajax for every merge request spinach test
a5f5c02 2016-10-17 Add todo for deprecated user routes and more information...
d2591df 2016-10-17 Merge branch 'fix_test_env' into 'master'
23cb84b 2016-10-17 Merge branch 'dz-fix-group-milestone-creation' into 'mas...
5c9a54d 2016-10-17 Merge branch 'dz-fix-spinach-mr' into 'master'
d00d3e2 2016-10-17 Merge branch 'fix-spinach-atom-feed-failure-due-to-carri...
77bbd98 2016-10-17 Fix randomly crashing spinach test for merge request
052de06 2016-10-17 Merge branch 'fix-trending-projects-spinach-failure' int...
a453dac 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'dz-fix-branches-tab-test' into 'master'
dabf8a8 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'fix-merge-request-diff-spinach-failures' i...
cd6af26 2016-10-16 Fix active tab test for branches page
9e30b75 2016-10-16 Fix merge requests feature tests
b1b197a 2016-10-16 Wait for ajax call in merge request unsubscribe test
195c105 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'dz-fix-group-milestone-creation' into 'mas...
9449fe1 2016-10-16 Fix 500 error when creating mileston from group page
94c9dc5 2016-10-16 Merge branch 'dz-fix-group-with-dot' into 'master'
c48f715 2016-10-16 Fix 404 when group path has dot in the name
5cf1024 2016-10-15 Merge branch 'dz-handle-unmatched-routes' into 'master'
8ef91a0 2016-10-15 Merge branch 'dz-fix-extract-path' into 'master'
b0622d6 2016-10-14 Revert "Update git over http test to match new routing"
d60d5fe 2016-10-14 Improve ExtractsPath logic related to atom format
2b9a25b 2016-10-14 Handle unmatched routing with not_found method
6743566 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'dz-fix-user-select'
c736ffd 2016-10-14 Validate user id for users select autcomplete
48d223d 2016-10-14 Merge branch 'issue-23306-fix' into 'master'
d7324f0 2016-10-14 Move edit group scenario to rspec and refactor groups_spec
4b889db 2016-10-13 Merge branch 'rs-loosen-request_store' into 'master'
41de407 2016-10-13 Add user routing rename to CHANGELOG
cb7872c 2016-10-13 Remove /u/ prefix from user pages in documentation
bc4d732 2016-10-13 Update users routing spec
2c5a95c 2016-10-12 Rename users routing from /u/:username to /users/:userna...
3dd7ad5 2016-10-12 Improve mr compare message when base is different
d0fb183 2016-10-12 Fix CHANGELOG
c65c800 2016-10-12 Inform user when comparing 2 version with different base
b48c4b2 2016-10-12 Refactor straight compare diff code
7421c08 2016-10-12 Better tests for MergeRequestDiff#compare_with method
cdcc11d 2016-10-12 Improve tests for merge request diff model
afe28b7 2016-10-12 Add mr version improvement to changelog
1bb64ec 2016-10-12 Add spec for compare service
ac4db38 2016-10-12 Use straight diff approach when compare merge request ve...
c143003 2016-10-12 Bump gitlab_git to 10.6.8
02a4cf4 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'build-instead-create-in-label-link-spec' i...
e6a23d6 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'remove-empty-describe' into 'master'
73adae0 2016-10-11 Merge branch 'dz-cleanup-routing' into 'master'
c69b818 2016-10-10 Fix duplicate entry in CHANGELOG
dc37ef6 2016-10-10 Better wording in API readme
3e49123 2016-10-10 Fix api users spec for post request with invalid id
137ebcf 2016-10-10 Replace undefined Grape routing code from 400 to 404
fdfc936 2016-10-10 Fix API specs behaviour for invalid routing
d6cfc00 2016-10-10 Catch any undefined API routing and return 400 Bad Request
68ab704 2016-10-10 Update git over http test to match new routing
66c32ca 2016-10-10 Remove NamespacesController
49d6ca6 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'dz-root-url' into 'master'
b356c7d 2016-10-06 Update user routing spec after constrainer logic changed
42c6555 2016-10-06 Make user constrainer lookup same as controller and add ...
1052603 2016-10-06 Fix users feature spec
6b90ccb 2016-10-06 Change user & group landing page routing from /u/:name &...
ab18d6b 2016-10-06 Merge branch 'issue-board-api-support' into 'master'
4bc27cd 2016-10-05 Merge branch 'dz-more-route-cleanup' into 'master'
b9e259d 2016-10-05 Cleanup config/routes.rb even further by extracting more...
ba4c392 2016-10-05 Merge branch 'dz-split-routes' into 'master'
a7352c3 2016-10-05 Put namespaces#show route below user ssh keys route
b315182 2016-10-05 Put user keys routing back below project routing
f223a41 2016-10-05 Split routes on multiple files
8c280b1 2016-10-04 Merge branch 'cs-upgrade-acts-as-taggable-on' into 'mast...
d9f9ad9 2016-10-03 Merge branch 'fix-sidebar' into 'master'
f2c0f82 2016-10-03 Merge branch '22851-keep-scroll-location-when-collapsing...
81ee443 2016-10-03 Merge branch 'document-need-owner-or-master-permission-f...
2f76f75 2016-10-03 Merge branch '22773-add-comparison-link-to-system-note' ...
3b55460 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'patch-3' into 'master'
15afe27 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'robmv/gitlab-ce-issue21305'
9d48bac 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'patch-6' into 'master'
e7e7828 2016-09-30 Merge branch 'patch-6' into 'master'
d238ff2 2016-09-28 Add changelog for duplicate branch bug in mr version fea...
63d8270 2016-09-28 Fix duplicate master entries in the mr versions dropdown
b0af83f 2016-09-27 Merge branch 'dz-profile-organization' into 'master'
0614cf1 2016-09-27 Add extra check for api users spec
c17383a 2016-09-27 Improvements to user organization field feature after co...
d0b556e 2016-09-27 Add User#organization to users api
107866d 2016-09-27 Dispaly organization name at user page
0275f20 2016-09-27 Add organization field to user profile
1aca367 2016-09-26 Merge branch 'rs-remove-gitlab_meta' into 'master'
a1b7bee 2016-09-21 Update merge request versions documentation with new scr...
c2a7e7b 2016-09-21 Merge branch 'master' of
5533fd1 2016-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
535ce11 2016-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
56311d2 2016-09-08 Refactor code for bulk update merge requests feature
7891aec 2016-09-08 Refactor merge requests bulk update spec
1a18eb5 2016-09-08 Fix issues bulk update from issues index page
274e6c4 2016-09-08 Add changelog item for merge requests bulk update
035a38f 2016-09-08 Fix issuable_bulk_update_path and merge request spinach ...
af9dc97 2016-09-08 Make merge requests bulk update working
f28ca29 2016-09-08 Add bulk update support for merge requests list
d41fc61 2016-09-07 Refactor compared_diff_version method in merge requests ...
6f7a3ee 2016-09-07 Refactor merge request version compare feature
5f0535a 2016-09-07 Improve merge request version feature
ffdfdc2 2016-09-07 Expand abbreviations in merge request version path helper
a449124 2016-09-07 Add changelog entry and documentation for merge request ...
aacb4ca 2016-09-07 Refactor code for merge request version compare feature
45a984b 2016-09-07 Add more tests for merge request versions feature
96b83a5 2016-09-07 Improve merge request version switch/compare dropdown
8b2e065 2016-09-07 Compare merge request version against other version on c...
9b5a838 2016-09-07 Add link to compare merge request versions
26bd854 2016-08-30 Merge branch 'zj-title-for-ci-lint-page' into 'master'
a943ccf 2016-08-25 Change the way merge request diff compare works
70fe671 2016-08-25 Make it more obvious when the user isn't currently viewi...
d64c15c 2016-08-25 Add code improvements to merge request version feature
03671c3 2016-08-22 Add changelog item for merge request versions feature
4b1a98b 2016-08-22 Fix db schema via db:migrate:reset
7b3fd81 2016-08-22 Disable comments on older merge request diff
d7a9dcc 2016-08-22 Fix merge request diff cache service spec
dde44b8 2016-08-22 Fix merge request diff api
eb355de 2016-08-22 Restore diff_sha_refs method
9329436 2016-08-22 Merge branch 'master' into dz-merge-request-version
6db6514 2016-08-19 Merge branch 'master' into dz-merge-request-version
74461cc 2016-08-19 Fix merge request versions api doc
e067e69 2016-08-19 Make sure merge request is fetched before collecting bas...
b99f841 2016-08-19 Update contribution acceptance criteria with tests requi...
15bbab8 2016-08-15 Add test requirement for new files
a94553a 2016-08-15 Fix merge request diffs spec
49d63dc 2016-08-15 Fix and refactor merge request diff_refs method
643a368 2016-08-15 Make merge request diff works with new FileCollection logic
5e95c0b 2016-08-15 Merge branch 'master' into dz-merge-request-version
94a7198 2016-08-15 Fix merge request diff create and head_commit_sha compat...
29ac60d 2016-08-15 Change the way old merge request diff handled
a8fe213 2016-08-12 Add documentation for merge request versions
ac07213 2016-08-12 Add single merge request diff API endpoint
445edcf 2016-08-12 Remove unnecessary   in merge request versions drop...
58bde30 2016-08-10 Merge branch 'update-ui-guide--svgs' into 'master'
28e33df 2016-08-09 Load merge request versions without loading whole diff f...
d99d519 2016-08-08 Add MergeRequest#branch_merge_base_commit method
2836b47 2016-08-08 Merge branch 'master' of
13cabe7 2016-08-05 Add newlines styleguide for Ruby code
6df51b3 2016-08-04 Merge branch 'dz-improve-content-list' into 'master'
4e0c62c 2016-08-04 Remove unnecessary empty line after css var
e9015b3 2016-08-04 Set consistency in list text height css
08f5f89 2016-08-03 Fix project id param for merge request version API
69096ad 2016-08-03 Update merge request versions API to match styleguide
9a5f408 2016-08-03 Add API to list merge request diff versions
8c8bdb7 2016-08-02 Merge branch 'convert-switch-icon-to-font' into 'master'
159998a 2016-08-02 Fix merge request spec for update diff note
fc8d2fb 2016-08-02 Build diff_refs for merge request if merge request diff ...
fa9bcf9 2016-08-02 Merge branch 'remove-unused-js-libraries' into 'master'
7cb8ceb 2016-08-02 Fix creation and reload of the merge request diff
6515ec0 2016-08-02 Chnage the way how merge request diff is initialized and...
f8aeb8c 2016-08-02 Change merge request diff creation from callback to part...
3c1dca0 2016-08-02 Add more tests to merge_request_diff and improve initialize
0e974b5 2016-08-02 Refactor MergeRequestDiff initialize method
b0a0238 2016-08-02 Reload merge request association reload when update code
8e031ce 2016-08-02 Remove requirement for base_commit_sha to allow creation...
5cad2d2 2016-08-02 Add improvements to merge request versions
964742f 2016-08-02 Ensure merge request is created with valid diff object
988836b 2016-08-02 Refactor MergeRequestDiff model
5d5f2cf 2016-08-02 Add feature test for merge request version
09fa013 2016-08-02 Refactor merge request diff
6190216 2016-08-02 Add small visual improvements to merge request version s...
dbd58dc 2016-08-02 Improve merge request version switcher
b8fef7e 2016-08-02 Add ability to render different merge request versions
94ca25c 2016-08-02 Improve merge request diff creation and update tests
ceff810 2016-08-02 Create merge request diff on merge request creation
2afcc9e 2016-08-02 Create new version of merge request diff on push instead...
2acb8a3 2016-08-02 Change merge request diff index to be not uniq
d93d78d 2016-07-23 Merge branch 'dz-avatar-border' into 'master'
87a5d71 2016-07-22 Add light border to rounded avatars
37249c1 2016-07-20 Merge branch 'fix-help-paths' into 'master'
1d7ac16 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'fix-help-paths' into 'master'
1cd573e 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'new-issue-bg-color' into 'master'
78cd5b8 2016-07-19 Merge branch 'dz-small-ui-improvements' into 'master'
c367fa8 2016-07-18 Merge branch 'dz-improve-markdown' into 'master'
df8e4f3 2016-07-18 Make repository files list UI a bit more compact
6ba1c27 2016-07-18 Make sub navigation background color darker for better v...
888b945 2016-07-18 Reduce font-size for headers for nicer and more compact ...
cd64bae 2016-07-18 Merge branch 'patch1' of
de204b9 2016-07-15 Merge branch '4424-improve-ui-admin-area' into 'master'
e2afc1f 2016-07-14 Merge branch 'dz-nicer-sidebar' into 'master'
c7818ed 2016-07-14 Improves left static sidebar behaviour
ed787e1 2016-07-14 Merge branch 'rs-delimit-in-ui-guide' into 'master'
ecd301d 2016-07-13 Merge branch 'master' of
6820fdf 2016-07-12 Merge branch 'dz-rename-personal-access-tokens' into 'ma...
d6e43f1 2016-07-12 Update Access Tokens link title to match the text
850bb6d 2016-07-12 Merge branch 'dz-small-ui-improvements' into 'master'
c0bad6c 2016-07-12 Merge branch 'dz-ui-guide-nav' into 'master'
5d742a3 2016-07-12 Improve wording in UI guide
c4fb58e 2016-07-11 Fix typo in UI guide
4765a34 2016-07-11 Add rule about adding new header tab to the ui guide
7040c1b 2016-07-11 Rename profile navigation tab 'Personal Access Tokes' to...
3239c5f 2016-07-11 Merge branch 'dz-sidebar-shadow' into 'master'
f020ece 2016-07-11 Merge branch 'dz-today-issue-color' into 'master'
8fa1957 2016-07-11 Refactor box-shadow style for sidebar to satisfy css lint
d794c96 2016-07-11 Lower case todya issue colors
f52e83a 2016-07-09 Make color that highligh today issues more lightweight
454e6c7 2016-07-09 Add side shadow for unpinned sidebar
440345b 2016-07-09 Merge branch 'dz-subnav-darker' into 'master'
5369743 2016-07-09 Make subnavigation a bit darker color
706f0e5 2016-07-09 Merge branch 'dz-button-capitalize' into 'master'
3bae69a 2016-07-08 Update with button capitalize rule
ecfbb96 2016-07-07 Merge branch 'member_timeago' into 'master'
b37b7de 2016-07-07 Fix invite user feature test and improve request member ...
197b979 2016-07-07 Improve UI for member row on project/group members pages
de073cf 2016-07-07 Merge branch 'services_refactoring1' into 'master'
fe9246b 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'project-header' into 'master'
63f9c8d 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'dz-remove-profile-sidebar' into 'master'
05e7227 2016-07-05 Set user data in profile link in the header
7facedf 2016-07-05 Fix profile test to click on header user profile link
bca4768 2016-07-05 Remove current user link to the profile from sidebar
c20ab9f 2016-07-05 Merge branch 'dz-add-profile-settings-link' into 'master'
1a5348d 2016-07-05 Add profile settings link to header user dropdown
fd2b2dc 2016-07-04 Merge branch 'master' of
c6bfad2 2016-07-04 Merge branch 'user-avatar-header' into 'master'
b734167 2016-07-04 Merge branch 'more_descriptive_git_shell_messages' into ...
edcdeb8 2016-07-04 Remove icons from file edit tabs
aa9b97f 2016-07-04 Merge branch 'git_hooks_better_message' into 'master'
de15781 2016-07-01 Remove icons from some buttons which already has text
d3b2820 2016-06-30 Merge branch '19003-file-view-subnav' into 'master'
99e5ae1 2016-06-30 Merge branch 'global-ajax-error-handler' into 'master'
1c2e7af 2016-06-30 Merge branch 'issue-18886' into 'master'
8b67529 2016-06-30 Merge branch 'remove-converalls-gem' into 'master'
2efee5f 2016-06-30 Merge branch '19003-file-view-subnav' into 'master'
13d5d99 2016-06-30 Move changelot item "Add sub nav to file page view" to 8...
2485c5d 2016-06-30 Fix changelog for 8.9.3
b881128 2016-06-28 Merge branch '19171-pinned-width' into 'master'
0aa7472 2016-06-28 Merge branch '19170-mobile-buttons' into 'master'
abc6004 2016-06-28 Merge branch '19170-mobile-buttons' into 'master'
bbbd0e6 2016-06-28 Merge branch '19171-pinned-width' into 'master'
4071be4 2016-06-22 Time for 8.10.0-pre
93106e1 2016-06-22 Merge branch '18855-wrap-code-in-activities-and-todos' i...
04827fc 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18533-graphs-wiki-subnav' into 'master'
93004a8 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'rename-code-to-repo' into 'master'
1cc3d14 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18533-graphs-wiki-subnav' into 'master'
ff84cc0 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'master' into 18533-graphs-wiki-subnav
76c6b9c 2016-06-21 Put wiki page history content into container
1551615 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'rename-code-to-repo' into 'master'
5a93a59 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'li-fade'
ddea2e3 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18881-horizontal-nav-arrow'
5ecae72 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'li-fade'
6975a8c 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18787-user-img-compare' into 'master'
df689bd 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18787-user-img-compare' into 'master'
44fe4f6 2016-06-21 Merge branch 'master' of
dcf8304 2016-06-21 Merge branch '18881-horizontal-nav-arrow'
3f12e8d 2016-06-20 Put some admin settings in dropdown
6082716 2016-06-20 Fix admin appearance settings preview
73d4317 2016-06-20 Move appearance settings as sub tab to application settings
fcf3b9d 2016-06-16 Move admin->runners tab as subnav of overview tab
e09d573 2016-06-15 Merge branch '18338-change-admin-navigation-to-match-new...
c279f40 2016-06-15 Add bottom padding for merge request command line text
bcbe9b4 2016-06-15 Fix admin hooks spec
d5efd17 2016-06-15 Fix admin active tab tests
d8563bd 2016-06-15 Merge branch 'master' of
d4cd6dc 2016-06-14 Merge branch 'settings-dropdown-permissions' into 'master'
6aefd3c 2016-06-13 Merge branch 'dz-cleanup-counters' into 'master'
0e50fa2 2016-06-13 Remove counters from Pipeline navigation
714a60b 2016-06-11 Merge branch 'nav-offscreen-dz-patch' into 'master'
f3cbd4b 2016-06-11 Merge branch '18417-nav-offscreen' into 'master'
a46b4f1 2016-06-11 Center layout navigation and remove icons
0cdfa8a 2016-06-11 Merge branch '18463-search-form-padding-is-too-damn-high...
8f3c049 2016-06-10 Merge branch 'labels-placement' into 'master'
308bb56 2016-06-10 Add CHANGELOG item for labels/milestones navigation change
95f15b1 2016-06-10 Render issues link on issues subnav unless you visit mer...
d4b2f5d 2016-06-10 Render only issues/mr in subnav depends on context
1976a44 2016-06-10 Move Labels and Milestones as sub tab to Issues/MR
cdcca06 2016-06-08 Remove icons from button on wiki pages. Also consistent ...
477c113 2016-06-08 Improve buttons size and paddings in the lists
7d3dae2 2016-06-08 Use responsive top-area on project branches and tags pages
c5e6292 2016-06-08 Use default button size in the content list controls
cd36f29 2016-06-08 Improve button margin for btn-grouped css class
bf9e482 2016-06-08 Remove unnecessary icons from buttons
1dc0017 2016-06-08 Cleanup and imrpove issue/mr buttons
366ad9f 2016-06-08 Reject idea of using white/gray button depends on bg color
e533890 2016-06-08 Improve button color for issue and mr pages
c3024af 2016-06-08 Use hex value instead of rgba for gray border color
aa7cef9 2016-06-06 Merge branch 'master' of
2444f3e 2016-06-03 Merge branch 'dz-rename-registry-tab' into 'master'
3f4ac2f 2016-06-03 Merge branch 'dz-code-tab'
334cb86 2016-06-03 Update test since branch removal does not render templat...
db2109b 2016-06-03 Fix more tests with new Code tab
7cfb445 2016-06-03 Update tests to match new Code tab logic
56a17a7 2016-06-03 Put project Files and Commits tabs under Code tab
ae5f17a 2016-06-03 Merge branch 'dz-more-ui-guides' into 'master'
94b0da4 2016-06-02 Merge branch 'rs-todo-has-tooltip' into 'master'
814b26c 2016-06-02 Fix typo
33c4994 2016-06-02 Add icons and buttons to UI guide
b856bd6 2016-06-02 Shorter name for Container Registry tab
4621531 2016-06-01 Merge branch 'dz-one-ci-cd-tab' into 'master'
cb261ab 2016-06-01 Merge branch 'master' of
8959de2 2016-06-01 Merge branch 'rs-event-common-has-tooltip' into 'master'
390ea8e 2016-05-28 Merge Builds and Pipelines tab into one
40a9e39 2016-05-26 Return header title for new project page
cdcb354 2016-05-26 Remove header title from project pages
adc64e4 2016-05-26 Merge branch 'master' of
f7da994 2016-05-25 Write some thoughts to the UI guide
c04f85a 2016-05-25 Merge branch 'rs-rubocop-nottonot' into 'master'
16ca3ee 2016-05-23 Merge branch 'project-navigation-redesign' into 'master'
510b5c5 2016-05-23 Move files tab before commits tab to follow same order a...
f34a9f1 2016-05-23 Fix badge count UI for pipelines menu item
3d4ef74 2016-05-23 Use start_with? instead of regex
438b186 2016-05-23 Merge branch 'rs-rubocop-rspec' into 'master'
2f1828a 2016-05-23 Add changelog item for project navigation UI
2f4dc1e 2016-05-23 Merge branch 'master' into project-navigation-redesign
c6f5af1 2016-05-23 Its time for 8.9
a768c04 2016-05-20 Fix fork counter ui bug for safari
b7d83ac 2016-05-18 Merge branch 'master' of
253a017 2016-05-18 Merge branch 'meinac/gitlab-ce-change_deprecated_render_...
1227a1b 2016-05-18 Merge branch 'patch-1' into 'master'
5da1c23 2016-05-18 Merge branch 'fix-typo-zen-control' into 'master'
c5e3c79 2016-05-18 Merge branch 'remove-bottom-margin-for-flash-message-on-...
5ba5269 2016-05-17 Fix dashboard shortcuts
442083e 2016-05-16 Fix file browsing test
ff5109e 2016-05-16 Fix shortcuts tests
4ade5ff 2016-05-16 Merge branch 'dz-fix-sidebar-overlap' into 'master'
e9fdfb9 2016-05-16 Fix left sidebar overlap when scroll on long menu
79b9ff6 2016-05-16 Modify tests to match new navigation behaviour for proje...
7365ac6 2016-05-16 Fix spec for new project navigation
29211b4 2016-05-16 Implement new horizontal navigation to project pages
c3f68b1 2016-05-14 Merge branch 'dz-change-sidebar-colors' into 'master'
cf6d4e9 2016-05-14 Change colors for charcoal and graphite sidebar themes
7a83f2c 2016-05-13 Merge branch '17338-sidebar-width' into 'master'
8ece393 2016-05-13 Merge branch '17501-dropdown-bug' into 'master'
0808a87 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'dz-fix-issue-sidebar' into 'master'
9a7a041 2016-05-13 Fix login btn vertical align
2148566 2016-05-13 Fix issue sidebar top position after header height change
22ff0d3 2016-05-13 Merge branch 'dz-improve-sidebar-design' into 'master'
6da2405 2016-05-13 Add UI changes in 8.8 to changelog
ae89161 2016-05-13 Remove background color differentiation from gitlab logo...
c37006f 2016-05-13 Merge branch '17485-broadcast-msg' into 'master'
98d8e3f 2016-05-10 Change dashboard button color to white on hover
0f1cf1d 2016-05-10 Minor consistency fixes to sidebar & header
0c4fb72 2016-05-10 Merge branch 'mobile-navigation-redesign' into 'master'
21f942a 2016-05-10 Merge branch 'master' of
618033f 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'master' of
90ae445 2016-05-09 Merge branch 'rs-remove-wall_enabled' into 'master'
e1ee587 2016-05-08 Merge branch 'hiring' into 'master'
2e11622 2016-05-06 Merge branch 'dz-improve-group-settings' into 'master'
dd03cfd 2016-05-06 Make group settings button white instead of gray for bet...
ecd7c1d 2016-05-06 Merge branch 'nice-todos-bell' into 'master'
27ae068 2016-05-06 Merge branch 'dz-refactor-group-subnav' into 'master'
64ef2e0 2016-05-06 Move group settings navigation to own partial
235d70d 2016-05-06 Update db/schema.rb after running db:migrate:reset
2dcd3f2 2016-05-06 Annotate models
b1230bb 2016-05-06 Merge branch 'group-navigation-redesign' into 'master'
5a8b8ba 2016-05-05 Fix group settings dropdown for group members and visitors
4bef939 2016-05-05 Remove group rss icon since it depends on context and du...
3592a59 2016-05-05 Merge branch 'master' into group-navigation-redesign
bdda1ee 2016-05-03 Fix 404 on group page if user is not member of page
268868b 2016-05-03 Improve milestone page UI
774af93 2016-05-03 Remove go to dashboard test suite for group page and get...
d8440b3 2016-05-03 Fix active state for group pages if user not logged in
01aed0c 2016-05-03 Dont specify sidebar for group and group settings layouts
df5b73e 2016-05-03 Merge branch 'master' into group-navigation-redesign
606e09c 2016-05-02 Fix table borders
b0cfd2a 2016-05-02 Use correct border color between table rows
e31b471 2016-05-02 Make files list more compact by reducing row height from...
1dfd051 2016-05-02 Remove duplicate entry in the CHANGELOG
f3f820d 2016-04-29 Move modal css to separate file and fix danger text for ...
9ef18c6 2016-04-28 Replace outdated bluish colors with default bg color
ce92b3d 2016-04-28 Merge branch 'navigation-redesign' into 'master'
435b1c0 2016-04-28 Reuse more popular colors
e9eeeaa 2016-04-28 Redesign navigation for group pages
4a3f3bc 2016-04-28 Make layout navigation gray and fluid
adc296e 2016-04-28 Make application header light gray
6c0ed63 2016-04-27 Merge branch 'ie-browser-update' into 'master'
47d269c 2016-04-27 Merge branch 'rs-letter_opener_web' into 'master'
44a18c6 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'fix-issue-with-assignee-not-updating' into...
b79c5c4 2016-04-25 Merge branch 'rs-503-page' into 'master'
a600b4b 2016-04-22 Merge branch 'fix-issue-with-assignee-not-updating' into...
ac08a9f 2016-04-21 Add db:migrate task to CI
f4859b9 2016-04-21 Merge branch 'top-navigation-concept' into 'master'
832cdd3 2016-04-20 Merge branch 'backport_changes_from_ee' into 'master'
f93b0f3 2016-04-20 Layout navigation should respect layout width settings
52268d1 2016-04-19 Fix tests and remove counters
324e576 2016-04-19 Implement top navigation concept for profile area
eb467ae 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'master' of
51b777f 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'dz/system-hooks-ui' into 'master'
45525ed 2016-04-19 Add push events to permit params in system hooks
161a419 2016-04-19 Merge branch 'feature/system_hook_push' into 'master'
8614ff7 2016-04-19 Allow enable/disable push events for system hooks
8ead3d0 2016-04-19 Add CHANGELOG item
c634d37 2016-04-19 Bump version to 8.8.0-pre
2b8fc13 2016-04-18 Merge branch 'edit-last-comment' into 'master'
7dce9b1 2016-04-16 Merge branch 'fivehundred_on_ui_help' into 'master'
ec3f4f5 2016-04-14 Projects on group page should be sorted by last activity...
ab4ea37 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'rs-archive-cache-worker-cron' into 'master'
87cd46c 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'master' of
59c735b 2016-04-13 Merge branch 'rs-gitlab-com-check' into 'master'
6a21094 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'complexity/descrease-abc-size-threshold' i...
5999fec 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'rs-form_errors' into 'master'
1794e93 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'rs-code-review-guide' into 'master'
986b4a5 2016-04-11 Merge branch 'rs-remove-markdown-tips' into 'master'
4a1fdc7 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'remove-todo' into 'master'
0396c85 2016-04-08 Merge branch 'rs-testing-guide' into 'master'
8f95864 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'admin-pages-layout' into 'master'
4b3747b 2016-04-04 Add missing changelog item about improving navigation si...
be6f1c7 2016-04-04 Single quotes paradise
f9fd003 2016-04-04 Fix missing paddings in admin area
3e6d27e 2016-04-04 Dont use monospace font for names
531e4bd 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'fix-ui-event' into 'master'
d5fadfe 2016-04-04 Improve UI for admin/groups page
11c1dda 2016-04-04 Fix event rendering when create project
5e8740e 2016-04-04 Merge branch 'fix-sidebar-exapnd' into 'master'
1be3c63 2016-04-04 Fix transparent bg for expand sidebar button
2ed6cd9 2016-04-02 Merge branch 'new-navigation-prototype' into 'master'
31b27ad 2016-04-02 Fix milestones tab active state and tests
8479405 2016-04-01 Fix some active tab tests that are broken because of 2 l...
4a8bd9f 2016-04-01 Some tweaks to new sidebar
22479fd 2016-04-01 Remove tests with back button
de6360f 2016-04-01 Improve styling for new complex sidebar
03f2dd9 2016-04-01 Hide sidebar completely when collapsed
dbc96f0 2016-04-01 Refactor left navigation sidebar to use 2 levels
18dd525 2016-04-01 Concept of 2 level navigation sidebar
ba0c9b8 2016-04-01 Remove 1px whitespace between nav tabs and underline whe...
a4a8bfd 2016-03-31 Use border color variables for input
6ed46aa 2016-03-31 Fix icons color in the header
80e1ce1 2016-03-31 Fix placeholder color
c27b578 2016-03-31 Fix event rendering for certain event types
fa9d140 2016-03-30 Merge branch 'precompile-emoji-urls' into 'master'
4a01b5e 2016-03-30 Merge branch 'functional-closed-sidebar' into 'master'
877f56c 2016-03-30 Merge branch 'master' into decouple-member-notification
1a293a4 2016-03-30 Update migration comment
065faac 2016-03-30 Test changing notification settings per project fron not...
49f9873 2016-03-30 Add changelog item
949431f 2016-03-30 Update API to use notification_level from notification_s...
26631f9 2016-03-30 Change how notification settings in profile are rendered...
729fe42 2016-03-30 Improve project notification settings explanation
5583197 2016-03-30 Create NotificationSettings object only when user change...
f8f68d6 2016-03-30 Fix few bugs related to recent notifications refactoring
71e7b39 2016-03-30 Refactor creating notification setting with defaults
630c86a 2016-03-30 Add spec for user_id uniq in NotificationSetting model
86418c4 2016-03-30 Remove useless Notification model
08b3d7f 2016-03-30 Refactor notification helper and fix notification service
855b282 2016-03-30 Improve db migrations for notification settings
4ca73f5 2016-03-30 Small refactoring and cleanup of notification logic
b8f3843 2016-03-30 Update NotificationService to use NotificationSettings i...
7ea1bca 2016-03-30 Create notification setting when membership created
359157c 2016-03-30 Introduce NotificationSetting to user interface
73c5a34 2016-03-30 Migrate notification setting from members table
31b0e53 2016-03-30 Introduce NotificationSetting model
54957d6 2016-03-29 Merge branch 'rs-fix-migrations' into 'master'
f8b9dda 2016-03-29 Merge branch 'ci-setup-info' into 'master'
d73e128 2016-03-28 Merge branch 'master' of
55df9a7 2016-03-28 Merge branch 'functional-sidebar' into 'master'
0f00a75 2016-03-28 Dont use small font size for commits list
ef4ca66 2016-03-28 Use standard button size for new file
3bb47bb 2016-03-28 Fix vertical align for files tab top navigation
6e86ef8 2016-03-28 Add border bottom and margin for readme holder
1922e3a 2016-03-26 Bump VERSION
ea8bd20 2016-03-26 Merge branch 'feature--preferences-dashboard-groups' of ...
c44de4f 2016-03-26 Merge branch 'rs-remove-release-docs' into 'master'
2fdf928 2016-03-26 Merge branch 'ci-setup-info' into 'master'
179bae9 2016-03-25 rescue Rugged::ReferenceError in Repository#gitlab_ci_ym...
3dc0c3e 2016-03-25 For some reason this test fails without javascript so ad...
80c3cbf 2016-03-25 Make sure ci status colors are same and respected on mos...
02b585e 2016-03-25 Repository breadcrumbs and file header links should be dark
1853d71 2016-03-25 Fix link colors by using content-list for commits
b5c9637 2016-03-25 Make sure CI status icons have same color across all app
ed8e1fa 2016-03-25 Make sure Repository#gitlab_ci_yml is safe to use even w...
9e7e2c6 2016-03-25 Small refactoring and rewording
b105b84 2016-03-24 Use head tree (cached) for file search. Also add some tests
3b1543c 2016-03-24 Detect build setup state based on gitlab_ci.yml presense
d21b3a0 2016-03-24 Add links to CI setup documentation from project setting...
834dae6 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'fix-image-mode-view-diff' into 'master'
08a892b 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'fix-image-mode-view-diff' into 'master'
cbc0762 2016-03-21 Merge branch 'rs-use-kaminari-default' into 'master'
5203a98 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'refactor-ui-lists' into 'master'
daeed3f 2016-03-18 Refactor colors and lists
16c62f0 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'refactor-variables' into 'master'
5e27288 2016-03-18 Cleanup somce css colors
3837f44 2016-03-18 Re-group scss variables
75cc6a3 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'fix-group-members-ui' into 'master'
fde975f 2016-03-18 Merge branch 'fix-group-members-ui' into 'master'
5ae95b1 2016-03-17 Add space to separate different files in diff
21952cc 2016-03-17 Add side padding to content-list if inside panel
9403142 2016-03-15 Merge branch 'filter-bug-fix' into 'master'
19ecfb5 2016-03-15 Merge branch 'group-projects-page' into 'master'
6c791f7 2016-03-14 Redesign project tabs on group page
d324bf8 2016-03-14 Merge branch 'share-project-ce' into 'master'
37ba5a1 2016-03-14 Merge branch 'improve-issues-filter-all-spec' into 'mast...
e8b3b92 2016-03-13 Bring share project with group API from EE
e1dffa3 2016-03-12 Render project members from shared group
a3b626b 2016-03-12 Merge branch 'projects-finder-ee-compatible' into 'master'
e12e937 2016-03-12 Bring share with group feature documentation from EE
55ceda1 2016-03-12 Bring shared project feature tests from EE
9a95b15 2016-03-11 Add share project from group lock
068fd5d 2016-03-11 Add finders logic and tests for shared projects feature
8901336 2016-03-11 Allow users to access project shared with their group
f8163c8 2016-03-11 Show shared projects on group page
746ac56 2016-03-11 Add functionality to setup share of project with group v...
ea5f4ca 2016-03-11 Bring ProjectGroupLink model and migrations from EE
1f08363 2016-03-11 Merge branch 'comment-error' into 'master'
90ffb1c 2016-03-10 Fix header title
e3efce9 2016-03-10 Move group activity feed to separate page for consistenc...
83593e4 2016-03-10 Use modern syntax
ec52d5b 2016-03-10 Fix projects pagination via ajax
fdfcc1a 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'rs-sprite-task' into 'master'
e72ae40 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'rs-bump-poltergeist' into 'master'
b0b72c3 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'master' of
0f14980 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'master' of
68f1535 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'rs-traits-are-good' into 'master'
bc14d81 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'rs-snippets-dont-expire' into 'master'
c674ffe 2016-03-09 Merge branch 'improve-archived-projects'
14df110 2016-03-05 Merge branch 'issue-sidebar-mobile' into 'master'
62067c5 2016-03-04 Align projects sort checkbox
619321d 2016-03-04 Fix test
38984a5 2016-03-04 Show active sorting method for projects list
ee0f5bb 2016-03-04 Add test for archive toggle feature
2c431f8 2016-03-04 Add projects list sort dropdown to group page
bebf34a 2016-03-04 Make projects sort dropdown shared so it can be reused f...
acb2112 2016-03-04 Add option to show archived projects on dahsboard
954b983 2016-03-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/issue_5854'
d6f26e4 2016-03-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/sort-starred-projects'
e1bc808 2016-03-03 Merge branch 'fix-explore-projects' into 'master'
1e71798 2016-03-03 Use helper for font-awesome icons
1a0a687 2016-03-03 Improve UI for explore projects page
afe9a07 2016-03-03 Revert "Revert "Sort starred projects on dashboard based...
617bb10 2016-03-03 Revert "Sort starred projects on dashboard based on last...
70d6455 2016-03-03 Sort starred projects on dashboard based on last activit...
11b6aea 2016-03-03 Merge branch 'refactor-projects-list' into 'master'
0ca056e 2016-03-03 Merge branch 'todos-counter' into 'master'
022e385 2016-03-03 Remove unnecessary project limit argument from group pro...
2320499 2016-03-03 Use normal font weight for todos counter
7455d95 2016-03-03 Refactor projects list
7e710ac 2016-03-03 Merge branch 'issue_4095' into 'master'
5b0cada 2016-03-02 Merge branch 'rs-update-sprockets' into 'master'
4c8721b 2016-03-01 Refactor UI header for logged out users
c081928 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'sidebar-overlap-fix' into 'master'
d4e327a 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'login-flash' into 'master'
352ea5d 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'sidebar-overlap-fix' into 'master'
b4c842b 2016-03-01 Add CHANGELOG and test
c9a8f2a 2016-03-01 Enable search for logged-out users
b43d022 2016-03-01 Add bottom margin for flash container on login page
7d41e4d 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'rs-update-rails' into 'master'
e11ab45 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'issue_13648' into 'master'
710b335 2016-03-01 Merge branch 'fix-migration' into 'master'
333ad73 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'revert-6f85eb38' into 'master'
e736405 2016-02-29 Revert "Merge branch 'issue_5854' into 'master' "
6f85eb3 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'issue_5854' into 'master'
eb9838d 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'issue_13648' into 'master'
864eb8c 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'fix-migration' into 'master'
7e5e825 2016-02-29 Fix broken migration
912e643 2016-02-29 Merge branch 'improve-todos-css' into 'master'
72d0282 2016-02-27 Small css cleanup for todos feature
cc8b087 2016-02-26 Merge branch 'refactor-lists' into 'master'
421aa85 2016-02-26 Improve help UI page
012ea64 2016-02-26 Fix description margin for groups list
d51f3b7 2016-02-26 Refactor styles for merge requests list
2b5a648 2016-02-26 Refactor styles for issues list
2e2b96a 2016-02-26 Refactor css for groups list
82064a7 2016-02-26 Refactor css for snippets list
5a1afb4 2016-02-26 Cleanup css for projects list
820d227 2016-02-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/Baertierchen/gitlab...
fc31840 2016-02-24 Merge branch 'andywgrant/gitlab-ce-master' into 'master'
7655891 2016-02-18 Merge branch 'bugfix/jschatz1/sidebar-fixes/02-18-16' in...
7f7eef2 2016-02-18 Merge branch 'bugfix/jschatz1/sidebar-fixes/02-18-16' in...
27b732a 2016-02-18 Merge branch 'rs-update-unicorn' into 'master'
465d187 2016-02-13 Fix spinach test for wiki markdown render
0d866d8 2016-02-12 Merge branch 'rs-loosen-nokogiri' into 'master'
22808a2 2016-02-10 Merge branch 'fix-explore-filter' into 'master'
c466f38 2016-02-08 Update tests to match new wiki header
997a317 2016-02-07 Set of small improvements to wiki frontend
6a7f2b9 2016-02-07 Set of small UI fixes to project and profile pages
26f3cc4 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'feature/jschatz1/sidebar-features' into 'm...
008ef89 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'bug/jschatz1/sidebar-issues' into 'master'
2611acf 2016-02-05 Improve placeholder: search -> Search
fed80f2 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'fix-double-page' into 'master'
b0d5aea 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'improve-broadcast-messages' into 'master'
9bf85c0 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'paginate-dashboard-projects' into 'master'
989caae 2016-02-05 Improve admin broadcast messages page
0c449e3 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'improve-nav-controls' into 'master'
eaad236 2016-02-05 Remove project-issuable-filter from admin builds page :)
9258636 2016-02-05 Re-use top-are css component for issues/mr pages
ce39d62 2016-02-05 Add support for inline form in nav-controls component
f8526fe 2016-02-05 Fix project filter form rendering
9d483a5 2016-02-05 Merge branch 'list-padding' into 'master'
42e0e35 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'search-on-groups-is-ugly' into 'master'
34096bf 2016-02-04 New padding for lists
3720b98 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'fuzzy-file-search-menu-shortcut-placement'...
34edb3a 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'feature/jschatz1/issuable-sidebar' into 'm...
c5ed929 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'fix-test' into 'master'
9f86fcd 2016-02-04 Fix broken tests
dfe1264 2016-02-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rs-database-info'
d9624bb 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'rs-backport-ldap-2fa' into 'master'
e933a50 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'remove-newrelic' into 'master'
2d9d2e7 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'better-search-autocomplete'
9ae125e 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'new-issue-projects-sort' into 'master'
70e44d6 2016-02-04 In search autocomplete show only groups and projects you...
ff5f089 2016-02-04 Sort projects by last activity for new issue dropdown
8d94874 2016-02-04 Merge branch 'sort-projects-dropdown' into 'master'
9f8acf8 2016-02-04 Satisfy rubocop
3b080be 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'use-top-area' into 'master'
de6f288 2016-02-03 Sort projects by last activity for project switcher in h...
0887425 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'master' into use-top-area
ccd99ef 2016-02-03 Update test after changes build page css
c8224f0 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'dashboard-sort-dropdown' into 'master'
f8a3370 2016-02-03 Fix tests
73bd729 2016-02-03 Add sort dropdown to dashboard projects page
a441658 2016-02-03 Remove useless text tips on commonly used pages
8cd2590 2016-02-03 Use top-area component for top page navigation for pages...
6f8ae85 2016-02-03 Fix missing space between fork and star icons
259c0d0 2016-02-03 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-support-token-retrieval-b...
754538b 2016-02-03 Use right margin for componened other than button for to...
faacb78 2016-02-03 Tried to align form input vertically with other elements...
ad5acec 2016-02-03 Make nav-controls responsive and hide on extra small scr...
4beae99 2016-02-03 Refactor nav controls section (search and new project/gr...
df922d8 2016-02-03 Add number_with_delimiter and remove unnecessary dara pl...
639b25e 2016-02-03 Improve UI consistency between projects and groups lists
5af15ba 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'update-newrelic-gem' into 'master'
3031309 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'Michi302/gitlab-ce-fix/pagination-links' i...
b828e5f 2016-02-02 Merge branch 'rs-regression-issue-guidelines' into 'mast...
c3df208 2016-02-01 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-add-svg-support' into 'ma...
da8e0f8 2016-02-01 Merge branch 'take-guidelines-into-account-for-mrs' into...
55c4996 2016-01-30 Merge branch 'cache-broadcast-message-current' into 'mas...
f862b4a 2016-01-30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/background-delete-p...
2277287 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'note-background-job' into 'master'
e221990 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'rs-remove-ip-blocking' into 'master'
f5860ce 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'rs-transient-capybara-timeout' into 'master'
74e1add 2016-01-29 Merge branch 'rs-revert-revert-remove-coffee-filters' in...
88e16c3 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'issue_2406' into 'master'
3f6bb7b 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'issue_5546' into 'master'
ee8884c 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'fix-preventing-migration-from-crashing-in-...
ef42af9 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'improve-mr-api' into 'master'
dfb8803 2016-01-28 Improve consistency and duplication for Merge Request API
9bf47f0 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'numbered-list-rendering-in-comments-cuts-o...
6748520 2016-01-28 Merge branch 'feature/jschatz1/instant-issuable-history'...
4dea268 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'rs-require-jquery-ui' into 'master'
7e6da7b 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'rs-2fa-requirement-wording' into 'master'
48b6b0a 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'rs-issue-12672' into 'master'
5e48c1b 2016-01-27 Merge branch 'rs-bump-octokit' into 'master'
75b64fc 2016-01-26 Merge branch 'bug/jschatz1/file-browser-lines' into 'mas...
95c644d 2016-01-26 Merge branch 'bug/jschatz1/file-browser-lines' into 'mas...
6d50b3e 2016-01-26 Merge branch 'search-box-in-group-members-view-is-too-sm...
2622ff3 2016-01-26 Merge branch 'monkey_patch' into 'master'
bf543c9 2016-01-26 Merge branch 'using-a-or-m-hotkeys-on-issuable-tab' into...
dc78ee4 2016-01-23 Merge branch 'ignore-binary-files-in-git-grep' into 'mas...
367cd8a 2016-01-23 Remove gray background from issue/mr/milestone background
cf673ba 2016-01-22 Fix UI for pages with panels
892844c 2016-01-22 Don't use production section for Gemfile
b0fff56 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'issue_2239' into 'master'
4c08a7b 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'fix-error-500-mr-search' into 'master'
3982219 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'es_backport' into 'master'
bed4f43 2016-01-22 Fix changelog
56b5270 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'fix-comment-on-diff-ajax-loading'
406c912 2016-01-22 Merge branch 'fix-error-500-mr-search' into 'master'
8367e4a 2016-01-21 Implement new UI for pagination
1f9153b 2016-01-21 Merge branch 'ui-is-broken-in-search-result-page' into '...
1667d21 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'show-message-to-signed-out-users-to-sign-i...
8431676 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'awardemoji-tooltip-shows-people-multiple-t...
f3683b6 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'secret-shortcut-feature' into 'master'
7c01a91 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'awardemoji-tooltip-shows-people-multiple-t...
5ad60c5 2016-01-20 Merge branch 'secret-shortcut-feature' into 'master'
91af086 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'star-button-fork-count-increase' into 'mas...
20cc4bc 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'add-public-param-to-project-api' into 'mas...
084614d 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'star-button-fork-count-increase' into 'mas...
340df52 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'display-message-when-assignee-cannot-merge...
208008e 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'browse-issues-incorrect-positioning-in-fir...
0782ca7 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'browse-issues-incorrect-positioning-in-fir...
aa36717 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'sorting-dropdown-does-not-fit-filter-bar' ...
3d7994a 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'search-title-clipped' into 'master'
4d31789 2016-01-19 Merge branch 'sorting-dropdown-does-not-fit-filter-bar' ...
72a8c2b 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'comment-text-remains-in-text-box-after-sub...
513b456 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'hook_url_limit' into 'master'
5433637 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'comment-text-remains-in-text-box-after-sub...
26d28ea 2016-01-18 Merge branch 'rs-abuse-report-validation' into 'master'
cd3f27b 2016-01-17 Merge branch 'issue-page-keeps-jumping-up' into 'master'
a6e073f 2016-01-17 Merge branch 'issue-page-keeps-jumping-up' into 'master'
0192903 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'fixes-new-layout' into 'master'
cd2ddaa 2016-01-14 add missing padding for commit -> builds page
cc52018 2016-01-14 Fix layout for empty project
297f085 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'rs-milestone-buttons' into 'master'
62b2fcc 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'ui-fixes' into 'master'
f8707e2 2016-01-14 Fix css mess around git clone panel. Align it properly
49c310e 2016-01-14 Fix missing padding for user/group pages
0eef827 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'add-pagination-headers-to-api' into 'master'
0430c00 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'master' of
fc9a2a3 2016-01-14 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rs-autosize'
33ccee2 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'new-buttons-everywhere' into 'master'
e47f0e5 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'closing-mr-bug-fix' into 'master'
620d8b6 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'remove-gray-bg'
f414928 2016-01-14 Standartize buttons and fields size
9c69c89 2016-01-14 Add margin to pages where is no header
bb52135 2016-01-14 Update files/diffs to match new layout
966c4f3 2016-01-14 Fix files, project settings and few more pages with new ...
6636030 2016-01-14 Merge branch 'rs-milestone-buttons' into 'master'
6a40718 2016-01-13 Fix tests
a8b134c 2016-01-13 Add CHANGELOG item
6b31088 2016-01-13 Use closest instead of parent()
f956514 2016-01-13 Dont use nav-pills. Instead use nav-lists
3238b0b 2016-01-13 Replace nav-tabs with nav-links
cf1a62e 2016-01-13 Add top margin for page title
0673fad 2016-01-13 Apply new layout to user page
c44b927 2016-01-13 Allign md header components
132ab48 2016-01-13 Increase detail-page-header padding to match height with...
96dda5f 2016-01-13 Update UI help page with only one nav-link example
03090a8 2016-01-13 Replace all navigation menu with nav-links class
8c3debb 2016-01-13 Start moving all navigation to one class
3b3f755 2016-01-13 New layout without background color
b433efc 2016-01-13 Add suport for layout without container
777771d 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'referenced-merge-requests' into 'master'
2d86521 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'rs-disable-colorization' into 'master'
73e0754 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'rs-block-user-before-removal' into 'master'
9552db2 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'rs-time_ago_with_tooltip-conversion' into ...
96351a1 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'comment-and-close-button-does-not-submit-c...
32a5b74 2016-01-13 Merge branch 'add_username_to_user_system_hooks' of http...
678ee24 2016-01-13 Merge pull request #9952 from tbeadle/user_id_in_member_...
5c874f0 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'change_milestone_close_copy' into 'master'
e85faec 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'show-ip-addresses' into 'master'
c304988 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'improve_button_styles' into 'master'
c4511a1 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'update-fog' into 'master'
af7f0a4 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'hover-descriptions' into 'master'
93a8c98 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'active-state-on-button-makes-it-uppercase'...
f0450c4 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'rs-add-title-to-emoji' into 'master'
7929fe0 2016-01-12 Merge branch 'rs-remove-coffee-filters' into 'master'
56fed7f 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'rs-woff-fonts' into 'master'
d295f74 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'fix-duplicate-branch-activity' of https://...
701e9ee 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'rs-omniauth-client-versions' into 'master'
5500f91 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'group-issues-sorting' into 'master'
1ede18b 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'rs-woff-fonts' into 'master'
a9800ce 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'master' of
f41b535 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'fix-build-status-caching' into 'master'
57a4319 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'load-autocomplete-when-needed' into 'master'
ce066ba 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'autocomplete-on-load' into 'master'
e9f84c4 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'new-branch-position-fix' into 'master'
e3c024f 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'add-pencil-icon-to-group-page' into 'master'
e04e957 2016-01-11 Merge branch 'fix-duplicate-branch-activity' of https://...
b64ec38 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'api-delete-tag' into 'master'
08213ed 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'accept-2xx-status-codes-for-webhooks' into...
26a54ec 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'sorting-dropdown-order' into 'master'
68eab8b 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'cross-project-reference-move' into 'master'
45aea8c 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'banner-out-of-place' into 'master'
8f7c7bf 2016-01-08 Merge branch 'rs-remove-stamp' into 'master'
3c93e58 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'annotate-models-20160105' into 'master'
aacda08 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'ajax-issues-fix' into 'master'
0d59e7b 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'ajax-filter-commits' into 'master'
c7fc84f 2016-01-07 Use fadeTo instead of css
44dc9aa 2016-01-07 Fix typo in js method and some repeating css
4443a5f 2016-01-07 Add support for ref and path to commits filtering
b2b4e9a 2016-01-07 Prevent loading first 20 commits twice
0456855 2016-01-07 Add CHANGELOG item and tests
d1a40e0 2016-01-07 Add ajax filtering for commits list
5e93f91 2016-01-07 Add search field to commits page
9a250ad 2016-01-07 Filter commits by search parameter
3b04268 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'use-sudo-with-incorrect-base-permissions' ...
8d0886d 2016-01-07 Merge branch 'fix-missing-day-in-network-graph' into 'ma...
f6b61d1 2016-01-06 Merge branch 'rs-fix-abuse-report-url' into 'master'
797c232 2016-01-06 Merge branch 'feature/detailed-user-endpoint' of https:/...
a31d2f2 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'new-markdown' into 'master'
aa3c721 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'fix-api-lookup-with-usernames-with-dots' o...
7f2127e 2016-01-05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/crosslink-env-docs'
e6713cd 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'improved-leave-project' into 'master'
9914893 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'metrics-tuning' into 'master'
525f8fb 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'rs-logo-animation' into 'master'
b779111 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'dedupe-notifications-watcher-and-subscribe...
53d6bca 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'rs-remove-jquery-blockui' into 'master'
b079e16 2016-01-05 Merge branch 'rs-abuse-reports' into 'master'
e586492 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-issue-201' into 'master'
7e034a7 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'reverting-rs-remove-jquery-blockui' into '...
57074d6 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'stabilize_emoji' into 'master'
b9ec1aa 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-delimit-all-the-things' into 'master'
5737737 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-abuse-report-form' into 'master'
bc12750 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-remove-jquery-blockui' into 'master'
8a04b84 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-remove-jquery-history-js' into 'master'
cbf34cd 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'autocomplete-performance' into 'master'
a2ba239 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-bump-bootstrap-sass' into 'master'
55e12cc 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'rs-bump-cal-heatmap' into 'master'
f869601 2016-01-04 Merge branch 'expire-cache-on-app-settings-change' into ...
bfb3c8d 2016-01-03 Merge branch 'rs-safari-version-check' into 'master'
10491c3 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'issue_3780' into 'master'
58bc4b7 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'feature/recaptcha_settings' into 'master'
2ef0fec 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'add-recaptcha-support' into 'master'
795a29a 2015-12-29 Merge branch 'disable-git-follow' into 'master'
17ef4cd 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'restart-settings-are-moved-too' into 'mast...
540eb0a 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'influxdb' into 'master'
c08cb92 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'environment-variables-in-the-app' into 'ma...
08b4d8b 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'disable-git-follow' into 'master'
2978be2 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'rs-fix-shortcut-help' into 'master'
202010e 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'add-recaptcha-support' into 'master'
19054ba 2015-12-28 Merge branch 'rs-bump-brakeman' into 'master'
fd231ff 2015-12-25 Merge branch 'revert_votes_back' into 'master'
92bc703 2015-12-25 Merge branch 'support-api-lookup-by-username' into 'mast...
b1b5b22 2015-12-25 Merge branch 'feature/force-tfa' into 'master'
840674d 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'fix-milestones-with-slashes' into 'master'
7caaa10 2015-12-24 Merge pull request #9915 from huacnlee/avoid-ability-met...
1a23af4 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'fix-explore-ui' into 'master'
aa712e2 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'new-project-header-redesign' into 'master'
40a3845 2015-12-24 Fix explore projects page UI
1f9633d 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'fix-milestones-with-slashes' into 'master'
d1043c4 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'new-nav-width' into 'master'
76b7e24 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'edit-on-fork' into 'master'
75c3a2f 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'rs-bump-underscore-rails' into 'master'
d095cbd 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'filter-project-list-fix' into 'master'
2af6871 2015-12-24 Merge branch 'fix-error-500-global-search-issues' into '...
c75ac82 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'fix-error-500-global-search-issues' into '...
9f69a0b 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'new-project-button-seperate-from-filter-na...
188c13b 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'button-height' into 'master'
f2b00e7 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'add-project-permissions' into 'master'
4e29045 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'double-border-on-no-comments' into 'master'
16a79f5 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'new-buttons' into 'master'
c53742b 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'rs-update-jquery' into 'master'
a84ecf0 2015-12-23 Fix close/reopen buttons
7a519bc 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'master' into new-buttons
2803b6e 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'rs-update-sass-rails' into 'master'
3712087 2015-12-23 Merge branch 'improve_emoji_picker' into 'master'
b0f1453 2015-12-22 Merge branch 'feature/sidekiq-cron-config' into 'master'
1cf4540 2015-12-22 Merge branch 'new-group-page' into 'master'
8516b20 2015-12-22 New UI for group page
34653e1 2015-12-22 Bump version
347c113 2015-12-22 Merge branch 'new-colors' into 'master'
52bca6d 2015-12-22 New color for cover block background
e6e338f 2015-12-22 Merge branch 'feature/sidekiq-cron-config' into 'master'
545a943 2015-12-21 Merge branch 'backport_jira' into 'master'
08ddb8f 2015-12-18 Merge branch 'create_menu_additions' into 'master'
61a1bdd 2015-12-17 Merge branch 'revert-sidebar' into 'master'
4b7c9c7 2015-12-17 Revert sidebar position for issue and merge request
8dc4c7b 2015-12-17 Merge branch 'ux/closed-message' into 'master'
3162a5a 2015-12-16 Fix ux issue with "This issue will be closed automatical...
9ede66f 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'api-support-starred-projects' into 'master'
a9b0785 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'move-mr-builds-tab' into 'master'
76642d7 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'feature/remove-celluloid' into 'master'
7070942 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
664384e 2015-12-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/rs-simplify-status-...
6374bdb 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'mr-builds-fixes' into 'master'
3321f69 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'fix-milestone-snippet-header' into 'master'
747f0a3 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'control-list-right-margin' into 'master'
28832fe 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'issuable-sidebar' into 'master'
fa4545e 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'fix-border' into 'master'
c21cd0b 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
b857057 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'add-open-issues-count-to-api' of https://g...
9472d13 2015-12-16 Fix double border in MR discussion
a1fd87c 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
e65dfcf 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
a9d19fa 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
259a7d7 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'master' of
4010474 2015-12-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/feature/update-rubo...
ee25832 2015-12-15 Merge branch 'fix-panel-height' into 'master'
51c8d03 2015-12-11 Make profile navigation full wide
d86e2f3 2015-12-11 Increase fixed layout width to 1280px
03a5df9 2015-12-11 Merge branch 'ui-right-sidebar' into 'master'
7cbcc21 2015-12-11 Fix tests
1911811 2015-12-11 Move awards back to gray panel and few improvements to s...
b4ea6ad 2015-12-11 Few UI improvements to new sidebar implementation
617ba01 2015-12-11 Fix tests for new issuable sidebar
6117ae9 2015-12-11 Update changelog
c6c2443 2015-12-11 Implement new sidebar for merge request page
aa5bf40 2015-12-11 Make edit link on issuable sidebar works
b0591ff 2015-12-11 Redesign issue page for new sidebar
76ff8ea 2015-12-11 Move awards css to separate file
f7bba47 2015-12-11 Implement issuable sidebar partial
29181c0 2015-12-11 Merge branch 'revert-2037' into 'master'
0d5d1f0 2015-12-11 Merge branch 'remove_check_icon_from_mr_page' into 'mast...
3a82302 2015-12-11 Merge branch 'bump-devise-3.5.3' into 'master'
fb07f70 2015-12-10 Merge branch 'feature/sidekiq-4' into 'master'
0d65f09 2015-12-10 Merge branch 'report-errors-on-service-creation' of http...
b20f677 2015-12-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/emoji_edit_disallow'
1983768 2015-12-10 Merge branch 'ui-fix' into 'master'
0549b5e 2015-12-10 Merge pull request #9897 from atomaka/atomaka/bugfix/con...
ab8ab9b 2015-12-10 Fix list with controls display
57f7a4d 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'issue_3854' into 'master'
d7044c5 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'move-network'
8f68925 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'rs-delimit-build-counts' into 'master'
9b32778 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'fix-migrations' into 'master'
7a4d468 2015-12-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mr-broken'
3cf4054 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'split-up-builds' into 'master'
d910424 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'remove-default-branch-option-from-doc' int...
8440290 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'rs-list-styling' into 'master'
608a727 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'buttons-size' into 'master'
e426c02 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'remove-redcloth' into 'master'
2c61e3c 2015-12-09 Fix test for network shortcut
2cb542b 2015-12-09 remove unnecessary code
1954bd6 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'fix-admin-should-be-able-to-add-himself-to...
cbb9da3 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'fix-group-members' into 'master'
1d250b4 2015-12-09 Move Network page from separate tab to sub tab of Commits
9dd2674 2015-12-09 Fix only 20 group members showing on project member page
6213263 2015-12-09 Merge branch 'mr-builds' into 'master'
e99ca65 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'ui-framework-fixes'
7234610 2015-12-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ui/misc'
54d0ff9 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'build-related-fixes' into 'master'
98368d6 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'fix-broken-group-avatar-upload' into 'mast...
038c9a6 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'ui/dashboard-new-issue' into 'master'
9b20731 2015-12-08 Add tests and changelog item for language graphs
9b561e7 2015-12-08 Implement languages graph page
e02940e 2015-12-08 Merge branch 'fix-random-test' into 'master'
bdb4945 2015-12-07 Fix random failing test - delete attachment
24ab860 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'fix-random-failing-test' into 'master'
2e07450 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'fix-parallel-merge' into 'master'
949a7e8 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'report-ssl-errors' of
74d73bd 2015-12-07 Fix random failing test
c823e85 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'add_assign_to_me' into 'master'
168b3e9 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'fix-api-private-project-update' into 'mast...
815cec3 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'minimize-readme' into 'master'
1da71fa 2015-12-07 Merge branch 'feature/sidekiq-cron' into 'master'
2cec902 2015-12-07 Dont use cached collection for Repository find_branch an...
5cc2315 2015-12-07 Fix migrations for postgres on test environment
cd4a331 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'fix-application-settings-not-expiring' int...
e7e22ec 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'issue_3583' into 'master'
40143a8 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'fix-application-settings-not-expiring' int...
238ca3e 2015-12-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ui/issuable-form'
4de7f32 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'extend-events-api'
1f5a6eb 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'mr-commits-api' into 'master'
3227a5e 2015-12-04 Extent Event and Note API
c366e81 2015-12-04 Improve docs
0b68a0e 2015-12-04 Add API endpoint to fetch merge request commits list
0ccd7de 2015-12-04 Fix wrong doc in merge request API
abf54f2 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'ui/sidebar' into 'master'
eb9601d 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'ui/form-consistency' into 'master'
de3a175 2015-12-04 Merge branch 'ui/login-page' into 'master'
abb7261 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/wiki' into 'master'
e7452c6 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/new-project' into 'master'
805b4cf 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/issuable-filter' into 'master'
15ea128 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'bugfix/star_cache' into 'master'
76f0054 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/issuable-list-item' into 'master'
d63d12a 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/milestones' into 'master'
68e27b5 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/project-home-panel' into 'master'
b5103a8 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'ui/emoji' into 'master'
b4b67b0 2015-12-03 Merge branch 'deprecated_warnings' into 'master'
ca7e31c 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'ui/consistency' into 'master'
bb76a9e 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'ui/no-minimal-height' into 'master'
858e890 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'ui/gl-padding' into 'master'
d2e60e7 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'gmail_actions_links_on_set_of_emails' into...
092e093 2015-12-02 Small css cleanup and ui dev kit improvements
1519553 2015-12-02 Add cover-block to UI framework
09e712c 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'rs-icon-link-transparency' into 'master'
4413e6c 2015-12-02 Merge branch 'master' of
3f5e999 2015-12-02 Merge pull request #9846 from fbeegle/master
d2f21bf 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'fix-admin-page-personal-projects' into 'ma...
3b9a910 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'expire-application-settings-startup' of ht...
d73d2a5 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'master' of
f41634c 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'gmail_actions_links_on_set_of_emails' into...
69e9c41 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'expire-application-settings-startup' of ht...
c48518a 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'fix-admin-page-personal-projects' into 'ma...
0a1b50e 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'rs-clone-panel' into 'master'
2abe959 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'rs-update-jquery-turbolinks' into 'master'
b4d40c1 2015-11-30 Merge branch 'phantomjs' into 'master'
1befbbf 2015-11-26 Merge branch 'rs-remove-enumerize' into 'master'
21003c0 2015-11-26 Merge branch 'rs-update-asana' into 'master'
b501ce0 2015-11-26 Merge branch 'rs-update-doorkeeper' into 'master'
6bc38b9 2015-11-26 Merge branch 'rs-rescueexception-cop' into 'master'
dee28c5 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'new-member-page' into 'master'
9a644c1 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'bump-gitlab-shell-stable' into '8-2-stable'
913b408 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'bump-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
80c7a95 2015-11-25 Bump gitlab-shell to 2.6.8
18a5f91 2015-11-25 Bump gitlab-shell to 2.6.8
acad9d6 2015-11-25 Fix rubocop complain
d262daa 2015-11-25 Split group feature tests
561634c 2015-11-25 Refactor group steps
ea7467d 2015-11-25 Refactor group members tests a bit
34cc8f4 2015-11-25 Improve project members page UI
d9749c8 2015-11-25 Improve UI for group members page
3fd885f 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'rs-update-colorize' into 'master'
85d537a 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'rs-update-rack-oauth2' into 'master'
cbdccf6 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'rs-update-creole' into 'master'
1c8fa3b 2015-11-25 Merge branch 'rs-update-gon' into 'master'
0fb5ffd 2015-11-24 Merge branch 'fix-group-member' into 'master'
6d5d45a 2015-11-24 Merge branch 'issue_guidelines_with_omnibus_commands' in...
367d178 2015-11-24 Merge branch 'required_version_and_docs_update' into 'ma...
cbaa33d 2015-11-24 Small code improvement
cb9f573 2015-11-24 Fix rubocop complain
4caef63 2015-11-24 Fix 500 error when update group member permission
9ab2e5f 2015-11-24 Merge branch 'fix-small-text' into 'master'
d1a7356 2015-11-24 Fix ultra-light color for small text
8c0f2ac 2015-11-24 Merge branch 'service-tests' into 'master'
36f7b62 2015-11-23 Merge branch 'bundler-audit' into 'master'
f84fb81 2015-11-23 Merge branch 'required_version_and_docs_update' into 'ma...
b6ed935 2015-11-23 Allow bundler:audit to fail
200c82a 2015-11-23 Fix gitlab-ci.yml syntax
7ac112d 2015-11-23 Add few fixes to documentation based on comments from re...
091b879 2015-11-23 Merge branch 'master' of
93f32b2 2015-11-23 Add bundler-audit to CI
c35d3c4 2015-11-23 Merge pull request #9843 from ferdinandrosario/upgrade
1324cc2 2015-11-23 Merge branch 'issue_2993' into 'master'
aeaa5b5 2015-11-22 Merge branch 'fix-merge-requests-without-source-projects...
0e0c908 2015-11-21 Merge branch 'fix-merge-requests-without-source-projects...
e920414 2015-11-21 Merge branch 'gitlab-ee-d39de0ea-backport' into 'master'
03755fb 2015-11-21 Merge branch 'ee-flog' into 'master'
b6f0edd 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'lfs-batch-download-to-stable' into '8-2-st...
ea27943 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'lfs_on_by_default_and_backup' into '8-2-st...
dc030ac 2015-11-20 Fix huge line height for diff files list
261698f 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'notes_fix_stable' into 'master'
b96fa30 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'lfs_default_and_backup' into 'master'
48e86ec 2015-11-20 Merge branch 'emoji_votes' into 'master'
68d4ab2 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'emoji_votes' into 'master'
ef1ed8f 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'missing_dot_confirm_modal' into 'master'
e178082 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'finding-issues-by-labels-performance' into...
61c6e96 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'check_if_it_should_be_archived_in_backup' ...
71cb328 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'update_nginx_deploy' into 'master'
347f136 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'builds_page_scroll_buttons' into 'master'
b702984 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'update_nginx_deploy' into 'master'
5b30285 2015-11-19 Merge branch 'check_if_it_should_be_archived_in_backup' ...
2c7d867 2015-11-19 Few minor improvements to emoji awards UI
618b549 2015-11-19 Improve UI for emoji awards
61867ab 2015-11-18 Merge branch 'fix-diff-stats-ui' into 'master'
e6c6c22 2015-11-18 Fix huge line height for diff files list
a5a5745 2015-11-18 Merge branch 'master' of
5098ad9 2015-11-17 Merge branch 'remove-code-duplication'
1c040b3 2015-11-17 Merge branch 'master' of
fab04fa 2015-11-17 Code duplication check should be enabled now
49e32cb 2015-11-17 Remove small code duplication in user_reference_filter.rb
84b5d03 2015-11-17 Refactor similar code for Issue and MR update service
9b0efdb 2015-11-17 Remove code duplication in notification_service.rb
616675b 2015-11-17 Remove duplication in mailers/emails/notes.rb
4747412 2015-11-17 Set higher flay value to avoid unnecessary refactoring f...
3cebe9e 2015-11-17 Refactor duplciate code for groups_controller.rb and sla...
437d4c7 2015-11-17 Remove duplication in diff_helper.rb
5f23909 2015-11-17 Remove code duplication in gitlab_markdown_helper.rb
bfbfa3b 2015-11-16 Remove duplication in issue emails
9573e06 2015-11-16 Allow flay to fail for now since there is still a lot of...
79fa6c6 2015-11-16 Remove duplication in reference filters
adec8c7 2015-11-16 Refactor select2 tags
da26fd3 2015-11-16 Dont allow code duplication check to fail
0061143 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'global-milestones' into 'master'
b093f50 2015-11-16 Some code and doc improvements
32f1a71 2015-11-16 Fix removing avatar for group
43d5eca 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'add_index_uniq' into 'master'
929ab90 2015-11-16 Group masters should be able to create/close milestones
9a3df9d 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'ci-runners-master-or-owner' into 'master'
78d542f 2015-11-16 Add milestones documentation to workflow
f16f315 2015-11-16 Few changes to Group Milestone feature:
8630d47 2015-11-16 Add header and page title to new milestone page
8a03cb8 2015-11-16 Lets add more tests to Milestones services
98d6d49 2015-11-16 Move global milestone specs
c79d801 2015-11-16 Fix a bug when milestone/label filter was empty for dash...
986695e 2015-11-16 Refactor global and group milestones logic
05335a3 2015-11-16 Create milestones in the group
1328e4b 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'refactor-duplication' into 'master'
b736a7b 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'lfs' into 'master'
c9f2f2a 2015-11-16 Fix wrong variable name
0698c96 2015-11-16 Remove duplicate code in Repository#*_names_contains
433e4a8 2015-11-16 Fix code duplication in NotificationsHelper
cd51303 2015-11-16 Set less strict flay option for now
796bb65 2015-11-16 Remove duplicate methods in uploaders
6c8dded 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'fix_trailing_title_space' of https://gitla...
86ce64f 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'master' of
a43a218 2015-11-16 Merge branch 'releases-feature'
743d66e 2015-11-16 Improve english text
aec9f21 2015-11-14 Merge branch 'impersonate' into 'master'
da8ca8b 2015-11-14 Merge branch 'annotate-models' into 'master'
a237999 2015-11-13 Annotate models
f197b52 2015-11-13 Merge branch 'refactor-complex-methods' into 'master'
37465f4 2015-11-13 Merge pull request #9825 from huacnlee/cache-application...
3c16fb9 2015-11-13 Move spec to proper place and fix unused variable
c613f2d 2015-11-13 Don't allow flog failure any more
c71892e 2015-11-13 Even more refactoring to inline_diff.rb
c903f23 2015-11-12 Split complex methods in GoogleCodeImport::Importer
ea6a78e 2015-11-12 Split complex Gitlab::InlineDiff::processing method
bcc8251 2015-11-12 Split complex method EventsHelper#event_feed_url.
8577106 2015-11-12 Split complex method Issues::UpdateService#execute
7f0b4ce 2015-11-12 Split complex method SystemHooksService#build_event_data
e5cc197 2015-11-12 Split huge method MergeRequests::UpdateService#execute
d6db451 2015-11-12 Add api test for creating tag with release info
8f53094 2015-11-12 Add API docs and correctly expose release api
23ed732 2015-11-12 Merge branch 'use-path-for-new-issue-button' into 'master'
ba34045 2015-11-12 Expose release notes to tags api
c119a73 2015-11-12 Add releases api
d343d9d 2015-11-12 Add grape routing print
a5ab56f 2015-11-12 Move git tags API to separate file
2ac1193 2015-11-12 Add release notes documentation
3c96ea7 2015-11-12 Fix changelog item
329a555 2015-11-12 Merge branch 'fix-avatar-not-showing' of https://gitlab....
63144cd 2015-11-12 Merge pull request #9820 from huacnlee/avoid-render-form...
12b35c6 2015-11-11 Merge branch 'flay' into 'master'
7bca4ca 2015-11-11 Merge branch 'flog' into 'master'
98c954e 2015-11-11 Add flay: tool to find duplicate code
6748dd2 2015-11-11 Allow flog failure for now
fdad384 2015-11-11 Merge branch 'add-comment-to-one-link-in-email-to-preven...
26fab9c 2015-11-11 Fix typo in email comment: hone -> one
9b5d275 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'improve-ci-graphs'
8ecc6f9 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'master' of
58429d9 2015-11-10 Add method complexity check to CI
316dd9c 2015-11-10 Merge pull request #9819 from huacnlee/do-not-use-coffee...
aab713c 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'accept_mr_btn_ci_status' into 'master'
463fc52 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'bump-rugged-version' into 'master'
802b8fc 2015-11-10 Fix graph description and text
7181fdd 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'issue_3072_target_name' into 'master'
8972aef 2015-11-10 Merge branch 'state-machine-to-state-machines-activereco...
b1a1cad 2015-11-10 Add changelog item
1b7a2fc 2015-11-10 Improve Continuous Integration graphs page
354b69d 2015-11-10 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/release-notes'
4ec51b3 2015-11-09 Merge branch 'master' of
62769e2 2015-11-09 Merge branch 'accept_mr_btn_ci_status' into 'master'
b7619da 2015-11-09 Add missing param and title for tag
b67fdff 2015-11-09 Refactor release code a bit
8597e88 2015-11-09 Merge pull request #9814 from Totof6942/patch-ui-graphs-...
bd54bf7 2015-11-09 Merge branch 'master' of
bf76df2 2015-11-07 Merge branch 'markdown-form-hint' into 'master'
4099751 2015-11-07 Render same markdown hint for issue, merge request, wiki...
0d9fb21 2015-11-07 Merge branch 'small-ui-improvements' into 'master'
c5ec2a2 2015-11-06 Small UI improvements to merge request page
14518ba 2015-11-06 Better english
6f15356 2015-11-06 Add tests to release notes feature
cb8b9c3 2015-11-06 Add association and validation for Release model
962b57d 2015-11-06 Small UI improvements to new git tag page
b60ad39 2015-11-06 Fix test
c1a893d 2015-11-06 Fix list rendering issue when dropdown was hidden in row
ed757ef 2015-11-06 Rewrite remove tag test
cea2afa 2015-11-06 Add changelog item and remove release labels for tags list
b0cb03c 2015-11-06 Merge branch 'master' of
f566e68 2015-11-06 Merge branch 'master' of
2765aed 2015-11-06 Merge pull request #9730 from ImanMh/master
6617094 2015-11-06 Merge pull request #9788 from Thirumal-Sakthivel/select_...
8e28185 2015-11-06 Merge branch 'one-link-in-emails' into 'master'
3c0244d 2015-11-05 Retyle tag show page
900419c 2015-11-05 Improve UI for tags page
1423284 2015-11-05 Merge branch 'reversible_migration' into 'master'
db6cb39 2015-11-05 Merge pull request #9804 from trimentor/9722-fix-alignme...
26677fb 2015-11-05 After tag is created - redirect to tag page
312cf11 2015-11-05 Add release description to new tag form
850bb21 2015-11-05 Create show page for tag and render release notes there ...
a4d75e3 2015-11-05 Add ability to edit and show release notes
ba67af7 2015-11-05 More release related logic to separate resource
1c4d1c3 2015-11-05 Add release model
33b8f00 2015-11-05 Add edit/update tag actions for future release notes
363900a 2015-11-05 Merge branch 'master' of
e59852c 2015-11-04 Merge branch 'improve-profile-page' into 'master'
c5d637b 2015-11-04 Improvements to profile page UI
31a81b5 2015-11-04 Merge branch 'rs-update-stamp' into 'master'
482a170 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'improve-profile-page'
ef6f6f8 2015-11-03 Add extra padding between user description and links on ...
e0edc01 2015-11-03 Fix tests
a74aba0 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'fix-clipboard-btn' into 'master'
7d0d60d 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'go-to-nav'
00ac792 2015-11-03 Fix clipboard button overflow
4d7f00f 2015-11-03 Apply new design for user profile page
ab129f7 2015-11-03 Improve profile page UI
e3aed91 2015-11-03 Better name for up-level links
819cfce 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'fix-inflector' into 'master'
d23ffc8 2015-11-03 Fix code that depends on incorrect inflector behavior
8a22b5b 2015-11-03 Remove inflector rule that makes commits uncountable
fb2f8be 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'olhado/gitlab-ce-commit-search'
d0e74f4 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'new-file-link' into 'master'
28f6fba 2015-11-03 Fix commits search for empty repository
d039851 2015-11-03 Add 'New file' link to dropdown on project page
57430dc 2015-11-03 Merge branch 'rs-require-backup-files' into 'master'
5782217 2015-11-02 Merge branch 'api_file_touched_at' into 'master'
810c91f 2015-11-02 Refactor search by commits message
a9f0230 2015-11-02 Merge branch 'master' of
7335395 2015-10-30 Merge branch 'gitlab-workhorse' into 'master'
49a73b6 2015-10-30 Merge branch 'minor-ui-fixes' into 'master'
b154702 2015-10-29 Fix label destroy js
ead3ffd 2015-10-29 Merge branch 'shared-file-access' into 'master'
e0e311a 2015-10-29 Fix bg for labels page when no labels present
7794cc8 2015-10-29 Put delete snippet btn after edit btn
8c9e1df 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'closing-issue-tracker' into 'master'
92929ee 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'edit-new-cross-references' into 'master'
deb7004 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'rs-update-nprogress-rails' into 'master'
f9c929b 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'edit-new-cross-references'
be0631e 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'cleanup-ci-integration' into 'master'
c9af886 2015-10-28 Remove deprecated CI events from project settings page
b6d1d25 2015-10-28 Merge branch 'gitlab-shell-v2.6.6' into 'master'
940d68c 2015-10-27 Merge branch 'rs-update-jquery-atwho-rails' into 'master'
9b93704 2015-10-25 Merge branch 'ci-status-mr-index' into 'master'
5615f27 2015-10-23 Fix rubocop issues
696a708 2015-10-23 Move rendering CI status to helper
7b06c83 2015-10-23 Add tests for MR index page
fe6ec80 2015-10-23 Render CI status on merge requests index page
0bb50ea 2015-10-23 Merge branch 'rs-clipboard-js' into 'master'
61fcb3c 2015-10-23 Merge branch 'git-follow' into 'master'
9f2e1f5 2015-10-23 Refactor git follow option set
03ea0c7 2015-10-23 Use git follow flag for commits page when retrieve histo...
7f5acdb 2015-10-23 Merge branch 'update-fonts' into 'master'
3bb39f0 2015-10-23 Merge branch 'comments_fix' into 'master'
05692ae 2015-10-22 Merge pull request #9760 from gitlabhq/revert-9758-fix/a...
49e48bd 2015-10-22 Revert "Rename API::APIHelpers -> API::Helpers;"
a7174ef 2015-10-22 Merge branch 'readme-extra-padding' into 'master'
7ea9adf 2015-10-22 Merge pull request #9758 from huacnlee/fix/api-helpers-b...
1d6358d 2015-10-22 Merge branch 'cleanup-css' into 'master'
f61dd16 2015-10-22 Improve css code quality for projects.scss
65663d6 2015-10-22 Merge branch 'rs-issuable-filter-count-style' into 'mast...
ddb9844 2015-10-22 Add extra padding to README block
8655f47 2015-10-22 Remove bad css style
c83da87 2015-10-22 Merge branch 'compact-file-list' into 'master'
c2db73b 2015-10-22 Merge branch 'project-readme-edit' into 'master'
2db7868 2015-10-22 Make file list more compact
6b9b829 2015-10-22 Fix edit readme link on project home page
01315cf 2015-10-22 Merge branch 'hanloong/gitlab-ce-add-dates-snippets-show...
0179d5d 2015-10-21 Update SourceSansPro fonts
3fc7726 2015-10-21 Merge branch 'animated-logo' into 'master'
c93bc72 2015-10-21 Merge branch 'animated-logo' into 'master'
5f045df 2015-10-21 Merge branch 'full-width-tables' into 'master'
595fc4d 2015-10-20 Merge branch 'handle-no-http-referer' into 'master'
44d35a8 2015-10-20 Merge branch 'merge-request-deleted-file' into 'master'
249a947 2015-10-20 Merge branch 'reference-filter-replace-text-nodes-perfor...
f16bfa4 2015-10-20 Merge branch 'merge-request-deleted-file' into 'master'
d01fb5d 2015-10-20 Merge branch 'handle-no-http-referer' into 'master'
d37a3a5 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'merge-request-widget' into 'master'
e965598 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'merge-request-widget' into 'master'
3104adb 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'master' of
4a94084 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'add-files-optionto-changelog'
06cb513 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'fix-code-leading-indent' into 'master'
42bf98e 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'fix-code-leading-indent' into 'master'
df39ba9 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'user-page-new-ui' into 'master'
a148c06 2015-10-19 Merge branch 'cristianbica/gitlab-ce-user-project-view-f...
b6d1bcb 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'hide-builds-tab' into 'master'
84f288c 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'redirect-ci-page' into 'master'
c956ecd 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'outdated-discussion-padding' into 'master'
73547ae 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'redirect-ci-dash' into 'master'
3878504 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'outdated-discussion-padding' into 'master'
64c2bcc 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'fix-issue-3067' into 'master'
5d010ec 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'redirect-ci-dash' into 'master'
5e74c5c 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'redirect-ci-page' into 'master'
e9be3ec 2015-10-17 Temporary bring /ci page page with help information
fbd9d3e 2015-10-17 Merge branch 'hide-builds-tab' into 'master'
748631b 2015-10-17 Redirect old CI project route to GitLab project
efd5472 2015-10-17 Hide Builds tab is GitLab CI is not enabled
10d6403 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'improve-typography' into 'master'
4a3f0f9 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'fix-wiki-padding' into 'master'
201d265 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'compact-select' into 'master'
d4a20a6 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'comment-highlight' into 'master'
dad30ec 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'improve-typography' into 'master'
2ff13cb 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'fix-wiki-padding' into 'master'
efc3144 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'compact-select' into 'master'
f666460 2015-10-16 Increase dropdown padding a bit
5bf3906 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'comment-highlight' into 'master'
1543989 2015-10-16 Improve markdown typography scss
b4cc05e 2015-10-16 Add extra padding to some markdown pages
db1e7fb 2015-10-16 Dont put padding on typography but on holder elements in...
f5b9c3d 2015-10-16 Make selectbox options more compact
46d748d 2015-10-16 Highlight comment based on anchor in URL
e10f5f4 2015-10-16 Merge branch 'last-commit-project-page' into 'master'
47e1710 2015-10-16 Change order of sha and commit message on project home page
7c85ebf 2015-10-16 Partly implement new UI for user page
66584f7 2015-10-16 Add changelog item
d1450af 2015-10-16 Add tests for last commit info on project home page
9fd4822 2015-10-15 Show last commit from default branch on project home page
c82755f 2015-10-15 Update redcarpet gem. Fixes gem memory leak
19cfa86 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'rs-markdown-typography' into 'master'
353ddbc 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-fix-api-mr-comment-notifi...
c0a6836 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'view-issue-performance'
524b3db 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'fix-path-with-leading-dot-error' into 'mas...
465a208 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'rs-remove-guard' into 'master'
fb77856 2015-10-15 Merge branch 'rs-update-uglifier' into 'master'
52983a8 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-wiki-add-new-page-in-page...
1a57fbc 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'master' of
989928e 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'gfm-commit-size'
c9c5384 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'redesign-files-page'
1907f25 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'group_names_widget' into 'master'
a0a488e 2015-10-13 Apply new design to files page
5313c38 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'css-cleanup' into 'master'
2f68fb9 2015-10-13 Small css cleanup
c28d4c3 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
e756559 2015-10-13 Several fixes for UI on mobile
2194512 2015-10-13 Fix UI issue on project page with no ssh key message
4ad6151 2015-10-13 Fix control buttons in lists
b3aebbb 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'refactor-styles' into 'master'
ab604c7 2015-10-13 Temporary return sm and xs button sizes
f1e3894 2015-10-13 Remove unused twbs components
029edcc 2015-10-13 Fix padding for controls in list
e4a9447 2015-10-13 Rename bootstrap css file and refactor typography css
b128d89 2015-10-13 Merge branch 'refactor-styles' into 'master'
1af4fcf 2015-10-12 Fix typos in application.scss
c8d01fa 2015-10-12 Merge branch 'reset_service_password' into 'master'
4624e9e 2015-10-12 Merge branch 'spellcheck_false' into 'master'
c42d35b 2015-10-12 Add css welcome notice
bdd477a 2015-10-12 Re-organize GitLab css into 2 directories: framework and...
cba6d62 2015-10-12 Move CI styles to pages dir
03b7fe7 2015-10-10 Merge branch 'rs-remove-slim' into 'master'
c99e9ed 2015-10-10 Merge branch 'fix-remove-button-alignment' into 'master'
19fd34d 2015-10-10 Merge branch 'make-diff-css-better-for-mobile' into 'mas...
468c355 2015-10-10 Merge branch 'rs-update-whenever' into 'master'
1a881a7 2015-10-09 Merge branch 'fix-issue-filter-dropdown-labels' into 'ma...
6ba1e17 2015-10-09 Merge branch 'improve_empty_fork' into 'master'
63adaac 2015-10-09 Merge branch 'fix-header-hamburger-positioning' into 'ma...
1115caf 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'master' of
0a8f90a 2015-10-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/project-find-with-n...
69bcef3 2015-10-08 Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/trending-projects-p...
a237475 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'implement-new-gitlab-colors' into 'master'
dc400a7 2015-10-08 Improve help/ui page
057b1c3 2015-10-08 Add new GitLab colors
d4892e4 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'rs-update-slack-notifier' into 'master'
cb00c15 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'rs-update-tinder' into 'master'
2272e1d 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'rs-update-rack-cors' into 'master'
978b433 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'rs-update-haml-rails' into 'master'
2bccc13 2015-10-08 Merge branch 'fix-build-highlight' into 'master'
63f2510 2015-10-08 Fix build highlight
1f11096 2015-10-07 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-improve-label-milestones-...
81fb0a9 2015-10-07 Merge branch 'rs-update-omniauth-gems' into 'master'
030b503 2015-10-07 Merge branch 'cleanup-ci-pages' into 'master'
92c33a8 2015-10-07 Merge branch 'new-project' into 'master'
7f63a87 2015-10-07 Fix tests and few CI features
b8e4d6b 2015-10-07 Refactor buttons
2acb030 2015-10-07 Refactor button css and do some cleanup
ac378e5 2015-10-07 Merge branch 'allow-remove-project-without-javascript' i...
a30b68f 2015-10-07 Move CI services to project settings area
1e06cab 2015-10-07 Remove Ci::Commit and Ci::Build controllers
3fa2cb9 2015-10-07 Remove unused JS
7d220c1 2015-10-07 Remove test for removed page and add menu highlight for ...
e52de67 2015-10-07 Remove Continuous Integration from project menu
c0b79a7 2015-10-07 Move no runners alert to project ci settings
6f60977 2015-10-07 Move status badge helper to CI project settings for now
0611a18 2015-10-07 Merge branch 'ci-build-page' into 'master'
8dcc8e5 2015-10-07 Fix routing in CI mailer
82b6a17 2015-10-06 Fix ci build routing and few tests
27b75b2 2015-10-06 Refactor commit/build tests and fix CI cancel
04c7dc2 2015-10-06 Cleanup CI code after refactoring and fix several 500 er...
f6223ff 2015-10-06 Move CI build page to CE project
ad627e4 2015-10-06 Merge branch 'ci-commit-page' into 'master'
fcc39d5 2015-10-06 Merge branch 'fix_search_in_file_tree' into 'master'
f509e3a 2015-10-06 Link ci_status_path to new ci commit page
697b34d 2015-10-06 Render CI statuses on commit page
4b8101d 2015-10-06 Merge branch 'closer-ci-integration' into 'master'
e6ab50a 2015-10-06 Use CI commit status for merge request widget
b2803a5 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'master' of
34d79c9 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'gopeter-user-preferences-layout-option'
3d90560 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'user-preferences-layout-option' of https:/...
67fec8b 2015-10-05 Fix admin runner page -> assign all button
94dc022 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'revert-layout-changes' into 'master'
39772f0 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'ci-web-hooks'
3137d15 2015-10-05 Merge branch 'fix_scroll_on_diff_tab' into 'master'
813c0ea 2015-10-05 Revert "Merge branch 'projects' into 'master' "
ecbe393 2015-10-05 CI web hooks menu active state and consitent title
c293cc9 2015-10-05 Move CI web hooks page to project settings area
0de7c83 2015-10-04 Merge pull request #9673 from fscherwi/patch-1
ffadefb 2015-10-04 Merge pull request #9690 from ggarnier/master
662f8af 2015-10-03 Merge branch 'fix-cache-key-expiration-for-commits' into...
2b49369 2015-10-03 Merge branch 'projects' into 'master'
b5c12f7 2015-10-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/hide_services_passw...
0e7b96b 2015-10-02 Merge branch 'access_level_badge_bug' into 'master'
c7e3234 2015-10-02 Merge branch 'ensure-ci-project' into 'master'
3515cb9 2015-10-02 Fix tests
37e9e71 2015-10-02 Remove unnecessary fork ci logic
5de0b07 2015-10-02 Prevent creating 2 Ci::Project entities when enable CI
b69b252 2015-10-02 Merge branch 'add_last_push_widget' into 'master'
529cf13 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'mail-footer-text' into 'master'
e3bc0e2 2015-10-01 Ensure GitLab CI project exists when CI service is activ...
3fa8bd0 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'ee_features_in_example_config' into 'master'
e0609a7 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'show-diff-stats-for-mr'
958e727 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'fix-email-typo' into 'master'
7b55d2c 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'fix-visit-project-button' into 'master'
9441f2d 2015-10-01 Add CHANGELOG item
a5d258e 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'fix-work-with-multibyte-chars-in-ldap-uid'...
63bbe42 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-fix-message-id-notify'
73520b4 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'style-changed-files' into 'master'
d330046 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'fix-500-compare' into 'master'
e2576d5 2015-10-01 Avoid unnecessary usage of local vars
4c43d84 2015-10-01 Fix 500 error on compare page
0d967bc 2015-10-01 Show additions/deletions stats on merge request diff
b5654eb 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'fix-ui-bug' into 'master'
3871498 2015-10-01 Better colors for text
edd4ff2 2015-10-01 Improve UI for list of changed files
6718f80 2015-10-01 Fix UI bug introduced in new project page
6ca5a25 2015-10-01 Update db schema
82f1921 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'mr_improve_errors_handling'
58036d6 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'include-full-path-in-new-mr-page' into 'ma...
26d5eaf 2015-10-01 Merge branch 'project_moving' into 'master'
048dd5e 2015-09-30 Merge branch 'merge-ci-data' into 'master'
247385a 2015-09-30 Merge branch 'fix-removed-file-in-diff' into 'master'
1ca1199 2015-09-30 Merge branch 'cleanup-ci-helpers' into 'master'
46503b7 2015-09-30 Fix invalid tests
fe7e973 2015-09-30 Fix bug when removed file was not appearing in merge req...
f71f165 2015-09-30 Fix CI mailer
34431d8 2015-09-30 Merge branch 'move-ci-settings' into 'master'
3d9a7cd 2015-09-29 Refactor CI helpers
87240e9 2015-09-29 Move CI project settings page to CE project settings area
2e8a3e3 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'fix-link-to-projects-path-from-dashboard' ...
2c3355f 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'ci-commits-to-projects' into 'master'
bdf4668 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'move-triggers-page' into 'master'
2a0d4e7 2015-09-29 Move CI triggers page to project settings area
230d6c8 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'master' of
3c99721 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'projects' into 'master'
679667d 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'master' of
ada95df 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'move-variables-page' into 'master'
df1a235 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'fix-stuck-forked-project-import' into 'mas...
6249459 2015-09-29 Merge branch 'remove-routes-helper' into 'master'
037defc 2015-09-28 Move CI variables page to project settings
b656419 2015-09-28 Merge branch 'move-runners-page'
d8e631c 2015-09-28 Merge branch 'cyrillic-font' into 'master'
145d933 2015-09-28 Merge branch 'projects'
74bdd67 2015-09-28 Update Source Sans Pro font: adds support for cyrillic c...
c876bfa 2015-09-28 Add missing spec file
ac34ce8 2015-09-28 Merge branch 'add-activity-dashboard-preference' into 'm...
92f8e0f 2015-09-28 Finish move of runners page to project settings
b328c76 2015-09-25 Move runners page to project settings
352f242 2015-09-25 Fix admin runner page -> assign all button
b623391 2015-09-25 Merge branch 'stanhu/gitlab-ce-fix-mr-creation-with-larg...
f68acba 2015-09-25 Merge branch 'fix-stuck-forked-project-import' into 'mas...
718817f 2015-09-25 Merge branch 'handle-bad-head' into 'master'
1868c8b 2015-09-25 Fix tests
2759b13 2015-09-24 Remove CI dashboard
6a32608 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'ci-status-projects-page' into 'master'
353d426 2015-09-24 Show CI status on Your projects page and Starred project...
3e866b2 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'fix-markdown-preview-font' into 'master'
f2999fe 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'build-status-on-commit-page' into 'master'
fd39414 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'remove-routes-helper' into 'master'
2be714d 2015-09-24 Show CI status on commit page
9c4307e 2015-09-24 Show CI status on commit page
5faf3e8 2015-09-24 Refactor ci-status badge css
081a0dd 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'master' of
24e8445 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'move-ci-charts' into 'master'
50cff3e 2015-09-24 Check for CI enabled in correct place
64e12d5 2015-09-24 Add header for ci graphs and check that it is enabled
ea58395 2015-09-24 Merge branch 'master' into move-ci-charts
b859506 2015-09-23 Merge branch 'enable-ci-on-push' into 'master'
0a57c3f 2015-09-23 Refactor Project#enable_ci method
d538955 2015-09-23 Update CHANGELOG
eae27d1 2015-09-23 Move CI charts to project graphs area
4bc1e04 2015-09-23 Remove test for non existing functionality
368a40f 2015-09-23 Remove non-existing page
c3f63d6 2015-09-23 Fix search for ci projects and cleanup unnecessary code
31b15e3 2015-09-23 Simplify CI projects query
0731a7a 2015-09-23 Show only enabled CI projects
aba9668 2015-09-23 Rescue rugged error when detect ci yml file
cfe6634 2015-09-23 Merge branch 'ad_coder' into 'master'
2eb9a20 2015-09-23 Enable CI for gitlab when .gitlab-ci.yml is pushed
3b6915d 2015-09-23 Add tests for CiStatusHelper and changelog item
21dfaa0 2015-09-23 Show CI status on all pages where commits list is rendered
64ec7a3 2015-09-23 Bump version and changelog
9b6cebf 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'fix-ci-permissions' into 'master'
8ae026a 2015-09-22 Merge branch 'fix-ci-permissions' into 'master'
cbdee05 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'fix-ci-handling' into 'master'
cc851b0 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'fix-mr-without-refs' into 'master'
e0a2379 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'fix-milestone-destroy-in-mr' into 'master'
39ed04c 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'repo-size-link' into 'master'
ea64ba1 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'remove-project-panel-ci-button' into 'mast...
de729a1 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'ci-nav-fw' into 'master'
f4a87d9 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'ci-nav-commits-count' into 'master'
3a001a9 2015-09-21 Fetch merge request ref if it is missing when visit MR page
2460d29 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'sh-fix-issue-2585' into 'master'
56c7518 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'fail-ci-builds-without-yml' into 'master'
8bb3215 2015-09-21 Merge branch 'fail-ci-builds-without-yml' into 'master'
11bbc06 2015-09-20 Merge branch 'style-pagination' into 'master'
0b3f563 2015-09-20 Merge branch 'ci-build-list' into 'master'
9fb3ef8 2015-09-19 Apply new design to pagination
4daffbe 2015-09-18 Cleanup GitLab CI UI
34da6f0 2015-09-18 Return callout css for CI
442db08 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into ci-build-list
b2c06bf 2015-09-18 Fix gitlab ci projects page UI
6776dcf 2015-09-18 Add colors to build labels
2122d7b 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'master' into ci-build-list
bdfe6b9 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'merge_request_error' into 'master'
ac57162 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'pg_dump_schema' into 'master'
8b05abe 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'allow-to-disable-ci' into 'master'
d272682 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'fix-ci-non-public-project' into 'master'
f2608c4 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'fix-trending-projects' into 'master'
db74db6 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'fix-ci-settings-cancel' into 'master'
f937ac8 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'project-header-titles' into 'master'
e9a5680 2015-09-18 Merge branch 'master' of
b6de7ad 2015-09-18 Fix 500 on trending projects if isntance has 100k+ projects
e866689 2015-09-18 Style CI project/build list
0e1948f 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'refactor-blob-upload-locals' into 'master'
3c2a617 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'ci-nav-changes' into 'master'
6cbc205 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'fix-ci-500-on-settings' into 'master'
32fc0a2 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'fix-public-projects' into 'master'
da3d359 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'restrict-user-api-integers' into 'master'
efa90d0 2015-09-17 Merge branch 'fix-gh-issue-9640' into 'master'
9752f59 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'fix-issue-2555' into 'master'
d906ded 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'fix-ci-nav' into 'master'
6cf554b 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'style-ci-page' into 'master'
f7365ae 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'fix-issue-2555' into 'master'
9437f06 2015-09-16 Fix confusing behaviour of back link in CI sidebar
07d2065 2015-09-16 Style CI projects page and builds list
a0aa645 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'add-links-to-ci' into 'master'
f4920b7 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'fix-gitlab-ci-in-ce' into 'master'
f9dc3a2 2015-09-16 Add links from GitLab to CI
0696aeb 2015-09-16 Fix gemfile.lock
7d59ba0 2015-09-16 Merge branch 'fix-api-mr-sort' into 'master'
e14aa19 2015-09-15 Cleanup some html/css for upload feature
d9d50c0 2015-09-15 Merge branch 'fix_empty_project' into 'master'
dad9de6 2015-09-15 Merge branch 'import-in-progress-fix' into 'master'
3315e89 2015-09-15 Merge branch 'ui-fixes' into 'master'
080a086 2015-09-15 Merge branch 'master' of
dacff8f 2015-09-15 Fix UI for web editor
ff22868 2015-09-15 Merge branch 'renasem-btn' into 'master'
a635e1a 2015-09-15 Fix last push widget
558084f 2015-09-15 Improve project settings button on profile
c99473e 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'header-titles' into 'master'
ebd06d7 2015-09-14 Make small ui fixes for CI
b5c681c 2015-09-14 Add current_ref helper method
d3be65a 2015-09-14 Remove repeating titles on members and label pages
0c8f077 2015-09-14 Add page titles to header for group and project
b35d5a6 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'public_profiles' into 'master'
c0c314c 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'forked-repo-creation-async' into 'master'
e72b9ff 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'fix_tooltips' into 'master'
3e97de8 2015-09-14 Hide search panel for group page if you dont have access
d3f5df2 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'add_diff_note_hover_size' into 'master'
db197aa 2015-09-14 Fix tests and improve wording
b822532 2015-09-14 Hide group sidebar menu if user cant access it
66840f0 2015-09-14 Fix tests for group access
1d21738 2015-09-14 Show activity/projects depends on access
548d20e 2015-09-14 Merge branch 'master' of
4e1c601 2015-09-14 Allow access to group from root url
4c06007 2015-09-14 Skip auth for group page but return auth for other group...
15eeae5 2015-09-11 Fix 500 when search for gitlab projects
2b68380 2015-09-11 Use GitLab UI when render CI
5fcfba2 2015-09-11 Merge branch 'dashboard-titles' into 'master'
e3c30bf 2015-09-11 Merge branch 'master' into ci-and-ce-sitting-in-a-tree-k...
cd606e1 2015-09-11 Remove kaminari views moved from CI
ec8e246 2015-09-11 Remove db/ci
7ba5e43 2015-09-11 Merge branch 'ci-and-ce-sitting-in-a-tree-k-i-s-s-i-n-g'...
ae83051 2015-09-11 Fix CI admin projects page
2ed2ef9 2015-09-11 Remove network from CI
187face 2015-09-11 CLeanup CI helpers since we dont use oauth any more
ae5d2f5 2015-09-11 Fix Ci::Ansi2html spec
0615de0 2015-09-11 Fix ci commits features specs
a8dd4d3 2015-09-11 Fix build features specs
9a9417e 2015-09-10 Fix more tests
dc2e38e 2015-09-10 Config does not exists any more
c1de46d 2015-09-10 Fix project pages for authorized user
4e7b47d 2015-09-10 Convert ci features specs to v3
762a23f 2015-09-10 Remove CI css that exists in GitLab
9d93c56 2015-09-10 Fix part of CI api tests
bf8013f 2015-09-10 Fix most of project specs
59c3a32 2015-09-10 Fix commit specs
10b3c85 2015-09-10 Fix some issues with ci models specs
1c3c3ba 2015-09-10 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
059b882 2015-09-10 Style syntax highlight area for white theme
b08c552 2015-09-10 Style blob show page
df51b02 2015-09-10 Improve project fork page
6933da1 2015-09-10 Refactor md variables
86ef2eb 2015-09-10 Conver forked from button to text
dadf6da 2015-09-10 Merge branch 'disable-issue-autofill' into 'master'
32208c5 2015-09-10 Merge branch 'fix-semaphore-twitter-identity-issue' into...
af3b6f6 2015-09-10 Fix fixed layout
a0359fb 2015-09-09 Improve accounts page UI
4f0a9be 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
afb68d2 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'nav-improvements' into 'master'
960a188 2015-09-09 Fix last element of sidebar being hidden for small screens
12ad9b4 2015-09-09 Enable blank container for group settings page
10b6a92 2015-09-09 Style panels and add blank container
1e3ce07 2015-09-09 Use page title for header title too
fa40759 2015-09-09 Separate profile settings link from the rest on sidebar
1ba26b4 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'redis-session-expire-delay' into 'master'
81f9ee4 2015-09-09 Fix mysql migration
1f0fa15 2015-09-09 Copy ci yml config before tests
d516b02 2015-09-09 Fix brakeman
870f553 2015-09-09 Fix spinach exception
fefa98b 2015-09-09 Make rspec start
0b5d627 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'master' into ci-and-ce-sitting-in-a-tree-k...
90c338a 2015-09-09 Move helpers back to original directory
cc4ef4d 2015-09-09 Refactor CI tests
76c6aeb 2015-09-09 Merge CI factories and CI spec/support with GitLab
0d61027 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
c9d78a0 2015-09-09 Fix UI bugs with discussions
5ff84de 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'nginx-git-http' into 'master'
b05cc8b 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'global_labels' into 'master'
fbcde1a 2015-09-09 Merge branch 'master' of
86556a0 2015-09-08 Improve diff UI and mr compare page
e9cf79d 2015-09-08 Style merge request page
4651155 2015-09-08 Make system note different from regular comments
70aecc3 2015-09-08 Improve commit page style
2fde90a 2015-09-08 Fix small font size for diff comments
99bbbb5 2015-09-08 Merge branch 'master' of
7fe6d11 2015-09-08 Move group member title to header
4ac9dcc 2015-09-08 Merge branch 'issue-redesign' into 'master'
925d392 2015-09-08 Make comment form bigger
1e1376f 2015-09-08 Style milestones
0250bab 2015-09-08 Style wiki pages
4bea030 2015-09-08 Style system notes
def4d8b 2015-09-08 Improve issue/mr title and description styles
1240a7e 2015-09-08 Improve font size on issues/mr list
31fc6b2 2015-09-07 Style comment form
6887075 2015-09-07 Style issue page, comments and part of merge request page
243bfc9 2015-09-07 Small restyle of issue and merge request pages
e0da2c3 2015-09-07 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
2b31989 2015-09-07 Fix compare tests
700a342 2015-09-07 Restyle group pages. Merge header with page title
dad163b 2015-09-07 Style project milestones page
183562b 2015-09-07 Fix tests
0fbd624 2015-09-07 Merge branch 'annotate-models' into 'master'
11f815a 2015-09-07 Render flash message out of content block
14805d6 2015-09-07 Merge branch 'url-builder-fix-for-relative-urls' into 'm...
aa6d29f 2015-09-07 Style commits, branches and tags pages to match new UI
6c1d5c5 2015-09-07 Fix project page with activity as default home page
50f76ae 2015-09-04 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
9793c34 2015-09-04 Make project page and header more compact
ac6dfbd 2015-09-04 Make header and sidebar avatar more compact
670544c 2015-09-04 Style project home page
69beca5 2015-09-04 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
aa75e76 2015-09-04 Fix this crazy random failing test
bc6706f 2015-09-04 REmove icons from milestone filters
43394f0 2015-09-04 Dont render merge request target branch in list
147f95b 2015-09-04 Apply new style for issues, merge requests and milestone...
cf36509 2015-09-04 Style dashboard milestones page
0362a0f 2015-09-04 Fix stars align
8b5a14f 2015-09-04 Fix failing test
8301836 2015-09-04 Small ui improvements to activity feed
af6f739 2015-09-04 Fix fonts for assets
dc86a91 2015-09-04 Event feed use gl-padding var
20647f0 2015-09-04 Merge branch 'ui-improvements'
c13ef89 2015-09-04 Make UI more compact
16e6913 2015-09-04 Add awesome font SourceSansPro
996f515 2015-09-03 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
858675f 2015-09-03 Fix tests
c2a9e6e 2015-09-03 Fix tests
0145e8e 2015-09-03 Set page title based on content in dashboard area
b008273 2015-09-03 Fix even feed title overflow
d0a5802 2015-09-03 Replace obvious tooltips. Fix line-height for top nav
ce9cb51 2015-09-03 Fix tab toggle on activity
d44f697 2015-09-03 Merge branch 'master' of
ae7fd8b 2015-09-03 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
211e775 2015-09-03 Improve explore proojects page
b7427fa 2015-09-03 Improve starred and trending pages
1c8ec15 2015-09-03 Refactor colors
89df4a7 2015-09-03 New UI for explore groups and trending pages
0195b08 2015-09-03 Style groups page
aeeb31d 2015-09-03 Change some base colors in UI
6d651a0 2015-09-03 Increase use of variables in css
1d6a65a 2015-09-03 Improve paddings and set new colors for links
7f045a6 2015-09-03 Apply new font size and padding
63ba17c 2015-09-03 Redesign activity feed on dashboard and project pages
59d9dc4 2015-09-03 Reduce margin under projects filter
6630a06 2015-09-03 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
6fb7311 2015-09-02 Fix home page for mobile devices
d0cfa46 2015-09-02 Avoid horizontal scroll in sidebar
c578664 2015-09-02 Keep header fluid for big res
418dd5e 2015-09-02 Collapse sidebar button at the bottom
b879407 2015-09-02 Fix collapsed sidebar
4406aef 2015-09-02 Implement new design for projects page
14274cd 2015-09-02 Merge branch 'refactor-starred-projects-page' into 'master'
d9f794a 2015-09-02 Merge branch 'grack-auth-new-instance' into 'master'
774c523 2015-09-02 Fix tests and update CHANGELOG
5bbe6c4 2015-09-02 Split starred projects list and activity in same way lik...
28219ea 2015-09-02 Merge branch 'fix-raw-controller-disposition' into 'master'
2ef16e7 2015-09-01 Merge branch 'gitlab-git-http-server' into 'master'
26be653 2015-09-01 Merge branch 'profile-settings' into 'master'
f0aa698 2015-09-01 Update db schema
f07273f 2015-09-01 Rename profile settings navigation to "Profile Settings"
86dd1bd 2015-09-01 Merge branch 'oauth_token_with_ldap' into 'master'
c767e2e 2015-08-31 Merge branch 'fix-headers-blocking-anchors' into 'master'
39ee52f 2015-08-28 Expire cache when merge request source branch was removed
5369840 2015-08-27 Merge branch 'make_all_profile_public' into 'master'
abb5b9f 2015-08-27 Merge branch 'master' of
8cc47bb 2015-08-27 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
6a88957 2015-08-26 Add changelog items
e06fe6b 2015-08-26 Make search bar on search page more noticeable
dcdf214 2015-08-26 More compact search page
3d02ead 2015-08-26 Use same snippets icon everywhere. Fix list style for bo...
4ac7f5c 2015-08-26 Restyle snippets rendering
daa90e1 2015-08-26 Fix 500 error when try to create project snippet without...
5ea5e8f 2015-08-26 Standartize how we render group rows
e0b4222 2015-08-26 Small improvements to center top menu
174e442 2015-08-26 Remove unused css
b54358b 2015-08-26 Refactor project list rendering
c27c813 2015-08-26 Improve trending projects finder
ef0149d 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'enable_ssl_verification_web_hook' into 'ma...
fc66e1c 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'prevent-too-many-redirects-on-signin' into...
6c23fd3 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'master' of
ef1776b 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'fluid-fixed-layout' into 'master'
626c6f9 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'blame_fix' into 'master'
468d292 2015-08-26 Fix header for anonymous users too
2fa560d 2015-08-26 Align header with content container
bc03dfe 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'bar-graphs' into 'master'
0276e90 2015-08-26 Limit content width for big screens except certain pages
de9f348 2015-08-26 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
7359783 2015-08-26 Increase width of sidebar for several pages
5ddf38e 2015-08-26 Improve project name/description look on project page
5757087 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'dropdown-positioning' into 'master'
7140e80 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'separate-activity' into 'master'
084da52 2015-08-25 Re-use project partial for rendering explore projects
a0284b5 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'separate-activity' into 'master'
7569010 2015-08-25 Fix tests and last push widget
429c0d1 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'fix-reload-with-full-diff-in-compare-branc...
c11e431 2015-08-25 Make some visual improvements to dashboard page after we...
8f68c38 2015-08-25 Dashboard activity as separate page
3052e6f 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'improve-abuse-reports' into 'master'
1c2ce6e 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'improve-abuse-reports' into 'master'
c1b490d 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'handle-smtp-input-errors' into 'master'
13f8fc9 2015-08-25 Fix remove report button
e02b7bf 2015-08-25 Improve abuse reports management
c06cf2b 2015-08-25 Merge branch 'upgrade-browser-gem' into 'master'
add099b 2015-08-24 Merge branch 'milestone_search' into 'master'
9bd6c41 2015-08-21 Merge branch 'commit-image-branch' into 'master'
7e51ec4 2015-08-21 Merge branch 'master' of
d43d7ff 2015-08-21 Merge branch 'hide-recent-push' into 'master'
59525d6 2015-08-21 Merge branch 'comment-case-insensetive-search' into 'mas...
677bf66 2015-08-21 Merge branch 'issue-2306-repo-size-display' into 'master'
8819007 2015-08-20 Merge branch 'master' of
90071a0 2015-08-20 Merge branch 'top-menu-improvements' into 'master'
eb05720 2015-08-20 Merge pull request #9563 from Telekom-PD/feature/control...
6a91e32 2015-08-20 Cleanup groups pages UI a bit
8129e2f 2015-08-20 Small ui improvements to snippet page
0d8ad2d 2015-08-20 Cleanup snippets index pages
e06e962 2015-08-20 Fix test
f82c142 2015-08-20 Rebuild navigation for dashboard
b1c1a3d 2015-08-20 Refactor sidebar navigation for dashboard
b7e6ae0 2015-08-19 Case-insensetive search for comments
72a425f 2015-08-19 Merge branch 'remove-satellites'
a3e1d7c 2015-08-19 Merge branch 'master' of
89beb39 2015-08-18 Make sure blog post MR has WIP keyword
798f2fe 2015-08-18 Merge branch 'mr-source-branch-clear-cache' into 'master'
1e73e5d 2015-08-17 Merge pull request #9565 from gitlabhq/revert-9528-Fixed...
50696ce 2015-08-17 Revert "Fix for #9527"
478514b 2015-08-17 Merge branch 'installation-update-guides' into 'master'
5d86250 2015-08-17 Create update guides for 7.14
dcd3396 2015-08-17 Update installation guide with 7.14
4a0fa27 2015-08-17 Merge branch 'master' into remove-satellites
bbe0e58 2015-08-17 Merge branch 'pre-receive-wo-satellites' into 'remove-sa...
e02cff1 2015-08-17 Fix typo in text when raise pre-receive exception
3b93856 2015-08-17 save repo empty state into variable for proper result
a608e45 2015-08-14 Remove unnecessary file
9ea37cd 2015-08-14 merge with support of pre-receive and post-receive hooks
f4149bc 2015-08-14 Refactor how repository makes commit with pre/post recei...
4e4866f 2015-08-14 Refactor pre/post receive commit services into one class
bacad39 2015-08-14 Make sure target has not changed during pre-receive hook
9649f93 2015-08-14 Fix tests for web editor
9011a32 2015-08-14 Disable pre-receive check in test env
3483024 2015-08-14 Merge branch 'disable-internal-tracker-when-external-in-...
b6bdd65 2015-08-14 Merge branch 'improve-readability' into 'master'
8b9c129 2015-08-14 Add CHANGELOG item
ec910c3 2015-08-14 Set max-width for README, issue and merge request descri...
e8889b1 2015-08-14 Merge branch 'master' of
5f2562d 2015-08-14 Merge branch 'master' of
b665833 2015-08-14 Merge branch 'respect_filters' into 'master'
c8614cb 2015-08-13 Capture pre-receive exception
00a33d6 2015-08-13 Merge branch 'improve-hipchat-service-test' into 'master'
3469014 2015-08-13 Implement commit transaction with pre-receive and post-r...
167ab75 2015-08-13 Merge branch 'bring-clonebar-back' into 'master'
6a82c9f 2015-08-12 Merge branch 'mr-merge-manually-2' into 'master'
cd579cb 2015-08-12 Merge pull request #9545 from Baldinof/add_merged_label
f181bc6 2015-08-12 Fix file api tests
18db872 2015-08-12 Revert "Fix editing files via API"
d4bf784 2015-08-12 Revert "Merge branch 'web-editor-rugged' into 'master'"
b195838 2015-08-12 Revert "Create and edit files in web editor via rugged"
aeec708 2015-08-12 Revert "Fix adding new file to empty repo"
3ffd638 2015-08-12 Revert "Use rugged in web editor for base64 encoding"
f22f7a6 2015-08-12 Revert "Create activity event and execute hooks on web e...
fac581b 2015-08-12 Revert "Make web editor work correctly after switch from...
60b3d2b 2015-08-12 Revert "Refactor web editor"
8e134f2 2015-08-12 Remove changelog items
52d10d7 2015-08-12 Fix conflict issue
2258572 2015-08-12 Revert "Merge branches inside one repository using rugge...
9a1ad8d 2015-08-12 Revert "Merge branch 'refactor-can-be-merge' into 'master'"
69c193e 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'master' into remove-satellites
3c036ea 2015-08-11 Fix changelog
ff10543 2015-08-11 Move merge manually text below merge widget
cb6ad67 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'check-out-branch-button' into 'master'
a0cd4f8 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'improve-merge-request-widget' into 'master'
9183627 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'mr-widget-text' into 'master'
eaba65f 2015-08-11 Move command line insturction out of mr widget
48e76c0 2015-08-11 Refactor merge request widget
3e0ba77 2015-08-11 Move command line insturction out of mr widget
630a942 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'optimize-haml-textarea-rendering' into 'ma...
fed202f 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'grit_blame' into 'master'
50b1f09 2015-08-11 Small UI improvements to git blame page
43e1520 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'drop-username-tree-row' into 'master'
59176c1 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
d25c56c 2015-08-11 Update CHANGELOG
3e259ea 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'revert-satellites' into 'master' "
c0bf026 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'master' of
7f3228e 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'master' of
5daf44b 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'revert-satellites' into 'master'
3a63c00 2015-08-11 Fix file api tests
b9b9fe7 2015-08-11 Revert "Fix editing files via API"
9d029a0 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'web-editor-rugged' into 'master'"
40b1703 2015-08-11 Fix gemfile
9bc5123 2015-08-11 Revert "Create and edit files in web editor via rugged"
0806605 2015-08-11 Revert "Fix adding new file to empty repo"
815e678 2015-08-11 Revert "Use rugged in web editor for base64 encoding"
34975f0 2015-08-11 Revert "Create activity event and execute hooks on web e...
24332b7 2015-08-11 Revert "Make web editor work correctly after switch from...
d4cfa0b 2015-08-11 Revert "Refactor web editor"
79b2942 2015-08-11 Remove changelog items
1891cab 2015-08-11 Fix conflict issue
3b02ad8 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branches inside one repository using rugge...
3204698 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'refactor-can-be-merge' into 'master'"
9f10943 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'drop-satellites'"
84727fb 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'improve-merge-requests' into 'mast...
f293d99 2015-08-11 Revert "Merge branch 'mr-widget-text' into 'master' "
f1f506f 2015-08-11 Merge branch 'add-readme-for-activity-feed-setting' into...
151d9fb 2015-08-10 Merge branch 'mr-widget-text' into 'master'
819d110 2015-08-10 Merge branch 'trigger-hooks' into 'master'
3752172 2015-08-10 Merge branch 'fix-event-cache' into 'master'
59e7b7a 2015-08-10 Refactor Trigger post-receive hooks after commits are ma...
99585a7 2015-08-10 Trigger post-receive hoooks when commits are made by GitLab
b833f20 2015-08-09 Merge branch 'master' of
1309aeb 2015-08-09 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
1c3c232 2015-08-07 Revert "Put author name at the end of a tree row"
71158b1 2015-08-07 Add more spacing between MR widget and tabs
4773f38 2015-08-07 Merge branch 'improve-merge-requests' into 'master'
fd2f907 2015-08-07 Move command line insturction out of mr widget
3cf4a98 2015-08-07 Refactor merge request widget
3c5ef17 2015-08-07 Link merge request doc to README
fe4b065 2015-08-07 Link mr commits/diffs to target project
86bccb7 2015-08-07 Create ref for every merge request. Add documentation fo...
8dce662 2015-08-07 Fetch to mr code from fork to iid
4b7c2f0 2015-08-07 Merge branch 'bump_gitlab_shell' into 'master'
a2d6af9 2015-08-07 Merge branch 'explore-markdown' into 'master'
6ffca63 2015-08-07 Remove trailing lines
864e2bb 2015-08-07 Add tests for abuse report feature
92a0c32 2015-08-07 Improve wording in abuse report form
8b7a269 2015-08-07 Remove selectbox from abuse form. Added pagination in ad...
3dc1328 2015-08-07 Add abuse report management in admin area
0a9c65c 2015-08-07 Allow users to send abuse reports
5fb5fd2 2015-08-06 Merge branch 'nicer-merge-conflicts-widget' into 'master'
c5eb297 2015-08-06 Merge branch 'add-current-user-to-autocomplete' into 'ma...
2c46cf0 2015-08-06 Merge branch 'fix-namespace-move-dir' into 'master'
dcb0bf0 2015-08-06 Merge branch 'report-spam'
69f0def 2015-08-06 Merge branch 'project-name' into 'master'
485b9ef 2015-08-06 Remove trailing lines
ab6aa8a 2015-08-06 Split merge conflict messages on 2 lines
02c4a0c 2015-08-06 Add tests for abuse report feature
ed7a8c9 2015-08-06 Improve wording in abuse report form
4ba2698 2015-08-06 Remove selectbox from abuse form. Added pagination in ad...
7a9d432 2015-08-06 Add abuse report management in admin area
cba7f20 2015-08-06 Allow users to send abuse reports
d044c14 2015-08-06 Ensure old namespace directory exists before moving it
4b3b286 2015-08-06 Merge branch 'tree-author-at-end' into 'master'
957e849 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'drop-satellites'
6b9dbe9 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'master' of
58c0c86 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'master' of
7538be7 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'update_release_doc' into 'master'
1cb8588 2015-08-05 Remove satellites from requirements docs and add CHANGELOG
c8d0078 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'add-resend-confirm-email-admin-page' into ...
46a84d8 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2135' into 'master'
734f97a 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'master' of
7b4225b 2015-08-05 Merge branch 'master' of
6caa03d 2015-08-05 Merge remote-tracking branch 'public/project-buttons'
ab8c71d 2015-08-05 Fix merge request creation without branch selected
44ac823 2015-08-04 Improve tests to use real branches in merge requests
b48b070 2015-08-04 Merge branch 'master' into drop-satellites
c17f5d0 2015-08-04 Fix merge api and spec
326b827 2015-08-04 Merge branch 'master' of
cc4405d 2015-08-03 Merge branch 'add-license'
c1c8950 2015-08-03 Merge branch 'master' of
b118f64 2015-08-03 Merge branch 'master' of
6f3c99e 2015-07-21 Document should start from h1 title. Also put badges on ...
c413a55 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'validate_token_and_url_format_for_gitlab_c...
67fb9ef 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'even-faster-search' into 'master'
53d9f78 2015-07-17 Update changelog
94c2516 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'cache-improvement' into '7-13-stable'
2fa3aca 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'advanced-cache' into 'master'
26f4948 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'master' of
915f985 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'advanced-cache' into 'master'
2f061c1 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'cache-two-weeks' into 'master'
67654a4 2015-07-17 Avoid cache building for super-weird case when repositor...
f0116f1 2015-07-17 Store commit count in project table
67ca5a5 2015-07-17 Build missing cache items in background job after each push
881fbe5 2015-07-17 Add more seed projects. Control amount with SIZE env var...
c4c4100 2015-07-17 Merge branch 'master' of
66bdbdb 2015-07-16 Remove satellites mention from architecture doc
fa88f2c 2015-07-16 Use real branches from test repo
abd2bc0 2015-07-16 Fix some of tests
989329c 2015-07-16 Fix refresh service
971e475 2015-07-16 Increase COMMITS_SAFE_SIZE to reasonable size in compare...
a7fded9 2015-07-16 Huge refactoring for accepting merge requests
c875835 2015-07-16 Document should start from h1 title. Also put badges on ...
26f5d60 2015-07-15 Refactor compare and fetch logic
cb6f34e 2015-07-15 Implement update of ref when merge request code is reloaded
2a6f522 2015-07-15 Implement merge from forks without satellites
d907874 2015-07-15 Merge branch 'time_ago_fix' into 'master'
2be3c94 2015-07-15 Fix application initialize
a87989f 2015-07-15 Remove satellites
277f311 2015-07-15 Fetch reference from fork repo when create merge request
070d6a2 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'fix-ed' into 'master'
67ad6cc 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'master' of
2280cb2 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'nice-scroll-sidebar' into 'master'
7721638 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'scrollbar-issue' into 'master'
98cb625 2015-07-14 Add nice scroll for sidebar
c013a9d 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'master' of
87e6786 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'rs-fix-coverage' into 'master'
6114aed 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'master' of
ee53ba9 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'mysql-to-postgres-ed' into 'master'
90e47dd 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1773' into 'master'
5c53dc5 2015-07-14 Merge branch 'project-default-view' into 'master'
352362a 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'project-plus-icon' into 'master'
fd84567 2015-07-13 Improve project new item dropdown
59d7f4c 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'use_password_field_defaults_for_services' ...
13e987a 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'project-dropdown' into 'master'
4a665e3 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'scroll-sidebar' into 'master'
24ecc90 2015-07-13 Increase padding between menu items a bit
a839b2a 2015-07-13 Make sidebar scrollable. It prevents content overflow fo...
67c17df 2015-07-13 Better wording for project dropdown
78a9402 2015-07-13 Add dropdown to quickly create issue or branch from proj...
5f34759 2015-07-13 Allow user to specify content he wants to see on project...
4f0455c 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'no-icon-for-back' into 'master'
62da53a 2015-07-13 Hide icon for bact-to-location menu in sidebar
00053c8 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'ssh-key-linebreaks' into 'master'
bbd3d2c 2015-07-13 Avoid copy of strings in memory for parsing git grep result
9829129 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1908' into 'master'
f194fd8 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'vis_btn_color_change' into 'master'
171d6fc 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'rs-disable-2fa-by-admin' into 'master'
d93da8b 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'rs-disable-2fa' into 'master'
10d5da7 2015-07-13 Merge branch 'fix-api-project-transfer' into 'master'
ff3b68a 2015-07-12 Merge branch 'master' of
d3d1e9e 2015-07-12 Merge branch 'search-git-grep' into 'master'
ed97b05 2015-07-12 Mention search improvements in CHANGELOG
ec19a96 2015-07-12 Add tests for repository search files
9ab12e0 2015-07-12 Fix search blobs for wiki
ddaac53 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'fix-multiple-dropzone-icons' into 'master'
f6609c9 2015-07-10 Implement search of code via git grep
77025ad 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'compact-sidebar' into 'master'
8902253 2015-07-10 Smaller font and leing height for sidebar elements
e370ec7 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'labels-small-buttons' into 'master'
37cdffd 2015-07-10 Make edit/remove label buttons smaller
bda04bc 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'fork_visibility_level' into 'master'
7574ec4 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'hierarchical-navigation'
3e97051 2015-07-10 Fix missing avatar in event feed when created project
e4a1d29 2015-07-10 Better name for group tab
4dfded8 2015-07-10 Make left menu more hierarchical and less contextual by ...
82a3f2f 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'master' of
fdbaffd 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'comment-box-changes' of
3444113 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'readme-ci-com-badge' into 'master'
d1261d8 2015-07-10 Merge branch 'rs-update-coveralls' into 'master'
7b06c32 2015-07-09 Point to badge in README
6e0c596 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'master' of
9016142 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'master' of
0d83ca4 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'cache-readme' into 'master'
51ceae6 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'edit-readme' into 'master'
635ffe4 2015-07-09 Cache readme rendering result
d8dfbc5 2015-07-09 Improve readme tests
a4bf548 2015-07-09 Merge pull request #9438 from bbodenmiller/patch-3
8465380 2015-07-09 Dont check for link but for actual readme content
5309dad 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'last-push-widget' into 'master'
e9ab09c 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'project-home-page'
6848b0a 2015-07-09 Show edit readme from project home page
11e43cd 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'plain-readme' into 'master'
1bf3e15 2015-07-09 Properly render plain readme
3cdd684 2015-07-09 Add star icon to star button
e49f1a2 2015-07-09 Mention project page redesign in CHANGELOG
b6821ff 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'rs-remove-task-states' into 'master'
43e410a 2015-07-09 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1750' into 'master'
27a9ff8 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'rs-dev-issue-2372' into 'master'
512bb5b 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'master' of
c8e9246 2015-07-08 Merge branch 'project-home-page' into 'master'
f0e1da0 2015-07-08 Show last push widget on several project pages
a0b9fe1 2015-07-08 Fix project tests
e05fbf0 2015-07-08 Fix creating file in new repo
0ebe8be 2015-07-08 Fix schortcut tests
39a4bb2 2015-07-08 Cleanup and some test fixes after refactoring project ho...
bd08ac5 2015-07-08 Recommend user to create README file for both empty and ...
17156cf 2015-07-08 Imrpove mobile view for project page
77fb7e0 2015-07-08 Fix db schema
8404ab4 2015-07-08 Add shortcut for project activity page
c2f02fc 2015-07-08 Refactor star and fork buttons
b9452d7 2015-07-07 Merge branch 'improve-postgres-restore-cleaning' into 'm...
5be6cba 2015-07-07 Add spacing around buttons on project page
bc3cd44 2015-07-07 Add download button to project page
d192f92 2015-07-07 Move project activity to separate tab. Add more features...
5e7f7f8 2015-07-07 Redesign project home page
62c8bc2 2015-07-07 Merge branch 'master' of
f76092c 2015-07-07 Merge branch 'settings-via-api' into 'master'
faa535e 2015-07-07 Merge branch 'detail-too-many-warning' into 'master'
41e6b8d 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'report-delete-branch-error-codes' into 'ma...
603ceea 2015-07-06 Add tests and improve logic
17446ff 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'master' of
b28714b 2015-07-06 Add docs and empty specs for applicaiton settings API
b2e2444 2015-07-06 Merge pull request #9430 from gitlabhq/fix-rake-test-ci
99c3b11 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'disable-sticky-diffs' into 'master'
1165d3d 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'master' of
f3590c8 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'audit_log' into 'master'
9860ab0 2015-07-06 Remove sticky-diff functionality
919e702 2015-07-06 Revert "Diff headers made sticky"
5f52d6a 2015-07-06 Merge branch 'add-irker-options' into 'master'
c2ee686 2015-07-03 API to set application settings for admin
18ef9be 2015-07-03 Use teaspoon instead of jasmine:ci
a6a0792 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'master' of
7081ab1 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'add-unlock-access' into 'master'
7c42aaa 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'anonymous-applications' into 'master'
7a94a46 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'saml-troubleshooting' into 'master'
5995038 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'disable-deploy-edit-link' into 'master'
2cbf452 2015-07-02 Merge branch 'rs-gem-security' into 'master'
bbb18cc 2015-07-01 Mention faster merge operation inside one project
459e6d3 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'refactor-can-be-merge' into 'master'
2e6bbb1 2015-07-01 Refactor can_be_merged logic for merge request
804168e 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'use-rugged-for-merge' into 'master'
d24c40e 2015-07-01 Merge branches inside one repository using rugged instea...
f31d2aa 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'master' of
98049a3 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
16b8a1e 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'master' of
2d85458 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'fix-zero-sha-lookup' into 'master'
b096374 2015-07-01 Mention performance improvements after adding cache to s...
1574312 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'master' of
87df927 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'reporter-manage-issues' into 'master'
d75f16c 2015-07-01 Fix commits feed button
baf12f4 2015-07-01 Repository#blob_at should return nil for 00000000... sha
e934a62 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'cache-commits-render' into 'master'
0af7397 2015-07-01 Merge branch 'rs-fix-application-helper-specs' into 'mas...
70666a5 2015-07-01 Use to_reference menthod when render issue id in list
4d80360 2015-06-30 Cache markdown of comments
40e31e1 2015-06-30 Cache issue in the list
496f94d 2015-06-30 Cache commits list
b76659c 2015-06-30 Re-use event cache with other users unless its personal
f9261e6 2015-06-30 Open big avatar when click on user image
b42c40b 2015-06-30 Make commits atom feed button smaller
1e6ec57 2015-06-30 Merge branch 'reuse-html-pipeline' into 'master'
16c71a3 2015-06-30 Merge branch 'docker-ci' into 'master'
a5b54f9 2015-06-30 Reporter role can manage issue tracker now
1161c93 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'doc-style' into 'master'
88162f6 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'fix-relative-submodule-namespace-path' int...
8e6efc5 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'master' of
155b035 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'add_to_backup_docs' into 'master'
32330e8 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'rs-fix-subscription-feature' into 'master'
ea6ebee 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'rs-fuubar' into 'master'
83d8d61 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'rs-disables-submit-behavior' into 'master'
4642dcd 2015-06-29 Merge branch 'rs-update-gitlab-ci' into 'master'
9f166a8 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'rename-abilities' into 'master'
06ab7d8 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1887' into 'master'
7ca017b 2015-06-26 Refactor issue, mr, note abilities to include project ab...
083d460 2015-06-26 Change dynamic abilities to new format
d63371a 2015-06-26 Update controller filters
2fa7790 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'master' of
05ef7ba 2015-06-26 Merge branch 'permission-improvements' into 'master'
58ceb8e 2015-06-26 Only people who can manage issue can assign labels to it
c9f21c9 2015-06-26 Use page.within in tests
342d553 2015-06-26 Rename abilities to correspond contoller/model action names
d5947ad 2015-06-26 Simplify set of assignee, milestone and label to admin_i...
b9fa82d 2015-06-26 Update tests and use js-issuable class for context form
a909528 2015-06-25 UsersSelect is part of filter so I rather keep js execut...
304386a 2015-06-25 Write test for submitting issue as guest
cbb64a4 2015-06-25 Fix js error on merge request page
6006065 2015-06-25 Update CHANGELOG
0bcfe9a 2015-06-25 Dont allow set assignee, milestone or labels if user is ...
5ff870a 2015-06-25 Move duplicate js functionality into IssuableForm
2d31568 2015-06-25 Refactor issue and merge request sidebar
d315d1e 2015-06-25 Dont allow guest to set assigne, milestone and label whe...
60baa1e 2015-06-25 Move issuable partials in common directory
6288677 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'master' of
28830c0 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'sidebar-animation' into 'master'
482b960 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'highlight-link-sidebar' into 'master'
9c02297 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'rs-random-placeholder-tip' into 'master'
87fa392 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'project_icon_removal' into 'master'
3f5a3f7 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'rs-default-admin-password' into 'master'
0c8b96b 2015-06-25 Merge branch 'performance-improvements' into 'master'
7aa8e12 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'master' of
c7a7341 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'explicit_error_ci' into 'master'
9da229a 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'stop-jumping' into 'master'
82f372c 2015-06-24 Add CHANGELOG item
81952b6 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'master' of
a3f64b1 2015-06-24 Improve performance for merge_request#show page
a5f2343 2015-06-24 Improve performance for issue#show page
c83bbfa 2015-06-24 Enable rack profiler by default
b8af2ec 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'master' of
ffe9740 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'application_settings_form' into 'master'
21e402e 2015-06-24 Merge branch 'rs-dev-issue-2419' into 'master'
764b591 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'fix-readme-avatar' into 'master'
b902a9b 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'split-tests' into 'master'
541f767 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'fix-diff-patch-public-mr' into 'master'
b8f12d1 2015-06-23 Replace GITLAB with GitLab in rake task descriptions
12e0998 2015-06-23 Refactor rake tasks for tests
b5e7096 2015-06-23 Split rspec and spinach tests in parallel
94f130c 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'admin-edit-identities' into 'master'
4acd1f5 2015-06-23 Fix tests for admin identities after migrate to rspec3
b51fe68 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'fix-delete-user-error' into 'master'
8834389 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'rubocop-for-tests' into 'master'
8c6cbd4 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'master' into admin-edit-identities
a8e4e6a 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'identity-validation' into 'master'
4b31f4b 2015-06-23 Its 7.13 time :)
21e227d 2015-06-23 Validate presence of provider field in Identity
7780a88 2015-06-23 Set proper title when edit identity from admin area
615257b 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'animation-sidebar' into 'master'
f189c36 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'rs-dev-issue-2414' into 'master'
779646e 2015-06-23 Fix rubocop issues after merge of recent master
f40b99d 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'master' into rubocop-for-tests
4aa1fdd 2015-06-23 Merge branch 'fix-project-icon-links' into 'master'
1beb0db 2015-06-23 Fix admin identities code
7390b94 2015-06-22 Fix code style issue
d7553d3 2015-06-22 Address review comments
73e0030 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'master' into admin-edit-identities
3fe3cbf 2015-06-22 Fix indendity test
cc04c5b 2015-06-22 Refactor admin user page
b213909 2015-06-22 Make provider a select for identities form in admin area
8f89a48 2015-06-22 Minor improvements to admin identities text
181f5c4 2015-06-22 Fix merge requests API scope to keep compatibility in 7....
6d679fc 2015-06-22 Fix closed merge request scope at milestone page
8c54237 2015-06-22 Revert merge request states renaming
cc9b5c4 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'revert-mr-state-names'
bcb0792 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'nginx_defaulthost_documentation' into 'mas...
7bee9ce 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'see-full-size-avatar' into 'master'
d3978e0 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'remove_unused_except' into 'master'
595b332 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'rs-rspec3' into 'master'
967214b 2015-06-22 Merge requests API returns closed for closed and merged ...
7b9b3c5 2015-06-22 Fix part of api specs for rubocop
cf259cd 2015-06-22 Remove unnecessary whitespace between let and (
f167f37 2015-06-22 Fix rubocop issues at feature/ directory
770eba7 2015-06-22 Enable rubocop for tests too
6c4d48b 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'rs-remove-link-to-override'
156edd8 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'web-editor-autocrlf' into 'master'
9179dc6 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'new-logo' into 'master'
75f7a96 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'web-editor-autocrlf' into 'master'
eb972b7 2015-06-22 Fix closed merge request scope at milestone page
0214a21 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'restore_uploads_fix' into 'master'
29b6d46 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'rs-dev-issue-2355' into 'master'
ea9dda9 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'master' of
791bf11 2015-06-22 Merge branch 'master' of
7524d7c 2015-06-19 Revert merge request states renaming
f5e0e5c 2015-06-19 Replace old logo with new one
aca6d36 2015-06-19 Add tests for admin managing user identities
d059c69 2015-06-19 Move identities list to own controller action
270b7ce 2015-06-19 Add ability for admin to edit user identity
228da2d 2015-06-19 Admin can see and remove user identities
74a6732 2015-06-19 Merge branch 'revert-placeholder' into 'master'
db915f7 2015-06-18 Merge branch 'build_script' into 'master'
79e2488 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'master' of
be2a750 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'master' of
1eb51e1 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'placeholder_text'
73918ef 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'swellard-issue-6123' into 'master'
de5c9b7 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'rs-dev-issue-2373' into 'master'
15d7432 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'bump-gems' into '7-12-stable'
aa6aa2e 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'rs-rails-update' into 'master'
b0821a1 2015-06-17 Merge branch 'rs-rails-update' into 'master'
1fb54a2 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'kerberos_require' into '7-12-stable'
f6ee9b3 2015-06-16 Merge branch '7-12-stable' of
940d38b 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'require_kerberos_when_enabled' into 'master'
bd6239f 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'master' of
3e585c0 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'require_kerberos_when_enabled' into 'master'
fb5ffa8 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'master' of
e840cca 2015-06-16 Merge branch 'db-dump-instructions' into 'master'
5701879 2015-06-15 Merge branch '7-12-rc2' into '7-12-stable'
ddd04de 2015-06-15 Fix .gitlab-ci.yml file
916d7da 2015-06-15 Merge branch 'fix-gitlab-ci-yml' into 'master'
8fb59d3 2015-06-15 Dont set checkout sha for removed branch/tag
5fa0248 2015-06-15 Merge branch 'fix-gitlab-ci-yml' into 'master'
0674bf2 2015-06-15 Look for .gitlab-ci.yml only if checkout_sha is present
fe51fa2 2015-06-15 Dont set checkout sha for removed branch/tag
7a7c6b4 2015-06-15 Fix text align in last push event
9522a71 2015-06-15 Merge branch 'update_ssl_ciphers' into 'master'
7300729 2015-06-15 Merge branch 'rs-dev-issue-2228' into 'master'
9eec51d 2015-06-15 Move CHANGELOG item to 7.13
5c6d83b 2015-06-14 Merge branch 'master' of
b645f0f 2015-06-14 Merge pull request #9340 from jvanbaarsen/update-noteable
26f6125 2015-06-14 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1432' into 'master'
ea636eb 2015-06-14 Merge branch 'rs-expect-syntax-specs' into 'master'
0b3c974 2015-06-13 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1798' into 'master'
0a03b9b 2015-06-12 Remove visibility icon from projects list on dashboard a...
e667bfe 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'master' of
f92d6e2 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'remove-activity-feed-text' into 'master'
8949758 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'rs-expect-syntax-features' into 'master'
b07cf11 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'note_about_omnibus_changes' into 'master'
21a62bb 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'refactor-mr-widget' into 'master'
5cacc06 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'master' of
b63ef1a 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'fix-graph-width' into 'master'
b4c0231 2015-06-12 Merge branch 'fluid-commit-calendar' into 'master'
11bf5b6 2015-06-12 Fix test for accept merge request
4e98159 2015-06-11 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1757' into 'master'
c69ca99 2015-06-11 Merge pull request #9371 from zenati/patch-2
aa38dfe 2015-06-11 Fix graph width on different screen sizes
f06f438 2015-06-11 Make commit calendar size depend on window size
a35aec7 2015-06-11 Fix merge request test
15cfa5c 2015-06-11 Fix automerge
946b4ce 2015-06-11 Improve variables in mr widget
8893ac4 2015-06-11 Fix rubocop
00600a5 2015-06-11 Extract merge request widget JS to separate class
148178f 2015-06-11 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1758' into 'master'
d2d8037 2015-06-11 Refactor merge request widget step 2
644b6ba 2015-06-11 Refactor accept merge request widget
190c9e9 2015-06-10 Merge branch 'fix-project-edit' into 'master'
3620849 2015-06-10 Improve project edit form
e407a48 2015-06-10 Merge branch 'rs-pre-rspec-3' into 'master'
5a9135a 2015-06-10 Merge branch 'master' of
8eadfd2 2015-06-10 Merge branch 'master' into 'master'
269c2d2 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'move_project_members_link' into 'master'
ec39b21 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'master' of
5e8c6e6 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'master' of
6267a6b 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'ldap-remember-me' into 'master'
9562f02 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'master' of
4e9de95 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'master' of
18e33e0 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'fix-missing-js' into 'master'
378904d 2015-06-09 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1778' into 'master'
b637f84 2015-06-08 Fix broadcast message colors to one displayed in preview
ec99074 2015-06-08 Merge branch 'master' of
0944dd4 2015-06-08 Merge branch 'improve-navigation' into 'master'
5b4ab5a 2015-06-08 Properly click on user profile picture
8ee57ad 2015-06-08 Fix tests
78d4b6a 2015-06-08 Remove arrow to the right of project name on dashboard
d46d6fc 2015-06-08 Improve UI for phones
8641cda 2015-06-08 Dont use fixed pixel size if form controls - its bad for...
ebaa1e5 2015-06-08 Fix header for mobiles
9b77a4b 2015-06-08 Dont truncate issue/mr title
61a3cd6 2015-06-08 Move logout buttom to top right corner
e73d7b6 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'cleaner-project-page' into 'master'
354b6f1 2015-06-05 Remove line under project description
7880450 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'header-50-px' into 'master'
2d51659 2015-06-05 Fix css alignment in header. Use scss variable
b6aa7cb 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'master' of
87f9c47 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'refactor-web-editor' into 'master'
7bde6ae 2015-06-05 Fix editing files via API
5a02615 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'warn-about-referenced-users' into 'master'
6f7bf4e 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'wip-mr-docs' into 'master'
3b9792e 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'fix-long-blob-timeout' into 'master'
dfccb06 2015-06-05 Refactor web editor
214f38c 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'fix-empty-navbar' into 'master'
8d2996f 2015-06-05 Fix empty header
22d5d89 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'master' of
b7d20f1 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'maser/gitlab-ce-order-commit-comments-in-a...
1498de2 2015-06-05 Merge branch 'ci_script_simplify1' into 'master'
bedc66e 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'rs-remove-guard' into 'master'
32ba92a 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'master' of
9287865 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'fix-upgrader-script' into 'master'
8b089fa 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'master' of
b921946 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'make-namespaces-api-available-to-all-users...
1d94594 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'sn-push-email-plussign' into 'master'
ef3e093 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'fix-no-labels-page' into 'master'
8645a0d 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'refacor-ci-script' into 'master'
b18ac38 2015-06-04 Refactor CI script
7f042e8 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'master' of
e063c8f 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'trigger_hooks_create_on_backup_restore' in...
d204c8f 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'master' of
28b6cde 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'add_ci_yaml' into 'master'
971e57c 2015-06-04 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1741' into 'master'
fb59f04 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'fix-group-remove' into 'master'
5571573 2015-06-03 Add CHANGELOG item
8046b69 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'remove_unecessary_rake_task' into 'master'
e414463 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'repo-remove'
53a0ac4 2015-06-03 Skip repo removing whem remove user or group
47a9575 2015-06-03 Log group creation and removal
7bab481 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'repo-remove' into fix-group-remove
58ab8a4 2015-06-03 Fix tests and increase delay time before remove repository
1edff53 2015-06-03 Remove projects before group/user. Remove namespace dire...
61cfd1d 2015-06-03 Wrap group removal into service
fd1723f 2015-06-03 Add tests for project destroy service
97ff86e 2015-06-03 Move repository when project is removed
41d4aaa 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'rs-more-js-testing' into 'master'
8631b6a 2015-06-03 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1022' into 'master'
79aac2c 2015-06-02 Merge branch 'ignore-references' into 'master'
d85a743 2015-06-02 Merge branch 'master' of
be56144 2015-06-02 Merge branch 'ci_yml_file' into 'master'
1c328fa 2015-06-02 Improve hover color
5a1aa49 2015-06-02 Merge branch 'web-editor-rugged' into 'master'
d684b11 2015-06-02 Remove unnecessary satellite files and add CHANGELOG item
435f680 2015-06-02 Make web editor work correctly after switch from satellites
8997812 2015-06-02 Remove files in web editor using rugged
8ad5f08 2015-06-02 Remove now unnecessary satelittes logic for creating and...
3d416f1 2015-06-02 Create activity event and execute hooks on web editor co...
2c403df 2015-06-02 Remove file api tests which depend on old satellite logic
5411331 2015-06-01 Use rugged in web editor for base64 encoding
d9d9c7d 2015-06-01 Allow base64 for edit blobs
27a1585 2015-06-01 Fix adding new file to empty repo
734a4ba 2015-06-01 Create and edit files in web editor via rugged
76ae871 2015-06-01 Merge branch 'refactor-header' into 'master'
01f6ae2 2015-06-01 improve navbar collapse for mobile views
a74dfa6 2015-06-01 Fix header overflow for big title
e7e07fa 2015-06-01 Refactor header views
46e3d13 2015-06-01 More fixes to header css
d4dde37 2015-06-01 Refactor header css/html
a42f4d8 2015-06-01 Merge branch 'linguist-comment' into 'master'
ea498c4 2015-06-01 Add comments about gitlab forks
7927c32 2015-06-01 Exmplain gitlab-linguist fork existence
ed7f42f 2015-06-01 Better margin for header in accept MR widget
38bac5d 2015-06-01 Show avatars in merge widget and fix mr download button ...
9c6f6a1 2015-06-01 Merge branch 'disable-mr-source-branch-change' into 'mas...
b862998 2015-06-01 Merge branch 'feature/sign_out_page' into 'master'
584ac31 2015-06-01 Improve UI for accept MR widget
467d7f6 2015-05-29 Improve UI of project sidebar
a3b6098 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'leave-project' into 'master'
a1c4533 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'support-edit-target-branch-in-mr' into 'ma...
ab2e675 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'user-oauth-applications' into 'master'
7815f9d 2015-05-29 Make leave buttons more explicit
4f0f182 2015-05-29 Add changelog item about leave project feature
2afa5fc 2015-05-29 Add ability to leave project
394fe76 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'leave-group' into 'master'
907bbb2 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'master' of
d4a58c6 2015-05-29 Style header search field on focus
85de253 2015-05-29 Fix tests for group leave feature
cef746d 2015-05-29 User should be able to leave group. If not - show him pr...
4a1df71 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'mr-wip-text' into 'master'
aa97325 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'rs-merge-request-tabs-the-third' into 'mas...
2f3a11f 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'master' of
acb7721 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'rs-teaspoon' into 'master'
e11e042 2015-05-29 Fix diff header with submodule change
ac584d6 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'master' of
c090ebc 2015-05-29 Merge branch 'rs-persist-tab-selection-more-betterer' in...
d047d29 2015-05-29 Merge pull request #9318 from jvanbaarsen/allow-special-...
51888f7 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'nicer-acccount-page' into 'master'
08a12f2 2015-05-28 Make user settings account page nicer
d0d596a 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'project-aside' into 'master'
a01737a 2015-05-28 Use panels instead of well for widgets in project sidebar
ce5928f 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'profile-settings'
ad34623 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'master' of
0c7da9d 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'master' of
9e50f28 2015-05-28 Fix profile tests after header rename
35d0d77 2015-05-28 Prefer panels over fieldset when different forms
05a44dc 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'user-destroy-wo-groups' into 'master'
47989d6 2015-05-28 Consistent header look for setting pages
dcc9dc9 2015-05-28 Re-organize profile settings titles and headers
2db0267 2015-05-28 Fix current user removal
9cc2391 2015-05-28 Add CHANGELOG item
4991545 2015-05-28 You can not remove user if he/she is an only owner of group
72e4109 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'rs-persist-tab-selection' into 'master'
72f1889 2015-05-28 Merge branch 'header-icons' into 'master'
c843e09 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'master' of
accdcdf 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'master' of
6cf45dd 2015-05-27 Replace some icons in header
2846644 2015-05-27 Add missing CHANGELOG item
4146ce5 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'profile-in-sidebar' into 'master'
fcc0ff2 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'nav-settings' into 'master'
2cd1cee 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'commit-graphs-by-email' into 'master'
464123b 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'emailsonpush-prefix' into 'master'
93b2a30 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'point-to-gitlab-com' into 'master'
9eec0d5 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'accepted-rejected-mrs' into 'master'
56ab471 2015-05-27 Move user avatar and logout button to sidebar
701c2e9 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'rs-to_reference' into 'master'
3ed05b2 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'rs-manual-2fa-entry' into 'master'
7a2fd81 2015-05-27 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1690' into 'master'
f955554 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'master' of
a94dc73 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'master' of
b11bcb8 2015-05-26 Use default control for search field in header
f815094 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'master' of
b5ea355 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'rs-link_to_label' into 'master'
b23025b 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'rs-gems' into 'master'
08102ad 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1690' into 'master'
8ea443b 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'fix-fullscreen-preview-in-milestones' into...
ebe0aef 2015-05-26 Merge branch 'master' of
f5db97a 2015-05-22 Merge branch 'master' of
29aae2a 2015-05-21 Merge branch 'unauthorized-participants' into 'master'
579c5e3 2015-05-21 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1651' into 'master'
71b1a2c 2015-05-20 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1645' into 'master'
65c89b4 2015-05-20 Merge branch 'explain-wip-mr' into 'master'
76a7582 2015-05-20 Merge branch 'explain-wip-mr' into 'master'
15a6211 2015-05-19 Small css improvements
f5f0ed5 2015-05-18 Merge branch 'master' of
f931904 2015-05-18 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1626' into 'master'
a0fcbda 2015-05-18 Merge branch 'rs-default-tooltip-placement' into 'master'
c9c44e7 2015-05-18 Merge branch 'improve-reset-tokens' into 'master'
d0b1993 2015-05-16 Merge branch 'unauthorized-participants' into 'master'
4b68675 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'attr_encryped_no_db_connection' into 'master'
3572967 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'attr_encryped_no_db_connection' into 'master'
be969bb 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'fix-653' into 'master'
07fd736 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'master' of
9c6f4a2 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'dashboard-references' into 'master'
de1aca1 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'spinner-spin' into 'master'
3b4c0ea 2015-05-15 Merge branch 'use-count-badges' into 'master'
a13e6f1 2015-05-15 Fix gemfile.lock
e54ff51 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'master' of
740dc41 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'project_api_order' into 'master'
aa4f085 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'rs-refactor-2fa' into 'master'
ded82ed 2015-05-14 Small refactoring of state_filters_text_for helper
40f381e 2015-05-14 append empty space only if count exists
3d4d89f 2015-05-14 Use count badges with number_with_delimiter helper for i...
8dde52c 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'fewer-icons' into 'master'
947231a 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'rs-relative-link-filter' into 'master'
19251a1 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'master' of
c2ee828 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'omniauth-csrf' into 'master'
434180c 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'fix-group-mention' into 'master'
5619c7b 2015-05-14 Merge branch 'note-action-icons' into 'master'
66209a3 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'sidekiq-sigkill' into 'master'
091c906 2015-05-13 Fix text overflow in project sidebar
8ad91d5 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'text-batch-1' into 'master'
5dcbe6f 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'master' of
6340301 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'master' of
f32a045 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'version-check' into 'master'
740716a 2015-05-13 Merge pull request #9276 from jirutka/relative_link_filter
cb8f974 2015-05-13 Merge branch 'master' of
b92d608 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'master' of
8b9e3af 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'ad-block_auto_created_users' into 'master'
0bac9d0 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'master' of
b0b25e3 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'note-role' into 'master'
474023b 2015-05-12 Fix Gemfile.lock
1a1e42a 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'rs-system-note' into 'master'
ff13fb0 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'brakeman-level'
3b88a6e 2015-05-12 Merge branch 'project-page' into 'master'
4a373be 2015-05-12 Merge branch '2fa' into 'master'
22badc1 2015-05-12 Bump attr_encrypted
9694c81 2015-05-11 Merge branch 'master' of
f1ba376 2015-05-11 Merge branch 'master' of
e1a8089 2015-05-11 Merge branch 'create-merge-request' into 'master'
95a470c 2015-05-11 Merge branch 'params-to-sym' into 'master'
0928c3a 2015-05-11 Enable version check only for production environment
b3f5c67 2015-05-11 Replace host with real one
396aba5 2015-05-11 Merge branch 'brakeman-system' into 'master'
8ae712a 2015-05-09 Render 2fa recovery codes instead of downloading it
802fcd0 2015-05-09 Add support for backup codes
b66be0a 2015-05-09 Use non-broken version of attr_encrypted
de9e1c3 2015-05-09 Turn 2-factor authentication into 2 steps process. Disab...
50a2a22 2015-05-09 Fix rubocop complain
cde474a 2015-05-09 Make 2 factor authentication work
ba7e2fd 2015-05-09 Create Two-factor authentication resource for user
7302395 2015-05-09 Init 2 factor authentication for user model
fe75411 2015-05-09 Add 2 factor authentication gems
40c8295 2015-05-09 Merge branch 'rs-disallow-id-class' into 'master'
15bbb4e 2015-05-08 Merge pull request #9244 from dreis2211/firefox_issuable...
5af7d78 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'show_project_visibility' into 'master'
f94e176 2015-05-08 Merge branch '7-10-4' into '7-10-stable'
09b3e35 2015-05-08 Fix syntax error
c3cf32e 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'version-check' into gl-version-check
edf0a07 2015-05-08 Remove unnecessary public key
f38ce01 2015-05-08 Remove encryption
afff570 2015-05-08 Merge branch '7-10-3' into '7-10-stable'
6c32abc 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'rs-task_list' into 'master'
757084f 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'master' of
5b8712e 2015-05-08 Merge branch 'master' of
dc76d10 2015-05-08 Merge pull request #9254 from gitlabhq/revert-8800-email...
5b3c823 2015-05-06 Make header title bold and line between header lighter
48a3983 2015-05-06 Replace outdated gif in README with link to website
f78dfa6 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'refactor-mr-form' into 'master'
ea6667b 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'master' of
065637a 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
317ed1f 2015-05-06 Revert "Allow to configure smtp and sendmail in gitlab.yml"
c66e575 2015-05-06 Fix tests
fb00ed9 2015-05-06 Make README link on project home look nicer
342078a 2015-05-06 Small UI improvements to make project sidebar more neat
d49b993 2015-05-06 Small UI improvements to MR form
cd108a8 2015-05-06 Re-use issuable_form for new merge request
86ec49a 2015-05-06 Merge pull request #8800 from jirutka/email-settings
754f672 2015-05-06 Merge branch '7-10-stable' of
3f22823 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'mr-change-branches' into 'master'
bba314b 2015-05-06 Merge branch '7-10-2' into '7-10-stable'
22d5e98 2015-05-06 When use change branches link at MR form - save source b...
3976630 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'fix-wiki-search' into 'master'
7ef05ad 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'fix_ci_services' into 'master'
8ef84b3 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'admin-add-group-members' into 'master'
d4516cf 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'fix-gitorious-importer' into 'master'
b415013 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'master' of
f4de5d5 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'master' of
bb3d7b0 2015-05-06 Merge branch 'refactor-project-page' into 'master'
16db90e 2015-05-05 Fix project test
cecfbd5 2015-05-05 Restlye project sidebar a bit to make it more clear
3b0cf49 2015-05-05 Fix project description and avatar alignment
2a1be88 2015-05-05 Add changelog item
ac7b12c 2015-05-05 Fix right margin for project description
ebcc810 2015-05-05 Remove project dropdown and fix db sche,a
5bff135 2015-05-05 Merge branch 'fix_ci_services' into 'master'
30c6dbe 2015-05-05 Show CI link on project home page only if CI enabled
040ee6f 2015-05-05 Reorganize elements in project sidebar
7da7a79 2015-05-05 Move clone panel to sidebar
4adac0b 2015-05-05 Remove unnecessary info from project home page
478a4b1 2015-05-05 Turn sidebar in sections with contribute and repository
3ce0557 2015-05-05 Move tabs with activity/readme to section
31e5cd2 2015-05-05 Move project section to own partial
04e365e 2015-05-05 Move project sidebar to separate partial
3ccdc02 2015-05-04 Merge branch 'master' of
c874422 2015-05-04 Merge branch 'master' of
16db51e 2015-05-04 Merge branch 'fix-wiki-search' into 'master'
f4d05dc 2015-05-04 Merge pull request #9097 from sselberg/add-current_sign_...
747232e 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'api-iid' of
a7ddff8 2015-05-03 Merge pull request #9066 from jirutka/fix-6417
e097812 2015-05-03 Merge pull request #9234 from dsander/group-milestones-b...
644b4c9 2015-05-03 Merge pull request #8756 from zaburt/force_utf8_on_oauth...
4291e28 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'change-primary-email' into 'master'
0df317f 2015-05-03 Merge branch 'restrict-signups-to-domains' into 'master'
cfbff01 2015-05-02 Merge branch 'you-get-a-title-and-you-get-a-title-and-ev...
812c7a8 2015-05-02 Merge branch 'rs-more-pipeline-filters' into 'master'
6d22e96 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'fix-submodule-error-with-forked-project' i...
a063544 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'Soullivaneuh-show-aside'
93359c7 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'show-aside' of
26c62cb 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'master' of
c93020c 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'master' of
32d7841 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'master' of
86b752e 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'Soullivaneuh-container-class-reloaded'
ac5f9ff 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'container-class-reloaded' of https://githu...
9faa00a 2015-04-30 Merge branch 'wip-means-no-mr' into 'master'
39a55bd 2015-04-29 Merge branch 'search-layout' into 'master'
5bf9f69 2015-04-29 Fix visibility settings UI in admin area
4636c1d 2015-04-29 Merge branch 'master' of
7534d0e 2015-04-29 Fix tests
8d3eaf5 2015-04-29 Merge branch 'fix_data' into 'master'
18a9151 2015-04-29 Merge branch 'master' of
332a17c 2015-04-29 Merge branch 'master' of
acad854 2015-04-29 Revert "Fix '.container or .container-fluid should be th...
24037e7 2015-04-29 Move search categories (projects, issues etc) below sear...
1ff01d2 2015-04-28 Continue refactoring and restyle of search layout
d5fe1e5 2015-04-28 Draft improvements to search layout
8140c68 2015-04-28 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2269' into 'master'
f0227d7 2015-04-28 Merge branch 'master' of
2940de4 2015-04-28 Merge branch 'admin-add-group-members' into 'master'
f21e269 2015-04-27 Fix adding new group members from admin area
9f443f4 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'fix-relative-submodule-links-with-personal...
c1a5f47 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #8645 from chulkilee/hipchat-api-version
278c3ba 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'master' of
2cbdfbf 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'master' of
38e2ae5 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #8644 from Bugagazavr/hook-events
7ee1d68 2015-04-27 Merge pull request #9186 from Senorsen/patch-1
f3ffd7d 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'rs-capybara-screenshot' into 'master'
b4317b1 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'fix-gitorious-importer' into 'master'
57759c9 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'forked-event' into 'master'
817d93e 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'snippet-default-visibility' into 'master'
6de7f94 2015-04-27 Merge branch 'rs-minor-styles' into 'master'
54d7962 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'master' of
34e14b1 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'mobile-ui-improvements' into 'master'
f912650 2015-04-24 Improve mobile UI for dashboard and project pages
2a3b724 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'canonical-source' into 'master'
9409f2a 2015-04-24 Merge pull request #9065 from rumpelsepp/issues
b0ed2ff 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'atom-feeds-everywhere' into 'master'
160799c 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'rs-sam-to-dmitriy' into 'master'
0e99887 2015-04-24 Fix align of issue status box with close/edit buttons to...
c697d96 2015-04-24 Merge branch 'master' of
c30079f 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'rs-mentionable-examples-refactor' into 'ma...
05f0bbf 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2266' into 'master'
db3bd62 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'rs-fixed-width-nav' into 'master'
926a814 2015-04-23 Improve navbar toggle for mobile devices
2728959 2015-04-23 Fix sidebar collapse button
96e4c78 2015-04-23 Add CHANGELOG item for new sidebar
ac4968b 2015-04-23 Merge pull request #9062 from fgimian/omniauth-disable-t...
d4fb062 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'sign-out-to-sign-in' into 'master'
f911915 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'rs-rails-env-predicates' into 'master'
285ae60 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'issue-body-code-mentions' into 'master'
67996c1 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'rs-search_text_nodes' into 'master'
1c96b0b 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'new-sidebar' into 'master'
71f6143 2015-04-23 Merge branch 'master' into new-sidebar
63c5911 2015-04-23 Dont render dashbaord nav if user is not signed in
e368212 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
5b6e702 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
a22f313 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'rs-reply-hotkey' into 'master'
b0c1e25 2015-04-22 Merge pull request #9078 from ikappas/project-services-e...
5f3b2be 2015-04-22 Fix snippet test
28639a1 2015-04-22 For navless pages render dashboard nav
47d26b0 2015-04-22 Fix snippets tests
0261a5e 2015-04-22 Fix wording and remove duplicate link
4a63573 2015-04-22 Start applying new layout to snippets pages
27919e2 2015-04-22 Add gitlab logo on login page
c41a5bf 2015-04-22 Restyle explore page to sidebar layout
5647ce7 2015-04-22 No need in empty head panel on login page
4860c4d 2015-04-22 Fix toggle of sidebar
2c8c782 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2257' into 'master'
0e0325e 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2257' into 'master'
20a6698 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'rs-toggle-tab' into 'master'
36c5277 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'update_grack' into 'master'
2bac3ac 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'master' of
1cf07f6 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'update_grack' into 'master'
2c4eef5 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'rs-remove-gitlab-pipeline' into 'master'
3ae9b69 2015-04-22 Merge branch 'rs-toggle-tab' into 'master'
d7f61af 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
0a23688 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
2cd501f 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'rs-reference-filters' into 'master'
58faf30 2015-04-21 Merge pull request #8510 from koebi001/feature/backup_re...
27113f1 2015-04-21 Version 7.10.0.rc7
1e7c4a2 2015-04-21 Small css cleanup
0625b15 2015-04-21 Merge branch '7-10-rc5' into '7-10-stable'
9f032b9 2015-04-21 Move header css from pages to generic
6e6df3b 2015-04-21 Refactor themes for new UI
abdc4cb 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'upgrade-guide-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
adcc204 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'gitlab-grack-2.0.1' into 'master'
6750e2d 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'upgrade-guide-gitlab-shell' into 'master'
7915e74 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'google-code-fixes' into 'master'
34192f2 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2212' into 'master'
2505300 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of
86dfdc3 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'google-code-fixes' into 'master'
d3059c7 2015-04-21 New colorful design of sidebar
eca214a 2015-04-21 Merge branch 'gitlab-grack-2.0.1' into 'master'
f6f0a13 2015-04-20 Merge branch '7-10-rc4' into '7-10-stable'
76aade2 2015-04-20 Merge pull request #9075 from Soullivaneuh/bootlint
a4006a6 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'better-commit-mentions' into 'master'
8e4b8e2 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'revert-username-period' into 'master'
d9f7499 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'master' of
91672f4 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'revert-username-period' into 'master'
407489d 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'haynes/gitlab-ce-remove_access_control_for...
41f01dd 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'haynes/gitlab-ce-remove_access_control_for...
59e3832 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'fix-label-color' into 'master'
457efe2 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'master' of
61ebd14 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'gitlab_git-7.1.10' into 'master'
dfc5680 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'fix-label-color-input' into 'master'
4bd5aa2 2015-04-20 Merge pull request #9156 from hellerve/master
0e9d52f 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'master' of
bd97715 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'fix-label-color' into 'master'
d012648 2015-04-20 Merge branch 'fix-label-color-input' into 'master'
41b45ec 2015-04-19 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2219' into 'master'
359f01c 2015-04-19 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2212' into 'master'
39b8d9e 2015-04-17 Merge branch '7-10-rc3' into '7-10-stable'
a66953b 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'google-code-changelog' into 'master'
8b4b687 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'google-code-import-performance' into 'master'
e1099f9 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'google-code-import-performance' into 'master'
ea939d4 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'gitlab_git-7.1.9' into 'master'
7266c78 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'master' of
07c149d 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'fix-username-period-migration' into 'master'
5ba7a8e 2015-04-17 Merge branch 'repo-check-task' into 'master'
f71a4b1 2015-04-16 Merge pull request #9147 from jvanbaarsen/changelof-7-11
36677a9 2015-04-16 Merge branch 'update-changelog' into 'master'
e24ed47 2015-04-16 Merge branch 'master' of
9042d8d 2015-04-16 Merge pull request #9131 from chulkilee/ruby-2.1.6
2a0a48a 2015-04-16 Add 7.9.4 to CHANGELOG
fb7ce7b 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'fix-mention-notification' into 'master'
9193b94 2015-04-15 No tabs in code!
cc41381 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
345e32d 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'sstanovnik-openssh_fix' into 'master'
4c26bcb 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
d2a895d 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'emailsonpush-replyto' into 'master'
089f5b9 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'emailsonpush-hellip' into 'master'
4ab22a8 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'ldap-block_auto_created_users' into 'master'
2705500 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'fix-repository-rescue' into 'master'
fccc945 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'search-information-leak' into 'master'
1970dab 2015-04-15 Merge pull request #9039 from gemnasium/update-gemnasium...
e3d818a 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'invitation' into 'master'
b758661 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
3d9cbc5 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'master' of
4efbf9b 2015-04-15 Merge branch 'revert-help-link' into 'master'
b10de29 2015-04-15 Version 7.9.4
5d1ab47 2015-04-15 Revert help link tests removal
400c9c5 2015-04-15 Revert "Removed help link from sidebar"
0a0d605 2015-04-15 Merge pull request #8905 from jasonblanchard/remove-trun...
46bb96e 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'fix-ldap-migration' into 'master'
ac5af61 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'fix-ldap-migration' into 'master'
afb43a8 2015-04-14 Use smae background for git clone text and project visib...
09eea7e 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'master' of
3cfcb63 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'ui-improvements' into 'master'
5262ba3 2015-04-14 Default buttons should look the same on project page
dab1824 2015-04-14 Align project download button with others in sidebar on ...
0c6217e 2015-04-14 Add border radius and shadow to project avatar on projec...
2997020 2015-04-14 Fix button overflow for branches/tags pages
bf7932b 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'dir-traversal' into 'master'
582bff2 2015-04-14 Merge pull request #9126 from Senorsen/master
6b479b6 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'master' of
c420255 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'rs-remove-invalid-key-factories' into 'mas...
4632983 2015-04-14 Merge branch 'rs-link-to-performance' into 'master'
82721b0 2015-04-14 Merge branch '7-9-4' into '7-9-stable'
e6280af 2015-04-13 Fix db schema
60704ba 2015-04-13 Update changelog
16b9ff5 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'ldap_migration'
4ab717e 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'ldap_migration'
ecb58da 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'reference-access-control' into 'master'
8cf1a6f 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'master' of
f57dac2 2015-04-13 Bump gitlab-shell version
6e88d93 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'skip-email-reconfirmation' into 'master'
c4892d6 2015-04-13 Add CHANGELOG to 7.9.4
7f04a41 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'shell-version-warning' into 'master'
3092e7f 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'master' of
c543cd1 2015-04-13 Fix performance issue when browse big diffs
04f05ac 2015-04-13 Check for table instead of class
9e848bc 2015-04-13 Merge pull request #9104 from jdsn/fix-issue9098-clean_path
9c14ed0 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'public-deploy-keys' into 'master'
0c24192 2015-04-13 Merge branch 'fix-group-project-list-cache' into 'master'
896ea24 2015-04-13 Change migration to SQL
3723a9d 2015-04-12 Merge pull request #9117 from bbodenmiller/patch-12
8d9d63b 2015-04-12 Merge branch 'arbitrary-local-repo-import' into 'master'
73269a0 2015-04-12 Merge branch 'master' of
f244914 2015-04-12 Merge branch 'regex-start-of-string' into 'master'
9df1476 2015-04-12 Merge branch 'rs-issue-1942' into 'master'
0e09cb2 2015-04-12 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2214' into 'master'
5155b97 2015-04-10 Merge pull request #9076 from dsander/event-title-width
0d881c7 2015-04-10 Merge pull request #9114 from dreis2211/dreis2211-patch-1
705e43b 2015-04-10 Merge branch 'master' of
24d139b 2015-04-10 Merge branch 'rs-revert-preload-lib' into 'master'
256d2ae 2015-04-10 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2211' into 'master'
1ff40a7 2015-04-09 Merge branch 'ci_fork' into 'master'
eabbcf4 2015-04-09 Bump gitlab-shell
a381ecb 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'project-file-tabs' into 'master'
e86e101 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'bump_all_versions' into 'master'
a4ff127 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'rs-application-form-messages' into 'master'
4902dca 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2152' into 'master'
584fa0b 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'rs-signup-box-text' into 'master'
7b00721 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'master' of
041ce7b 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'master' of
49ca05f 2015-04-08 Merge branch 'rs-shortcuts-typo' into 'master'
7d57d8b 2015-04-07 Merge branch 'rs-issue-2088' into 'master'
7feec5f 2015-04-07 Merge branch 'add-menu-icons' into 'master'
18dfe0c 2015-04-07 Merge branch 'emailsonpush-last-line' into 'master'
d21d5d2 2015-04-07 Merge branch 'import-event' into 'master'
526b28d 2015-04-06 Merge pull request #9091 from bbodenmiller/patch-1
0d0042d 2015-04-02 Merge branch 'import-current-user' into 'master'
424cbf4 2015-04-02 Merge branch 'repository-archive-worker' into 'master'
f8f9750 2015-04-02 Merge branch 'username-period' into 'master'
24b048d 2015-04-02 Merge branch 'backup_skip_option' into 'master'
c46d4f5 2015-04-02 Version 7.9.2