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#107 Dimitrie Hoekstra - All time
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Hash Date Message
2850c97 2018-10-09 Add in review specifics
994cc25 2018-08-13 Improve visuals of language bar on projects
85740de 2018-08-06 Add in username help text
1be31d1 2018-07-17 Highlighting of person mentions now better visible on lo...
e36436f 2018-06-15 Update .gitignore with ignoring package-lock.json
53d7124 2018-03-15 makes caret go to the right side when closing most right...
7c20829 2017-12-14 clearer-documentation-on-inline-diffs
0885794 2017-10-06 Adjust tooltips to adhere to 8px grid and make them more...
f4e9af2 2017-10-05 Added popover paradigm to ux guide
7ecdfe3 2017-10-04 Makes `@mentions links` have a different styling for bet...
fe3d966 2017-10-03 Added skeleton loading paradigm to UX guide
e861699 2017-09-27 Breadcrumbs receives padding when double lined
dea0cb4 2017-09-14 changed dashed border button color to be darker
4809866 2017-09-01 Corrected Auto Dev Ops to Auto DevOps
ef5b2e9 2017-09-01 changed text banner to include correct mentioning of Aut...
4a14efb 2017-08-25 Add support for copying permalink to notes via more acti...
82c002e 2017-08-24 Changed all font-weight values to 400 and 600
defce26 2017-07-19 Resolve "Clarify k8s service keys"
59f49bb 2017-07-03 Adjust readme repo width
b00acd0 2017-05-31 Ui improvements for count badges and permission badges
6d50953 2017-05-01 added not-found status favicons
3b2adb5 2017-04-19 Added profile name to user dropdown
80c9264 2017-04-06 Award emoji button smiley animation
b2c2cd2 2017-03-22 Removed unnecessary 'add' text in additional award emoji...
bfd3364 2017-03-07 Rename priority sorting option to label priority
bd1e0c7 2017-01-05 Merge branch 'master' into '26207-add-hover-animations'
9b4b7da 2016-12-21 Merge branch 'master' into 'badge-color-on-white-bg'
ff0c3fc 2016-12-21 added a running loading indicator
407c90b 2016-12-21 positioned sticky buttons slightly more up and down
65082b6 2016-12-21 added default half transparent background for sticky scr...
985e84a 2016-12-21 added hoverstate on buttons, plus added spacing to make ...
595da33 2016-12-16 fixed scss linting issue
9046b58 2016-12-16 fixed variable, plus added light text color for light ba...
4af64c3 2016-12-16 Merge branch 'master' into 'badge-color-on-white-bg'
2490f80 2016-12-16 Additional rounded label fixes
ad5d861 2016-12-15 added changelog entry
a0ba72e 2016-12-14 css changes @dimitrieh v1
f24fed8 2016-12-14 added changelog entry
0c1f6cc 2016-12-14 added go back anchor on error pages
9d097eb 2016-12-13 added border-radius and padding to labels
4f264c7 2016-12-09 Updates the font weight of button styles because of the ...
fd87bf3 2016-12-08 Various small emoji positioning adjustments
586c40a 2016-12-04 Merge branch 'master' into 'badge-color-on-white-bg'
af5de82 2016-12-01 created framework for badges, solving duplicate code
3c2cb28 2016-12-01 Added lighter count badge background-color for on white ...
9ce28e7 2016-11-30 Remove the help text under the sidebar subscribe button ...
30c3eed 2016-11-29 Adds hoverstates for collapsed Issue/Merge Request sidebar
e4c282c 2016-11-22 deleted old changelog entry
02d1ade 2016-11-22 added proper changelog entry
5c71a05 2016-11-22 added changelog entry
ccddde5 2016-11-21 additional fixes
9124b59 2016-11-21 Converted all status icons to be managed by scss colors ...
588e215 2016-11-21 fixed mini pipeline graph connector lines offset
512aa57 2016-11-18 If Build running change accept merge request when build ...
c3b9826 2016-11-10 removed gray button styling from todo buttons in sidebars
30d4cce 2016-11-04 Update commit.scss to have correct linting
6d6fb56 2016-11-04 added various changes to commit title area
7f6607e 2016-11-04 Update commits.scss
b708c0d 2016-11-04 updated styling commit SHA on branches page + added to c...
2cb7285 2016-11-04 change build list height to show 6,5 builds + improve pa...
8e43080 2016-10-27 edited stylesheet with mr modal fixes and added to chang...
d87df15 2016-10-11 changed the scss for the top line connectors to be exact...
879a68a 2016-10-10 slight update to lines and curves positioning
e234fe9 2016-10-05 Grouped pipeline dropdown is a scrollable container adde...
69bb697 2016-10-05 added 245px max height and overflow scroll-y to .grouped...
3f06d7a 2016-09-05 added to Changelog
cc7a502 2016-09-05 increased checkbox and filter button padding