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#77 Dennis Tang - All time
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Hash Date Message
4edcb02 2018-10-04 Resolve "Add status message from within user menu"
715221d 2018-09-26 Preserve order of project tags list
ce3e4dc 2018-09-20 Fix broken link to modal component source
9a10098 2018-09-07 Update invite_group_spec to be consistent with EE
5b74a1a 2018-09-07 Resolve "Improve handling of projects shared with a group"
ec4ad65 2018-09-06 Resolve "Improve project overview UI"
efec7e0 2018-08-07 Resolve "Frontend for clarifying the usefulness of the s...
a363585 2018-08-03 Resolve "Pipeline job log page uses too much CPU for loa...
52e5250 2018-08-02 Resolve "Top nav search bar produces console error when ...
fe26817 2018-07-10 Resolve "Disable GCP free credit banner at instance level"
3892b02 2018-07-06 Resolve "Add dropdown to Groups link in top bar"
ce3177d 2018-07-04 fix failing spec test in gcp_spec
12d3404 2018-06-21 Update
3c51d36 2018-06-21 Update
0e7f8fd 2018-06-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 43446-...
203d102 2018-06-20 fix qa selectors
4481e47 2018-06-20 fix a couple oopsies
dc31dac 2018-06-19 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 43446-...
3e5899a 2018-06-19 Update index.js
ce0ce1c 2018-06-19 consolidate back into one controller
eb9210d 2018-06-12 i18n: document how to use links without splitting sentences
86f6649 2018-06-12 Resolve "Update docs as GKE cluster creation label has c...
728f303 2018-06-12 fix links when splitting sentences
c08718c 2018-06-12 Fix typo in doc/development/
cc03055 2018-06-06 fix gcp_spec.rb
f00c1b7 2018-06-06 rubocop fix
98cf3a0 2018-06-06 update tests
3ba9a37 2018-06-06 cleanup
08d513a 2018-06-06 redirect back to form if token expires
edb89f5 2018-06-06 split into gcp and user controllers again
151b6b2 2018-06-06 restore .signin-with-google class for spec tests
8e4544c 2018-06-05 fix blank space after google signin image
6585e3d 2018-06-05 use bootstrap 4 utilities for error states
2f29b31 2018-06-04 fix nav projects dropdown menu overflow due to bootstrap...
e76437e 2018-06-04 update dropdown active states for bootstrap 4
313da6d 2018-06-04 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 43446-...
a521767 2018-06-02 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 43446-...
fcb7b31 2018-06-02 fix tests for new cluster POST
5b3345a 2018-05-31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 43446-...
abad4ff 2018-05-31 remove focus on test
9d2ca08 2018-05-31 consolidate clusters controller specs
cfaf547 2018-05-31 fix responsive layout for GCP form
e58473f 2018-05-31 use helper method instead of global
ff87949 2018-05-31 remove link to GCP zone docs
d363014 2018-05-31 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 43446-...
b430884 2018-05-28 fix more rspec tests
f7efc5f 2018-05-28 update tests
2e4bea0 2018-05-28 overhaul dropdown-dependent states
3ba97f5 2018-05-28 update tests
319ebae 2018-05-26 update view name for gke dropdown check
70c65e8 2018-05-25 fix case where token may expire
2532dc7 2018-05-25 enable new gke dropdowns
772490c 2018-05-25 fix tabs for bootstrap 4
82430b2 2018-05-25 cleanup
db30e7f 2018-05-25 use implied route for clusters#create
250a8ae 2018-05-25 revisions
1b40d32 2018-05-25 add changelog entry
4a30d68 2018-05-25 update documentation
1a30e15 2018-05-25 combine "create" and "existing" GKE cluster views into o...
95a63a8 2018-05-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 38759-...
48e46f9 2018-05-23 update project invalid billing status error message
fb9d8b9 2018-05-23 use testAction for validateProjectBilling
303af89 2018-05-23 update mutation spec to use real store
b394cc3 2018-05-23 add tests for validating project billing status
8b9f31a 2018-05-23 remove duplicate property
e091ce6 2018-05-23 match state function convention in badges
7cc690e 2018-05-23 Merge branch '38759-fetch-available-parameters-directly-...
4e0e055 2018-05-23 fix tests
c960fea 2018-05-23 validate project billing status after selection
247b209 2018-05-23 validate project billing status after selection
2bfc4d3 2018-05-15 fix typos Frontend Guide,
2b903ec 2018-05-14 rename vuex actions as per best practices
3acc649 2018-05-14 move state into separate file as per vuex docs
6c9af2d 2018-05-14 code example formatting
274a446 2018-05-14 more typos
dde62cc 2018-05-14 typo in `endpoint`
f1a22c6 2018-05-14 clarify that the function export should be default
f15e331 2018-05-11 eslint!
8626255 2018-05-11 move errors next to input fields
e144946 2018-05-11 fix when no GCP projects are found
bb0d746 2018-05-11 clear errors on successful gapi request
2205ed4 2018-05-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into 38759-...
3a3f4a3 2018-05-11 avoid reuse of translation method
08cb13a 2018-05-11 rename vuex dir to store
1a12471 2018-05-11 fix typo
29ed911 2018-05-11 more component cleanup
3daa298 2018-05-11 eslint fixes
af3dd04 2018-05-11 clean up component tests
918077a 2018-05-11 set isLoading in created lifecycle hook
b45714d 2018-05-09 cleanup
e33c445 2018-05-09 refactor gke store actions
b66aa62 2018-05-09 cleanup
01ef0b6 2018-05-09 use component mixin to refactor components
5a2f091 2018-05-09 remove eventHub module
c997c4c 2018-05-09 use watchers instead of eventHub
e73da56 2018-05-09 clean up enableSubmit check
4b752e2 2018-05-09 remove unused dependencies
f86f945 2018-05-09 removed „fetched“ prefix from mutation and state
4f001a3 2018-05-09 gcp dropdown component tests
84452bf 2018-05-09 check for submitButton
cf65abd 2018-05-08 no search results state
e665169 2018-05-08 add link for babel-plugin-rewire
e69d6ae 2018-05-08 Update
7e0af6c 2018-05-08 add rewire gotcha about testing vuex actions/getters
6fd7550 2018-05-08 correct doc-nav header hierarchy
53e27b8 2018-05-08 revisions
37cfca2 2018-05-08 add tests for resuable dropdown components
aa7e55f 2018-05-08 refactor dropdown reusable components
da3610f 2018-05-07 removed unused vars in vuex actions_spec
287678b 2018-05-07 tests: add vuex specs
688f53e 2018-05-07 use v-model for dropdown search input
86413c9 2018-05-07 namespace translation
0762b18 2018-05-07 revisions
a9496c2 2018-05-07 Resolve "Inform users of up to $500 offer for GCP account"
191d321 2018-05-07 fix karma rewire issue
5e59bd7 2018-05-07 update rspec tests
81d769e 2018-05-07 refactor component mounts into reusable function
36eaa40 2018-05-06 typo
1a3c976 2018-05-06 improve readability of toggleText chain
6195e0a 2018-05-06 translate properly
68aa796 2018-05-06 cleanup
cce8e17 2018-05-06 fix some labeling
1e4c2a2 2018-05-06 complete vuex implementation + refactoring
41f2c1d 2018-05-06 show button toggle value as primary text color when sing...
b53e544 2018-05-06 put loading icon back in standard position
c060d0a 2018-05-06 fix issue with loading icon appearing on top of down che...
2ea263e 2018-05-06 refactoring!
28a45b0 2018-05-06 reduce UI jumping with fake help-block element
e754faf 2018-05-06 revisions
eece2a1 2018-05-06 change entrypoints + dummy loading elements
ca552bb 2018-05-04 fix validation for zone dropdowns
11e9339 2018-05-04 fix number of form value bugs
7db2ef3 2018-05-03 fetch gke parameters from frontend
49b8526 2018-04-19 Resolve "Improve tooltips of collapsed sidebars"
3a7c148 2018-04-19 Fix typo in
05375ee 2018-04-16 FE Docs: Fix header hierarchy in Vuex section of
91a4eb1 2018-04-02 Resolve "Clicking confidential and lock icons on sidebar...
0b96a1a 2018-03-22 Resolve "Some dropdowns have two scroll bars."
97fd16a 2018-03-21 backport dependency import change in issue_card_inner.js
5043254 2018-03-06 Hide hotkey tooltip after click event in diff comments