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#256 David Turner - All time
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ab2e448 2017-10-03 explain target_project_id vs project_id
01ce58b 2017-09-29 add username to authorized result, so that gitlab-shell ...
dbcf48a 2017-09-29 Add username as GL_USERNAME in hooks (http)
999b7e5 2017-09-29 remove unused from_gitaly method
1cd1bab 2017-06-19 add printing_merge_request_link_enabled to API
b30c16a 2017-06-16 repository: index submodules by path
5250b7a 2017-06-01 Improve the grammar of the API docs
897a85a 2017-05-15 submodule_links: Handle in-repository submodule urls
47b8516 2017-05-10 Add username field to push webhook
040062c 2017-04-21 submodule_links: handle urls that don't end with .git