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#206 Darby - All time
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84508c4 2015-09-14 PAtrially working notification button
def939a 2015-09-09 Turned off autocomplete for new issue titles
34c2867 2015-07-29 Switched the otder of the SSH key form
30b2a95 2015-07-27 Added a timestamp to the wikis page just below the title
4e4ab48 2015-07-10 Changed to using the btn class
360ee25 2015-07-09 Fixed the issues
c611b6f 2015-07-01 Comment box/Placeholder text redo
5571b73 2015-06-24 Changed the color of admin/application_settings buttons
e94e236 2015-06-24 Removed the icons from the New Issue and New Project but...
f0c4f0a 2015-06-23 Changed the placement of Restricted Domains
4cd3c33 2015-06-23 Updated the categories of Application Settings Form
95e2ca7 2015-06-22 fixed the resizing icon issue
9209f43 2015-06-19 Edited the CSS of header and sidebar; added a new class ...
e2e8e38 2015-06-18 Revert "Changed the placeholder text and modified the cs...
c39c823 2015-06-16 Changed the placeholder text and modified the css class ...