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#165 Cyril - All time
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7b6cbeb 2013-01-17 fix #2492
9db7c16 2013-01-17 Fix default settings when they are boolean.
4d19a4f 2013-01-17 fix build failure
31e338b 2013-01-16 add default for Settings['satellites']
8a3bbbd 2013-01-10 clean app helper
0a0d2ec 2013-01-08 fix exemple js data in help/web_hook
a5861b8 2012-12-13 fix gfm autocomplete for usernames
d3b8952 2012-12-12 Add username to User and UserBasic entities in API and i...
63d9373 2012-12-12 Validates presence of User#name
c76764b 2012-12-11 add missing mandatory tr in thead
7d3ee2b 2012-12-11 add username to team_member page
045b4c8 2012-12-07 replace by user.username in GFM
a9a5497 2012-12-01 refactor flash
e0a9ffc 2012-11-28 Improve admin views for project and groups
b382ce4 2012-11-26 fix destroy project from admin
236fd1e 2012-09-29 all devise controller use devise layout
be18397 2012-09-27 rename ProjectController to ProjectResourceController
933c5e4 2012-09-27 update new controllers
e563e94 2012-09-27 Merge branch 'master' into simplify_controllers2
bdf317a 2012-09-26 layout selected by controller name
078a8f0 2012-09-26 factorize before_filters and layout for projects related...
252d3a0 2012-09-25 remove duplicate before_filter
e7f483f 2012-09-10 fix typo
2b38f51 2012-08-24 fix merge request form
e2f19be 2012-08-23 fix inline forms
15fc0f0 2012-08-10 fix commit events on dashboard