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#245 Cyril Rohr - All time
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Hash Date Message
5af05e3 2015-01-18 Use new way of defining services on
c9823b9 2015-01-18 Add missing krb5 devel dependency when building packages
0b7f83a 2014-06-14 Enable CentOS packaging.
402361a 2014-05-06 Setup default gitlab.yml with possibility to override de...
b1d68b6 2014-05-06 Add .pkgr.yml file for automated packaging on https://pk...
b29171d 2014-04-15 Allow to specify secret token via environment variable.
4691285 2014-04-15 Allow to overwrite location of gitlab.yml config file.
8af8bee 2014-04-08 Add documentation for new rake task to install gitlab-sh...
301c406 2014-04-08 Add rake task to install or upgrade gitlab-shell install...
8a56e7d 2014-04-07 Allow to parse heroku-generated database.yml config file.
459e629 2014-04-07 Fix Procfile to be usable in production.