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#115 Constance Okoghenun - All time
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Hash Date Message
3503dfe 2018-05-21 Renamed 'Overview' to 'Project' in collapsed contextual ...
f30de1b 2018-05-07 Changed copy of delete button to sentence case
eb41bb6 2018-05-07 Improved commit message body rendering
504ef7a 2018-05-07 Made delete wiki modal component props required and chan...
22651a6 2018-05-07 Removed quotes around page title
c89de52 2018-05-07 Added changelog for New design for wiki page deletion co...
fe7e181 2018-05-07 Fixed linit errors
6948b56 2018-05-07 Added modal message and removed traget branch and commit...
a3b73e2 2018-05-04 Updated user delete wiki spec
c9b5c42 2018-05-03 Added commit form fields for delete page confirmation
86b8fd3 2018-05-03 Changed delete wiki prompt from 'confirm' for 'gl_modal'
8414129 2018-04-30 Fixed inconsistent protected branch pill baseline
406915f 2018-04-12 Renamed 'Overview' to 'Project' in the contextual naviga...
8510fc8 2018-03-02 Removed terminal webpack bundle tag
aae4d8b 2018-02-28 Remove webpack bundle tag for enviroments
cfe4c4d 2018-02-27 Resolved conflicts in dispatcher.js
56b3239 2018-02-27 Merge branch 'master' of
e7c8f8f 2018-02-26 Merge branch 'master' of
8c122d6 2018-02-26 Resolved conflicts in app/assets/javascripts/pages/proje...
de0aff8 2018-02-26 Removed check for profile page
fd598fd 2018-02-23 Removed protected_tags webpack bundle
2357180 2018-02-23 Removed webpack tag
bee125e 2018-02-23 Fixed reference bug in profiles bundle
544558b 2018-02-23 Refactored webpack bundle tag for deploy keys
fffc131 2018-02-23 removed profile webpack bundle tag
e9e5e35 2018-02-21 Removed named import
11c1fc1 2018-02-21 Resolved conflicts with master
84016f8 2018-02-20 Resolved conflicts with master
6b63e11 2018-02-16 Merge branch 'master' of
523f1f7 2018-02-16 Removed prometheus_metrics webpack bundle tag
7282dbe 2018-02-16 Fixed failing test
a68a230 2018-02-15 Remove Webpack bundle tag for users:show
c16e6d5 2018-02-15 Removed integrations webpack bundle tag
0af391d 2018-02-15 Refactored use of boards/boards_bundle.js, created a dip...
055ca68 2018-02-12 Fixed bug with param config
c4199f9 2018-02-12 changed params passed to from a string to an object
7959d46 2018-02-08 Fixed typo, updated test, and removed commented code
c2f0f8d 2018-02-08 Refactored merge_requests/show path in dispatcher.js
d7c0477 2018-02-08 Replaced $.get with axois.get
36a301a 2018-02-08 Replaced use of $.get with axios.get and updated tests
ae04c85 2018-01-15 refactored use of for projects:tree:*
24fa346 2018-01-15 Refactored import of projects:tags:* and projects:tree:*...
48e638f 2018-01-11 Refactored project:n* imports in dispatcher.js
0fe784c 2018-01-11 Resolved conflicts in dispatcher.js
7d0a128 2018-01-11 Removed experimental feature flag unsed depenecy for pro...
5d58766 2018-01-09 Refactored profile:* and help:* imports in dispatcher
bcd00c8 2017-12-28 Resolve "Webpack Roadmap"