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#272 Ciro Santillli - All time
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Hash Date Message
07a9d44 2014-04-16 Commit message textareas have 72 char mark line.
6672d64 2014-03-23 Start development Key seed id from 1.
548f070 2014-03-17 Show link to public projects for new users.
8199ba0 2014-03-07 Correct typos in web_hooks help.
170340e 2014-02-23 Remove dir prefix and suffix from tests inside dir.
90bdcac 2014-02-23 Blob and tree gfm links to anchors work.
439a617 2014-02-12 User can leave group from group page.
61748c9 2014-02-11 Headers have ids and link to their own id.
91571c0 2014-02-11 User pages are visible to users without login