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#71 Ciro Santilli - All time
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Hash Date Message
55d9809 2015-01-17 Convert Javascript links to buttons.
67b06e7 2015-01-01 Change always passing visible true tests to false.
33c9f05 2015-01-01 Append in place for strings and arrays
d37cf2a 2015-01-01 Factor permission check in issuable finder
18fa155 2014-12-30 Add tests for disabled blob edit button cases.
3a3b0da 2014-12-30 Make blob new and edit file editors more uniform
a2afc5c 2014-12-29 Remove unused ex local variable from event.rb
675704f 2014-12-29 align table, rm double empty line
29ed462 2014-12-29 Replace match via get with get on routes
cd688a6 2014-12-28 Replace regex methods by string ones since faster
faab452 2014-12-28 Remove unneeded password_confirmation from seed.
5dbe94d 2014-12-28 Simplify SSH fingerprint regexp extraction
6c65b91 2014-12-27 Remove or prepend _ to unused method arguments
05a6115 2014-12-27 doc workflow markdown style
a55feb1 2014-12-18 Fix Rake tasks doc README: add top level h1
f7274dd 2014-11-29 Sort .gitignore.
533f4cd 2014-11-18 gitlab shell works if multiple rubies installed
c89c2dd 2014-11-16 Remove commit indicator from path on Commits tab
e375d0d 2014-11-14 Typo in project API events comment
e4a38e4 2014-11-05 Factor using Repository#path_to_repo
586590d 2014-11-05 Remove unused has_gitlab_shell3? method
f36db59 2014-11-05 Factor GITLAB_SHELL_VERSION get method
98db90c 2014-11-05 Factor regex error messages with spec API tests
0b1084a 2014-11-05 Don't output to stdout from lib non-interactive methods
a56d0d4 2014-11-04 Remove unneeded backslash: "\/" == "/"
71ed0ab 2014-11-03 Fix push not allowed to protected branch if
c3be151 2014-11-03 Factor '0' * 40 blank ref constants
c49cb40 2014-11-03 Remove dead Event#new_branch? method
ffa5860 2014-11-01 Use require spec_helper instead of relative path
54ded5d 2014-11-01 Continue strings with backslash instead of append
d549a2a 2014-10-31 Factor lib backend gitlab shell path
884e916 2014-10-31 Fix doc rake import md style [ci-skip]
2d18797 2014-10-27 Run user select Js only where needed
951abce 2014-10-27 Factor behaviors.scss constants
a9fadce 2014-10-26 Create dev fixture projects with fixed visibility
e491224 2014-10-24 Transform remove blob link into button.
706b6b5 2014-10-24 Fix import.rake failed import if project name is
9be12dd 2014-10-23 Merge File basename and direname into split
2c14f9c 2014-10-23 Show nothing instead of unassigned on issues
40815b2 2014-10-23 Remove unused variable user at lib/gitlab/markdown
5d5b3b8 2014-10-22 Fix doc raketasts import md style [ci skip]
ab1ad3b 2014-10-21 Only run namespace select js when needed
3418f56 2014-10-21 Better js -> URL map to reduce unneeded execution
93e8a05 2014-10-21 Only run profile js on pages that need it
0e70e3b 2014-10-21 Remove whitespace link between user group avatars
ce056d8 2014-10-21 Improve grack auth hooks comment.
2c98584 2014-10-21 Remove unused admin/projects#repository method
38670a6 2014-10-21 Only run avatar chooser Js on pages that need it
db5ea01 2014-10-21 Use :message key, not :error for File::Service.
19ab9b4 2014-10-21 State on CONTRIBUTING fix line style
3a47ed9 2014-10-20 Factor group forms
01db264 2014-10-20 Factor choose group avatar button
f7d01f2 2014-10-20 Factor group tips
c0c8dcc 2014-10-20 Export all coffee classes with @
9e1b97a 2014-10-19 Use @project on controllers, don't call method
6a73b76 2014-10-19 Remove param[:project_id] at admin controller
f808ecf 2014-10-19 DRY mentioned in magic note constant
b011052 2014-10-19 Remove unused authenticate_user from project#show
b66a152 2014-10-19 Factor abilities methods
a3623a9 2014-10-18 Use argument list for sh instead of string
2901042 2014-10-18 Replace match with end_with: more readable, faster
39c66c8 2014-10-15 Use Gitlab.config instead of Settings everywhere
4d0d5e7 2014-10-13 Factor authorize_push! and authorize_code_access!
a22d4ce 2014-10-13 Remove unused filter from ProjectsController
c278520 2014-10-13 Remove unused dev_tools helper.
2d23522 2014-10-13 Use :message key, not :error for File::Service.
d584c40 2014-10-13 Move new blob commit message textarea below editor
166c215 2014-10-08 Make new and edit file submit more uniform
10783f4 2014-10-07 Remove unneeded app/finders config.autoload path
901d099 2014-10-07 Upcase missing feature names
7984065 2014-10-07 Improve formatting of app/finders/
23b4a2e 2014-10-07 Factor issue and merge request services
6d4076f 2014-10-07 Disallow POST to compare: does not create objects
ceaebe2 2014-10-07 Remove outdated comment from commits_controller
7dcbf35 2014-10-07 Replace with
f4efb19 2014-10-07 Add tests for tree edit routes
9bebacd 2014-10-05 Dry admin logs.
fa34901 2014-10-05 Make Spinach test names consistent
07e9cb6 2014-10-04 Factor markup? || gitlab_markdown? into new method
d927499 2014-10-04 Remove unused Project#code function.
6014e28 2014-10-03 Remove outdated comment on the project test seed
3960a5a 2014-10-03 Remove assignment without effect.
2e9f5de 2014-10-03 Add parenthesis to function def with arguments.
da99560 2014-10-02 Factor dashboard helper methods.
81eacd1 2014-10-02 Disable / hide MR edit blob button if cannot edit.
3098e7a 2014-10-02 Factor commit message textareas.
6bae8c4 2014-10-01 Update default regex message to match regex.
64d7761 2014-10-01 Move group feature step to match test location
6294033 2014-10-01 Use button type=submit instead of input.
e2e4dc5 2014-10-01 Use blob local instead of instance.
b7160cb 2014-10-01 Remove blame lines added leading whitespace.
5f10ef7 2014-10-01 Replace :erb filter with plain HAML.
9567778 2014-10-01 Fix version of test seed branches.
0d4ae0e 2014-09-30 Titleize blob action buttons.
083f1e2 2014-09-30 Fix dev user seed: multiple ID was used twice.
0c84ffa 2014-09-30 Improve remove file textarea placeholder.
04b7dd0 2014-09-30 Improve new file commit placeholder.
dc7311a 2014-09-30 Simplify custom MR good commit message hint.
0f12e05 2014-09-30 Remove statement without effect.
789b427 2014-09-30 Fix dev merge seed: update testme to gitlab-test.
6aa0448 2014-09-30 Remove trailing whitespace from views.
da4eff4 2014-09-29 Only show text wrap and diff notes for text in MR.
1ba2618 2014-09-29 Add predictable merge requests on dev seed.
a963e8c 2014-09-29 Prevent email sending on admin dev seed.
a92f48f 2014-09-28 Remove def project from tests that inherit it.
ac55373 2014-09-27 Replace empty? || nil? with blank?.
862315d 2014-09-27 Typo indiciated -> indicated.
b49dd2c 2014-09-27 Replace testme with gitlab-test.
0cdef83 2014-09-26 Remove type submit from button_tag since default.
f456fce 2014-09-26 Add web UI file CRUD tests.
89f7345 2014-09-26 Remove unnecessary page. from tests.
b9c2e6e 2014-09-24 evaluate -> execute_script when return not needed.
4e89860 2014-09-24 evaluate_script history -> go_back and go_forward.
99bc22d 2014-09-23 Remove test line without effect because no should.
b095c1a 2014-09-23 Factor current_url + URI.path into current_path.
b5c0bdd 2014-09-23 Factor fork button view.
065ab3e 2014-09-22 Only clone GitLab Shell on tests if necessary.
83e8f92 2014-09-22 Remove ununsed CONTRIBUTING link on edit MR form.
705fe01 2014-09-22 Factor issue and edit MR form label field and submit.
778afb6 2014-09-22 Replace javascript:; links with buttons.
de6c877 2014-09-22 Prefix Spinach features with Spinach::Features::.
ef6e94e 2014-09-22 Replace old spinach step definitions with step.
b65a2d0 2014-09-21 Typo it -> its.
ad47993 2014-09-21 Factor error and success methods from services.
eb033aa 2014-09-20 Factor issue and MR edit form error list.
adaec60 2014-09-20 Factor zen mode.
0576c02 2014-09-19 Set textarea resize:vertical by default.
04ef3dd 2014-09-19 Improve zen mode internals.
29a0d99 2014-09-19 Factor .add-diff-note active state.
9439602 2014-09-19 Fix link_to_reply_diff.
eb819c1 2014-09-19 CONTRIBUTING typos.
ee8be80 2014-09-19 Ignore tags file.
1da0c0b 2014-09-14 Factor out commit list from compare and new MR.
84bbf07 2014-09-10 Typo localy -> locally.
788033a 2014-09-04 Factor new issue and edit MR forms.
c586192 2014-09-02 Fix missing to on reassign MR text email to unassigned.
330251d 2014-09-01 Fix missing to on reassign MR email to unassigned.
57fddea 2014-09-01 Add users with predictable username and password
81336bd 2014-09-01 Add permalink to fixed SHA URL on blob view.
af7b190 2014-08-29 Comment typo.
5317c26 2014-08-29 Comment typo.
15c8967 2014-08-26 Remove HAML eval for const strings.
7be7cf2 2014-08-16 Remove unused title parameter.
a1d0997 2014-08-15 Fix Md style for projects API doc.
2ada4ef 2014-08-15 Fix Md style for API.
52d0ae3 2014-08-12 Restrict commit area resize to vertical.
a02ff56 2014-07-21 Increase diff byte highlight contrast.
e1d307b 2014-07-17 Move destroy user feature to spec.
1591467 2014-07-17 Helper instead of template.
0a6e978 2014-07-17 Fix hound.
9b5c7a4 2014-07-17 Add star count, view logic, more tests.
ecd771c 2014-07-17 Move coffee to assets/project
c589029 2014-07-17 Fix failing spec.
714f720 2014-07-17 Add project stars.
c899c29 2014-07-04 Clariy squash comes after review.
b1c40e8 2014-06-26 Fix username validation message to match regexp.
a6e3b78 2014-06-25 Enforce md style.
8e7a5cd 2014-06-25 Typo.
a7e0ca9 2014-06-21 Add trailing newline to all text files.
83f4735 2014-06-21 Replace HTML5 obsolete center element with CSS.
9b34620 2014-06-10 Option B, Rubocop.
123dea3 2014-06-10 Clarify that bbastov is the style of Hound CI.
27f32ac 2014-06-05 Remove conflict artifact.
fd348de 2014-06-03 Update docs to markdown style guide.
469077e 2014-05-01 Add help link to header.
513dbdb 2014-04-29 Remove redundant signin link from signin page.
e365cd8 2014-04-21 Add markdown styleguide.
6b068dc 2014-04-14 Include SASS in subdirectories with glob.
d2b4948 2014-04-14 Rename issue form tags to match MR and params.
def6759 2014-04-11 Say issues are accepted at both gitlab and github.