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#160 Chris Wilson - All time
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2e98f5b 2017-05-25 Add docs on milestone percentage stats
8c07184 2017-05-23 Rescue OpenSSL::SSL::SSLError in JiraService and IssueTr...
52c8651 2017-05-08 Fix notify_only_default_branch check for Slack service
0f1273f 2017-04-27 Add configurable timeout for git fetch and clone operations
e670cb2 2017-04-24 Fix updating merge_when_build_succeeds via merge API end...
289dd49 2017-03-08 Fix inconsistent deploy key documentation in UI
05a5ae2 2017-01-25 Add redis version to info rake task
deb0ff8 2016-12-30 Clarify git housekeeping
7422ea7 2016-12-28 Set SIDEKIQ_LOG_ARGUMENTS in gitlab.rb
80a1d74 2016-12-27 Update vmstat to version 2.3.0
acc2797 2016-12-23 Fix whitespace in codeblock
4123a0f 2016-11-24 Log mv_namespace parameters
64d2eff 2016-11-11 Set 'request_access_enabled' false by default
b2a4a7f 2016-11-11 Use link, remove GitHub link
efc9ca6 2016-11-02 GitLab 8.13 not 13
dd9e5ba 2016-10-11 Fix step number and token param in URL example. Fix gitl...
9469666 2016-09-28 Update warn message for MySQL fix
978635f 2016-09-13 include region for source installation
c2d9ab5 2016-08-19 Add omnibus rake task. Fix source env
e0b1b68 2016-08-19 Include region in S3 configuration
9290c75 2016-07-14 Include default callback URL (OAuth)
15eea9c 2016-07-01 Fix wording around NGINX Shibboleth setup
5eba267 2016-06-28 Add "GitLab team members only" to diagram link
bb5a6e3 2016-06-23 Update GitLab architecture diagram, include Google draw ...
09eb948 2016-06-20 Document email on push service
3258ad6 2016-05-23 Update Google integration API workflow
24ea8d9 2016-03-15 Use relative link for
ae090b1 2016-03-15 Revert to relative link use l...
20c663e 2016-03-11 Fix link and improve PostgreSQL commands