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#195 Chantal Rollison - All time
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Hash Date Message
df6e9ed 2018-10-03 Create labels_as_hash_ concern, modify params for method
38f3d59 2018-10-03 #13650 added wip search functionality and tests
e580c22 2018-09-13 Filter group milestones based on user membership
d216135 2018-09-06 Handled exception during file upload
beb8354 2018-08-28 Escaped html characters
009c4f7 2018-08-24 Allows author to vote on their own issue
e9c1f18 2018-08-21 Added count for label, assignee, and milestone lists
81a403f 2018-08-21 Escaped html characters
28ab966 2018-08-21 Port of ccr/6274/add_weight_to_payload to CE
82bc568 2018-08-14 Modified find project method to return nil if project no...
90aae02 2018-08-03 Add group milestones to dashboard milestone page
b7e6e4e 2018-07-02 Fixed flaky spec for merge request lists
c2b622b 2018-06-28 Add locked state to merge request API
6a3f9ce 2018-06-27 Keep label on issue when moving
458b5a1 2018-06-01 Backport of 5942-extract-ee-specific-files
be73838 2018-05-11 Add anchor for incoming email regex, closes 44989
1019dff 2018-05-03 Backport of 1481-changing-weight-values-should-trigger-s...