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#289 Cedric Gatay - All time
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0bdcf2e 2012-05-17 Chosen 0.9.8 + Autocomplete contains
6ea87c4 2012-02-22 Incorrect line numbering in diff
e562129 2011-12-29 Added note when issue status changed (closed / reopened)
0aef2fe 2011-12-26 I have to domesticate RubyMine, keymapping is not the sa...
89a03a3 2011-12-26 1/ rspec'ed
5d9f2e7 2011-12-26 Follow up of my pull request, damn last time refactor !
443e21e 2011-12-26 Autolinks to issues in commit message (see #155)
c0b47d3 2011-12-24 Alert commit author on note