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#289 Bryce - All time
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726071e 2016-09-22 Intercept issues search form submit to preserve filters.
1750fe3 2016-09-02 Add issues filters reset btn (ES6-ified).
30b2eec 2016-09-02 Give project selection dropdowns responsive width, long-...
db5244a 2016-08-31 Fix repo page ui issues, show full last commit message i...
ddc5b9f 2016-08-31 Revert "Add last commit time to repo view"
157c3ac 2016-08-29 Make push events have equal vertical spacing.
bec7874 2016-08-23 Merge branch 'master' of
2c909a5 2016-08-23 Check for pipelines when setting page_gutter_class.