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#54 Bryce Johnson - All time
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cca06da 2017-09-21 Standardize access to CSRF token in JavaScript
014bbe6 2017-09-20 Remove eslint-disable, and use arrow function.
8349782 2017-09-20 Reverse order in showMenuElement for readability.
6dfab7f 2017-09-20 Move display:none to emoji-menu base class.
8990410 2017-09-19 Remove emoji-menu from the render tree when hidden.
03b7df7 2017-09-14 Lightly refactor prettyTime module.
ce6a02e 2017-09-13 Remove animate.js and the issuable label pulse animation.
0151eb5 2017-09-08 Correctly link ConvDev Index nav links to its controller.
129e321 2017-09-07 Normalize styles for empty-state group-level new issue/M...
3d9b6bc 2017-09-07 Merge branch 'master' into backport-issues-controller-ch...
e4348ae 2017-09-07 Don't backport changes to nav_btns.
1bd4cd4 2017-09-07 Backport getAllParams and other nav changes from service...
dde56a7 2017-08-31 Add support for custom daysPerWeek and hoursPerDay to pr...
1877a30 2017-08-23 Implement new system note icons
4add91b 2017-08-21 Use non-i18n values for setting new group-level issue/MR...
d9c6bb0 2017-08-18 Move ConvDev index to Overview from Monitoring.
8551997 2017-08-15 Repo Editor Fixes
0532bff 2017-08-07 Group-level new issue & MR using previously selected pro...
91cbab7 2017-07-24 Bulk update sidebar UI polish
3319c79 2017-07-03 Make autosize fields more performant and remove broken a...
d580ccf 2017-07-03 Replace existing runner links with icons and tooltips, m...
da18378 2017-07-02 Set force_remove_source_branch default to false.
4c20ee7 2017-06-30 Restore timeago translations in renderTimeago.
728be6a 2017-06-30 Make setSidebarHeight more efficient with SidebarHeightM...
def0f62 2017-06-29 Remove initTimeagoTimeout and let timeago.js update time...
81e9c28 2017-06-29 Render add-diff-note button with server.
2da3142 2017-06-27 Slightly refactor pipeline schedules form in preparation...
9f0b85b 2017-06-21 Revert to using links instead of buttons in Issuable Ind...
fbab37f 2017-06-21 Bulk edit scroll fix
52dd35a 2017-06-13 Make small pipeline schedules UI enhancements.
c9a6726 2017-06-06 Move issuable bulk edit form into a new sidebar.
099a9e0 2017-05-25 Update MWPS feature spec per change to remove source bra...
08a7073 2017-05-25 Fallback to false when remove_source_branch is null.
8b746c2 2017-05-25 Merge branch '32447-remove-source-branch-is-displayed-to...
8d2a159 2017-05-25 Update shouldRemoveSourceBranch against API entity changes.
9b479f4 2017-05-24 Set up merge request from fork more simply.
7e1e138 2017-05-24 Remove spec from created_from_fork_spec.
41e0029 2017-05-24 Move spec and add one for merge button not disabled.
0eaa65d 2017-05-23 Add spec for disabled Remove source branch checkbox.
b3b30c9 2017-05-23 Test for next_run_at in the view.
63e8852 2017-05-23 Use real_next_run in pipeline schedule table.
92d290c 2017-05-23 Set merge params to force_remove_source_branch by default.
ff5044d 2017-05-23 Update spinach specs to explicitly check Remove Source B...
21fe8f3 2017-05-23 Shush rubocop.
095fa89 2017-05-23 Don't use getElementById in specs.
5aee04d 2017-05-23 Shush eslint.
a25fb52 2017-05-22 Upgrade Remove Source Branch checkbox UX.
5573768 2017-05-19 Add s selectors for supported avatars.
b73959a 2017-05-18 Fixes per feedback on user avatar components.
3c668fa 2017-05-18 Consolidate user avatar Vue logic
dadd74b 2017-05-15 Use classes to select dropdown buttons.
ed7bec3 2017-05-15 Clean up UI and styles.
80ec3f2 2017-05-12 Ensure issues are enabled on the project.
bc91675 2017-05-12 Remove 'New issue' button when issues search returns no ...
a9ec242 2017-05-11 Add pipeline id to Last Pipeline cell link.
6bcf316 2017-05-11 Pass docsUrl to pipeline schedules callout component.
fcd727f 2017-04-17 Merge branch 'variable-table-styles' of
131c62e 2017-04-17 Remove unneeded min-width.
397b3ac 2017-04-17 Fix comment length and syntax.
41f0185 2017-04-17 Use ellipsis and nowrap.
2951730 2017-04-17 Remove breakpoints, use fixed widths.
fd681ee 2017-04-17 Update variable table styles at wider viewport.
9b9ad44 2017-04-11 Let browser set overflow-x scroll on user activity calen...
f564cbb 2017-04-03 Make file templates easy to use and discover
faf7865 2017-03-23 Lightly refactor js files related to file template selec...
db7c14b 2017-02-28 Add newline to end of
10b9b95 2017-02-28 Document use of AirBnb js styleguide and eslint.
aa91f50 2017-02-02 Find .merge-request instead of sleep in MR search spec.
48a053f 2017-02-02 Only render hr when user can't archive project.
70c4bad 2017-02-02 Rename scripts_body_top to project_javascripts.
f1bcf1e 2017-02-02 Remove turbolinks from filtered search after rebase.
fbd0987 2017-02-02 Remove turbolinks.
d751712 2017-02-01 Vertically center add-diff-note button.
f0b7e57 2017-01-24 Flag multiple empty lines in eslint, fix offenses.
50ae00d 2017-01-24 Shush scss_lint.
05a8de4 2017-01-23 Fix size of variable-value column for small screens.
80c99ff 2017-01-23 Make variables table border consistent across viewport w...
b19bb38 2017-01-23 Force variable key cell to stay small and wrap text.
63b3624 2017-01-15 Fix scss variable refs.
64dd41a 2017-01-15 Backport timetracking frontend to CE.
27c613c 2016-12-21 Remove unneeded bundle refs.
d8740cf 2016-12-21 Move javascript for widget check to ci_bundle.
ec5c12c 2016-12-21 Fix markdown errors.
3bbe19d 2016-12-21 Backport moving MR widget CI JS out of script tag.
2c9ee1b 2016-12-21 Add documentation for possible causes of JS-related test...
0bd5370 2016-11-18 Un-un-revert signin tab order fix.
9c67b32 2016-11-18 Backport SmartInterval, PrettyTime, SubbableResource fro...
ed1cd98 2016-11-17 Check all namespaces on validation of new username.
06dcb07 2016-11-04 Add tip for using Chrome to run and debug teaspoon tests.
b8b3f91 2016-11-02 Initialize form validation on new group form.
b351b26 2016-11-02 Unchange username_validator.
4b4fde7 2016-11-02 Move snake_case to camelCase.
d939fbe 2016-11-02 Change show-gl-field-errors to gl-show-field-errors
2159c87 2016-11-01 Fix spacing in code sample.
b193531 2016-11-01 Fix changelog.
489c591 2016-11-01 List gl_field_error as gl_field_errors dep.
6150d2b 2016-11-01 Break out GlFieldError into separate file.
a15e278 2016-11-01 Add gl field errors to group name edit form.
93bd3dd 2016-11-01 Upgrade gl_field_errors to support more use cases.
7f0ac04 2016-10-31 Document convention for singleton use in front-end code.
5fb226a 2016-10-31 Remove leftover references to coffeescript from comments...
f285f47 2016-10-26 Add ES array methods as cause of Phantom.js errors.
f1bb7dd 2016-10-25 Ensure search val is defined.
995d4df 2016-10-25 Ensure cursor is applied to end of issues search input.
e0a79ab 2016-10-25 Increase debounce wait on issues search execution.
ffb1482 2016-10-24 Use proper tense and spacing in login_specs.
5bc4266 2016-10-24 Test login tab/pane rendering in varying configurations.
413c012 2016-10-24 Only show register tab if signup enabled.
57046eb 2016-10-20 Ensure custom provider tab labels don't break layout.
06564f9 2016-10-20 Update gl_field_error tests for better input filtering.
5f0b7fe 2016-10-20 Stop injecting field errors where they won't be used.
257c58e 2016-10-19 Set webkit-overflow-scrolling to auto for children of body.
9a6f73a 2016-10-18 Use border-radius-default instead of hardcoding value.
348236e 2016-10-18 Fix aesthetic issues on CROWD login.
f890756 2016-10-18 Fix top border-radius of tabs.
357ff67 2016-10-18 Contain normal signin in loginbox.
60e6eca 2016-10-18 Fix login tests for crowd to use #crowd.
3bc2526 2016-10-18 Fix superfluous margin on new_ldap submit.
b4f84ff 2016-10-18 Use correct verbiage for username in login form.
8a62d0c 2016-10-18 Fix href to server pane.
a185c32 2016-10-18 Fix tab refs in ldap tabs.
4477d68 2016-10-18 Split login box into different panes, for ldap enabled s...
d3e64a9 2016-10-18 Fix aesthetic issues on LDAP login.
039ccc1 2016-10-17 Convert due_date_select.js filetype to es6.
89bb889 2016-10-17 Stop directly parsing due_date with Date.parse, prefer p...
391e109 2016-10-15 Revert "Improve tabbing usability for sign in page"
b46307d 2016-10-15 Don't use member properties in users_spec, and remove lo...
75962a2 2016-10-15 Clean up stray Sign up ref.
716406b 2016-10-15 Back off the array spreading, bc poltergeist freaks out.
eb866df 2016-10-15 Convert dispatcher to es6.
568a405 2016-10-15 Add exists to users routes and fix endpoint.
5439bd9 2016-10-15 Attempt to fix username validation ruby.
85db5ba 2016-10-15 Clean up layouts/devise.html.
23fd1f1 2016-10-15 Use Ruby 1.9 syntax in tab_single def and usage.
f141cdb 2016-10-15 Fixup invalid refs.
bad1feb 2016-10-15 Convert field error NodeList to an Array.
80aa0a8 2016-10-15 Revert conflict resolution in routes.rb.
0f57245 2016-10-15 Use native dom in dispatcher field error init.
3c536bc 2016-10-15 Improve method naming in gl_field_errors.
349caec 2016-10-15 Stringify username before passing to ActiveRecord.
cdf2327 2016-10-15 Add accessor for current val for convenience.
80864a1 2016-10-15 Safely scope siblings of validated input.
cbd68e5 2016-10-15 Remove superfluous comment.
2486078 2016-10-15 Prevent unneccessary loading of UsernameValidator.
091f4cb 2016-10-15 Update filled in field for two_factor auth to use id.
c276661 2016-10-15 Fix syntax error -- missing comma in _new_crowd.
4457116 2016-10-15 Fix nesting on sessions/new.
1fd0926 2016-10-15 Click first Sign In in login_helper.
673c23d 2016-10-15 Unbreak all the tests relying on one login-box.
69f9c00 2016-10-15 Add tests for gl_field_errors.
503dcac 2016-10-15 Properly implement focus on first invalid.
80cbc98 2016-10-15 Fix omniauth box styling.
0767496 2016-10-15 Shush rubocop.
49688d3 2016-10-15 Add third box shadow to validation focus, for depth.
2c7a1af 2016-10-15 Add submit button contain with custom margin.
bd0bf40 2016-10-15 Make style fixes, make all submit buttons full-width btn...
74bfba7 2016-10-15 Include correct validation error with username invalid.
83fb119 2016-10-15 Get tests passing.
00bfb64 2016-10-15 Fix errors, get validation running for signup box and si...
a449b9b 2016-10-15 Refactor gl field errors for simpler state management.
768cd07 2016-10-15 Clean up username_validator private vars and members.
d2bad46 2016-10-15 Add padding to fixed footer, to more quickly support scr...
1dd826d 2016-10-15 Make UX upgrades to SignIn/Register views.
abfb4f6 2016-10-12 Document Capybara errors from es6 in es5 file.
4e34a49 2016-10-07 Debounce GfmAutoComplete setup and simplify code somewhat.
01af0aa 2016-10-06 Only hide external link text, not icon/link.
a483477 2016-10-06 Only hide deploy status external link on small screens.
485a2a7 2016-10-05 Make flash-alert background transparent to match flash-n...
2d41c3f 2016-10-05 Restore inexplicably removed code from requestFileSuccess.
b6d52a6 2016-10-05 Simplify TemplateSelector keyup/blur handler.
16097bb 2016-10-05 Delete leftover usertabs and template_selector es5 files.
6c37adc 2016-10-05 Remove debug flag.
6880fe8 2016-10-05 Fix leftover or inadvertantly removed comments.
3ca521d 2016-10-05 Remove 'released' from CHANGELOG.
14d681e 2016-10-05 Refactor TemplateSelector and fix for tests.
5ef3e86 2016-10-05 Make fixes to get tests passing.
f80b8bd 2016-10-05 Remove CHANGELOG duplicate.
e0d6681 2016-10-05 Fix todos specs.
ed8f27e 2016-10-05 Fix profile test failure.
07bf262 2016-10-05 Remove old LabelManager.
014bef8 2016-10-05 Fix up for issues bulk assignment test.
87036a6 2016-10-05 Fix tests for Blob Selectors.
4721766 2016-10-05 Fix test for SearchAutocomplete.
c756f1c 2016-10-05 Update Changelog.
8fa3e57 2016-10-05 Remove unneeded semicolon.
6fc9118 2016-10-05 Remove super passthrough.
2c5bd97 2016-10-05 Convert BlobLicenseSelctors to ES6.
53541e2 2016-10-05 Update LabelManager to ES6.
603d60a 2016-10-05 Refactor IssuesBulkAssignment to ES6.
b3917d4 2016-10-05 Set defaults in constructor, in case opts are undefined.
7beb9f3 2016-10-05 Pass default opts.
5bc3b7b 2016-10-05 Refactor GitLabCrop to ES6.
13182a9 2016-10-05 Make use of destructuring options, clean up based on fee...
b690c19 2016-10-05 Use parentheses in IFFE's as per AirBnb styleguide.
4ae2a30 2016-10-05 Refactor Profile to use ES6.
37b3cac 2016-10-05 Fixup debugger ref left in Dispatcher.
b93ca73 2016-10-05 Refactor SearchAutocomplete to ES6 class syntax.
01fdb52 2016-10-05 Fixup refs to currPage and currPages.
8377c2f 2016-10-05 Refactor Todos to ES6.
45ae34f 2016-10-05 Properly scope BlobCiYamlSelector and BlobCiYamlSelectors.
cfb03b3 2016-10-05 Refactor UserTabs to ES6.
2dc40f3 2016-10-05 Refactor BlobCiYamlSelector and BlobCiYamlSelectors to ES6.
f4f6f92 2016-09-22 Stop disabling jump_to_next buttons, when not on latest ...
8e4b849 2016-09-22 Remove colons in dropdowns, use icon helper, and fix 'Sh...
2872c75 2016-09-20 Merge branch 'master' into merge-request-push-compare-ui
812806e 2016-09-20 Merge branch 'merge-request-push-compare-ui' of gitlab.c...
292cc9e 2016-09-20 Fix newlines added to README.
67fa72b 2016-09-20 Switch out comments_disabled for diff_notes_disabled.
d20d7c9 2016-09-20 Shush rubocop.
7c85a02 2016-09-20 Add 'Show latest version' button.
97dc1b2 2016-09-20 Style merge request diff dropdowns & disable comments.
c1d6cfc 2016-09-17 Merge branch 'master' into merge-request-push-compare-ui
0fe2d33 2016-09-15 Fix newlines added to README.
938ee18 2016-09-15 Merge branch 'master' into merge-request-push-compare-ui
65a5621 2016-09-15 Merge branch 'merge-request-push-compare-ui' of gitlab.c...
c887f83 2016-09-15 Switch out comments_disabled for diff_notes_disabled.
a306cda 2016-09-15 Merge branch 'master' into merge-request-push-compare-ui
2efcdcd 2016-09-14 Shush rubocop.
cb53eff 2016-09-14 Add 'Show latest version' button.
8ecaa25 2016-09-14 Style merge request diff dropdowns & disable comments.
f408300 2016-09-07 Merge branch 'master' into issues-filters-reset-btn
c7f7425 2016-09-07 Simulate filtering with url params, clean up accordingly.
a329763 2016-09-07 Add failing reset all test.
f76c4c8 2016-09-07 Merge branch 'master' into issues-filters-reset-btn
34ba9e4 2016-09-06 Merge branch 'master' into issues-filters-reset-btn
ab4763b 2016-09-06 Merge branch 'master' into issues-filters-reset-btn
5a62d81 2016-09-06 Add user to project.
08b05d0 2016-09-05 Refactor filters reset test to re-use issues.
87f6209 2016-09-05 Revise test error messages to be more reaadble.
59894bb 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into repository-page-ui-issues
545e207 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into repository-page-ui-issues
f868bad 2016-09-05 Merge branch 'master' into issues-filters-reset-btn
1a23b74 2016-09-05 Use broader js flag.
7f440b9 2016-09-05 Clean reset filters test.
e1f2ff9 2016-09-02 Add tests for reset filters button.
baf2cd7 2016-09-02 Merge branch 'master' into repository-page-ui-issues
e6aa1c5 2016-09-01 Merge branch 'master' into repository-page-ui-issues