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#169 Brian Neel - All time
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Hash Date Message
1e878fd 2017-09-04 Merge branch '9-5-stable' into 'security-9-5'
9770c57 2017-08-08 Re-enable SqlInjection and CommandInjection
d19fc1e 2017-08-06 Merge branch '9-3-stable' into 'security-9-3'
9bc8932 2017-06-06 Merge branch '29690-rotate-otp-key-base' into 'master'
24223cd 2017-05-02 Update changelog
b14b7dc 2017-05-01 Add view spec
96e62e4 2017-04-28 Add changelog entry
678a39d 2017-04-28 Fix for hamlit filter XSS in project import
504bdaf 2017-01-18 Upgrade Brakeman to 3.4.1
23316b4 2017-01-06 Update rubocop and rubocop-rspec to fix build errors
52867e1 2016-12-31 Disable automatic login feature when clicking on email c...
e14bb16 2016-11-18 Add logging for rack attack events
067da62 2016-11-14 fix shibboleth misconfigurations resulting in authentica...