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f480399 2018-10-12 Fix rubocop complaining about unicorn.rb
f934b21 2018-10-06 Check disabled_services when finding a service
cc339aa 2018-10-05 Update spec comment to point to correct issue
f5abc2e 2018-10-05 Use a CTE to remove the query timeout
7ee8771 2018-10-04 Don't build project services unneccesarily
9ba554c 2018-10-02 Filter system notes with public and private cross refere...
829c9c6 2018-09-29 post_process markdown redered by API
50a62b4 2018-09-17 Filter out archived projects from issue/mr count
ccce7c7 2018-09-14 Filter out archived issues from group issue board
635d901 2018-09-13 Remove images in 'first_line_in_markdown'
67cf591 2018-09-11 'code_block' closer to original implementation
0b9365b 2018-09-11 Updated commonmarker gem to 0.17.13
1d47854 2018-09-08 Resolve "Process urls with spaces in all markdown proces...
644296d 2018-09-07 Resolve "Wiki page attachments not rendered properly"
b0be58a 2018-09-06 Resolve "CE documentation is not CommonMark compliant"
dc44b00 2018-09-06 Update user markdown documentation for CommonMark
e57d999 2018-09-05 remove guard clause and add comment on performace
c4f26d4 2018-09-05 added feature flag 'commonmark_for_repositories'
3aea946 2018-09-05 add 'default_enabled' to feature flags
589776f 2018-09-05 move logic into legacy_render_context helper method
a963721 2018-09-05 render using RedCarpet if legacy_render parameter is set
e41b999 2018-09-05 test that wiki links with spaces works in wiki pipeline
5a7451c 2018-09-05 Enable CommonMark for files and wikis
bd807fe 2018-09-05 url_helpers were not available on a code reload
198f8a2 2018-08-21 Resolve "Wiki: links with spaces in the url render incor...
f3e1028 2018-07-07 Refactor rspec matchers in read_only_spec.rb
7670c29 2018-07-06 specify that wiki pags are rendered with Redcarpet
750af9f 2018-07-06 Use proper markdown rendering for previews
fd2ea94 2018-07-06 Ability to check if underlying database is read only
bd2e41a 2018-06-30 namespace partial paths on dashboard
f79410f 2018-06-14 enable CommonMark as the default
da9cc1b 2018-05-31 better handle a missing gitlab-shell version
c5c5f18 2018-05-30 better handle a missing gitlab-shell version
42d27f0 2018-05-10 only issue a warning if column doesn't exist
18094a1 2018-05-08 Backport: Keep ShaAttribute from halting startup when we...
ec54898 2018-05-03 Output some useful information when running the rails co...
36a5a2c 2018-04-17 for cached markdown fields, select the correct engine
11ec2f7 2018-04-17 add changelog
cff44b5 2018-04-17 make call to 'html_escape' unambiguous
dca785e 2018-03-28 allow rspec files/options to be passed down in all cases
7b0e7bc 2018-03-22 make a little more obvious what operations might need do...
54d88e0 2018-02-09 make sure there is a dependency on Gitlab::CurrentSettin...
4c45c10 2018-02-08 don't check against a hardcoded user name
b8b9e9e 2018-01-23 Add ability to drive the API in QA specs
6762d28 2018-01-08 Resolve "Allow QA tests to run with `CHROME_HEADLESS=fal...
48e14b9 2017-12-13 make link open in new tab
bcbe567 2017-12-11 small change to make less conflict with EE version
b2a1919 2017-12-08 expire todo count calculations to be consistent with
02d97d4 2017-12-05 add Gitlab::Database.replication_slots_supported?
b0e2e21 2017-12-05 remove ambiguity about which resource type to be using f...
e292bf5 2017-11-30 allow caching options to be specified for counting services
5e861a0 2017-11-21 ignore hashed repos (for now) when using `rake gitlab:cl...
2fd5cc2 2017-11-02 Geo route whitelisting is too optimistic
306d030 2017-10-28 more readable changelog
34254e1 2017-10-27 remove extra whitespace
a2894b7 2017-10-27 use a delegate for `username` to be more future friendly
48851ff 2017-10-27 add changelog entry
196df26 2017-10-24 fix to pass static-analysis
57a2757 2017-10-23 grab the correct username when confirming secondary email
2bdad79 2017-10-19 added changelog entry
90baab7 2017-10-17 optimize branching logic
cbdf372 2017-10-13 implemented using an ivar, and added specs
528f9cd 2017-10-12 moved throttling into the controller. if we hit the thr...
6d3eea7 2017-10-11 if the branch/tag count is over a certain limit, don't e...
39fbac8 2017-09-24 fix whitespace
d97b577 2017-09-24 must now set the devise default scope (since we now have...
d7d335c 2017-09-23 add primary email as a secondary email whenever the prim...
945667a 2017-09-23 more explantion why an `after_update` was replaced with ...
de9fb43 2017-09-23 fix to make gpg_keys_spec start passing
665c787 2017-09-23 added email.confirmed scope and fix email comparison
ed99c89 2017-09-23 allow a verified secondary email to be use as the primar...
442dbf6 2017-09-23 when user verifies a secondary email, revalidate GPG sig...
a32f1dd 2017-09-23 fixes for rubocop
a000c2a 2017-09-23 moved devise_for :emails to live under `profiles`, remov...
867d59c 2017-09-23 updated schema.rb with correct changes
a2715aa 2017-09-23 Return schema.rb to pre-rebase state
85d2bf7 2017-09-23 when a primary email is replaced and added to the second...
b2d5379 2017-09-23 fix calls to Emails::DestroyService
09726bd 2017-09-23 small cleanup changes based on feedback
30e3a49 2017-09-23 optimized the email services
a9b3178 2017-09-23 Make GPG signature verification work with non-primary em...
4457ae8 2017-09-23 updated schema.rb
d2267be 2017-09-23 tweaks for rubocop
cf8a5bc 2017-09-23 add verified/unverified labels to profile emails.
c56208f 2017-09-23 refactored `_email_with_badge` partial from gpg into sha...
f593792 2017-09-23 refactored the Spinach feature `features/profile/emails....
86698c9 2017-09-23 use `add_concurrent_index` to add the :confirmation_toke...
ecdf851 2017-09-23 changed from `if !` to `unless`
a6045df 2017-09-23 move #cta properly under #content
b1e6892 2017-09-23 refactored the account confirmation into a partial. Als...
47c6525 2017-09-23 remove unnecessary devise_scope
f9f4672 2017-09-23 Send a confirmation email when the user adds a secondary...