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#37 Bob Van Landuyt - All time
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eb63889 2017-09-21 Don't memoize storage configuration on `FsShardsCheck`
71064fa 2017-09-18 Add Dutch as an available language.
9c300fd 2017-09-14 Use the new query-recorder features as a PoC
6dbd21a 2017-09-14 Extend the QueryRecorder matcher
2b58b63 2017-09-06 Fetch new translations from crowdin
a77ee01 2017-09-06 Regenerate CE-pot
d3ca6c0 2017-09-04 Increase the timeout before aborting a storage access at...
7199e88 2017-09-04 Only require `simple_po_parser` in rake task that needs it
4761235 2017-09-01 Validate unescaped `%` chars in PO files
538104b 2017-08-31 Fetch all translation keys using a regex
abe1987 2017-08-31 Take `nplurals` into account when validating translations.
2c4f9b7 2017-08-31 Check for newlines in different methods on TranslationEntry
f35a5d0 2017-08-31 Split translation & metadata entries into classes
c6d9699 2017-08-31 Validate the number of plurals in an entry
cdaf107 2017-08-31 Move detailed information of an entry into a separate class
0fa0ed7 2017-08-31 Move `PoLinter` into `Gitlab::I18n`
49b3819 2017-08-31 Only perform `join_message` in `validate_variable_usage`
1da594d 2017-08-31 Check newlines in translations
973c697 2017-08-31 Add spec for languages without plurals
c34cf3a 2017-08-31 Add documentation about PO-linting
3dd7b17 2017-08-31 Fix currently invalid po files
bde3932 2017-08-31 Add a linter for PO files
1eb30cf 2017-08-31 Ignore fuzzy translations
b6646e7 2017-08-31 Track the locale in Sentry so we know which ones are fai...
529a07b 2017-08-25 Handle creating a nested group on MySQL correctly
f8865e9 2017-08-24 Define ldap methods at runtime
f76d8c9 2017-08-23 Fix error when importing a GitHub-wiki repository
22ef4ba 2017-08-23 Migrate creation of nested groups into a service
d8d2b73 2017-08-23 Improve bare repository import
aa8592e 2017-08-16 Add reserved names to docs
93d56eb 2017-08-16 Use better higher threshold settings for storage access ...
ee603a0 2017-08-16 Allow a `failure_wait_time` of 0 for storage access
4d97843 2017-08-14 Remove `\n` from translations
2ea8442 2017-08-11 Move the personal snippet uploads from `system` to `-/sy...
180de2d 2017-08-11 Make sure uploads for personal snippets are correctly re...
b8ae153 2017-08-11 Update migrations to move directly into the `-/system` f...
f0f4506 2017-08-11 Don't update upload paths twice
969ccec 2017-08-11 Don't rename the system namespace
016522d 2017-08-09 Add a helper to stub storage settings with defaults
fda83a6 2017-08-07 Use correct `Environment`-class within `Gitlab` namespace
faabcbd 2017-08-07 GRPC::Unavailable (< GRPC::BadStatus) is wrapped in a Co...
7de6f74 2017-08-07 Use `broken_storage` in the fs_shards_spec.
4b34720 2017-08-04 Use ruby's `File.stat` to check storage availability
3a2aaed 2017-08-04 Use a Struct to keep track of failure info
0dd4c30 2017-08-04 Only track accessibility once
022c38e 2017-08-04 Use `keys` instead of `scan_each`
3899d07 2017-08-04 Move hostname to Gitlab::Environment
0fa94a0 2017-08-04 Make sure the check works for paths with spaces.
3598e60 2017-08-04 Add a Circuitbreaker for storage paths
c11ed13 2017-07-27 Remove deprecated `repository_storage` attribute
ea1012c 2017-07-27 Make the attribute list for application settings reusable
ad46c88 2017-07-25 Add `api` prefix as a top level route in the spec.
e13d75c 2017-07-25 Explicitly define inverse of acces_level relations
d22fe96 2017-07-25 Take ee words into account
bf114b3 2017-07-25 Add contents of `public` as forbidden top-level routes
1dcf799 2017-07-25 Remove a bunch of reserved top level routes
2b0a85c 2017-07-25 Adjust `PathRegex` to validate files in the `public` dir...
fa9adb6 2017-07-24 Explicitly add `protect_from_forgery` action
632f360 2017-07-24 Fix currently invalid po files
6f26f6f 2017-07-18 Allow groups with the name system
6a10626 2017-07-18 Invalidate project list cache
458f3cf 2017-07-18 Update specs for new upload path
c156030 2017-07-18 Add a background migration to rename `uploads` in the up...
79f591d 2017-07-18 Move the `uploads/system` folder to `uploads/-/system`
27a6aa4 2017-07-18 Move system-uploads to `-/system`
1814c67 2017-07-14 Use shared protected tag views for CE-partials
9654295 2017-07-14 Use shared protected branches views for CE-partials
3ee48e4 2017-07-13 Enable all feature flags by default in specs
c478202 2017-07-07 This makes the `Boards::CreateService` more reusable for EE
d2eb5bb 2017-06-28 Fix setting `last_credential_check` on LDAP-login
7c53fcf 2017-06-27 Adjust for new static-analysis failures
397d3fd 2017-06-27 Only do one query for updating routes
60561ac 2017-06-26 Update routes directly by ID instead of filtering by path
79cdacc 2017-06-26 Disable statement timeout
66ba0b0 2017-06-26 Clear the cache for projects one-by-one
589b0da 2017-06-26 Add changelog
8c85038 2017-06-26 Add punctuation to log messages
171f2d9 2017-06-26 Keep failed renames in redis
d6a0c28 2017-06-26 Use the migration name as a key in redis
229ac39 2017-06-26 Don't break rolling back when a namespace or project was...
1ebb225 2017-06-26 More logging so we know we have the rename in redis
c98ed42 2017-06-26 Revert renames from a migration
152cba5 2017-06-26 Revert namespace renames
0faff42 2017-06-26 Add methods to revert project renames
3e84b63 2017-06-26 Track all renames in redis
36ecbb6 2017-06-26 Rename each route individually
d981f9a 2017-06-26 Rename all forbidden paths again
f22bc56 2017-06-26 Remove recursion from specs
56de2aa 2017-06-26 Fix typo in log message
4c3e87b 2017-06-26 Add a spec for quoted strings
02dc073 2017-06-26 Some style changes
c1225b1 2017-06-26 Match `]` for replacing markdown.
138c4b8 2017-06-26 Fix tempfile uploads to the correct directory
23f5a22 2017-06-26 Update specs for the new path
635e8e0 2017-06-26 Avoid SQL issues when updating descritions
109f41a 2017-06-26 Only change the filename in markdown
ee70453 2017-06-26 Clear the `note_html` cache so it gets regenerated
6412603 2017-06-26 Don't update snippet description if there is none.
72f4e70 2017-06-26 Use the correct base dir
bb6b3c6 2017-06-26 Add some more logging
349e111 2017-06-21 Fix the original typo
bfaf6e6 2017-06-21 Add migration to clean up 'appearance' symlink
79393a3 2017-06-21 Rebuild the dynamic path before validating it
9a0e676 2017-06-15 Add translation for the verb 'Revert'
80db014 2017-06-15 Take timezone into account when comparing dates in the UI
d15b172 2017-06-15 Regenerate po-files
5f78cbd 2017-06-15 Add context to the `with_stage` strings
86cd00b 2017-06-15 Add context for commit_box title
4599982 2017-06-15 Remove HTML from translation key
1924e50 2017-06-15 Don't translate `Commit#change_type_title` now
11c957f 2017-06-15 `merge request` instead of `merge-request`
ecc098c 2017-06-15 Add some context to JS translations
9c8f9e8 2017-06-15 Update timeago tooltips for Spanish
67d52fe 2017-06-15 Use the same time format as before
0c04a89 2017-06-15 Re-add time_ago_in_words
7d024a1 2017-06-15 Make sure there's only 1 `errors.messages` definition in...
59610c4 2017-06-15 Translate commit dialogs
d9238ee 2017-06-15 Translate time tooltips.
fc7cb8d 2017-06-15 Generate as much of the Spanish translation as possible
49bef99 2017-06-15 Add a bunch of missing translations
0ed2996 2017-06-09 Recover last working spanish translation
42d6973 2017-06-09 Mention the cause of missing translations in the docs
9999704 2017-06-09 Revert "Regenerate po and js files"
70d7ded 2017-06-08 Update rename_system_namespace_spec to new validations.
2e97db8 2017-06-08 Make the uploader use the updated folder
bdebe84 2017-06-07 Translate project & repository pages
70a75f9 2017-06-02 Add the `with_avatar` trait to projects factory
e564fe9 2017-06-01 Rename `Gitlab::Git::EncodingHelper` to `Gitlab::Encodin...
33aed43 2017-05-30 Avoid crash when trying to parse string with invalid UTF...
6316ee1 2017-05-24 Fix changelog entry
ce30506 2017-05-24 Don't rename routes that start with `system`
487b449 2017-05-24 Upload all files in `uploads/system`
0007e5b 2017-05-22 Resolve migration helper conflicts
537b45b 2017-05-19 Rename users on mysql
bc58f51 2017-05-19 Don't try to rename `-`
51913c3 2017-05-19 Simpler way of renaming users
84f8cd1 2017-05-19 Fix incorrectly renamed routes
df5c3f3 2017-05-19 Rename users that had their namespace renamed
f62f0c2 2017-05-18 Fixes for the rename reserved paths helpers
968e507 2017-05-17 Update documentation on reserved words for groups and pr...
af67b66 2017-05-15 Fix trailing ',' in hash.
93a373f 2017-05-15 Remove old migration spec.
1e31a6d 2017-05-15 Add `build_events` to project service in the API
cac7e03 2017-05-15 Rename `build_events` to `job_events` in code
6c6d2bf 2017-05-15 Rename `build_events` columns to `job_events`
3760a7c 2017-05-12 Only rename namespaces and projects with an invalid path
49fb31d 2017-05-11 Add a new column before creating rename triggers
ebd8b7f 2017-05-10 Use new SnippetsFinder signature in API
19e91e4 2017-05-10 Use `described_class` in SnippetsFinder-spec
218692a 2017-05-10 Use new SnippetsFinder signature in API
ebf0dab 2017-05-10 Use `described_class` in SnippetsFinder-spec
4b9eab0 2017-05-04 Reject EE reserved namespace paths in CE as well
38d2d16 2017-05-02 Validate URLs using URI
49a8e5f 2017-05-02 Don't validate reserved words if the format doesn't match
3dd2476 2017-05-02 Refresh the markdown cache if it was `nil`
ffc486a 2017-05-02 Add some documentation for the new migration helpers
29f2001 2017-05-02 Update comments
e2b9420 2017-05-02 Add a better error message when a certain path is missing
a035ebb 2017-05-02 Update path validation & specs
c853dd6 2017-05-02 Reuse Gitlab::Regex.full_namespace_regex in the DynamicP...
2e2a63c 2017-05-01 Rename child namespaces in migrationhelpers
08b1bc3 2017-05-01 Reject group-routes as names of child namespaces
1e14c3c 2017-05-01 Reject paths following namespace for paths including 2 `*`
2c7ca43 2017-05-01 Allow `graphs` & `refs` project names
b85f2fa 2017-05-01 Clear html cache for a projects milestones
ce0102d 2017-05-01 Remove dependecy on `User`
99a03fd 2017-05-01 Move ReservedPathsMigration into V1 namespace
12735ee 2017-05-01 Minor style adjustments
ea8e86d 2017-05-01 Use `%r{}` regexes to avoid having to escape `/`
39efd0c 2017-05-01 Clear cached markdown after renaming projects
389057f 2017-05-01 Rename Projects & Namespaces based on entire paths
e50f4bc 2017-05-01 The dynamic path validator can block out partial paths
ab5f902 2017-05-01 Rename namespaces called `Users`
c5059cb 2017-05-01 Make path validation case-insensitive
27f54be 2017-05-01 Use objects for renaming namespaces and projects
0369ef1 2017-05-01 Add a WIP spec for clearing the cache
579d889 2017-05-01 Rename projects in a migrationhelper
7508ee5 2017-05-01 Make renaming records in the database reusable
e3d6957 2017-05-01 Rename forbidden paths in a single migration
58bc628 2017-05-01 Rename namespace-paths in a migration helper
9fb9414 2017-05-01 Reject `-` as a path
2f95e6a 2017-05-01 Move `replace_sql` into `Database::MigrationHelpers`
bccf8d8 2017-05-01 Rename `NamespaceValidator` to `DynamicPathValidator`
3143a5d 2017-05-01 Use the namespace validator for validating all paths
1498a9c 2017-05-01 Check `has_parent?` for determining validation type
f7511ca 2017-05-01 Split off validating full paths
e4f5b7c 2017-05-01 Improve detection of reserved words from routes
74fccca 2017-05-01 Streamline the path validation in groups & projects
536f2bd 2017-05-01 Add forbidden paths to the namespace validator
f76a5ab 2017-05-01 Add migration to rename all namespaces with forbidden name
56e031d 2017-05-01 Disallow some more namespaces
a8a800f 2017-05-01 Render asciidoc & other markup using banzai in a pipeline
019b06b 2017-04-26 Load a project's CI status in batch from redis
9eded57 2017-04-07 Use `Ci::ExpirePipelineCacheService` to set `ProjectPipe...
516a405 2017-04-07 Take the ref of a pipeline into account when caching status
02072e1 2017-04-07 Rename `ProjectBuildStatus` -> `ProjectPipelineStatus`
a6d3130 2017-04-07 Wrap updating of cache after pipeline transition in clas...
47abf00 2017-04-07 Update project build status cache when transitioning
9082d1e 2017-04-07 Rename Ci::PipelineStatus -> Ci::ProjectBuildStatus
bf64582 2017-04-02 Fix warning when cloning repo that already exists
7d5b899 2017-03-16 Build project cache key in a helper
901e70f 2017-03-16 Eager load route & namespace in `Explore::ProjectsContro...
9cca8c0 2017-03-16 Update the cache key to only include what is required
21c5270 2017-03-16 Don't try to load status when there is no commit
c495609 2017-03-16 Eager load route for project & namespace
a33fbb3 2017-03-16 Render cached pipeline status on project dashboard
4b249d5 2017-03-16 Update the pipeline cache when updating a pipeline-status
e36f444 2017-03-16 Add a wrapper for pipeline statuses
56f6c6a 2017-03-16 Test showing pipelines on the dashboard
b55936b 2017-03-13 Don't instrument `app/services/concerns`
92f8277 2017-03-13 Make API v3 work with the new param name
0c6e685 2017-03-13 Move `ResolveDiscussions` into `concerns/issues` folder
9541bad 2017-03-13 Check `service.discussion_to_resolve_id` to decide conte...
4224124 2017-03-13 Update copy
ea70a0d 2017-03-13 Rename variable
a07e89b 2017-03-13 Pass the discussion to resolve after verifying captcha
091b846 2017-03-13 Renamed `.js.es6` to `.js`
80b67a7 2017-03-13 Indicate that `single_discussion` is optional
f8b5fef 2017-03-13 Separate flash messages for resolving one or multiple di...
ab52086 2017-03-13 Show correct message when user cannot resolve discussions
40dd993 2017-03-13 Replace the warning with an info icon
67bd277 2017-03-13 Make sure the for a merge request only gets executed once.
5681104 2017-03-13 Fit 'unresolved discussion widget together
6f9304e 2017-03-13 Add a flash messages when an issue resolving discussions...
f821158 2017-03-13 Build link to discussions to resolve in a helper
9709309 2017-03-13 Update copy
43da8db 2017-03-13 Clean up `discussions_to_resolve`-method
3eeea42 2017-03-13 Move `resolve_discussions_with_issue` to `Issues::Create...
843092b 2017-03-13 Don't filter params and merge them back in later
5eee477 2017-03-13 Correctly indent quotes in new issue description
52c0195 2017-03-13 Better variable names
224c2ad 2017-03-13 No need to look up the notable separately in the Resolve...
dcec4c5 2017-03-13 Finding discussions in NotesFinder is no longer required.
b9aa6c3 2017-03-13 Optimize finding `discussions_to_resolve`
f0dd2a5 2017-03-13 Link 'discussion' instead of date
40be92e 2017-03-13 Make API v3 compatible with the changes in `Issues::Crea...
ffe135c 2017-03-13 Move functionality for resolving discussions into a concern
6ffa988 2017-03-13 Update copy for warning on new issue form
d6453e7 2017-03-13 Add a button to delegate all discussions in a merge request
f869289 2017-03-13 Always require MR-iid for resolving discussions
51253b2 2017-03-13 Simplify NotesFinder discussion query
0267b83 2017-03-13 Delegate a single discussion to a new issue
51a921b 2016-12-06 A simpler implementation of finding a merge request
1123057 2016-12-05 Feature: delegate all open discussions to Issue