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4691fd0 2018-07-23 Fix seeds
ddd2a25 2018-07-23 Replace 'Sidekiq::Testing.inline!' with 'perform_enqueue...
8199b2d 2018-07-07 [Rails5] Fix 'Invalid single-table inheritance type: Gro...
98b1f54 2018-07-06 [Rails5] Fix milestone GROUP BY query
6fef87f 2018-06-21 [Rails5] Force the `protect_from_forgery` callback run f...
b56b100 2018-06-20 [Rails5] Fix ActionCable's mount_path configuration
6da1941 2018-06-20 [Rails5] Set request.format in commits_controller
d4f6e1f 2018-06-20 [Rails5] Fix ActionCable '/cable' mountpoint conflict
c48e7dc 2018-06-16 [Rails5] Set request.format for artifacts_controller
79c3ec0 2018-06-16 [Rails5] Fix sessions_controller_spec
2b1153f 2018-06-16 [Rails5] Fix pipeline_schedules_controller_spec
a4f9ef7 2018-06-16 [Rails5] Fix "'-1' is not a valid data_store"
75946b4 2018-06-16 [Rails5] Disable inheritance_column for Gitlab::Database...
145832d 2018-06-15 [Rails5] Fix optimistic lock value
037334d 2018-06-15 [Rails5] Explicitly set request.format for blob_controller
53ea0f2 2018-06-14 [Rails5] Fix snippets_finder arel queries
9a37ef4 2018-06-13 [Rails5] Fix `storage_counter` helper
1499b02 2018-06-13 [Rails5] Pass class references instead of strings to mid...
1292b99 2018-06-12 Resolve "[Rails5] `ActionView::MissingTemplate` in spec/...
e23fb00 2018-06-12 Add CI job to check Gemfile.rails5.lock
7fdf2ba 2018-06-12 [Rails5] Update Gitlab.rails5.lock
c68bbdc 2018-06-08 Bump grape-path-helpers to 1.0.5
1da0065 2018-06-06 [Rails5] Fix Arel::UpdateManager calls
04e795d 2018-06-06 [Rails5] Fix response headers sending through workhorse
7136cf9 2018-06-06 [Rails5] Replace `params` with `safe_params` in app/view...
e42ae32 2018-06-04 [Rails5] Update Gemfile.rails5.lock
4cff66a 2018-05-29 Add 'squash and rebase' feature to CE
c0e77f7 2018-05-18 Resolve "Expand API: Render an arbitrary Markdown document"
ee70fd5 2018-05-14 Update Gemfile.rails5.lock
5d8cd87 2018-05-14 Remove /features
5f4dc69 2018-05-14 Increase rspec jobs up to 30
2e26e60 2018-05-14 Fix specs
66b0a43 2018-05-14 Add changelog entry [ci skip]
bbdb7fc 2018-05-14 Revert clean up `db/fixtures/development/14_pipelines.rb`
a17bff2 2018-05-14 Clean up test.rake
56fa093 2018-05-14 Remove spinach.rake
3f19f67 2018-05-14 Clean up spec/support/gitlab_stubs/gitlab_ci.yml
a882520 2018-05-14 Clean up 14_pipelines.rb
c3882c2 2018-05-14 Clean up docs
f61c37c 2018-05-14 Clean up gitlab-ci.yml
d2b8dc7 2018-05-14 Remove bin/spinach
82a5d7f 2018-05-14 Clean up Gemfile
774ea41 2018-05-14 Clean up `notes_controller`
e7dc3bc 2018-05-14 Replace the `project/forked_merge_requests.feature` spin...
bdaf3b4 2018-05-14 Replace the `project/commits/diff_comments.feature` spin...
7f6691d 2018-05-11 [Rails5] Fix Ci::Pipeline validator for source
0e9297b 2018-05-11 [Rails5] Fix `per_page` in lib/gitlab/multi_collection_p...
ba1e8f8 2018-05-11 [Rails5] Fix spec/controllers/projects/jobs_controller_s...
c3e40ed 2018-05-11 [Rails5] Fix `Route source can't be blank`
6ee52d0 2018-05-10 [Rails5] Fix app/views/groups/issues.html.haml
3a87e68 2018-05-10 [Rails5] Bump Rails to 5.0.7 and set `atomic` to 1.1.99
5373a5b 2018-05-10 Replace `features/project/merge_requests/references.featue`
0d77be0 2018-05-10 Add changelog entry [ci skip]
f5c8bfe 2018-05-09 Replace the `project/issues/references.feature` spinach ...
3b21da8 2018-05-09 Replace the `project/deploy_keys.feature` spinach test w...
55fa942 2018-05-09 Fix `downtime_check` job
3cb9837 2018-05-08 Replace the `project/ff_merge_requests.feature` spinach ...
d550211 2018-05-07 Replace the `project/builds/artifacts.feature` spinach t...
f27a3ef 2018-05-03 CE port of "Remove `features/group_active_tab.feature`"
2306e49 2018-05-03 [Rails5] Fix trusted proxies
5a7fbb8 2018-05-03 [Rails5] Fix params passed to MergeWorker
4155df1 2018-05-02 Replace the `project/source/markdown_render.feature` spi...
2bf9498 2018-05-02 [Rails5] Fix spec/services/applications/create_service_s...
9e78b86 2018-05-02 [Rails5] Fix enum question mark methods
0319da6 2018-05-01 [Rails5] Fix spec/models/notification_setting_spec.rb
119c487 2018-05-01 Fix spec/features/projects/issues/user_toggles_subscript...
ddc7620 2018-04-29 [Rails5] Fix `undefined method 'downcase'` errors in req...
68c75bc 2018-04-29 [Rails5] Add `touch_later` to `Commit` model
54124fc 2018-04-29 [Rails5] Fix Arel::UpdateManager
b26a3f9 2018-04-28 [Rails5] Fix TZInfo::InvalidTimezoneIdentifier exception
350e26b 2018-04-28 [Rails5] Use `safe_params` instead of `params` in `url_f...
991db50 2018-04-28 [Rails5] Update `ApplicationController#log_exception` to...
34a3e16 2018-04-28 Update `Gemfile.rails5.lock`
4a30679 2018-04-28 [Rails5] Fix `params` for DeleteUserWorker
92acc46 2018-04-23 Add missing changelog type to docs
ddcce35 2018-04-19 [Rails5] Avoid type casting in uniqueness validator
18c2b06 2018-04-18 [Rails5] Remove `as` keyword from `Gitlab:Ci:Trace:Strea...
36d6cc8 2018-04-16 Replace the `project/commits/comments.feature` spinach t...
cbf2906 2018-04-12 [Rails5] Fix `undefined method 'arel_table' for Ci::Grou...
90cccf0 2018-04-11 Replace the `project/issues/milestones.feature` spinach ...
6d9f16c 2018-04-11 Replace the `project/commits/branches.feature` spinach t...
c57cddf 2018-04-11 [Rails5] Update Event#subclass_from_attributes method
ac1b5de 2018-04-11 [Rails5] Fix admin/application_settings_controller
1a455f3 2018-04-10 [Rails5] Fix running spinach tests
58dd4a0 2018-04-09 Refactor `add_recipients`
2ee53fe 2018-04-08 Fix typos in comments [ci skip]
2efa9be 2018-04-08 [Rails5] Add `rails-controller-testing` gem
eddf3fe 2018-04-08 [Rails5] Add `safe_params` helper
432e57f 2018-04-07 [Rails5] Add FALSE_VALUES constant to Service#boolean_ac...
b8c098e 2018-04-07 [Rails5] Fix spec/requests/projects/cycle_analytics_even...
585b7ac 2018-04-07 Bump `parser` gem to
ec144bd 2018-04-06 [Rails5] Add `raise: false` to skip_before_action in aut...
2069505 2018-04-06 [Rails5] Update `type_cast_*_database` methods
7a7b8ce 2018-04-05 [Rails5] Add rails5 jobs to gitlab-ci.yml
3d3b46f 2018-04-04 [Rails5] Rename `sort` methods to `sort_by_attribute`
975c084 2018-04-04 [Rails5] Update Gemfile.rails5.lock [ci skip]
a4e3b32 2018-04-03 Replace the `project/issues/labels.feature` spinach test...
dc4ae31 2018-04-03 Replace the `project/issues/issues.feature` spinach test...
126b7c0 2018-04-02 [Rails5] Allow using `RAILS5` env with rspec
cde51be 2018-04-02 [Rails5] Isolate `test_after_commit` gem
b463b41 2018-04-02 Bump html-pipeline to 2.7.1
2b28653 2018-03-26 Bump `state_machines-activerecord` to `0.5.1`
36bedfb 2018-03-21 [Rails5] Update files by `rails app:update`
cf0034b 2018-03-20 [Rails5] Update ar5_pg_10_support initializer
c12bd5e 2018-03-20 [Rails5] Update ar5_batching initializer
5c3316c 2018-03-18 [Rails5] Update active_record_locking initializer
3eca161 2018-03-14 [Rails5] Add Gemfile.rails5
1fe02c3 2018-03-09 Add Gitlab.rails5? method
aa60db6 2018-03-07 Add CommonMark markdown engine
f205817 2017-12-23 Return exception messages in scripts/lint-changelog-yaml
27c9536 2017-12-22 Replace '.team << [user, role]' with 'add_role(user)' in...
da31584 2017-09-11 Replace the 'project/merge_requests/accept.feature' spin...
2915bb2 2017-09-06 Add API support for wiki pages
02aa269 2017-09-05 Add branch existence check to the APIv4 branches via HEA...
96e0020 2017-08-29 Replace 'project/user_lookup.feature' spinach test with ...
569c7be 2017-08-29 Replace 'project/star.feature' spinach test with an rspe...
ec1ec9b 2017-08-24 Replace 'source/search_code.feature' spinach test with a...
0f006dc 2017-08-23 Merge branch 'master' of
5af8ac8 2017-08-21 Merge branch 'master' of
597f9c1 2017-08-18 Use full path of project's avatar in webhooks
0a61d64 2017-08-18 Merge branch 'master' of
2047991 2017-08-18 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
67ea6ab 2017-08-09 Use full path of user's avatar in webhooks
98535fc 2017-08-08 Add checks for branch existence before changing HEAD
5a1f3df 2017-07-26 Remove spec/lib/api/helpers/csrf_tokens_spec.rb
cc3a82b 2017-07-26 Add `rescue false`.
8ce8b21 2017-07-26 Refactor CSRF protection
2902235 2017-07-26 Add CSRF token verification to API
2c8700c 2017-07-12 Replace 'browse_files.feature' spinach test with an rspe...
b56db33 2017-06-26 Bump bootsnap to 1.1.1
ece7a3c 2017-06-22 Replace 'profile/notifications.feature' spinach test wit...
665fea3 2017-06-21 Replace 'create.feature' spinach test with an rspec analog
bc00806 2017-06-13 Add database helpers 'add_timestamps_with_timezone' and ...
a4aa448 2017-06-13 Documentation bugfix of invalid JSON payload example of ...
a544e46 2017-06-06 Add a rubocop rule to check if a method 'redirect_to' is...
78f131c 2017-06-03 Fix duplication of commits header on commits page
a734956 2017-05-30 'New issue'/'New merge request' dropdowns should show on...
74253f0 2017-05-28 Replace 'starred_projects.feature' spinach test with an ...
4b90ba1 2017-05-24 Remove redundant data-turbolink attributes from links
5b0e086 2017-05-16 Add an ability to cancel attaching file and redesign att...
d257110 2017-05-10 Remove redirect for old issue url containing id instead ...
29a3203 2017-05-10 Use relative paths for group/project/user avatars
295cecf 2017-05-06 Allow numeric values in gitlab-ci.yml
8c4c40d 2017-05-05 Updated specs
cca09bb 2017-05-05 Update Import/Export files
154610c 2017-05-04 Fix feature tests
b2e5788 2017-05-04 Add feature spec for system notes
ac99441 2017-05-04 Change 'exclude_author' param
aaa70a6 2017-05-04 Add comment to notes aliases
62be335 2017-05-04 Add alias_attributes for notes
c2b869a 2017-05-04 Add specs for merge requests
35160a9 2017-05-04 Add specs for issue and note changes
d9f48e4 2017-05-04 Prefer single quotes
571c832 2017-05-04 Simplified assign_attributes for issuable
7ad5a1b 2017-05-04 Add last_edited_at and last_edited_by attributes
b82870a 2017-05-04 Add author to 'Edited time ago by ...' message
323596f 2017-05-04 Add system note on description change of issue/merge req...
4aa984f 2017-04-27 Add index on ci_runners.contacted_at
7a1c5ba 2017-04-27 Add index on ci_runners.contacted_at
c7a6c26 2017-04-27 Make markdown tables thinner
e780473 2017-04-26 Add index on ci_builds.user_id
893b8bf 2017-04-26 Replace header merge request icon
31c990c 2017-04-25 Fix rendering emoji inside a string
c458b29 2017-04-23 Add index on ci_builds.updated_at
9a048a6 2017-04-11 Remove heading and trailing spaces from label's color an...
171eab8 2017-04-10 Add spec for schema.rb
9f8ae20 2017-04-09 Fix redundant cache expiration in Repository
ad27f20 2017-04-09 Periodically clean up temporary upload files to recover ...
11aff97 2017-04-09 Remove the User#is_admin? method
9997c58 2017-04-05 Add remove_concurrent_index to database helper
7d43484 2017-04-05 Fix wiki commit message
e3f88e6 2017-04-03 Remove index for users.current sign in at
e060153 2017-03-28 Make user mentions case-insensitive
1fb9de2 2017-03-24 Change Done column to Closed in issue boards
956e364 2017-03-21 Replace closing MR icon
f8ceee2 2017-03-17 Rename 'All issues' to 'Open issues' in Add issues modal
0f9e3e2 2017-03-13 Add quick submit for snippet forms
37ce638 2017-03-13 Use dig
7f33eb3 2017-03-11 Fix xml.updated field in rss/atom feeds
42151a1 2017-03-11 Fix rubocop offenses
d274bbb 2017-03-11 Fix specs
6625d60 2017-03-11 Refactor specs
93e204e 2017-03-11 Update specs
5c209d9 2017-03-11 Added specs
8431b2b 2017-03-11 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into fix_...
245020a 2017-03-11 Fix visibility level on new project page
0494930 2017-02-21 Refactored specs
5cc838d 2017-02-21 Refactored specs
93e3cfe 2017-02-21 Added space indentation in models/merge_requests_closing...
1eb72a7 2017-02-21 Refactored count_for_collection() for using pluck instea...
9a9a368 2017-02-21 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into add_...
2a12cbe 2017-02-21 Improved specs
24ba758 2017-02-18 Fixed rubocop offenses
c21df05 2017-02-18 Remove empty line in note
32b59a1 2017-02-18 Added specs
ff7f74a 2017-02-17 Increase process_commit queue weight from 2 to 3
24a9d69 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'add_mr_info_to_issues_list' of
27ffc28 2017-02-16 Add merge request count to each issue on issues list
ffd3583 2017-02-16 Added second parameter to @issuable_meta_data variables
50d646f 2017-02-16 Merge branch 'add_mr_info_to_issues_list' of
204a086 2017-02-16 Add merge request count to each issue on issues list
905fdfb 2017-02-16 Add merge request count to each issue on issues list
f02210c 2017-02-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
6eb34e6 2017-02-15 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
41ec1af 2017-02-14 Alphabetically sort tags on runner list
2bf791a 2017-02-06 Merge branch 'master' of
63dac85 2017-02-03 Fixed redirection from http://someproject.git to http://...
ad977e8 2017-01-15 Allow to use + symbol in filenames
40822b6 2016-11-22 Fix sidekiq stats in admin area
587ee5f 2016-10-28 Merge branch 'bugfix/dragging_milestones' of
0162c13 2016-10-28 Stop unauthorized users dragging on milestone page
ad5894e 2016-10-28 Stop unauthorized users dragging on milestone page
b9c7ed5 2016-10-26 Fix sidekiq stats in admin area
1c668b1 2016-10-20 Add hover to trash icon in notes
5d64a65 2016-10-20 Merge branch 'master' of
813286e 2016-10-20 Added item to CHANGELOG
ccdaa8a 2016-10-20 Add hover to trash icon in notes
2fb1bd6 2016-10-20 Merge branch 'master' of
893ad50 2016-10-19 Updated schema.rb
eb4a42e 2016-10-14 Remove changelog item and interpolation
6c7d3a0 2016-10-13 Remove '/u' prefix form username from Account page
682cafd 2014-03-27 Update