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d18c1bc 2018-06-22 Update regression labeling process
c5073e6 2018-06-21 Copyedits
3739c1b 2018-06-21 Copyedits
acdc0d7 2018-06-19 Change Milestone labels to Release Scoping labels
7b1c347 2018-06-18 Copyedits
f060705 2018-06-18 Update regression labeling
07d1a7f 2018-06-18 Update regression labeling
2e88192 2018-06-18 Update regression labeling
a2ccadb 2018-06-07 Change 'project ID' into 'project'
6e0efbb 2018-02-01 Change "CI configuration" in "CI/CD configuration"
ad987b0 2018-02-01 Add changelog
c8502e3 2018-02-01 Change "Set up CI" to "Set up CI/CD"
6e9412a 2018-01-23 Vendor 10.4 Auto DevOps template
5a2a0b2 2017-12-04 Remove Auto DevOps checkboxes - frontend
89d3fcd 2017-12-04 Remove Auto DevOps checkboxes - backend
8d7fbd0 2017-11-07 Change new occurrencies of n1-default-4
a40bb17 2017-11-07 Resolve conflicts
ad9c0ba 2017-11-06 Add changelog
fa8c315 2017-11-06 Change default cluster size to n1-standard-2
8c5f51d 2017-09-19 Enhance reuse in MR
30313d3 2017-09-19 Enhance reuse in MR
584c949 2017-09-19 Remove double div in MR
eb63eaa 2017-09-19 Remove double div
8211ce1 2017-09-09 Change Pipelines to CI/CD for Settings page
40dfddd 2017-08-03 Merge branch 'master' into 33329-tech-article-deploying-...
f9be772 2017-06-23 Replace 'Settings ➔ CI/CD Pipelines' with 'Settings ➔ Pi...