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#143 Ben Boeckel - All time
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6b23e9d 2017-12-21 docs: fix a typo in LFS documentation
1d30e5e 2017-10-19 notes.js: use the original content when resetting the form
d0630ed 2017-10-19 notes.js: also return the original content when getting ...
309aee4 2017-02-14 entities: use the RepoCommit entity for branch commits
5c20e50 2017-02-07 lfs: do not require auth for public repositories
e956a24 2016-10-04 api: add /projects/visible API endpoint
b6b5033 2016-10-04 docs: clarify /projects endpoint description
9c3db83 2016-08-31 entities: expose {,merge_commit_}sha in MergeRequest
99c2f3b 2016-08-24 api: expose wiki_page_events project hook field in the API
f413d7e 2016-08-24 docs: document other project webhook fields
e43c406 2016-08-24 api: expose web_url for project entities
9b470ae 2016-08-24 url_builder: handle project snippets
a5f3bdc 2016-08-24 docs: fix table alignment
ae4efc8 2016-08-24 docs: update created_at docs for creating issues via API
542be28 2016-08-23 entities: make Environment inherit EnvironmentBasic
af7ce32 2016-08-01 webhooks: include old revision in MR update events
eac19b2 2016-07-11 api: expose {should,force}_remove_source_branch
552f54b 2016-07-11 entities: remove :description from MergeRequest
56aa6d2 2016-06-27 projects: add container_registry_enabled to API docs
eb865bf 2016-06-27 update_service: remove trailing whitespace
9e33ca1 2016-06-27 docs: fix some typos
e919b5a 2016-02-12 Fix relative links in other markup formats
6b73902 2015-10-08 merge_request: add work_in_progress to MR hooks
3803922 2015-10-08 merge_request: coerce work_in_progress? into a boolean
e97349c 2015-09-30 notify: fix typo in merged_merge_request_email template
869bab9 2015-09-24 hooks: improve tests for hook API
eb912a5 2015-09-24 api: add enable_ssl_verification to PUT/POST hooks
b07f48d 2015-09-24 doc: list note_events as a valid parameter for PUT/POST ...
22db439 2015-09-24 api: expose note_events and enable_ssl_verification for ...
95f8f7c 2015-08-12 api: add 'system', 'upvote', and 'downvote' fields to no...
013260e 2015-08-12 markup_helper: detect .mkd and .mkdn as markdown
374b95c 2015-07-20 merge_requests: add fetch command to the MR page
414cacd 2015-07-10 api: expose work_in_progress flag
dd4fee5 2015-07-09 api: add 'system', 'upvote', and 'downvote' fields to no...
b8571f1 2015-05-18 email: fix typo