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3f2700e 2018-10-09 docs: match where statements at in omnibus section
ddc3087 2018-10-05 docs: cleanup term settings wording
a624f84 2018-10-03 docs: moving repositories cleanup
54422ce 2018-09-28 docs: clarify nothing special required for post-deployme...
c21e4af 2018-09-22 Docs: one-off typo fix
d0edb8b 2018-09-20 docs: link to repo check failures
f6fd4b8 2018-08-29 Document that LFS is enabled by default
67e0082 2018-08-20 clarify runners currently online text
3741fcc 2018-08-17 use nfs4
b7407d9 2018-08-17 replace nobootwait with nofail
8be9c0b 2018-08-12 fix hashed storage readiness link
55218c4 2018-08-12 format doc/ reference
a24fa18 2018-08-05 improve gitaly on seperate server storage details
7fa509b 2018-07-05 fix double "in" in time to artifact deletion
6e7726e 2018-05-30 add details on root flag related to no_root_squash
6e52fb1 2018-05-30 add CI as option in place of custom hooks
6b10935 2018-05-29 ensure UIDs and GIDs match for HA setup
ce79361 2018-05-29 cleanup Prometheus setup details
049e4fe 2018-05-28 cleanup application server setup
ab3c6e7 2018-05-16 use postgres_role
9b3953e 2018-05-04 improve basic details on inspecting NFS mounts
3cb952d 2018-05-04 fix runner requirements
720bdfc 2018-04-23 fix revoke header on deploy token docs
c48992b 2018-03-26 add SHA1 fingerprint requirement
400eb26 2018-03-07 add nginx_status monitoring details
56d7a73 2018-02-21 fix docs link
6771108 2018-02-11 Remove double negative
cd54479 2018-01-18 typo fix
fc8bbf3 2017-11-07 formatting cleanup, swamp details, unicorn defaults
f7e4e7f 2017-10-31 document that PostgreSQL 10.0 is not supported
dbfc82d 2017-10-14 update postgresql requirements
80957f7 2017-09-30 remove period
a13402d 2017-09-06 clarify that only some Runner Executors have these secur...
db2ea59 2017-07-26 change Fogbugz button to FogBugz
03c11c3 2017-07-26 remove extra space
b21995c 2017-06-19 clarify NFS option details
6b2e73b 2017-05-12 Runners tab is now CI/CD Pipelines
f718651 2017-04-29 fix link to MR 10416
e23441b 2017-04-27 special pages config only needed for custom domain support
5efd294 2017-04-27 use TCP or HTTPS protocol for port 443 on load balancer
6236705 2017-04-27 Gitlab -> GitLab
d7a1710 2017-04-13 don't require no_root_squash on NFS only recommend
7bf1881 2017-04-04 list recommended version of PostgreSQL
b000e7e 2017-03-24 link to database requirements document in HA database docs
68a6549 2017-03-22 clarify NFS server vs client options
f482f8a 2017-03-06 spell out what VIP is
00119a5 2017-03-06 specify where to finish database HA setup
746ccb2 2017-03-02 cleanup SSH key details
b4236df 2017-02-25 fix GitLab download archives link
043e940 2017-02-24 remove duplicate backup skip details
1ca5ab7 2017-02-23 add Microsoft Exchange reply by email details
064d44c 2017-02-22 clarify custom domain details
d3afb75 2017-02-18 exclude rpc_pipefs from system disc info
7e0e5bc 2016-11-22 add details that Git LFS must be enabled in project
00d9d76 2016-11-16 fix "Without projects" filter
b105d9d 2016-11-15 clarify best way to install custom CA
5b6c633 2016-11-12 use single quote for consistency
bfbf23d 2016-11-12 update redis server details
3a1b21f 2016-11-12 add missing sudo skip-auto-migration
e86ef2f 2016-11-12 fix Super User spacing
66c27cf 2016-11-01 fix how to get SAML error details
cad97cd 2016-10-29 add container registry images to not exported list
d00f17c 2016-10-13 fix move link
88ebb7b 2016-09-28 Add footnote to Markdown docs
eecb52e 2016-09-21 improve docs on gitlab-ci-token user
54ee591 2016-09-06 Gitlab -> GitLab
714aeb7 2016-08-25 improve wording on build and push images using GitLab CI
fa7217f 2016-08-02 fix runner install link
b8b5425 2016-05-06 clarify changelog entry on GitHub Enterprise import support
80b3050 2016-05-06 blost -> blog
8d1b82a 2016-04-19 format merge request references properly
b68e392 2016-04-19 format merge request references properly
a0008f2 2016-04-12 improve formatting
b0adc07 2016-03-03 add link to web hooks
e6e27f0 2015-12-11 add details on how to change saml button label
abf18ab 2015-10-05 allow crawling of commit page but not patch/diffs
692e381 2015-08-18 capitalize URL in "Home page URL"
595a93e 2015-08-18 disallow irrelevant pages by default in robots
ea9b8fe 2015-08-16 check uploads dir
0f785bb 2015-08-05 ink to configured gravatar host on profile page
9bb5249 2015-07-07 dont -> don't
f876ef6 2015-07-07 use relative link to SSH setup page
297efc4 2015-05-03 add missing word to changelog
7098b7b 2015-04-27 google -> Google
47769bf 2015-04-20 improve new project options
f517dd2 2015-04-15 fix stuck mr
fb1cd0a 2015-04-14 fix stuck MR
f59a2e2 2015-04-12 fix link to details on how to run the tests
efe023e 2015-04-11 document support for inline HTML
8e51279 2015-04-06 update text to reference new location of setting
af4577d 2015-04-04 remove extra scrollbar on background jobs
692bb67 2015-02-09 use gitlab branch of mysql-postgresql-converter
a3a6693 2015-02-09 formatting cleanup on
f73cb6f 2015-02-05 note about latest details being on master branch
226819c 2014-11-26 add details on protected branches
8e6ff86 2014-11-23 add editor command to update database.yml; cleanup
44e53ae 2014-11-23 start gitlab after mysql tweaks
762d8d3 2014-11-23 add details on backing up your SSH host keys
80db117 2014-11-23 add preliminary 7.6 upgrade guide
e69db3b 2014-11-23 update order of upgrade guide
7cfaf89 2014-11-23 remove extra upgrade details, add missing config
4a39b6d 2014-11-20 add missing password prompt to mysqldump
5b5446b 2014-11-15 remove extra cd command
987007b 2014-11-15 remove duplicate time zone entry in CHANGELOG
e0467e8 2014-11-14 fix backup rake task
6ace931 2014-11-09 make repo name link to repo homepage
271a352 2014-11-09 minor updates & formatting changes
3e55d56 2014-11-01 remove feature label
12e751a 2014-10-30 Quit the database session at end of database setup
9c6106c 2014-10-30 clarify that 'template1=#' is part of prompt
87fa3f0 2014-10-30 ruby -> Ruby
1f62cb3 2014-10-30 fix git installation
dc4caa2 2014-10-28 minor cleanup
56ffa0f 2014-10-28 improve ssh key emails
6093d4f 2014-10-28 fix markdown formatting
aa92384 2014-10-21 cleanup monthly release details
3dbe081 2014-10-21 cleanup time zone settings
4880b91 2014-10-18 add optimizations for mysql to 6.x->7.4 guide
0ff6105 2014-10-18 add missing configure Redis to use sockets
3e6b284 2014-10-18 stop gitlab before backup
9a92e53 2014-10-18 stop gitlab before backup
76e2ae8 2014-10-18 actually give command necessary to update unicorn
35b1a03 2014-10-18 stop gitlab before mysql optimizations, run checks
768da57 2014-10-18 clarify when database.yml needs to be updated
077fc68 2014-10-16 simplify DHE parameter generation
5d7e1b6 2014-10-16 match latest config from
cec3b6c 2014-10-15 add missing cleanup step
ace0454 2014-10-15 fix permission issue in upgrade guides
0901345 2014-10-14 make sure tables are UTF8 capable
0149193 2014-10-13 update changelog
b0e92ca 2014-10-13 minor updates to mysql cleanup
2b3090d 2014-10-12 simplify schema.rb reset in upgrade guides
d94be1d 2014-10-12 Cleanup MySQL database
ab64ca7 2014-10-12 improve wording on protected branches page
2aa2d26 2014-10-06 support latest firefox esr release
014eeb2 2014-10-06 webbrowsers -> web browsers
897d69d 2014-10-06 number formatting fix
559af04 2014-09-21 improve 7.3 upgrade process & redius setup
2445135 2014-09-21 formatting improvements to upgrade guides
2817423 2014-09-21 update gitlab shell to 1.9.8 for gitlab 7.2.2
9cf77b6 2014-09-21 update gitlab shell to 1.9.8 for gitlab 7.2.2
9a1fe30 2014-09-19 link to page that discusses how to generate ssh key
9cad1cb 2014-09-19 standardize capitalization
2b1137b 2014-09-18 update rack_attack link to history page
c36b06e 2014-09-18 check resque.yml.example for config changes
28ee311 2014-09-18 remove rack attack middleware update
dcc51b0 2014-09-17 cleanup empty repo page
ee6ec5b 2014-09-12 set the number of workers to # of cores
25ee53c 2014-09-12 fail_timeout=0 as recommended by Unicorn
47171aa 2014-09-12 add requests link
377a5bd 2014-09-12 formatting changes, table->database
7a6857a 2014-09-11 update grant command to match how mysql shows
d915a23 2014-09-11 Increase import timeout from 2 to 4 minutes
9d9109e 2014-09-11 url -> URL
bc04c26 2014-09-11 url -> URL
43f0efe 2014-09-11 cleanup MySQL doc wording
083b153 2014-09-09 fix formatting issue
9a1dcf8 2014-09-08 add cleanup section to 5.0 upgrade guide
a2b3685 2014-09-08 add optional nginx configs to make more secure
5d5d4ef 2014-09-07 simplify HTTPS setup details
c41e5f5 2014-09-07 update ssl_ciphers
30db140 2014-09-02 update repo recreation details
46c3bbd 2014-09-02 gitlab->GitLab
7681f8b 2014-09-01 simplify 6.0 to 7.2 upgrade guide
60e24f4 2014-09-01 remove unnecessary chmod
765eabe 2014-09-01 add HSTS Policy warning
5e2bce0 2014-08-31 change git to git bin path
44185ac 2014-08-31 add prepare for upgrade section
6682f8d 2014-08-29 add missing config files to check during release process
f818218 2014-08-25 add current sign-in date
9216078 2014-08-25 add sign-in count
c1eee59 2014-08-25 Monthly active users -> Active users last 30 days
c8c2b49 2014-08-24 remove extra cd's to GitLab installation folder
5ef4b3f 2014-08-23 improve formatting
1b1ca3e 2014-08-23 add Nginx test
935ed64 2014-08-23 clarify which configs should be updated
e4f6025 2014-08-23 remove prerelease note from 6.0 to 7.2 guide
aef3a5b 2014-08-23 clarify which configs should be updated
668e8aa 2014-08-23 remove prerelease note from 6.0 to 7.2 guide
3663354 2014-08-23 unify nginx config files
a3953a4 2014-08-23 change X-Frame-Options to SAMEORIGIN
0a0cbe1 2014-08-23 make configuration comment spacing consistent
ce6767c 2014-08-22 gitlab 7.2 requires gitlab shell 1.9.7
40af6f9 2014-08-22 gitlab 7.2 requires gitlab shell 1.9.7
e61b491 2014-08-22 cleanup installation guide formatting
0e14fb0 2014-08-21 update ruby & gitlab shell config
aabb409 2014-08-12 follow curl redirects
01b7e2c 2014-08-11 git -> https
66f8a44 2014-08-05 make bullet punctuation consistent
ecd33c9 2014-08-05 add git config --global core.autocrlf check
9e4a993 2014-08-04 Add dealing with newlines for editor to 5.1-to-6.0
6a412c9 2014-08-04 add application check commands
73bdeff 2014-08-04 add command to start rails console
5511bb9 2014-08-03 Self signed SSL cert not supported until 5.1
d2ed332 2014-08-03 Remove GitLab user
829c728 2014-06-05 improve no projects screen
b686b4b 2013-07-07 minor contributing guide updates
d3cd2b7 2013-06-18 contributing guideline updates
1405d28 2013-06-07 update upgrade guide with backup, db specific commands, ...
fb31790 2013-05-27 update pull request guidelines, allow for submitting of ...
d0b04b0 2013-05-27 clarify restore
c401e5b 2013-05-27 improved issue reporting guidelines
ac77f5f 2013-05-27 add stack overflow to help page
2446e91 2013-05-27 added stackoverflow as support option
8c3fe4c 2013-05-27 clarify when issue tracker is to be used so as to not co...
603720e 2013-05-27 remove branch dependencies where not necessary
0f615d4 2013-05-27 add creating new release guide
29a522c 2013-05-26 no need to download init and nginx files since they are ...
f662096 2013-05-26 styling and typo fixes in installation guide
fc80592 2013-05-26 details on looking for correct installation guide
37c6348 2013-05-24 update upgrade guide with backup, db specific commands, ...
de29a42 2013-05-19 changed Gitlab to GitLab
2d18759 2013-05-18 Typo fix closes gitlabhq/gitlabhq/3984
2f69171 2013-05-17 Typo fixes
ef1886d 2013-05-16 A little change on wording for new-user email
1df9deb 2013-05-16 better wording encouraging usage of latest stable releas...
fb4a38f 2013-05-15 fixes #3115 and adds support for gif bmp & tiff images
b9a489f 2013-05-13 update links to be relative paths and add CONTRIBUTING.m...
bbd33a0 2013-05-13 fixed fact about memory usage
56a0cc7 2013-05-11 fixed capitalization and added Google Analytics
72f878e 2013-05-10 included more details on searching for issues related to...
ccd181d 2013-05-03 link to RSpec. related to #3810
fc180a1 2013-05-03 add proper code/command formatting where missing