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#155 Balasankar "Balu" C - All time
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Hash Date Message
7bc6065 2018-10-05 Add changelog entry
91ef698 2018-10-05 Add installation type to backup information file
6a4d1b6 2018-09-18 Use complete link to rake task
32d2a76 2018-09-18 Add documentation regarding rake task
c4668c3 2018-09-18 Add wrapper rake task to migrate all uploads to OS
fccd7cb 2018-09-10 Specify tar is required for backup and restore tasks
3309bf7 2018-09-05 Add license info of unknown libraries to license_finder ...
71a24a8 2018-07-23 Fix theme index to match reality
5607c57 2018-06-19 Use gitaly to figure out git version for usage ping
b1135b6 2018-05-17 Add doc about backup-restore in docker and k8s
1bfe493 2018-03-30 Add changelog entry
9d27fb2 2018-03-30 Add more tests
162062c 2018-03-30 Make rubocop happy
c0ef995 2018-03-30 Add basic tests
8785f23 2018-03-30 Move existing dirs to a temp location while restore
905c772 2018-03-29 Fix typo in issue closing pattern docs
55f4113 2018-03-16 Add version available info to integrity check rake task ...
a93662f 2018-03-15 Remove jquery-rails from Gemfile
740d819 2018-01-16 Check for both backup files
a363380 2018-01-16 Imitate other specs
dd1bf98 2018-01-16 Try one expectation only
5a8cf78 2018-01-15 Move conditional to a separate method
295524b 2018-01-15 Run the code to be tested
ad25ef1 2018-01-15 List available backups for restore
9131fb5 2018-01-01 Rename asset sync related AWS variables
3bbdb8b 2017-12-15 Make rubocop happy
fe95db6 2017-12-15 Use guard clause
f4030dc 2017-12-15 Improve language
ab78b57 2017-12-15 Prettify
963b007 2017-12-15 Use temp branch
bf8289a 2017-12-15 Pass info about who started the job and which job trigge...