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#184 Ash McKenzie - All time
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Hash Date Message
90f6730 2018-09-08 Remove Gitlab::GitAccess#authed_via_jwt?
21cccab 2018-09-06 Custom Action support changelog
4fac214 2018-09-06 Update /api/v4/allowed
c27a5d2 2018-09-06 GitAccess#check custom action support
31a752a 2018-09-06 New GitAccessResult::Success/CustomAction
b2103cb 2018-08-14 Allow auth via JWT (always false in CE)
4203a8b 2018-07-02 Move check logic into #batch_operation_disallowed?
26bea57 2018-07-02 Better route matching for read-only detection
4775fb9 2018-06-05 Render 'invalid' if #target_branch_missing?
d87552a 2018-06-05 Rename #check_if_can_be_merged -> #mark_merge_request_me...
eb94d36 2018-06-05 Rename #close_merge_request_without_source_project
bbafb85 2018-06-05 Add missing tests around rendering invalid merge request...
b0ec776 2018-06-04 Bump octokit to 4.9
f7eca91 2018-05-10 Include project.full_path when moving repo
f5159b3 2018-05-08 Add MakeRemoteMirrorsDisabledByDefault DB migration
af94326 2018-05-04 Ensure we're using Rails, not Sidekiq::Rails
c62557b 2018-04-23 Update repository storages documentation URL
0ac5f12 2018-04-19 Add index to file_store on ci_job_artifacts
a3234f4 2018-04-12 Include git SHA with GitLab version