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#195 Artem Sidorenko - All time
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Hash Date Message
6c1690f 2016-10-11 Allow empty merge requests
e5c9710 2016-05-13 Use the relative url prefix for links in Wiki
14b36f9 2016-05-09 Use the proper GitLab URL for links in Wiki
fb5682e 2016-05-04 Use the new admin settings for gravatar
d6c2d6b 2016-05-03 Use sign out path only if not empty
8fa2469 2016-03-11 Lets have CSS and logo inline
fb5c214 2016-03-11 Do not serve anything via nginx as we have workhorse
8be19db 2016-03-01 Fix help keyboard shortcut for relative URL setups
f5202c2 2016-02-29 Include relative url configuration in rake tasks
28ba8ed 2016-02-29 Use dedicated relative_url.rb initializer
bdae9bb 2015-08-20 Import sources: changelog
e238a8d 2015-08-20 Import sources: show only enabled sources
55dca86 2015-08-20 Import sources: settings in the admin interface
0719022 2015-08-19 Spinach tests
15cdf55 2015-08-19 Show colored icons like in the admin listing
10d2281 2015-08-19 Show label on archived projects
3ebbed2 2015-08-19 Allow listing of archived projects