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#120 Arinde Eniola - All time
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Hash Date Message
be04bec 2016-06-13 show number of processed mrs in milestone page
4eb1629 2016-05-06 move frontend logic from previous MR to new MR
68da2ac 2016-05-03 add entry to CHANGELOG
1496430 2016-05-03 add gfm autocomplete for labels
ded3b02 2016-04-29 Use a better message when milestone is newly created
0c0f634 2016-04-25 link user avatar in activity page to user profile
26166b7 2016-04-20 add item to chengelog
826857f 2016-04-20 disable spellcheck and autocorrect for username field in...
493784d 2016-04-20 fix bug causing the infinite scrolling in activity feeds...
a845252 2016-04-20 get the multi filter labels feature to work on merge req...
2af9479 2016-04-20 increase the speed of the labels animation ans aslo refa...
3e7a8b0 2016-04-19 place the sentry config into a new file, and some changes
5cefd8a 2016-04-19 some refactoring
5661f47 2016-04-19 some changes and add item to changelog
3e62dc3 2016-04-18 add some configs
0592112 2016-04-18 change the link color of the target branch in a merge rq...
259970c 2016-04-16 abstract code for removing or getting a param query stri...
a0a423f 2016-04-15 fix failing tests
d0ad566 2016-04-14 rename the test file
0debd9c 2016-04-14 fix labels button dropdown not showing how many labels c...
0c61f05 2016-04-14 add some tests for the new feature
5f53ca6 2016-04-14 fix failing tests
050110c 2016-04-12 hide help block when user is creating a new project insi...
979dedb 2016-04-11 make milestone labels in labels tab similar to that of t...
de4d98f 2016-04-11 fix bug causing comment form in issue to submit twice wh...
91905ae 2016-04-09 write test to prevent reoccurence of issue
b95c921 2016-04-09 prevent users from being able to both upvote and downvote
1d1ca8b 2016-04-09 fix emoji aliases not showing in autocomplete
400a1ae 2016-04-07 add some changes to the test
451314d 2016-04-07 add test
0dbf2df 2016-04-07 fix quick submit missing in edit merge request page
3d145ce 2016-04-06 fix labels not showing on todos page
fc7b5bd 2016-04-06 apply some css changes
ffe2f8e 2016-04-06 fix the failing tests and some changes
8d28f94 2016-04-06 finish up the design and add info to the changelog
02dcc41 2016-04-06 make the view responsive for extra small device
802c6e7 2016-04-06 set the width to the elements
0b5ff47 2016-04-06 change the subscribe, delete and edit buttons to icons
1e87679 2016-04-06 complete the tests
55b2fae 2016-04-06 set up test for preventing this issue from reoccuring
db8836c 2016-04-02 attach the utitlity function to the global scope with so...
261c8e7 2016-04-02 fix missing filters on status tab when user swithches to...
932c2f5 2016-03-31 hide user profile activity graph on mobile and enable ho...
e67ce6c 2016-03-31 fix divider in dropdown when not needed
b676cc3 2016-03-31 prevent users from being able to both upvote and downvote
feee6da 2016-03-27 fix right sidebar overllaping build section in merge req...
ff29d88 2016-03-24 add link to forks pages in fork counter button
b1a93ff 2016-03-22 fix missing tooltip in project title
367818d 2016-03-20 change the css class has_tooltip to has-tooltip universally
5e39846 2016-03-18 Add avatar to issue and MR pages header
613e0bc 2016-03-17 Fix inconsistency in the header of issue and merge reque...
49f2a4e 2016-03-16 fix bug causing dropdown to get cut off in project page
65565bb 2016-03-16 fix horizontal overflow that occurs in the code tag