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#206 Angus MacArthur - All time
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aefe2e9 2013-10-16 Fixing unsafe use of Thread.current variable :current_user
cc1eb96 2013-09-10 style fixes
cfe13a0 2013-09-09 update to project creation page to reflect default publi...
f87e2d2 2013-09-09 make public/private setting for project creation configu...
ace5c54 2013-07-12 enhance project creation apis to allow setting of public...
ea5a006 2013-07-08 Additon of apis for fork administration.
5f4fea1 2013-06-03 Correction to restore expected current directory
9c82bca 2013-05-30 fixes for gitlab restore with non-standard backup and re...
793ab5a 2013-05-03 fork failing when calling initialize_dup
ec63804 2013-05-02 Made fixes suggested by @randx in pull request
de8df1b 2013-05-02 Fix bug for repeated fork requests
2ad723e 2013-04-23 fixed broken gitlab version determination during backup
ae33fdf 2013-04-15 updated fork feature to use gitlab-shell for v5 of gitlab
47abdc1 2013-03-06 Updated documentation for added Admin APIs
61ffcab 2013-03-05 Additional Admin APIs