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#206 Andrey - All time
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37a4e49 2015-12-16 Merge branch 'fix-profile-nav' into 'master'
96a1558 2015-12-15 Merge branch 'wider-layout' into 'master'
7ad4521 2015-10-07 Fixes to dropdown, font colors for new project and merge...
75c0353 2015-10-02 removed max-heght from project.scss
acdb5f3 2015-10-02 max height to layout.scss
5ebcf21 2015-10-02 section and .content now in layout.cssc
fd86b66 2015-10-02 CSS markup fixed
a4383ae 2015-10-01 css aligning
efeeed2 2015-10-01 content block height fix
59582aa 2015-09-28 page-title-fix
ad67912 2015-09-28 !important removed from pre
ce49e49 2015-09-28 edit action allign
12acf15 2015-09-25 Project page Update
1f78c5d 2015-09-24 UI changes to the project view, empty project and projec...
9103602 2015-09-23 Improve UI for rendered markdown