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#91 Andrey Kumanyaev - All time
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53bdcb5 2014-01-29 Fix relative links in markdown. Related to #6182
6173d0a 2013-10-21 Show branches list (which branches contains commit) on c...
815c186 2013-06-14 Switch for from table to plain form without member list
41f88f4 2013-06-01 No check access if no relation between user and project
08c2c94 2013-06-01 Fix bug with team assignation on project from #4109
a50d96a 2013-05-05 Repair failed test
b1b354b 2013-05-05 remove trailing spaces
67ccc8b 2013-05-05 Replace old hashes with new 1.9 ruby hashes (rebase)
85e0390 2013-04-03 Fix tests
734d6fc 2013-04-03 Perfomance updating Project activity sort
41bbbb6 2013-04-03 Update model methods
0f39610 2013-03-18 Add control of action in project to team assigment
a0f2fbc 2013-03-18 Fix bug with downgrade permissions on first project assi...
890e774 2013-01-25 Display actual user role (admin or not) in team members ...
b280c2f 2013-01-25 Edit create new team text
4591793 2013-01-25 fix copied code. Add assign projects button.
75a02e0 2013-01-25 simple cleanup code %)
c5cbbea 2013-01-25 rewrite admin users controller (use 1 variable and find ...
ef85202 2013-01-25 fix links in admin group view page (user links)
916165d 2013-01-25 username is default param to User
df64bdf 2013-01-25 Update user finding (by username) in teams members (team...
e1679d2 2013-01-25 Update user finding (by username) in teams_members (proj...
f225ff8 2013-01-25 Update user finding (by username) in admin teams members...
6efda51 2013-01-25 fix edit project members access link and page fixes refs...
d839f6c 2013-01-24 Remove simple code duplication in members controllers
e52fec9 2013-01-24 Update check If user can assign project to team
6d713e8 2013-01-24 remove unused code
1a917bc 2013-01-24 fix scope to empty relation
2befa8f 2013-01-24 Switch user link to profile link
b695db4 2013-01-24 Remove save files with failed test %)
9a604eb 2013-01-24 Remove pending steps (no functional - no tests)
690db96 2013-01-24 fix tests
eb99feb 2013-01-24 simple refactoring
a5ce869 2013-01-24 remove unused autogenerated files
d721863 2013-01-24 Fix little bugs
31d84d7 2013-01-24 assign team to project from project page in public section
18bd1c9 2013-01-24 update all teams code. refactoring and some corrections
7658f8c 2013-01-24 update routes
7534154 2013-01-24 Add access control in public section to users teams
dcea522 2013-01-24 remove before_filter from controllers
f87b76a 2013-01-24 refactoring user team in public section
f6f414c 2013-01-24 refactoring project team members controller (correspondi...
ccf8fa4 2013-01-24 if project creator was remowed from Gitlab - creator is ...
4ce715a 2013-01-24 Fix using context of Projects::UpdateContext (in admin s...
1dd0fea 2013-01-24 move Team_members controller into project (conflicts wit...
497f7ab 2013-01-24 save autogenerated files
b8dadd6 2013-01-24 repair rspec (remove and rename files)
13fb3fd 2013-01-24 Repair admin section tests
17a8ee5 2013-01-24 Remove old data
a7667ff 2013-01-24 Repair members management of teams
b747044 2013-01-24 Move team project management to own controller
cca9935 2013-01-24 save generated files
9804b7d 2013-01-24 Move admin team members management to own controller
9d318db 2013-01-24 Added the correct hierarchy of controllers for the admin...
2984716 2013-01-24 Admin rename team page is fixed
845f146 2013-01-24 fix simples errors in tests
6d1c566 2013-01-24 Rename Team class to ProjectTeam
c5f427b 2013-01-24 save commit
a987f14 2013-01-24 commit user team helper
17e9207 2013-01-24 add user team factories
3a0d486 2013-01-24 update projects show css selector
b6458ae 2013-01-24 add into user decorator (presenter) to full user name
c098ac6 2013-01-24 update stylesheets (for teams block)
b9a7bcb 2013-01-24 add teams application controller
3c6e144 2013-01-24 add dashboard teams block
a96cf3a 2013-01-24 Team projects public section
ea6f46c 2013-01-24 Team members public section
360aa1b 2013-01-24 Team core management
911f6eb 2013-01-24 merge into public
7d3efec 2013-01-24 Add ability to teams
695becc 2013-01-24 Add teams into Public sections
82499a4 2013-01-24 Admin teams section added
8a86fe7 2013-01-24 Added UserTeam core models (team and m-t-m relationships...
655b836 2012-12-26 test reanimated
c8bf590 2012-12-26 Fix form url and routes path
98044f0 2012-12-26 Code duplication removed from controllers
39e7a0e 2012-12-26 Rewrite rendering rows with users projects access in Use...
634783f 2012-12-26 Rename scope "in_group" to "in_namespace"
1e3d238 2012-12-26 Replace short loop variable from "p" to "project"
2753cea 2012-12-26 Add variable form in user section
25c5763 2012-12-26 Add functional in user section
9c57446 2012-12-26 Add functional in admin section
17ea019 2012-12-26 Add Project name validation
9ff1ec7 2012-12-25 Added gems better_errors and binding_of_caller
8402bca 2012-10-10 travis
92ac42a 2012-10-10 update doc
75e6eb5 2012-10-10 patch rails to ignore text limit
4eb7d82 2012-10-09 add support use string FK with integer PK
3e1d52f 2012-10-09 add default postgres config
41afd3b 2012-10-09 add pg gem
a4cd738 2012-10-09 tests fix
df7c524 2012-10-09 simple refactoring
03836cc 2012-10-08 fix resque start