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f5b549a 2013-04-26 Wall and snippets were disabled by default
7907bc8 2013-04-24 Default values for project features added to create context
d51618b 2013-04-24 New settings added to enable or disable project features...
5e6f45b 2013-03-26 Settings replaced by Gitlab.config
5949e30 2013-03-26 Spork support added
242f6aa 2013-03-26 New issue button was not follows to external tracker if ...
e0af7ce 2013-03-25 Typos fixed
03de5a5 2013-03-25 Typo in realtion name fixed
0359f1d 2013-03-25 Codestyle improved
3e695ac 2013-03-25 Notes fixed
e335128 2013-03-25 Permissions for Project Snippet fixed
033037a 2013-03-25 Typo in class name fixed
d4543eb 2013-03-25 Tests fixed
611ac72 2013-03-24 Tests for private snippet fixed
ed4dcf7 2013-03-24 View improved. Pagination added
3d3e40c 2013-03-24 Personal snippet model added
8f08fbf 2013-03-24 Tests for personal snippets added
4be12be 2013-03-24 Routes fixed
e90aebe 2013-03-24 Personal snippets controlelr refactored
9bd1983 2013-03-24 Search link removed. Will be implemented later
9710e42 2013-03-24 Layuot and templates for personal snippets added
b3dc4fb 2013-03-24 Migrations to convert data added
3b6228d 2013-03-24 It's better to use STI instead
83eb63c 2013-03-24 New layout for snippets added
8adf9c7 2013-03-24 Additional scopes added
770f262 2013-03-24 Private added to attr_accessible
718ec26 2013-03-24 Routing updated to support global snippets
9e2525c 2013-03-24 Association form user to snippets added
5b35000 2013-03-24 Snippets feature refactored. Tests now use spinach
bc7c5f8 2013-03-24 Project snippet moved to separate model
7d2fbe6 2013-03-24 Project Snippets now part of project
6172390 2013-03-24 User Teams specific code moved to user_teams controller
b49cfbc 2013-03-23 Project snippets moved to /projects
cc869d5 2013-03-23 Private field added to snippet
fce22df 2013-03-12 Tests for dashboard projects fixed
804ae05 2013-03-12 Tests improved
23f8f13 2013-03-12 Search fields were have same id's. Fixed
072883f 2013-03-12 Search projects on dashboard was not worked. Fixed
c6d6bd6 2013-03-05 Typo fixed
0d9a6fe 2013-03-04 User's blocked field refactored to use state machine
9a06dd4 2013-03-04 Migrations added
2f1f05d 2013-02-28 Fixed notes from randx
d3f042a 2013-02-28 Css classes improved
9c747fb 2013-02-28 Missing descriptions added
cf6d9a2 2013-02-28 Tests for team and group descriptions added
9959669 2013-02-28 Desctiptions removed from dashboard
3d4e324 2013-02-28 Table description indentation fixed
ba53738 2013-02-28 Description added to user temas factory
b4648c3 2013-02-28 Spinach tests fixed
5f65720 2013-02-28 Description added to temas
9f45e01 2013-02-28 Description to groups added
1dab19d 2013-02-28 DB schema updated
cff8457 2013-02-28 Show Issues tracker select only if one or more remote is...
8caccae 2013-02-28 Issue helper tests improved
b6d0f28 2013-02-28 Issues link from project page follows on remote bug trac...
ab98db7 2013-02-28 Issues tracker settings enableds/disableds without page ...
bca72ea 2013-02-28 Default issue tracker name added to gon variables
cf3cf37 2013-02-28 Gem gon added. It produces server-side variable values i...
c6385e4 2013-02-28 Section name returned back to base
c643b50 2013-02-28 Default value for issues_tracker setting added
9b606ed 2013-02-28 Wrong default section in config. Fixed.
9e8a818 2013-02-28 Issues helper included to markdown helper
16c720f 2013-02-28 Issues helper improved
f136008 2013-02-28 Migration added
0afdf39 2013-02-28 New field added
62de22c 2013-02-28 External issue tracker params added to config
68a7ecd 2013-02-28 Project issue tracker functions refactored
999fc23 2013-02-28 Issue tracker added to edit project form in admin area
e6d2e56 2013-02-28 Issue tracker field added to projects
8f621c9 2013-02-28 Enumerize gem added
4a55c69 2013-02-27 Data converting migrations was wrong. Fixed
c77730d 2013-02-21 An Id must be sended to queue
6d68923 2013-02-20 human_merge_status replaced by human_merge_status_name
52e0df5 2013-02-20 class.self methods moved to scopes
e2d94e0 2013-02-20 State machine added for merge_status field
1b7b17d 2013-02-20 Database schema updated
8ba27b7 2013-02-20 Migrations for convertion merge_status added
99760ed 2013-02-20 Method moved to service
aa1780d 2013-02-20 System hooks execution moved to System hook service
468c8c5 2013-02-20 A little bit of codestyle improvments
6e333d5 2013-02-19 Javascript widget fixed
d58eb62 2013-02-19 Migrations iproved
e5f048f 2013-02-18 Migrations refactored ro support data convertion
41e97a7 2013-02-18 Creating test values moved to before
d27ed43 2013-02-18 Hash syntax improved
557a9fa 2013-02-18 Debug remomved
ff94f29 2013-02-18 States events fixed
231d9e0 2013-02-18 Observer refactored to use StateMachine events
6074896 2013-02-18 Spinach tests fixed
69698aa 2013-02-18 Additional tests added to Issue
b607c70 2013-02-18 Additional tests added to Milestone
0b4f4fe 2013-02-18 Migrations for StateMachine refactoring added
1644117 2013-02-18 Issue uses StateMachine now
0b512af 2013-02-18 Milestone uses StateMachine now
29f70ac 2013-02-18 Merge Request uses StateMachine now
b45e9ae 2013-02-18 Merge Request uses StateMachine now
f972965 2013-02-18 Issuable consern uses StateMachine now
8db3920 2013-02-18 State renamed to merge_status
26d4574 2013-02-18 State machine gem added
77a3bfe 2013-02-14 Environments support added to Gitlab config
839957c 2013-02-13 Constants in Events looks good now
b5db541 2013-02-12 All scopes must be in lambdas
9a22ac6 2013-02-12 Dynamic values must be in blocks if FG